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African-American Baby Names

Name Gender What it Means Origin
AFFRICA Female From Africa African-American
AFRIC Female Pleasant African-American
AFRICA Both Pleasant African-American
ANANDA Female Worthy of Love African-American
BEYONCE Female Beyond Others African-American
CORENTINE Female Little Cora African-American
DEION Male God of Wine and Revelry African-American
DEIONDRE Both Valley African-American
DENZEL Male Wild One African-American
DERICIA Female Athletic African-American
DESHAWN Male God is Gracious African-American
DEWAYNE Male From the Wagon Maker African-American
DUANTE Male Wagon Maker African-American
DWAYNE Male From the Wagon Maker African-American
GAYNELL Female Happy, Shiny African-American
JAMAR Male Handsome African-American
JARIAH Both Tributary Lord African-American
JEVONTE Male Son of Japtheh African-American
KEISHA Female Her Life African-American
KENDIS Both Pure African-American
KESIA Female earth bound African-American
KHALON Male Strong warrior African-American
KYAN Male Little King. African-American
LAKEISHA Female Form of KEZIAH African-American
LAKIN Both Sim. Lakia, Found Treasure African-American
LANELLE Female Narrow Road African-American
LAQUETA Female The Quiet One African-American
LAQUINTA Female The Fifth African-American
LATANYA Female The Fairy Queen African-American
LATISHA Female Great Joy African-American
LATOYA Female Praised Woman African-American
MEKELLE Female Who is like God? African-American
MOESHA Female Drawn Out of the Water African-American
MONISHA Female Solitary Life African-American
MUNCEL Female Strong and willing African-American
MYKELTI Male Who is like God? African-American
NAKEISHA Female Her Life African-American
NICHELLE Female Victorious Maiden African-American
NIESHA Female Pure African-American
QUANDA Female A Companion African-American
ROSHAUN Male Shining Light African-American
SHANDI Female God is Gracious African-American
SHANDRA Female Variation of Sandra African-American
SHANTELL Female Song African-American
SHAQUANA Female Truth in Life African-American
SHAQUILLE Male Pretty African-American
SHATEQUE Female Follower African-American
SIDONE Female It is Heard African-American
TALISA Female Consecrated to God African-American
TALISHA Female Damsel Arise African-American
TAMARR Male Date Palm African-American
TAMERON Male From CAMERON African-American
TAMIKA Female People African-American
TAMIRA Female A Spice or Palm Tree African-American
TAMYRA Female A Spice or Palm Tree African-American
TANDICE Female Team African-American
TANGINIKA Female Lake Goddess African-American
TANIEL Female Fem. form of Daniel African-American
TANISHA Female Born on Monday. African-American
TARIANA Female Holy Hillside African-American
TAUREAN Male Strong as a Bull African-American
TAVARIUS Male Misfortune African-American
TAVON Male Nature African-American
TAVORIAN Male Misfortune African-American
TEMIMA Female Whole, Honest African-American
TENEIL Both Not available African-American
TERREL Male From the name TERENCE African-American
TEVIN Both Son of Kevin African-American
TIMBERLY Female Tall Ruler African-American
TRORY Male The Red One African-American
TYRELL Both Thunder Ruler African-American
TYRONICA Female Goddess of Battle African-American
VASHON Male God is Gracious, Merciful African-American
VENEDICT Male Form of Benedict African-American
YETTY Female Ruler of the Household African-American
ZESHAWN Male God is Gracious, Merciful African-American

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