Girl Baby Names

Name Gender What it Means Origin
A’MARIE Female Gracious Under Adversity American
AADI Female Beginning Hindi
AALIYAH Female Ascender Hebrew
AARALYN Female With song American
ABBA Female Born on Thursday African
ABBIE Female Father of Joy Hebrew
ABBY Female God is Joy Hebrew
ABENI Female Girl Prayed For African
ABIA Female Great Arabic
ABIBA Female Child Born After Grandmother Died African
ABIE Both God is Joy Hebrew
ABIGAIL Female God is Joy Hebrew
ABRA Female Mother of many Hebrew
ABRIANNA Female Mother of Many Nations Hebrew
ABRIENDA Female Opening Spanish
ABRIL Female April Latin
ACACIA Female Thorny Greek
ACCALIA Female Mythical Greek Name Greek
ADA Female Noble, Kind German
ADAH Female Beautiful Addition Hebrew
ADAIR Both Noble, Exalted English
ADALIA Female God is my Refuge, Noble German
ADAMINA Female The Earth Hebrew
ADAMMA Female Beautiful Girl African
ADARA Female Chaste One Arabic
ADDISON Both Son of Adam English
ADDO Female King of the Road African
ADELA Female Noble and Serene German
ADELAIDE Female Noble, Kind German
ADELE Female Noble, Kind German
ADELIE Female Noble Meadow American
ADELINE Female Noble, Kind French
ADELLE Female Noble, Kind German
ADEOLA Female Crown has Honor African
ADERES Female Cape Hebrew
ADERYN Female Bird Welsh
ADIA Female Gift Swahili
ADIE Female Noble, Kind German
ADILA Female Just, Fair African
ADIN Female Beautiful, Adorned Hebrew
ADINA Female Beautiful, Adorned Hebrew
ADITA Female Basket African
ADONIA Female Greek Goddess Greek
ADONICA Female From Adam and Monica American
ADORA Female Beloved One Latin
ADRIANA Female Dark, Rich Spanish
ADRIEL Both Congregation Latin
ADRIENNE Female Dark, Rich French
ADRINA Female Happiness Italian
ADSILA Female Blossom Native American
ADY Female Noble, Kind American
AELAN Female Flower Hawaiian
AELWEN Female Fair Brow Welsh
AERONA Female Berry Welsh
AFFRICA Female From Africa African-American
AFIA Female Born on Friday African
AFRA Female Female Deer English
AFRIC Female Pleasant African-American
AFRICA Both Pleasant African-American
AFTON Both From the Afton River Celtic/Gaelic
AFYA Female Health African
AGALIA Female Bright Joy Greek
AGATHA Female Virtuous, Good Greek
AGGIE Female Lamb Latin
AGLAIA Female Brilliance Greek
AGNES Female Lamb Latin
AGRATA Female Leader Hindi
AHAVA Female Cherished One Hebrew
AIDA Female Helper Latin
AIDAN Both Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
AIDEEN Female Flame Celtic/Gaelic
AIKEN Both From the Oak Trees English
AIKO Female Little Loved One Japanese
AILANI Female High Chief Hawaiian
AILEEN Female Form of Helen – light Celtic/Gaelic
AILIS Female Noble, Kind Celtic/Gaelic
AILISH Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
AILSA Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
AIMEE Female Beloved Friend French
AINE Female Joy, Ardent Celtic/Gaelic
AINSLEY Female My Own Meadow English
AINSLIE Female My Own Meadow English
AIRA Female Of the Wind American
AIRELL Female Nobelman Celtic/Gaelic
AIRLIA Female Ethereal Greek
AISHA Female Life Arabic
AISLIN Female Dream Celtic/Gaelic
AISLING Female Vision, Dream Celtic/Gaelic
AISLINN Female A Dream Celtic/Gaelic
AITANA Female Glory Portuguese
AIZZA Female Life Hebrew
AJA Both Goat Hindi
AKIA Both First Born African
AKIVA Both Protected Hebrew
ALAINA Female Fair one French
ALAMEA Female Precious, Whole Hawaiian
ALAMEDA Female Ambitious Latin
ALANA Female Peaceful, serene Celtic/Gaelic
ALANNA Female Form of ALANA Slavic
ALANNIS Female From Atlanta Greek
ALAQUA Female Sweet Gum Tree Native American
ALARICE Female All Ruler German
ALAULA Female Light of Dawn Hawaiian
ALAURA Female From LAURA Latin
ALAYNA Female Var. of Alaina – fair one French
ALBA Female White Hill Latin
ALBANY Female White Hill Latin
ALBERTA Female Noble, bright English
ALBINA Female White-Skinned Italian
ALDA Female Long Lived Italian
ALDIS Both From the Old House English
ALDONA Female Old Polish
ALEDA Female Small and Winged Latin
ALEGRIA Female Happiness Spanish
ALENA Female Light Slavic
ALERON Both Epaulet worn by a Knight French
ALESHANEE Female She Always Plays Native American
ALESSA Female Noble one Hebrew
ALETA Female Truthful One Greek
ALETHA Female Truthful One Greek
ALETHEA Female Truthful One Greek
ALETTA Female Winged One Spanish
ALEX Both Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXA Female Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXANDRA Female Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXANDRIA Female Defender of Mankind Greek
ALEXIA Female Defender of Mankind Greek
ALEXIS Both Protector of Mankind Greek
ALI Both Noble, Sublime Arabic
ALIA Female Noble, Descender Hebrew
ALICE Female Truth, Noble Greek
ALICIA Female Of Noble Birth English
ALIDA Female Small, winged Latin
ALIKA Female Truthful Hawaiian
ALIMA Female Strong Arabic
ALINA Female Noble, Kind Slavic
ALISA Female Rational Greek
ALISHA Female Truth, Noble Greek
ALISON Female Of Noble Birth German
ALISSA Female Truth, Noble Hebrew
ALIYA Female Defender Hebrew
ALIZA Female Joyful Hebrew
ALIZE Female Joyful Hebrew
ALKA Female Young Hindi
ALLAYNA Female Light American
ALLEGRA Female Joy Spanish
ALLENE Female Attractive, Peaceful Celtic/Gaelic
ALLIE Female Of Noble Birth German
ALLISON Female Of Noble Birth German
ALLY Female Of Noble Birth American
ALLYSON Female Of Noble Birth German
ALMA Female Soul Latin
ALMIRA Female Of Higher Birth Order Arabic
ALODIE Female Wealthy English
ALOHA Female Loving, Kind-Hearted Hawaiian
ALOHILANI Female Bright sky Hawaiian
ALPHA Female First Born Greek
ALSATIA Female From Alsace-Loraine area of France French
ALTA Both Tall and lofty Latin
ALTESSA Female Noble Reaper American
ALTHEA Female Healer Greek
ALTSOBA Female All War Native American
ALVA Both Fair Complected Latin
ALVIS Female Thor’s Daughter Greek
ALYN Female Pretty American
ALYSON Female Of Noble Birth, Kind German
ALYSSA Female Rational Greek
AMABLE Female Lovable Latin
AMADAHY Female Forest Water Native American
AMADIS Female Love of God Latin
AMALIA Female Hardworking Latin
AMALIE Female Hard Worker Latin
AMAN Female Trustworthy African
AMANDA Female Worthy of Love Latin
AMANDLA Female Power African
AMANI Both Peace African
AMARA Female Eternal Greek
AMARANTA Female Flower that Never Fades Latin
AMARANTE Female Flower that Never Fades Japanese
AMARIS Female Promised by God Hebrew
AMARYLLIS Female Fresh Flower Greek
AMAYA Female Night Rain Japanese
AMAYETA Female Big Berries Native American
AMBER Female Precious jewel American
AMBERLY Female Ruler of the jewels American
AMELIA Female Industrious, Admiring Latin
AMELIE Female Industrious, Admiring French
AMENA Female Honest Woman Arabic
AMERICA Both Land of the Prince Latin
AMERICUS Both Royalty Latin
AMEYA Both Boundless Hindi
AMI Female Friend French
AMIEL Both God of my People Hebrew
AMINA Female Honest Arabic
AMINIA Female Faithful African
AMIRI Both Prince African
AMITY Female Friendship Latin
AMMA Female Godlike Hindi
AMOR Both Love Spanish
AMORA Female Love Spanish
AMORINA Female Love Latin
AMORY Female Loved One American
AMY Female Beloved Latin
AN Both Peace Chinese
ANA Female Gracious Latin
ANAHID Female Divine Armenian
ANAIS Female Graceful Hebrew
ANANA Female Soft, Gentle African
ANANDA Female Worthy of Love African-American
ANASTACIA Female variant of Anastasia-reborn Greek
ANASTASIA Female Resurrection Greek
ANATOLA Female From the East Greek
ANAYA Female Look up to God African
ANCELIN Female Handmaid French
ANCHORET Female Loved Welsh
ANDEANA Female Leaving Spanish
ANDIE Female Courageous French
ANDRA Female Strong & Courageous Greek
ANDREA Both Courageous Greek
ANDREN Both From the town of Ardres, France English
ANDROMEDA Female Rescued Greek
ANEKO Female Older Sister Japanese
