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Baby Names Beginning with the Letter D

Name Gender What it Means Origin
DA-XIA Female Big Hero Chinese
DACEY Both Down Below Latin
DACIA Female From Dacia (near Rome) Latin
DACIAN Male From Dacia (Near Rome) Latin
DAFYDD Male Beloved Welsh
DAGAN Both Grain of Corn Hebrew
DAGMAR Female Glorious Scandinavian
DAHLIA Female Flower named for botanist A. Dahl Greek
DAIRE Male Ancient Irish Celtic/Gaelic
DAISY Female Daisy Flower American
DAKOTA Both Native American Tribal Name Native American
DALE Male Valley German
DALIA Female A Branch, bough Greek
DALILA Female Water Bearer Greek
DALIT Male Draw Water Hebrew
DALLAS Both Wise Celtic/Gaelic
DALLIN Both From the Dale Celtic/Gaelic
DALLON Both From Dale, a valley English
DALTON Male The Town Near the Valley English
DAMALI Female Beautiful Vision Arabic
DAMARA Female Fertility Goddess English
DAMARIS Female Gentle, Mild Greek
DAMIA Female Goddess of Forces of Nature Greek
DAMIAN Male Sweet and harmless Greek
DAMIEN Male Sweet and harmless Greek
DAMITA Female Baby Princess Spanish
DAMON Male Constant,Loyal Greek
DAN Male From the name DANIEL Hebrew
DANA Both Danish, from Denmark English
DANAE Female God is my Judge French
DANE Male God is my Judge or From Denmark Scandinavian
DANELLE Female God is my Judge Hebrew
DANI Female My Judge Hebrew
DANICA Female Morning Star Hebrew
DANIEL Male God is my Judge Hebrew
DANIELA Female God is My Judge Spanish
DANIELLE Female God is my Judge Hebrew
DANIKA Female Morning Star Slavic
DANIL Male Form of DANIEL Persian
DANNIELL Male God is my Judge French
DANNON Male From Daniel-judged by God Hebrew
DANNY Male From the name DANIEL Celtic/Gaelic
DANTE Both Lasting Latin
DANTON Male From the name DANTE English
DANYL Male From the name Daniel Hebrew
DAPHNE Female Laurel Tree Greek
DARA Female Compassionate Hebrew
DARAY Both Dark Celtic/Gaelic
DARBY Both Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
DARCIE Female Of the Dark English
DARCY Both Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
DARD Male Son of ZEUS Greek
DAREH Male Wealthy One Armenian
DARENA Female Famous and loved American
DARIA Female Affluent, Wealthy Greek
DARIAN Both From the name DARIN Celtic/Gaelic
DARICE Female Queenly Persian
DARIN Male Precious Present Celtic/Gaelic
DARIO Male Affluent Spanish
DARIUS Male Wealthy Greek
DARLA Female Dear, Loved One English
DARLENE Female Little Darling French
DARLITA Female Young Girl Armenian
DARNELL Male Hidden Nook English
DARRELL Male Darling French
DARREN Male Great Celtic/Gaelic
DARRIN Male From the name DARREN Celtic/Gaelic
DARRION Male From the name Darren Celtic/Gaelic
DARRIUS Male He who Upholds the Good Greek
DARRYL Male From the name DARYL French
DARSHAN Male A Hindu God Hindi
DARVA Female Honey Bee Slavic
DARWIN Male Dear Friend English
DARYL Both Dear, Beloved French
DASAN Male Ruler Native American
DASH Male Page Boy French
DASHA Female Gift of God Greek
DASHIELL Male Page Boy French
DATHERINE Female Beloved Virgin American
DAVA Female Beloved Hebrew
DAVAN Both Fem. form of DAVID Celtic/Gaelic
DAVE Male From the name DAVID Hebrew
DAVEIGH Female Beloved American
DAVID Male Beloved Hebrew
DAVIDA Female From the name DAVID Hebrew
DAVIN Both Finnish Person Scandinavian
DAVINA Female Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
DAVIS Male Son of DAVID Welsh
DAVU Male The Beginning African
DAW Female Stars Thai
DAWN Female Diana, Sunrise Greek
DAWSON Male Son of David English
DAY Both Light and hope American
DAYSHAUN Male God's gift of hope American
DAYTON Both Bright and Sunny Town English
DEA Female Goddess Greek
DEACON Male Pastor American
DEAN Male Head, Leader English
DEANA Female As Dina -God has judged Hebrew
DEANDRA Female From the name DIANA American
DEANNA Female Divine, Valley Latin
DEANNE Female Divine Latin
DEBBIE Female From the name DEBORAH Hebrew
DEBBY Female From the name DEBORAH Hebrew
DEBORAH Female Honey Bee Hebrew
DEBRA Female From the name DEBORAH Hebrew
DECEMBER Both Month name American
DECIMA Female The Tenth Latin
DECKER Male Man of Prayer German
DECLAN Male Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
DEE Female Initial D American
DEENA Female Valley. (from Dinah) Hebrew
DEEPAK Male Brilliant Hindi
DEIDRA Female Wanderer alt. to Dierdre Celtic/Gaelic
DEION Male God of Wine and Revelry African-American
