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Girl Baby Names Beginning With 'MA'

Name Gender What it Means Origin
MAB Female happy Celtic/Gaelic
MABEL Female My Beautiful One English
MABLI Female Beautiful one Welsh
MABYN Female Ever young Welsh
MACARIA Female Blessed Greek
MACAYLE Female Form of MICHAELA Celtic/Gaelic
MACHA Female Aurora Native American
MACHIKO Female Fortunate One Japanese
MACKENZIE Both Son of Kenneth Celtic/Gaelic
MACY Female Enduring English
MADA Female The end of the path Arabic
MADDOX Both Son of the Lord English
MADDY Female from Madeline English
MADELEINE Female From the name MADELINE French
MADELIA Female High tower Greek
MADELINE Female High Tower Greek
MADELYN Female high tower Greek
MADGE Female Pearl Greek
MADISON Both Son of Matthew English
MADONNA Female My Lady Latin
MADRA Female From the name MADONNA Latin
MADRONA Female Mother Spanish
MAE Female From the name MARY Celtic/Gaelic
MAEGAN Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MAEKO Female Truthful Child Japanese
MAEMI Both Honest Child Japanese
MAERON Both Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAERYN Both Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAEVE Female Goddess of Song Celtic/Gaelic
MAGAN Both Pearl Greek
MAGDA Female High Tower Polish
MAGDALEN Female High tower Greek
MAGDALENA Female Woman from Magdala Spanish
MAGDALENE Female Woman from Magdala Latin
MAGGIE Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MAGNOLIA Female From the flower French
MAHA Female Beautiful Eyes African
MAHAL Female Love All Nationalities
MAHALA Female Powerful Arabic
MAHALAH Female Narrow, tender Arabic
MAHALIA Female Powerful American
MAHARI Both Forgiver African
MAHDI Both The Expected One African
MAHDIS Female Moon-like Persian
MAHINA Female Moon Hawaiian
MAHLAH Female From Mahala Arabic
MAHOGANY Female Dark Red Wood English
MAHOGONY Female Rich Spanish
MAHOLA Female Dance Hebrew
MAHSA Female Like the moon Persian
MAI Female Brightness Japanese
MAIA Female Mother Greek
MAIDA Female High tower. Greek
MAIK Both Now Hawaiian
MAILI Female Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAILLE Female Form of MOLLY Celtic/Gaelic
MAIMUN Both Lucky Arabic
MAINA Female Bird Hindi
MAINE Both Mainland French
MAIRE Female Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAIREAD Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MAIRI Female Gaelic for Mary, Sea of Bitterness Celtic/Gaelic
MAIRWEN Female Fair Mary Welsh
MAISHA Female Life African
MAISIE Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MAITLAND Both Meadow English
MAJ Both A Pearl Scandinavian
MAJA Female Splendid Arabic
MAKAILA Female Who is Like God American
MAKAIO Both Gift of God Hawaiian
MAKALA Female Shrub Hawaiian
MAKANA Female Gift Hawaiian
MAKANI Both The wind Hawaiian
MAKARA Female Born under Capricorn Hindi
MAKAYLA Female Who is like God? Celtic/Gaelic
MAKELINA Female From Magdelene Hawaiian
MAKENNA Female From McKenna Celtic/Gaelic
MAKYA Both One who Hunts Eagles Native American
MALA Female High tower Greek
MALAIKA Female Angel African
MALANA Female Light Hawaiian
MALAYA Female Free Spanish
MALEAH Female Bitter Hawaiian
MALHA Female Queen Hebrew
MALI Female Flower Thai
MALIA Female Calm and peaceful) Hawaiian
MALIK Female King African
MALIKA Female Industrious Hungarian
MALINA Female Tower, Soothing Hebrew
MALINDA Female Honey Greek
MALINI Female Gardender Hindi
MALISE Female Black, Dark Celtic/Gaelic
MALISSA Female Honey bee. Greek
MALKIA Female Queen African
MALLIKA Female Jasmine Hindi
MALLOREN Female Laurel of Bad Luck American
MALLORIE Female Ill-Omened French
MALLORY Female Ill-Omened French
MALLOW Both By the River Allo Celtic/Gaelic
MALORY Both Bad Luck French
MALVINA Female Chief English
MANASA Female Mind Hindi
MANDA Female River Hindi
MANDANA Female Everlasting Persian
MANDARA Female Calm Hindi
MANDEL Both Almond German
MANDELINA Female Lovable American
MANDELL Both Almond German
MANDISA Female Sweet African
MANDY Female Worthy of Love Latin
MANICA Female From the Nica African
MANJU Female Sweet Hindi
MANNING Both Son of Man English
MANON Female Bitter French
MANOUSH Female Sweet Sun Persian
MANSA Female Third born girl African
MANTREH Female Pure Persian