ANEMONE Female Breath Greek
ANEVAY Female Superior Native American
ANGEL Both Angelic Greek
ANGELA Female Angelic Latin
ANGELICA Female Angelic Latin
ANGELINA Female Little ANGEL Italian
ANGELIQUE Female Angelic French
ANGENI Female Spirit Angel Native American
ANGIE Female Angel Latin
ANI Female Very beautiful Slavic
ANIA Female Graciousness Slavic
ANIKA Female Gracious Scandinavian
ANILA Female Children of the Wind Hindi
ANISA Female Joy, Pleasure African
ANISE Female Spice English
ANITA Female Gracious Latin
ANITRA Female Gracious American
ANJA Female Grace of God Russian
ANJELITA Female Heavenly messenger Spanish
ANKTI Female Repeat the Dance Native American
ANN Female Gracious Hebrew
ANNA Female Gracious Hebrew
ANNABEL Female Grace and Beauty French
ANNABELLA Female Grace and beauty Latin
ANNABELLE Female Grace and beauty French
ANNALISE Female Gracious, Consecreted to God German
ANNE Female Gracious Hebrew
ANNEKE Female Little ANN Scandinavian
ANNELIESE Female consecrated and gracious Greek
ANNELISE Female Gracious, Consecreted to God German
ANNETTE Female Gracious French
ANNICE Female From AGNES English
ANNICK Female Gracious Russian
ANNIE Female Blessed with Grace Hebrew
ANNIS Female From AGNES English
ANNISSA Female Form of ANN English
ANNONA Female Goddess of the Harvest Latin
ANNORA Female With Honor German
ANNOT Female Light Hebrew
ANOUSH Female Sweet Disposition Armenian
ANSTICE Female One Who Will Rise Again Greek
ANTHEA Female Flowerlike Greek
ANTOINETTE Female Flourishing, Praiseworthy French
ANTONIA Female Praiseworthy Greek
ANTONIE Female Fem. form of ANTHONY French
ANYA Female From the name ANNA Russian
AOIFE Female Life Celtic/Gaelic
AOKO Both Outside African
AOLANI Female Cloud from Heaven Hawaiian
APHRODITE Female Goddess of Love Greek
APRIA Female From the Apricot Latin
APRIL Female Opening, 4th Month Latin
AQUA Female Of the Water Greek
AQUARIUS Both Tthe Water Bearer Latin
AQUENE Female Peace Native American
ARABELA Female Beautiful Altar Italian
ARABELLA Female Beautiful Altar Italian
ARACELY Female Heavenly Altar Latin
ARADIA Female Goddess of Witches Greek
ARAMA Female Of the Virgin Mary Spanish
ARAWN Both King of the Otherworld Welsh
ARCELIA Female Treasure Spanish
ARDARA Female Fort on the Hill Celtic/Gaelic
ARDELIS Female Industrious Greek
ARDELLE Female Warm Latin
ARDEN Both Thrilled and excited Latin
ARDICE Female Flowering Field Hebrew
ARDITH Female Flowering Field Hebrew
ARELLA Female Angel Hebrew
AREN Both Eagle, Ruler, Peace Scandinavian
ARETHA Female Virtuous Greek
ARI Both Lion Hebrew
ARIA Female Melody Italian
ARIADNE Female Holy Greek
ARIANA Female Holy Greek
ARIANE Female Holy French
ARIANNA Female Holy Greek
ARICH Both Unknown Thai
ARIEL Both Lion of God Hebrew
ARIELLA Female Lion of God Hebrew
ARIELLE Female Lion of God Hebrew
ARIEN Both Enchanted Hebrew
ARIES Both The Ram Latin
ARIN Female Enlightened Hebrew
ARION Both With Melody Hebrew
ARISSA Female Best Greek
ARISTA Female Best Greek
ARLAIS Female From the Temple Welsh
ARLENE Female Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
ARMANI Female Faith African
ARMELLE Female Princess French
ARMINA Female Noble Latin
ARNON Both Stream, River Hebrew
ARTEMIS Both Goddess of the Moon and Hunt Greek
ARTEMUS Both Of the moon Greek
ARVA Female Fertile Latin
ARVID Both Friend English
ARWEN Female Muse Welsh
ARYA Both Honored, Noble Hindi
ASA Both Born at Dawn Japanese
ASABI Female One of Select Birth African
ASASIA Female Form of Acacia Greek
ASH Both From the Ash Tree English
ASHA Female Hope or wish Arabic
ASHANTI Both African Tribe Name Swahili
ASHBY Both Ash Tree Farm Hebrew
ASHLEIGH Female From the Ash Tree English
ASHLEY Both From the Ash Tree English
ASHLING Both Dream, Vision English
ASHTON Both Ash Tree Settlement English
ASHTYN Female From the Ash Tree Town English
ASIA Female Resurrection Greek
ASIS Female Sun African
ASPASIA Female Lily Greek
ASPEN Both The Aspen Tree American
ASTA Female Bright as a Star Latin
ASTER Female Star English
ASTIN Both Starlike French
ASTRA Female From the Stars Greek
ASTRID Female Unusual beauty and strength Scandinavian
ATALANTA Female Mighty Huntress Greek
ATALAYA Female Watch Tower Arabic
ATARA Female Crown, Blessed Hebrew
ATARET Female Crown, Blessed Hebrew
ATHALIA Female God is Exalted Hebrew
ATHENA Female Goddess of Wisdom & War Greek
ATIRA Female Prayer Hebrew
AUBERTA Female Noble, Bright Latin
AUBREY Both Noble, Bright German
AUBRIANNA Female Noble, Strong One English
AUDI Female Last Daughter African
AUDRA Female From AUDREY French
AUDREY Female Noble Strength English
AUGUSTA Female Venerable Latin
AULANI Female King’s Messenger Hawaiian
AULII Both Delicious Hawaiian
AURE Both Soft Air, Breeze French
AURELIA Female Golden Greek
AURORA Female Goddess of the Dawn Greek
AURYON Female Hunter American
AUSTINE Female Exalted Latin
AUTUMN Female Fall Season Latin
AVA Female Like a Bird Greek
AVALBANE Female White Orchard Celtic/Gaelic
AVALON Female Island Latin
AVANI Female Earth Hindi
AVARI Female Of the heavens,from the sky American
AVARIELLA Female Small, strong woman American
AVARIELLE Female Woman of strength American
AVE Female Hail (all bow to) Latin
AVELINE Female Hazel French
AVERY Both Nobility English
AVI Both Lord of Mine Latin
AVIAN Female Bird-like French
AVINOAM Both Blessed Father Hebrew
AVIS Both Birds Latin
AVIVA Female Joyful Spring Hebrew
AVON Both The River Welsh
AVONACO Female Lean Bear Native American
AVONGARA Female To Tie African
AVRIL Female April French
AWEN Female A muse Welsh
AWENA Female seer Welsh
AWENTIA Female Fawn Native American
AXELLE Female Source of all Life French
AXL Both Source of life German
AYA Female Bird Hebrew
AYALA Female A female deer – (doe) Hebrew
AYAME Female Iris Japanese
AYANNA Female Beautiful flower African
AYASHA Female Little One Native American
AYITA Female First to Dance Native American
AYLA Female The Oak Tree Hebrew
AYOKA Female One who Causes Joy African
AYSEL Female Moonlight Turkish
AYSHA Female Life African
AZANA Female Ultimate African
AZIA Both From the East American
AZIZA Female Precious Egyptian
AZIZE Both Highly Valued Swahili
AZIZI Both Precious One African
AZRA Both Pure Hebrew
AZRIEL Both God is My Aid Hebrew
AZUKA Female Past Glory African
AZURA Female Sky Blue Spanish
AZURE Both Bluish Color Latin
BABA Female Born on Thursday African
BABETTE Female From the name ELIZABETH French
BABY Both Baby English
BACH YEN Female White Vietnamese
BADEN Both Bather German
BADU Female Tenth Born Child African
BAILEY Both Bailiff, Steward English
BAINA Female Sparkling African
BAKA Female Crane Hindi
BALLARI Female Walking Quietly Hindi
BAMBI Female Child Italian
BANDELE Female Born Away From Home African
BANJI Both Second Born of Twins African
BARB Female Stranger Latin
BARBARA Female Stranger Latin
BARBIE Female From the name BARBARA American
BARBRA Female Stranger Latin
BARR Both Lawyer English
BARRETT Both Strength of a Bear German
BATHSHEBA Female Seventh Daughter Hebrew
BAYLE Both Beautiful American
BAYLEE Both Bailiff English
BEA Female Blessed American
BEATA Female One Who Brings Joy Latin
BEATE Female One Who Brings Joy Latin
BEATRICE Female Bringer of Joy French
BEATRIX Female Bringer of Joy English
BEATRIZ Female Brings Joy Latin
BEBE Female Baby French
BECCA Female Bound Hebrew
BECKA Female From the name REBECCA Hebrew
BECKY Female Bound Hebrew
BEL Both Sacred Wood Hindi
BELA Female She of Fair Skin Slavic
BELICIA Female Dedicated to God Spanish
BELINDA Female Beautiful Spanish
BELISMA Female River Goddess English
BELITA Female Beautiful Spanish
BELL Both Beautiful French
BELLA Female Beautiful Latin
BELLE Female Beauty French
BELLINI Female From the name BELLE Italian