DEIONDRE Both Valley African-American
DEIRDRA Female Sorrowful, Wanderer Celtic/Gaelic
DEIRDRE Female Sad one. Celtic/Gaelic
DEITER Male Army of the People German
DEKA Both Pleasing African
DEL Both Short for names beginning with DEL Celtic/Gaelic
DELAINE Both Descendent of the Challenger Celtic/Gaelic
DELANEY Both Enemy's Child Celtic/Gaelic
DELANO Male Dark Celtic/Gaelic
DELBERT Male Bright Like Daytime English
DELFINA Female Dolphin Latin
DELIA Female From the name CORDELIA Greek
DELILA Female Hair or Poor Hebrew
DELILAH Female Night Hebrew
DELIZ Female From DEAN and LIZ American
DELLA Female Of the Nobility Greek
DELLING Both Scintillating Scandinavian
DELORA Female Of sorrow American
DELORES Female From the name DOLORES Latin
DELPHINA Female Little flower Greek
DELPHINE Female From the Flower Greek
DELTA Female Mouth of a River Greek
DELU Female The Only Girl African
DEMBE Male Peace African
DEMETER Female Lover of the Earth Greek
DEMETRA Female Goddess of Fertility Greek
DEMETRIA Female Goddess of Fertility Greek
DEMETRIUS Male Goddess of Fertility Greek
DEMI Female Half, Small Greek
DEMITRIUS Male Lover of the Earth Greek
DEMPSTER Male Judge English
DENA Female Valley or Vindicated Hebrew
DENALI Female Great One Hindi
DENIM Both Strong cloth American
DENIS Male From the name DENNIS French
DENISE Female Feminine form of DENNIS French
DENNA Female Glen, Valley Hebrew
DENNIS Male Wild, Frenzied Greek
DENTON Male Happy home English
DENVER Both Green Valley American
DENZEL Male Wild One African-American
DEO Male Godlike Greek
DEON Both Divine Queen American
DERBY Both From the Village of Danes Celtic/Gaelic
DEREK Male Famous Ruler German
DEREX Male Famous Ruler American
DERICA Female Beloved Leader German
DERICIA Female Athletic African-American
DERMOT Male Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
DERON Male Belongs to God Armenian
DERORA Female Running Streams Hebrew
DERRICK Male Famous Ruler English
DERRON Male Great English
DERRY Both Red-Head Celtic/Gaelic
DES Both Desire Spanish
DESDEMONA Female Of the Devil Greek
DESHAWN Male God is Gracious African-American
DESI Both Desire Spanish
DESIDERIO Male Desire Spanish
DESIREE Female Desired French
DESMA Female Pledge, Bond Greek
DESMOND Male One from S. Muenster Celtic/Gaelic
DESPINA Female Young lady, miss Greek
DESSA Female Roaming Greek
DESTINY Female For which you were meant to do. American
DEVA Female Celestial Spirit Hindi
DEVAKI Female A God Hindi
DEVAN Both Writer of poetry Celtic/Gaelic
DEVEN Both Like a God Hindi
DEVI Female Goddess of Power Hindi
DEVIKA Female Mother of Krishna Hindi
DEVIN Both Poet English
DEVLIN Male Brave; fierce Celtic/Gaelic
DEVON Both Poet English
DEVONA Female Protector English
DEVORAH Female Honey Bee Hebrew
DEVORIT Female Form of DEBORAH Hebrew
DEWAYNE Male From the Wagon Maker African-American
DEWEI Male Of Great Principle Chinese
DEWEY Male From the name DAVID Welsh
DEWITT Male Blond German
DEX Female Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
DEXTER Male Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
DEXTRA Female Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
DEZSO Male Desired Hungarian
DHARMA Both Ultimate Law of All Things Hindi
DIALLO Male Bold African
DIAMOND Both Brilliant Gem English
DIAN Both From God of wine German
DIANA Female Divine Greek
DIANDRA Female Rare and divine flower American
DIANE Female Celestial Hunter Latin
DIANNE Female Celestial Hunter Greek
DIANTHA Female Divine Flower Greek
DIANTHE Female Flower of the Gods Greek
DIARA Both Gift African
DIATA Female Lion African
DICK Male Powerful, Rich Ruler German
DIDIER Male Desire French
DIDINA Female Desired; beloved. French
DIDRIKA Female Leader of the People German
DIEDRICK Male German
DIEGO Male St. James Spanish
DIELLA Female Worshipper of God Latin
DIEM Female Not available Vietnamese
DIEP Female Not available Vietnamese
DIERDRA Female Adaptation of Dierdre Celtic/Gaelic
DILLAN Male Form of DILLON Celtic/Gaelic
DILLIAN Both Combination of DILLON and GILLIAN American
DILLON Male Faithful Celtic/Gaelic
DIMA Male Powerful Warrior Slavic
DIMAIA Female Daughter of MAIA American
DINA Female God has judged Hebrew
DINAH Female Judgment Hebrew
DINESH Male The Sun Hindi
DINH Male Peace, Calm Vietnamese
DINO Male Little Sword Italian
DINOS Male Dim. of Constantine Greek
DION Both God of Wine and Revelry Greek