MANUELA Female God is With Us Hebrew
MAR Both The Sea Spanish
MARA Female Bitter Sea Hebrew
MARALAH Female Born During an Earthquake Native American
MARCELLA Female Young Warrior Latin
MARCENA Female Martial Latin
MARCH Both Walk Forth Latin
MARCI Female Martial Latin
MARCIA Female Brave Latin
MARCIE Female Warlike English
MARCY Female Martial Latin
MARDEA Female Last African
MARDI Female Tuesday French
MARE Both The Sea French
MAREE Female From MARY or MARIE Hebrew
MAREK Both Warlike Polish
MAREN Female Of the Sea Latin
MARENDA Female Admirable Latin
MARGARET Female A Pearl Latin
MARGARITA Female A Pearl Spanish
MARGAUX Female Pearl French
MARGE Female Pearl American
MARGED Female Pearl Welsh
MARGIE Female Pearl English
MARGO Female Pearl French
MARGOT Female Pearl French
MARGUERITE Female Pearl French
MARI Female Wished-For Child Hebrew
MARIA Female Bitter Sea Spanish
MARIAH Female Bitter, God is my Teacher Latin
MARIAM Female Wished-For Child Hebrew
MARIAN Female From MARY and ANN English
MARIANA Female Combination of Mary and Ann Spanish
MARIANNE Female From the name MARY AND ANNA French
MARIATU Both Pure African
MARIBEL Female Bitter; consecrated to God Spanish
MARIBETH Female Bitter Sea, House of God American
MARIE Female Bitter Sea French
MARIEL Female Bitter Sea German
MARIETTA Female Little Bitter English
MARIETTE Female Little Bitter French
MARIGOLD Female Golden Flower English
MARIJKE Female Bitter Slavic
MARIKA Female Bitter Polish
MARIKO Female Circle Japanese
MARILEE Female Combination of Mary and Lee American
MARILU Female From MARY and LUCILLE American
MARILYN Female Descendants of Mary Hebrew
MARIN Both Of the Sea Latin
MARINA Female From the Sea Slavic
MARINEL Both Of the Sea Latin
MARION Both From the name MARY AND ANNA Hebrew
MARIS Female Of the Sea Greek
MARISA Female Of the Sea Latin
MARISELA Female From the Sea Latin
MARISKA Female Of the Sea Hungarian
MARISOL Female Sunny Sea Spanish
MARISSA Female Of the Sea Latin
MARJA Female Sadness from the sea Scandinavian
MARJEAN Female Coral, Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
MARJORIE Female Pearl Greek
MARKA Female Steady Rain African
MARKKU Both Rebellious Scandinavian
MARLA Female High Tower Greek
MARLAS Both High Tower Greek
MARLEE Female Descendents of Mary American
MARLENE Female From the name MARILYN German
MARLI Female From the name MARILYN English
MARLIE Female From the name MARILYN American
MARLIN Both Bitter Hebrew
MARLIS Female Bitter German
MARLO Female Decendent of Mary English
MARLOW Both Slope by the Pond English
MARLY Female From the name MARILYN English
MARNIE Female From the Sea American
MARNIN Both Joy Giver Hebrew
MARNINA Female Rejoice Hebrew
MARO Both Myself Japanese
MARRIM Both Chinese Tribe English
MARSHA Female Form of MARCIA Latin
MARTA Female From the name MARTHA English
MARTHA Female Lady Hebrew
MARTINA Female Who Loves Everyone, Warlike Latin
MARTINE Female Warlike one French
MARVA Female Marvelous Latin
MARVEL Both To Wonder, Admire French
MARVELA Female Marvelous French
MARVENE Female From the name MARVIN Celtic/Gaelic
MARY Female Bitter Hebrew
MASAKO Female Justice Japanese
MASAMI Both All Nationalities
MASHAKA Both Trouble African
MASON Both Stone worker French
MATANA Female Blessing Hebrew
MATEJA Female Gift of God French
MATERIA Female Of the Human World Latin
MATHILDA Female Might, Power German
MATHILDE Female From the name MATILDA French
MATIA Female From MATILDA Spanish
MATIAS Both Var. of Matthias Spanish
MATILDA Female Might, Power German
MATILDE Female Strong in War German
MATTOX Both God's Gift English
MATTY Both Strong fighter German
MAUDE Female From the name MADELINE French
MAULI Both Black Hawaiian
MAURA Female Dark Celtic/Gaelic
MAUREEN Female Dark Celtic/Gaelic
MAUVE Female Purplish Color American
MAVE Female Happiness Celtic/Gaelic
MAVERICK Both Wildly Independent American
MAVIS Female The Thrush English
MAXIMA Female Miracle Worker Latin
MAXIME Female Greatest French
MAXINE Female Greatest Latin
MAY Female From MARY-bitter heart Latin
MAYA Female Mother Greek
MAYDA Female Maiden English
MAYES Both A Field English
MAYLIN Female Great Waterfall American
MAYTEN Female Born on the 10th of May American

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