BELLONA Female Goddess of War Latin
BELVA Female Beautiful View Latin
BENA Female Pheasant Native American
BENECIA Female Blessed Latin
BENITA Female Good Person Latin
BENNETT Both Little Blessed One Latin
BERDINE Female Bright Maiden Greek
BERENICE Female Victorious English
BERIT Female Glorious, Intelligent German
BERN Both Brave French
BERNADETTE Female Brave as a Bear French
BERNADINE Female From the name BERNARD French
BERNE Both Bold as a Bear French
BERNICE Female Brings Victory French
BERTHA Female Bright German
BERTILLE Female Heroine French
BERYL Female Green Jewel Greek
BESS Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
BESSIE Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
BETH Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
BETHA Female Life Celtic/Gaelic
BETHAN Female Consecrated to God Welsh
BETHANY Female Life-town near Jerusalem Hebrew
BETHESDA Female House of Mercy Hebrew
BETRYS Female From Beatrice Welsh
BETSY Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
BETTE Female Consecrated to God American
BETTINA Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
BETTY Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
BEULAH Female Married Hebrew
BEVERLY Female Near the Meadow of the Beavers English
BEYLA Female By God! Slavic
BEYONCE Female Beyond Others African-American
BIAN Female Secretive Vietnamese
BIANA Female Fair Skinned American
BIANCA Female White, Fair Skinned Latin
BIBIANA Female Lively Latin
BIBIANE Female Lively French
BIDELIA Female High One Celtic/Gaelic
BIKITA Female Anteater African
BILLIE Both Defender of justice German
BINA Female Freshness African
BLAINE Both The Source of a River English
BLAIR Both Field or Plain Celtic/Gaelic
BLAISE Both Stammerer French
BLAKE Both Pale English
BLANCA Female White Spanish
BLANCHE Female White French
BLAZE Both A Flame American
BLENDA Female Dazzling Bright Latin
BLISS Female Perfect Joy English
BLITHE Female Happy English
BLODWYN Female Flower Welsh
BLONDELLE Female Blonde French
BLOSSOM Female Flower-like English
BLUE Both The Color American
BLUMA Female A Flower, Bloom Hebrew
BLY Female To Be a Tall Child Native American
BLYTHE Female Happy English
BO Both Strong and Fast Hebrew
BOBBY Both Short for ROBERT American
BONA Female Good Italian
BONITA Female Pretty, Beautiful Spanish
BONNIE Female Pretty girl Celtic/Gaelic
BOZICA Female Born at Christmas Slavic
BRACHA Female A Blessing Hebrew
BRADY Both Broad shouldered Celtic/Gaelic
BRAIMA Female Father of Multitudes African
BRAITH Female Freckled Welsh
BRANDEE Female Brandy, After Dinner Drink Scandinavian
BRANDI Female Warm and comforting American
BRANDICE Female Combination of BRANDI and CANDICE American
BRANDIE Female Sweet Nectar American
BRANDY Female warm and comforting American
BRANXTON Both Unknown English
BRASEN Both God’s gift American
BRAYDEN Both Brave Celtic/Gaelic
BRAZIL Both Strife Celtic/Gaelic
BREANNA Female Strong, Virtuous, Honorable Celtic/Gaelic
BRECKIN Both Freckled Celtic/Gaelic
BREDE Both The Glaciar Polish
BREE Female Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BREENA Female Fairy Land Celtic/Gaelic
BREINDEL Both Blessing Hebrew
BRENCIS Both Crowned with Laurel Slavic
BREND Both Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRENDA Female Sword Scandinavian
BRENDY Female Sword American
BRENNA Female Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRETT Both Briton, British Celtic/Gaelic
BRIALLEN Female Primrose Welsh
BRIANA Female Fortitude and strength Celtic/Gaelic
BRIANNA Female Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRIANNE Female Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRIAR Both Shrub or small tree English
BRIDGET Female Strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRIDGIT Female From the name BRIDGET Celtic/Gaelic
BRIDIE Female Strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRIE Female from No. region of France French
BRIELLE Female Exalted Goddess French
BRIGETTE Female Strong French
BRIGID Female Strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRIGIT Female Strong Scandinavian
BRIGITTE Female From the name BRIDGET French
BRILANE Both From Brigham Lane English
BRILLIANT Both To Sparkle American
BRINA Female Boundry line Latin
BRINDA Female Of the Basil Plant Hindi
BRINLY Both Virtuous, Princess English
BRIT Both From the name BRITANNIA English
BRITA Female From the name BRITTANIA English
BRITAIN Both From Great Britain English
BRITANNIA Female Great Britain English
BRITANY Female From Britain English
BRITNEY Female From Great Britain English
BRITTANIA Female From Brittain, British English
BRITTANY Female From Britain English
BRITTNEE Female From Britain English
BRITTNEY Female From Britain English
BROGAN Both Sturdy and strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRON Both The Source African
BRONWEN Female Dark, Pure Welsh
BRONWYN Female Dark, Pure Welsh
BROOK Both Running Stream English
BROOKE Both Brook, Stream English
BROOKLYN Both Brook, Stream English
BRYANNE Female Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRYCE Both Son of a Nobleman English
BRYGIDA Female Strength Polish
BRYNN Both Small Hill Celtic/Gaelic
BRYONY Female Vine with Small Blossoms English
BUFFY Female From the name BUNNY American
BUNNY Female Little Rabbit American
BUTCH Both Manly American
BUTHAINAH Female Soft sand Arabic
BUTTERFLY Female A Butterfly American
CACHE Both Storage Place American
CADE Both Pure American
CADEE Female Pure American
CADEN Both Fighter American
CADENCE Female Rhythm Latin
CADY Female Simple Happiness American
CAELAN Female Victorious People Celtic/Gaelic
CAGNEY Both Not available Celtic/Gaelic
CAI Female Rejoice Welsh
CAIA Female To rejoice Latin
CAILEAN Female The Child Celtic/Gaelic
CAIN Both Craftsman Hebrew
CAINE Both Spear hunter Hebrew
CAIRO Both City in Egypt African
CAIS Both Rejoicer Vietnamese
CAITIR Female Pure, Unsullied Celtic/Gaelic
CAITLIN Female Virginal Beauty Celtic/Gaelic
CAITLYN Female Pure Beauty Celtic/Gaelic
CAL Both Short for names beginning with CAL American
CALA Female Castle Arabic
CALAIS Female City in France French
CALANDRA Female Singing Bird Greek
CALANTHA Female Like a Lovely Blossom Greek
CALEY Both Brave Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
CALIDA Female Warm Spanish
CALISTA Female Beautiful Greek
CALIXTE Female Very Beautiful Greek
CALLA Female Beauty Greek
CALLIA Female Beautiful Greek
CALLIE Female Beautiful Greek
CALLIOPE Female One With Beautiful Voice Greek
CALLISTA Female Most Beautiful Greek
CALVINE Female Bald Latin
CAM Both From the name CAMERON Celtic/Gaelic
CAMBREE Female From Wales Welsh
CAMBRIA Female From Wales Latin
CAMDYN Both Winding Valley English
CAMEO Both Shadow Portrait Latin
CAMERON Both Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
CAMILA Female Attendant Italian
CAMILLA Female Young, Virginal Italian
CAMILLE Female Virginal, Unblemished Character French
CAMRYN Both Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
CANA Female Beloved Turkish
CANDACE Female Fire White, Pure Greek
CANDICE Female Fire White Greek
CANDID Both Hidden American
CANDIDA Female Pure, Bright Latin
CANDIDE Both Pure, Bright Latin
CANDIE Female Bright, Sweet American
CANDRA Female Pure and chaste Greek
CANDY Female Bright, Sweet American
CAOLAN Both Form of Helen Celtic/Gaelic
CAPRICE Female Fanciful French
CAPRICORN Both The Goat Latin
CAPUCINE Female Hood French
CARA Female Dearest Latin
CARAF Female Love Welsh
CARDEA Female Goddess of Protecting the Home Greek
CARESSA Female Loving touch French
CARESSE Female Beloved French
CAREY Both Pure Celtic/Gaelic
CARINA Female Dear One Greek
CARISSA Female Beloved Greek
CARLA Female Strong One Latin
CARLEN Both from Carlin-Champion Celtic/Gaelic