DIONNE Female From DIANA French
DIONYSIUS Male God of Wine & Revelry Greek
DIONYSUS Male God of Wine & Revelry Latin
DIOR Both Present French
DIRK Male Famous Ruler German
DIVYA Female Divine Brilliance Hindi
DIXIE Female From the South in the U.S. French
DIXON Male Son of Richard English
DIZA Female Joyous Hebrew
DMITRI Male Lover of the Earth Slavic
DOANE Male Hill Dweller English
DOBRY Male Good Polish
DOCTOR Male The 7th son of the 7th son English
DOLAN Male Dark Haired Celtic/Gaelic
DOLLY Female Cute child American
DOLORES Female Lady of Sorrows Latin
DOLPH Male From the name RANDOLPH German
DOM Male Belonging to God Latin
DOMANI Both Tomorrow Italian
DOMINIC Male Belonging to God Latin
DOMINICA Female Of the lord Latin
DOMINICK Male Belonging to God Latin
DOMINIQUE Female Of God French
DOMINY Male Belonging to God English
DON Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONAGH Male Brown Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
DONAL Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONALD Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONAR Male God of Thunder Scandinavian
DONAT Male Given Slavic
DONATELLA Female Beautiful Gift Italian
DONATO Male A Gift Italian
DONELLE Female World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONG Male Winter Vietnamese
DONNA Female Lady, Woman Latin
DONNAN Male Brown Celtic/Gaelic
DONNEL Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONNELLY Male Brave, dark man Celtic/Gaelic
DONNICA Female Lady Latin
DONNY Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONOMA Female Sight of the Sun Native American
DONOVAN Male Dark Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
DOOLEY Male Brown Hero Celtic/Gaelic
DORA Female Gift Greek
DORCAS Female A Gazelle Greek
DORE Female A Gift Greek
DORI Female Gift Greek
DORIA Female From the name DORIAN Greek
DORIAN Both From the Sea Greek
DORIE Female The Sea American
DORINDA Female Talented Spanish
DORIS Female Sea Greek
DORIT Female From the name DORIS Hawaiian
DORJAN Male Dark Man Hungarian
DOROTHEA Female From the name DOROTHY Greek
DOROTHY Female Gift of God Greek
DORSEY Both From the name DORSET Celtic/Gaelic
DORY Female Gift of God Greek
DOT Female Gift of God Greek
DOTTY Female Gift of God Greek
DOUG Male From the name DOUGLAS Celtic/Gaelic
DOUGAL Male Dark stranger Celtic/Gaelic
DOUGLAS Male Flowing from the dark river Celtic/Gaelic
DOUGLASS Male From the name DOUGLAS Celtic/Gaelic
DOV Male Bear Hebrew
DOYLE Male Dark Foreigner Celtic/Gaelic
DRACO Male Dragon Italian
DRAGO Male Dragon Italian
DRAGON Male Fire-breathing creature American
DRAKE Male Dragon English
DREA Female Courageous Greek
DREAMA Female Joyous Music American
DREW Both Manly and Courageous Greek
DRU Both Manly, Courageous American
DRUCE Male Druid, Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
DRUCILLA Female Mighty Latin
DUAA Female Prayer to God Arabic
DUANE Male Wagon Maker Celtic/Gaelic
DUANTE Male Wagon Maker African-American
DUARD Male Wealthy Guardian English
DUC Male Moral, Good Vietnamese
DUDLEY Male From the Meadow English
DUENA Female Protect the Companion Spanish
DUER Male Heroic Celtic/Gaelic
DUFF Both Baker English
DUGAN Male Dark-Colored Celtic/Gaelic
DUKA Male All African
DUKE Male Title of Nobility English
DULCE Female Sweet Spanish
DULCEA Female Sweet Spanish
DULCINA Female Rose Latin
DULCINEA Female Sweet Latin
DUME Male The Bull African
DUMI Both The Inspirer African
DUNCAN Male Dark Skinned Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
DUNG Male Bravery Vietnamese
DUNIXI Both God of Wine Greek
DUNN Male Brown English
DUNNE Both Brown English
DURIN Male Mythical Dwarf German
DUSAN Male Lord and judge Slavic
DUSCHA Both Divine Spirit Slavic
DUSTIN Male Warrior English
DUSTY Both From the name DUSTIN English
DUTCH Male From the Netherlands Scandinavian
DUY Male Save Vietnamese
DUYEN Female Charm and grace Vietnamese
DWAYNE Male From the Wagon Maker African-American
DWIGHT Male White, fair one English
DYAMI Male Eagle Native American
DYAN Female From the name DIANE Latin
DYANI Female Deer Native American
DYANNE Female From the name DIANE Latin
DYLAN Both Born from the ocean; son of the sea Welsh
DYLLIS Female Sincere Welsh
DYMPNA Female Patron saint of the mentally ill Celtic/Gaelic
DYRE Both Dear Heart Scandinavian
DYSIS Female Sunset Greek

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