CARLIN Both Little champion Celtic/Gaelic
CARLOTA Female From the name CHARLOTTE or CAROLINE Spanish
CARLOTTA Female Strong One Italian
CARLY Female Strong One American
CARLYN Female Small and womanly Greek
CARLYNDA Female Strong and beautiful American
CARMAN Both Lord of the Castle Celtic/Gaelic
CARMELA Female Garden Hebrew
CARMELITA Female From the name CARMEL Spanish
CARMEN Female Song Latin
CARMINDA Female Beautiful song Spanish
CAROL Female Melody, Song French
CAROLENA Female Little and Womanly Italian
CAROLINA Female Beautiful Woman Latin
CAROLINE Female Beautiful Woman Latin
CAROLYN Female From the name CAROL AND LINDA German
CARON Female Loving, Kind Welsh
CAROUN Female Spring Armenian
CARRIE Female Melody, song American
CARRIEANN Female Gracious and Womanly American
CARRINGTON Both Town of the Marsh English
CARTER Both Driver of a Cart English
CARY Both Pure Celtic/Gaelic
CARYS Female To Love Welsh
CASCATA Female Waterfall Italian
CASEY Both Brave Celtic/Gaelic
CASHLIN Female Vain English
CASSANDRA Female Prophet Greek
CASSARA Female Prophet/Princess American
CASSIA Female Cinnamon Greek
CASSIDY Both Clever Celtic/Gaelic
CASSIE Female From Cassandra- Prophetess Greek
CASTEL Both To the Castle Spanish
CATALIN Female Pure Spanish
CATALINA Female Pure Spanish
CATE Female Pure Greek
CATHERINE Female Pure, Virginal Greek
CATHY Female Pure Greek
CATO Both Good Judgement Latin
CATORI Female Spriti Native American
CATRIN Female Pure Welsh
CATRIONA Female Pure Celtic/Gaelic
CAVAN Both Hollow Place Celtic/Gaelic
CAYENNE Female Hot Spice French
CAYLA Female Crown of Laurel Hebrew
CEANA Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
CECE Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
CECELIA Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
CECILE Female Blind French
CECILIA Female Blind Latin
CECILY Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
CELERINA Female Quick Spanish
CELESTE Female From the Heavens Latin
CELESTINE Female Heavenly Latin
CELESTYN Female Heaven French
CELIA Female Blind Latin
CELINA Female Moon Latin
CELINE Female Moon French
CERELIA Female Goddess of the Harvest Greek
CERES Both Goddess of the Corn Greek
CERI Female Love Welsh
CERISE Female Cherry French
CHAELA Female Who is Like God? Celtic/Gaelic
CHAELI Female Who is Like God? Celtic/Gaelic
CHAILYN Female Life, Waterfall American
CHAKA Female Chakra, Energy Center. Arabic
CHAKALUKA Female Brilliant Energy American
CHAKRA Female Energy Center of the Body Arabic
CHALONDRA Female Smart African
CHALSIE Female Seaport American
CHAMOMILE Female Peace, Spice American
CHANA Female Gracious Hebrew
CHANDLER Both Candle Maker English
CHANDRA Female Moon Goddess Hindi
CHANEL Female Channel French
CHANNARY Female Full Moon Cambodian
CHANNER Both Wise English
CHANNERY Female Wise American
CHANNING Both Wise English
CHANNON Both Clergyman – Canon Celtic/Gaelic
CHANTAL Female Rocky Land or Song French
CHANTEL Female Rocky Land or Singer French
CHANTON Female We sing French
CHANTREA Female Moon Cambodian
CHAO Both Great one Chinese
CHAPA Female Superior Native American
CHARIS Both Grace Greek
CHARISMA Female Personal Power, Attraction Greek
CHARISSE Female Grace, Beauty, Kindness French
CHARITY Female Charity, Kindness English
CHARLA Female From CHARLOTTE American
CHARLEE Female Farmer American
CHARLEEN Female Fem- Charles French
CHARLEIGH Female Manly, Farmer American
CHARLENE Female From the name CHARLES English
CHARLIZE Female Womanly French
CHARLOT Female Womanly, feminine French
CHARLOTTE Female Feminine French
CHARMAINE Female Bountiful Orchard French
CHARO Female Farmer Spanish
CHASSIDY Female Not available American
CHASTITY Female Purity English
CHAVA Female Life Hebrew
CHAVI Female Female Child Egyptian
CHAVIVA Female Beloved Hebrew
CHAY Both Fairy Dwelling Celtic/Gaelic
CHAYLSE Female Seaport English
CHECHE Female Small Thing African
CHELSA Female Harbor English
CHELSEA Female Port of Ships English
CHELSEY Both Port of Ships English
CHELSI Female Seaport American
CHELSIA Female From CHELSEA American
CHEN Both Dawn Chinese
CHENOA Female Dove, Bird of Peace Native American
CHER Female Beloved French
CHERI Female From the name CHERYL French
CHERIE Female Beloved French
CHERLIN Female From CHER and LIN American
CHERRY Female Cherry Fruit American
CHERYL Female Beloved French
CHESNA Female Bringing Peace, Calm Slavic
CHESSA Female Peaceful Slavic
CHEYNE Both God is gracious. Celtic/Gaelic
CHEZARINA Female From the name Cesar Greek
CHIARA Female Illustrious Latin
CHICK Both From the name CHARLES English
CHICKOA Female Daybreak Native American
CHIKA Female Near Japanese
CHINA Female From China English
CHINARA Female May God Receive African
CHINUE Female God’s Own Blessing African
CHIONE Female Daughter of the Nile Egyptian
CHIPO Female A Gift African
CHIQUITA Female Little Girl Spanish
CHLOE Female Verdant and blooming Greek
CHLORIS Female Pale Greek
CHOLENA Female Bird Native American
CHRISSY Female From the name CHRISTOPHER English
CHRISTA Female Christ Bearer English
CHRISTIAN Both Of the Christian Faith English
CHRISTIANA Female Christian, Christ-bearer English
CHRISTINA Female Christ-bearer Greek
CHRISTINE Female Christ-bearer Greek
CHRISTMAS Both Mass for Christ English
CHRISTY Female Of Christ English
CHUMANI Female Dew Drop Native American
CHYNA Female From the name CHINA English
CHYNNA Female From the name CHINA American
CIANNA Female God is Gracious Italian
CIARA Female Black and Mysterious Celtic/Gaelic
CICADA Female Loud Insect of the Night Greek
CICELY Female From the name CECILIA Latin
CICILY Female From the name CECILIA Latin
CIEL Female From Heaven, Heavenly Latin
CILI Female Blind Hungarian
CILICIA Female Ancient Province of Asia Latin
CINDERELLA Female Girl by the Cinders Latin
CINDY Female From the name CYNTHIA Greek
CINNAMON Female The Spice American
CIQALA Both Little One Native American
CIRA Female Sun Italian
CIRILA Female Lordly Greek
CISSY Female From the name CECILIA Latin
CLAIRE Female Clear, bright French
CLARA Female Clear, Bright Latin
CLARAL Female Clear, Bright French
CLARE Female Clear English
CLARICE Female Clear, Bright French
CLARIMONDE Female Brilliant Protector German
CLARISSA Female Brilliant Latin
CLAUDETTE Female Lame French
CLAUDIA Female Lame Latin
CLEA Female From the name CLEO Greek
CLEANTHA Female In Praise of Flowers Greek
CLEMANCE Female Merciful French
CLEMENTINE Female Merciful English
CLEO Female To Praise, Acclaim Greek
CLEOPATRA Female Glory of the Father Greek
CLETA Female Dim. of CLEOPATRA Greek
CLIO Female From the name CLEO Greek
CLODIA Female Form of CLAUDIA French
CLORIS Female Flower Goddess Greek
CLOVE Both A Nail, Spice German
CLOVER Female Meadow Flower English
COBY Both Supplanter Hebrew
COCHETA Female That You Cannot Imagine Native American
COLBY Both Dark Haired English
COLETTE Female From the name NICOLE French
COLIGNY Female From COLOGNE French
COLISTA Female Most Beautiful Greek
COLLEEN Female Irish Girl Celtic/Gaelic
COLLICE Female Form of COLLEEN Celtic/Gaelic
COLUMBIA Female A Dove Latin
COMFORT Female To Strengthen Greatly English
CONARY Both Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
CONG Both Intelligent, Clever Chinese
CONNIE Both From the name CONSTANCE English
CONSTANCE Female Constant English
CONSUELA Female Consolation Spanish
CONSUELO Female Consolation Spanish
CONTENT Female Satisfied, happy American
CORA Female Heart, Maiden Greek
CORAL Female Reef Formation English
CORALIA Female Like Coral Greek
CORALIE Female Little Maiden French
CORAZON Female Heart Spanish
CORBIN Both A Raven Latin
CORBY Both Dark as a Raven English
CORDELIA Female Daughter of the Sea English
CORENTINE Female Little Cora African-American
COREY Both Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
CORIANDER Both Romance, Spice Greek
CORIN Female A Maiden French
CORINA Female Maiden French
CORINE Female From the name CORINNE French
CORINNA Female Maiden Greek
CORINNE Female Maiden Greek
CORINTHIA Female From Corinth Greek
CORLISS Female From the name CARL or CARLISLE English
CORNELIA Female From the name CORNELIUS Latin
CORY Both Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
COSETTE Female Victorious People French
COSIMA Female Universe, Harmony Greek
COTY Both Small Slope French
COURTNEY Both From the Court English
COY Both Woods English
COYE Both Woods English
CREDA Female Faith English
CREE Both Tribe Name Native American
CREOLA Both Native to the Land, Creole American
CRESCENT Both To Grow English
CRETE Female Dim. of LUCRETIA Latin
CRICKET Both Loud Insect of the Night American
CRISTY Both From the name CHRISTOPHER English
CRWYS Female Cross Welsh
CRYSTAL Female A Clear, Brilliant Glass Latin
CSILLA Female Protection Hungarian
CWEN Female Queen English
CYBELE Female Mother Scandinavian
CYBIL Female Soothsayer Greek
CYBILL Female Soothsayer Greek
CYBILLE Female Soothsayer French
CYD Both A Public Hill Greek
CYMA Female Flourish Greek
CYNARA Female From the Island of Zinara Greek
CYNDI Female From the name CYNTHIA Greek
CYNTHIA Female The Moon Personified Greek
CYRAH Female Enthroned African
CYTHERIA Female Goddess of Love Greek
DA-XIA Female Big Hero Chinese
DACEY Both Down Below Latin
DACIA Female From Dacia (near Rome) Latin
DAGAN Both Grain of Corn Hebrew
DAGMAR Female Glorious Scandinavian
DAHLIA Female Flower named for botanist A. Dahl Greek
DAISY Female Daisy Flower American
DAKOTA Both Native American Tribal Name Native American
DALIA Female A Branch, bough Greek
DALILA Female Water Bearer Greek
DALLAS Both Wise Celtic/Gaelic
DALLIN Both From the Dale Celtic/Gaelic
DALLON Both From Dale, a valley English
DAMALI Female Beautiful Vision Arabic
DAMARA Female Fertility Goddess English
DAMARIS Female Gentle, Mild Greek
DAMIA Female Goddess of Forces of Nature Greek
DAMITA Female Baby Princess Spanish
DANA Both Danish, from Denmark English
DANAE Female God is my Judge French
DANELLE Female God is my Judge Hebrew
DANI Female My Judge Hebrew
DANICA Female Morning Star Hebrew
DANIELA Female God is My Judge Spanish
DANIELLE Female God is my Judge Hebrew
DANIKA Female Morning Star Slavic
DANTE Both Lasting Latin
DAPHNE Female Laurel Tree Greek
DARA Female Compassionate Hebrew
DARAY Both Dark Celtic/Gaelic
DARBY Both Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
DARCIE Female Of the Dark English
DARCY Both Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
DARENA Female Famous and loved American
DARIA Female Affluent, Wealthy Greek
DARIAN Both From the name DARIN Celtic/Gaelic
DARICE Female Queenly Persian
DARLA Female Dear, Loved One English
DARLENE Female Little Darling French
DARLITA Female Young Girl Armenian
DARVA Female Honey Bee Slavic
DARYL Both Dear, Beloved French
DASHA Female Gift of God Greek
DATHERINE Female Beloved Virgin American
DAVA Female Beloved Hebrew
DAVAN Both Fem. form of DAVID Celtic/Gaelic
DAVEIGH Female Beloved American
DAVIDA Female From the name DAVID Hebrew
DAVIN Both Finnish Person Scandinavian
DAVINA Female Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
DAW Female Stars Thai
DAWN Female Diana, Sunrise Greek
DAY Both Light and hope American
DAYTON Both Bright and Sunny Town English
DEA Female Goddess Greek
DEANA Female As Dina -God has judged Hebrew
DEANDRA Female From the name DIANA American
DEANNA Female Divine, Valley Latin
DEANNE Female Divine Latin
DEBBIE Female From the name DEBORAH Hebrew
DEBBY Female From the name DEBORAH Hebrew
DEBORAH Female Honey Bee Hebrew
DEBRA Female From the name DEBORAH Hebrew
DECEMBER Both Month name American
DECIMA Female The Tenth Latin
DEE Female Initial D American
DEENA Female Valley. (from Dinah) Hebrew
DEIDRA Female Wanderer alt. to Dierdre Celtic/Gaelic
DEIONDRE Both Valley African-American
DEIRDRA Female Sorrowful, Wanderer Celtic/Gaelic
DEIRDRE Female Sad one. Celtic/Gaelic
DEKA Both Pleasing African
DEL Both Short for names beginning with DEL Celtic/Gaelic
DELAINE Both Descendent of the Challenger Celtic/Gaelic
DELANEY Both Enemy’s Child Celtic/Gaelic
DELFINA Female Dolphin Latin
DELIA Female From the name CORDELIA Greek
DELILA Female Hair or Poor Hebrew
DELILAH Female Night Hebrew
DELIZ Female From DEAN and LIZ American
DELLA Female Of the Nobility Greek
DELLING Both Scintillating Scandinavian
DELORA Female Of sorrow American
DELORES Female From the name DOLORES Latin
DELPHINA Female Little flower Greek
DELPHINE Female From the Flower Greek
DELTA Female Mouth of a River Greek
DELU Female The Only Girl African
DEMETER Female Lover of the Earth Greek
DEMETRA Female Goddess of Fertility Greek
DEMETRIA Female Goddess of Fertility Greek
DEMI Female Half, Small Greek
DENA Female Valley or Vindicated Hebrew
DENALI Female Great One Hindi
DENIM Both Strong cloth American
DENISE Female Feminine form of DENNIS French
DENNA Female Glen, Valley Hebrew
DENVER Both Green Valley American
DEON Both Divine Queen American
DERBY Both From the Village of Danes Celtic/Gaelic
DERICA Female Beloved Leader German
DERICIA Female Athletic African-American
DERORA Female Running Streams Hebrew
DERRY Both Red-Head Celtic/Gaelic
DES Both Desire Spanish
DESDEMONA Female Of the Devil Greek
DESI Both Desire Spanish
DESIREE Female Desired French
DESMA Female Pledge, Bond Greek
DESPINA Female Young lady, miss Greek
DESSA Female Roaming Greek
DESTINY Female For which you were meant to do. American
DEVA Female Celestial Spirit Hindi
DEVAKI Female A God Hindi
DEVAN Both Writer of poetry Celtic/Gaelic
DEVEN Both Like a God Hindi
DEVI Female Goddess of Power Hindi
DEVIKA Female Mother of Krishna Hindi
DEVIN Both Poet English
DEVON Both Poet English
DEVONA Female Protector English
DEVORAH Female Honey Bee Hebrew
DEVORIT Female Form of DEBORAH Hebrew
DEX Female Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
DEXTRA Female Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
DHARMA Both Ultimate Law of All Things Hindi
DIAMOND Both Brilliant Gem English
DIAN Both From God of wine German
DIANA Female Divine Greek
DIANDRA Female Rare and divine flower American
DIANE Female Celestial Hunter Latin
DIANNE Female Celestial Hunter Greek
DIANTHA Female Divine Flower Greek
DIANTHE Female Flower of the Gods Greek
DIARA Both Gift African
DIATA Female Lion African
DIDINA Female Desired; beloved. French
DIDRIKA Female Leader of the People German
DIELLA Female Worshipper of God Latin
DIEM Female Not available Vietnamese
DIEP Female Not available Vietnamese
DIERDRA Female Adaptation of Dierdre Celtic/Gaelic
DILLIAN Both Combination of DILLON and GILLIAN American
DIMAIA Female Daughter of MAIA American
DINA Female God has judged Hebrew
DINAH Female Judgment Hebrew
DION Both God of Wine and Revelry Greek
DIONNE Female From DIANA French
DIOR Both Present French
DIVYA Female Divine Brilliance Hindi
DIXIE Female From the South in the U.S. French
DIZA Female Joyous Hebrew
DOLLY Female Cute child American
DOLORES Female Lady of Sorrows Latin
DOMANI Both Tomorrow Italian
DOMINICA Female Of the lord Latin
DOMINIQUE Female Of God French
DONATELLA Female Beautiful Gift Italian
DONELLE Female World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONNA Female Lady, Woman Latin
DONNICA Female Lady Latin
DONOMA Female Sight of the Sun Native American
DORA Female Gift Greek
DORCAS Female A Gazelle Greek
DORE Female A Gift Greek
DORI Female Gift Greek
DORIA Female From the name DORIAN Greek
DORIAN Both From the Sea Greek
DORIE Female The Sea American
DORINDA Female Talented Spanish
DORIS Female Sea Greek
DORIT Female From the name DORIS Hawaiian
DOROTHEA Female From the name DOROTHY Greek
DOROTHY Female Gift of God Greek
DORSEY Both From the name DORSET Celtic/Gaelic
DORY Female Gift of God Greek
DOT Female Gift of God Greek
DOTTY Female Gift of God Greek
DREA Female Courageous Greek
DREAMA Female Joyous Music American
DREW Both Manly and Courageous Greek
DRU Both Manly, Courageous American
DRUCILLA Female Mighty Latin
DUAA Female Prayer to God Arabic
DUENA Female Protect the Companion Spanish
DUFF Both Baker English
DULCE Female Sweet Spanish
DULCEA Female Sweet Spanish
DULCINA Female Rose Latin
DULCINEA Female Sweet Latin
DUMI Both The Inspirer African
DUNIXI Both God of Wine Greek
DUNNE Both Brown English
DUSCHA Both Divine Spirit Slavic
DUSTY Both From the name DUSTIN English
DUYEN Female Charm and grace Vietnamese
DYAN Female From the name DIANE Latin
DYANI Female Deer Native American
DYANNE Female From the name DIANE Latin
DYLAN Both Born from the ocean; son of the sea Welsh
DYLLIS Female Sincere Welsh
DYMPNA Female Patron saint of the mentally ill Celtic/Gaelic
DYRE Both Dear Heart Scandinavian
DYSIS Female Sunset Greek
EARA Female From the East Celtic/Gaelic
EARLENE Female Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
EARLY Female Before due time or date. American
EASTER Female From the Holiday American
EAVAN Female Fair One Celtic/Gaelic
EBONY Female Dark Strength American
ECHO Both Sound Returned Greek
EDALENE Female Noble, King Celtic/Gaelic
EDALINE Female Noble, King English
EDANA Female Tiny Flame Celtic/Gaelic
EDDA Female With Clear Goals German
EDELINE Female Born into Nobility Greek
EDEN Both Paradise Hebrew
EDENA Female Form of EDNA Hawaiian
EDIE Female Treasure English
EDITA Female From the name EDITH Spanish
EDITH Female Happy English
EDNA Female Spirit Renewed Hebrew
EDOLIE Female Noble, Good English
EDWINA Female Valuable Friend English
EDYTHE Female Happy English
EFFIE Female Melodious Talk Greek
EILEEN Female Light – from Helen Celtic/Gaelic
EILIS Female Noble, Kind Celtic/Gaelic
EITHNE Female Little Fire Celtic/Gaelic
ELAINA Female Form of HELEN Greek
ELAINE Female Light French
ELAM Both Highlands Hebrew
ELAN Both Tree Hebrew
ELANA Female Light Latin
ELANI Female Light Greek
ELATA Female Happy Latin
ELDA Female Old Latin
ELDORA Female Golden Spanish
ELEANOR Female Light Greek
ELECTRA Female The Shining One Greek
ELENA Female Light Greek
ELIA Female Form of ELIJAH Hebrew
ELIE Female From the name ELEANOR English
ELIN Female Light Scandinavian
ELINOR Female Light English
ELIORA Female God Is My Light Hebrew
ELISA Female Consecrated to God English
ELISABETH Female Concecrated to God Hebrew
ELISE Female Consecrated to God German
ELITA Female The Chosen One Latin
ELIZA Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
ELIZABETH Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
ELKE Female Noble, Kind German
ELLA Female She Spanish
ELLE Female Woman, Girl French
ELLEMA Female Milking a Cow African
ELLEN Female Light Greek
ELLERY Both Elder Tree Island English
ELLETTE Female Little Elf English
ELLIE Female Light Greek
ELLIS Both From the name ELIJAH Hebrew
ELOISE Female From the name LOIS French
ELON Female God Loves Me African
ELPIDA Female Hope Greek
ELSA Female From the name ELIZABETH Scandinavian
ELSIE Female Consecrated to God German
ELSPETH Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
ELU Both Full of Grace Native American
ELVINA Female Fem. form of ELVIN English
ELVIRA Female Impartial Judgement Spanish
ELWYN Female Pale brow Welsh
ELYSE Female Consecreted to God Hebrew
ELYSIA Female The Blessed Home Latin
EMAN Female Faith Arabic
EMANUELE Female God in Humankind French
EMBER Both Spark, burning low German
EMBERLYNN Female Precious Pretty Jewel American
EMELDA Female Emerald-Like Latin
EMELE Female Industrious, Admiring French
EMERA Female Industrious Leader German
EMERALD Female A Bright Green Gem French
EMIKO Female Blessed, beautiful child Japanese
EMILIA Female Admiring Latin
EMILIE Female Ambitious, Industrious French
EMILY Female Admiring Latin
EMLYN Both Flatterer Welsh
EMMA Female Universal Latin
EMMLY Female Admiring American
EMMY Female Short form of Emily Latin
ENA Female Bright and shining Celtic/Gaelic
ENID Female Soul Welsh
ENNIS Both Island Celtic/Gaelic
ENYA Female Little Fire Celtic/Gaelic
ENYE Female Grace Hebrew
EOLANDE Female Violet Flower Celtic/Gaelic
ERASTO Female Man of Peace African
ERELAH Female Holy Messenger Hebrew
ERICA Female Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
ERIKA Female From the name ERICA Scandinavian
ERIMENTHA Female Collector of Thoughts, Determined Protector Greek
ERIN Female Ireland Celtic/Gaelic
ERIS Female Goddess of Strife Greek
ERLING Both Descendant Scandinavian
ERMA Female Universal, Whole Greek
ERNA Female Earnest German
ERRIGAL Both Small Church Celtic/Gaelic
ERRIN Female From the name ERIN Celtic/Gaelic
ERZSEBET Female Consecrated to God Hungarian
ESHANA Female Searcher Hindi
ESHE Female Life Swahili
ESMA Female Form of ESMERALDA Spanish
ESME Female Emerald Greek
ESMERALDA Female Emerald Greek
ESMERELDA Female Emerald, Jewel Spanish
ESPEN Both God Bear Scandinavian
ESPERANZA Female Hope Spanish
ESSIEN Female A Child Belongs to Everyone African
ESTELLE Female Star Latin
ESTER Female From the name ESTHER Hebrew
ESTHER Female Star Hebrew
ESTRALITA Female Little Star Spanish
ESTRELLA Female Star Spanish
ETANA Female Dedication, Strength Hebrew
ETENIA Female Wealthy Native American
ETERNITY Female Everlasting American
ETHEL Female Noble English
ETHELDA Female Noble in Counsel English
ETOILE Female Star French
ETTA Female Ruler of the Home American
EUDORA Female Honored Gift Greek
EUGENIA Female Well born, noble Greek
EULALIA Female Well Spoken Greek
EULALIE Female Sweet Talk Greek
EUNICE Female Happy, Victorious Greek
EUPHEMIA Female Spoken Well Of Greek
EURIDICE Female Justice Greek
EURYDICE Female Greek Mythological Figure Greek
EUSTACIA Female Fruitful Greek
EVA Female Giver of Life Hebrew
EVADNE Female Greek Mythological Figure Greek
EVANGELIA Female Bringer of Good News Greek
EVANGELINE Female Good news Greek
EVANIA Female Tranquil Greek
EVANTHE Female Flower Greek
EVE Female Life Hebrew
EVELIA Female Hazelnut French
EVELIEN Female Life French
EVELINA Female Light Slavic
EVELYN Female Hazelnut English
EVETTE Female From the name EVE French
EVIE Female Life Hebrew
EVITA Female From the name EVE Spanish
EVONNE Female From the name EVE AND ANNA French
EWA Female Life Polish
EYDIE Female Rich Gift English
FABIANA Female Bean Farmer Italian
FABIENNE Female Bean Grower French
FABIOLA Female Bean Grower Italian
FAIRLY Both The Far Meadow English
FAITH Female To Trust Latin
FALA Female A Crow Native American
FALALA Female Born in Abundance African
FALLON Female Of a Ruling Family Celtic/Gaelic
FANCHON Female Free, Whimsical Hebrew
FANCY Female Decorated English
FARAH Female Joy Arabic
FAREEDA Female Unique Arabic
FARICA Female Chief of Peace German
FARLEY Both From the Bull Pasture Celtic/Gaelic
FARRAH Female Delightful English
FARREN Both Wanderer English
FARSIRIS Female Princess Persian
FATHIA Female Victory Arabic
FATIMA Female Daughter of the Prophet Arabic
FAUNA Female Goddess of Fertility Greek
FAUNIA Female Young Deer Latin
FAUNUS Both God of Forests Latin
FAUSTA Female Fortunate Italian
FAUSTINE Female Lucky Italian
FAUVE Female Wild and uninhibited French
FAWN Female Young Deer French
FAWZIA Female Winner Arabic
FAY Female Fairy or Elf French
FAYE Female Fairy or Elf French
FAYLINN Female Fairy Kingdom English
FAYOLA Female Walks With Honor African
FAYRE Female Beautiful English
FEDELLA Female From Fedelia or Fidel-faithful Latin
FEDORA Female Divine Gift Greek
FELICE Female Fortunate, Happy Latin
FELICIA Female Happiness Latin
FELICITY Female Happiness Latin
FEMI Female Love Egyptian
FENELLA Female Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FENG Female Maple or Phoenix Chinese
FENNELLA Female White Shoulder Celtic/Gaelic
FERN Female A Fern Plant or See FERDINAND English
FERYAL Female Beauty of light Arabic
FEWS Both Woods Celtic/Gaelic
FIA Female Weaver Portuguese
FIACHRA Female Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
FIDELIA Female Faithful Spanish
FIDELINA Female Little faithful one Spanish
FIDELLA Female Faithful Latin
FIFI Female He Shall Add French
FILIA Female Friendship Greek
FILIPINA Female Lover of Horses Polish
FINEEN Female Fair Offspring Celtic/Gaelic
FINNA Female Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FINNEA Female Wood of the Ford Celtic/Gaelic
FINOLA Female White Haired Celtic/Gaelic
FIONA Female White, Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FIONN Female From FIONA Celtic/Gaelic
FIONNUALA Female Fair shoulders Celtic/Gaelic
FIONNULA Female From the name FIONA Celtic/Gaelic
FIORELLA Female Little flower Italian
FIORENZA Female Flower Italian
FISSEHA Female Happiness, Joy African
FLAN Both From Flannery Celtic/Gaelic
FLANNERY Both Flat Land Celtic/Gaelic
FLETA Female Swift English
FLEUR Female Flower French
FLO Female From the name FLORENCE Latin
FLORA Female Flowering Latin
FLORAMARIA Female Flower of Mary Spanish
FLORENCE Female Prosperous, Flowering Latin
FLORIA Female Flowering Latin
FLORIANE Female Flowering Latin
FLORIDA Female Flowering Spanish
FLORRIE Female From the name FLORENCE Latin
FLOWER Female From the name FLORENCE Latin
FOLA Female Honor African
FONDA Female The Earth, Grounded Spanish
FOREST Both From the Woods English
FOREVER Female Never Ending American
FOUNTAIN Both A Spring French
FRAN Both Free Latin
FRANCES Female Free Latin
FRANCESCA Female Free Latin
FRANCINE Female Form of FRANCES French
FREDERICA Female From the name FREDRICA German
FREDRICA Female Rich with Peace German
FREDRICKA Female Rich with Peace German
FREIDA Female Wise judge German
FREIRA Female Sister Spanish
FREJA Female Norse Goddess of Love Scandinavian
FRENCH Both From France American
FREYA Female Goddess of Love, Fertility and Beauty Scandinavian
FRIEDA Female Peace, Joy German
FRIEDERIKE Female Rich with Peace German
FRITZI Female From the name FREIDA German
FRUMA Female One Who Is Religious Hebrew
GABBY Female From the name GABRIELLE Hebrew
GABI Female From the name GABRIELA Hebrew
GABRIELA Female From the name GABRIEL Spanish
GABRIELLA Female From the name GABRIELLE Spanish
GABRIELLE Female Hero of God Hebrew
GABY Female From the name GABRIELLE Hebrew
GADA Female Lucky Hebrew
GAEL Both Gaelic, From Ireland Celtic/Gaelic
GAENOR Female Smooth, light colored Welsh
GAERWN Both White Fort Welsh
GAETANA Female From Gaeta Italian
GAETANE Female From Gaeta, Italian
GAFNA Female Vine Hebrew
GAIA Female Earth Latin
GAIL Female Short for ABIGAIL Hebrew
GAILLE Female Merry Hebrew
GAINELL Female Happy, Shiny American
GALA Female Singer Scandinavian
GALATEA Female White Greek
GALENA Female Healer Greek
GALIA Female God Has Redeemed Hebrew
GALIENA Female High one German
GALLIA Female Wherewithall, Gall Celtic/Gaelic
GALYA Female God has redeemed Hebrew
GAMADA Female Glad, Pleased African
GAMBHIRI Female Noble Hindi
GAMMA Female Third letter of Greek alphabet Greek
GANESA Female Godess of intelligence and wisdom Hindi
GANYA Female Garden of the Lord Hebrew
GARAN Both Stork Welsh
GARDENIA Female flower English
GARI Female Feminine of Gary German
GARIMA Female Importance Hindi
GARIN Both Name of an old Armenian City Armenian
GARLAND Female wreath of flowers French
GARNET Female gem English
GARREN Both Guardian English
GASHA Female good Russian
GAURA Female Fair Skinned Hindi
GAURI Female Fair, white. Hindi
GAVIVI Female Money is Sweet African
GAVRILA Female God is my Strength Hebrew
GAVRILLA Female Heroine Hebrew
GAY Female Merry, Happy English
GAYE Female Merry, Happy English
GAYLE Female From the name GAIL Hebrew
GAYNELL Female Happy, Shiny African-American
GAYORA Female Valley of sun Hebrew
GAZELLE Female Graceful, Deer Latin
GAZIT Female Hewn Stone Hebrew
GEFEN Female vine Hebrew
GEFJUN Female One who endows wealth Scandinavian
GELILAH Female rolling hills Hebrew
GELLA Female One with golden hair Hebrew
GELSEY Female Jasmine English
GEMINI Both The Twins Latin
GEMMA Female Precious Stone Italian
GEN Female Spring Japanese
GENERA Female Generic, The Same Latin
GENESIS Female Beginning Hebrew
GENEVA Female Juniper Berry French
GENEVIEVE Female White Wave Celtic/Gaelic
GENICA Female Combination of GENEVIEVE and JESSICA American
GENNA Female From the name GENEVA Celtic/Gaelic
GEONA Female Glorify Hebrew
GEORGETTE Female Farmer French
GEORGIA Female Farmer Greek
GEORGIANNA Female Gracious Farmer English
GEORGIANNE Female Gracious Farmer English
GEORGINA Female Fem. form of GEORGE Latin
GERALDENE Female One who rules by the spear French
GERALDINE Female One who rules by the spear French
GERANIUM Female Flower Latin
GERD Female To be guarded Scandinavian
GERDA Female Guarded, Protected Scandinavian
GERI Female From the name GERALDINE French
GERIANNE Female Female derivation of GERARD; St. Gerard is the patron saint of mothers All Nationalities
GERMAIN Female A German French
GERMAINE Female A Sprout French
GERSEMI Female Jewel Scandinavian
GERTRUDE Female Adored Warrior German
GEZANA Female Reference to the Incarnation Spanish
GHADA Female Young girl Arabic
GHITA Female Pearl Greek
GIANNA Female God is Gracious Italian
GIGI Female Brilliant, Trustworthy French
GILDA Female Golden English
GILI Female My Joy, Rejoice Hebrew
GILLIAN Female Youthful Celtic/Gaelic
GIMBYA Female Princess African
GIN Female Silver Japanese
GINA Female Garden Italian
GINATA Female Flower Italian
GINGER Female The spice English
GINNY Female From the name VIRGINIA English
GIOLLA Female Servant Italian
GIONA Both A Dove Italian
GIOVANNA Female God is Gracious Italian
GISELA Female From the name GISELLE French
GISELLE Female A Promise French
GITA Female Song Hindi
GITEL Female Good Hebrew
GITTEL Female Good Hebrew
GIULIA Female Youthful Italian
GIVERNY Female Town in France French
GIZA Female Hewn Stone Hebrew
GIZELA Female Pledge Polish
GIZI Female Pledge Hungarian
GLADYS Female Lame Welsh
GLAIN Female Jewel Welsh
GLENDA Female Holy and Good Celtic/Gaelic
GLENNA Female Fem. form of GLEN Celtic/Gaelic
GLENNIS Female From the Valley or Glen English
GLENYS Female Beautiful & Holy Celtic/Gaelic
GLORA Female From the name GLORIA Latin
GLORIA Female Glory Latin
GLORIANN Female Give praise with grace American
GLORY Female From the name GLORIA Latin
GLYN Both Valley Welsh
GLYNIS Female A Narrow Valley Celtic/Gaelic
GLYNN Female A Clearing Celtic/Gaelic
GLYNNIS Female From the name GLYNIS Celtic/Gaelic
GOLDA Female Made of Gold English
GOLDIE Female From the name GOLDA English
GOLDY Female From the name GOLDA English
GRACE Female Grace of God Latin
GRACELAND Both Land of Grace American
GRACIE Female From the name GRACE Latin
GRATIA Female Grace Italian
GRATIANA Female Grace Italian
GRAZIA Female From the name GRACE Spanish
GREER Both Watchful, Guardian Celtic/Gaelic
GRETA Female From the name MARGARET Greek
GRETCHEN Female From the name MARGARET Greek
GRETEL Female Pearl Scandinavian
GRIETJE Female Little girl Dutch
GRISELDA Female Gray German
GRIZELDA Female Endless Patience German
GRYPHON Both Mythological Beast Greek
GRYTA Female Pearl Greek
GUADALUPE Both River of Black Stones Spanish
GUDRUN Female Battler Scandinavian
GUENEVERE Female Fair One Welsh
GUILIAINE Female Pleasant Oath German
GUILLERMINA Female Loving Spanish
GUINEVERE Female White wave. Welsh
GUINIVERE Female White Wave Celtic/Gaelic
GUNDA Female Female Warrior Scandinavian
GURI Female Hindu Goddess of Plenty Hindi
GURIT Female Innocent Baby Hebrew
GUSTY Both Revered, Windy American
GWEN Female Form of GWENDOLYN Welsh
GWENDOLYN Female Fair haired Welsh
GWENIFER Female White wave Welsh
GWENLLIAN Female White-haired Welsh
GWENNAN Female Blessed Welsh
GWYLAN Female Seagull Welsh
GWYN Female White, fair Welsh
GWYNETH Female Fortunate, Blessed Welsh
GYDA Female Gods Scandinavian
GYPSY Female A Bohemian Traveler English
GZIFA Female Peaceful One African
HA Female Kiss of life Vietnamese
HACHI Female River Native American
HADA Female Salty Place African
HADASSAH Female Myrtle Tree Hebrew
HADLEY Both Heath Near the Wasteland Celtic/Gaelic
HAFWEN Female Summer’s beauty Welsh
HAGAN Both Ruler of the home Celtic/Gaelic
HAGEN Both Little, young Celtic/Gaelic
HAILE Female From the name HAYLEY English
HAILEY Female Hero English
HALDIS Both Stone Spirit Greek
HALEY Both Hero English
HALI Female Sea Greek
HALIA Female Memorial Hawaiian
HALIMA Female Gentle, Kind Swahili
HALLAM Both From the Hills German
HALLE Female Heroine Scandinavian
HALLIE Female Fm:Haley – clearing of hay English
HALONA Female Fortunate Native American
HANA Female Bud – Blossom Japanese
HANG Female Moon Vietnamese
HANH Female Apricot tree Vietnamese
HANNA Female Goddess of Life Hebrew
HANNAH Female Grace of God Hebrew
HANNAN Both Warm Feelings Arabic
HANNE Female Grace Scandinavian
HANNELORE Female Gracious German
HANZILA Female Road, Path African
HAO Both Good, Perfect Vietnamese
HAPPY Both Joyful American
HARACHA Female Frog African
HARMONY Female A Beautiful Blending Latin
HARPER Both Harp Player English
HARRIET Female Home Ruler German
HARSHA Female Happiness Hindi
HARVA Female Warrior English
HASANA Female First Born Twin Swahili
HATEYA Female Footprint in the Sand Native American
HAVEN Both Safe Place English
HAVILY Female Grace of God American
HAVYN Both form of Haven English
HAWA Female Desire African
HAYDEN Both The Rosy Meadow English
HAYES Both From the Hedged Place English
HAYLEY Female From the name HALEY English
HAZEL Female The Hazel Tree Celtic/Gaelic
HAZELLE Female From the name HAZEL English
HAZINA Female Treasure African
HEATHER Female A Flowering Plant English
HEAVEN Female From the Heavens American
HEAVYNNE Female Heaven English
HEBA Female Gifted Arabic
HEDDA Female from Hedwig-refuge in battle German
HEDIA Female Voice of the Lord Hebrew
HEDVA Female Joy Hebrew
HEDWIG Female Refuge in battle German
HEDY Female From the name HEDDA English
HEDYA Female From the name HEDIA Hebrew
HEIDI Female Honorable German
HELAINE Female From the name HELEN Greek
HELEN Female Light Greek
HELENA Female From the name HELEN Greek
HELENE Female From the name HELEN Greek
HELGA Female Holy, faithful Scandinavian
HELIA Female Sun Greek
HELKI Both Touch Native American
HELLER Female The Sun Greek
HELOISE Female Famous Fighter French
HENRIETTA Female Ruler of the Home German
HENRIETTE Female ruler of the house German
HERA Female Goddess of Maternity Greek
HERMIONE Female Earthy Greek
HERO Both Brave Defender Greek
HESPER Female Evening Star Greek
HESTER Female Star Greek
HESTIA Female Goddess of the Hearth Greek
HETAL Female Friendly Hindi
HEULWEN Female Light from the sun Welsh
HIDE Female Excellent Japanese
HIDI Female Root African
HIEN Both Meek and gentle Vietnamese
HIJA Female Daughter African
HILA Female Aura – halo Hebrew
HILAIRE Both Form of HILARY French
HILARY Both Cheerful Greek
HILDA Female Protector, Valkyrie Scandinavian
HILDE Female A Valkyrie Scandinavian
HILLARY Both Cheerful Greek
HILLIARD Both Guardian in Battle German
HINA Female Goddess of fish or fishing Hawaiian
HINDA Female Female Deer Hebrew
HINTO Female Blue Native American
HIROKO Female Magnanimous Japanese
HISANO Female Open Plain Japanese
HOLIDAY Female Festive Day English
HOLLACE Female Var.Hollis, near the valley English
HOLLAND Both From Holland American
HOLLI Female From the name HOLLY English
HOLLIE Female Plant With Red Berries American
HOLLIS Female Near the valley English
HOLLY Female Plant With Red Berries English
HOLLYE Female From the name HOLLY English
HONEY Female Sweet as Honey American
HONG Female Pink and rosy Vietnamese
HONORA Female Integrity Latin
HONORIA Female Honor Latin
HOP Female Consistant Vietnamese
HOPE Female Trust, Faith English
HOSANNA Female Praise! Greek
HOSHI Both Star Japanese
HOSHIKO Female Star Japanese
HOVA Female Middle Class African
HUE Female Lily flower Vietnamese
HUELA Female Fem. form of HUGH German
HUNTER Both One Who Hunts English
HUONG Female Scent of the flower Vietnamese
HUYEN Female Jet black Vietnamese
HYACINTH Female The Flower Greek
HYPATIA Female Intellectually Superior Woman Greek
IANNA Female Fem. form of IAN Celtic/Gaelic
IANTHE Female Violet, Colored Flower Greek
IBTESAM Female Smiling Arabic
IDA Female Hardworking German
IDALEE Female From IDA and LEE American
IDALIA Female From IDALEE American
IDANA Female From IDA & ANNA American
IDANIA Female Hardworking, Prosperous Slavic
IDE Female Thirst Celtic/Gaelic
IDEN Both Prosperous English
IDOLA Female Vision Greek
IDRA Female Fig tree Hebrew
IDRIS Both Fiery Hindi
IFAMA Female All is Well African
IKIA Female God is my Salvation Hebrew
ILANA Female Great Tree Hebrew
ILANDERE Female Moon Woman American
ILAR Both Cheerful Welsh
ILIANA Female Bright Greek
ILITHYA Female Goddess of Women in Labor Greek
ILONA Female Beautiful, sunshine Hungarian
ILORI Female Special Treasure African
ILSE Female Consecrated to God German
ILYSSA Female Rational Hebrew
IMALA Female Disciplinarian Native American
IMAN Female Faith African
IMOGENE Female Image, Likeness Latin
INA Female Pure Greek
INARA Female Ray of light – Heaven sent Arabic
INARI Female Shrimp Japanese
INDEPENDENCE Female Freedom American
INDIA Female From India English
INDIRA Female God of Heaven & Thunderstorms Hindi
INDIYA Female Philosophical one American
INDRA Female God of Rain & Thunder Hindi
INEZ Female Meek Spanish
INFINITY Both Endless American
INGA Female From the name INGRID Scandinavian
INGE Female Island Scandinavian
INGRID Female A Meadow Scandinavian
INIKO Female Born During Troubled Times African
INOCENCIA Female Innocent Spanish
INOKE Female Devoted Hawaiian
IOKINA Female God will Develop Hawaiian
IOLA Female Violet-Colored Dawn Welsh
IOLANA Female Soar Like An Eagle Hawaiian
IOLANI Female Royal Hawk Hawaiian
IONA Female Purple Jewel Greek
IORWEN Female Lord, Beautiful Welsh
IPHIGENIA Female Mythological Creature Greek
IPHIGENIE Female Mythical Creature French
IPO Female Darling Hawaiian
IRELAND Both Homage to Ireland American
IREN Female Peace Greek
IRENE Female Peaceful Greek
IRIA Female From the name IRIS English
IRINA Female Peaceful Slavic
IRIS Female Colorful, Rainbow Greek
IRISA Female Iris English
IRISH Both From Ireland American
IRMA Female Complete one German
ISABEL Female Consecrated to God Spanish
ISABELLA Female Consecrated to God Italian
ISABELLE Female Consecrated to God French
ISABIS Female Something Beautiful African
ISADORA Female Gift of Isis Latin
ISANNE Female From ISABEL and ANNE American
ISAURA Female Soft Air Greek
ISHA Female Woman Hebrew
ISHANA Female Prosperous Hindi
ISI Female Consecrated to God Spanish
ISIS Female Supreme Goddess of the stars Egyptian
ISLA Female Island Celtic/Gaelic
ISLEEN Female Form of EILEEN Celtic/Gaelic
ISMAELA Female God Listens Hebrew
ISOKE Female Gift from God African
ISOLDE Female Fair One Welsh
ISRA Both Freedom Turkish
ISTAS Female Snow Native American
ITA Female Thirsty Italian
ITALIA Female Italy Italian
IVANA Female God is Gracious Slavic
IVI Female Ivy Plant English
IVIE Female From the name IVY English
IVORY Female White as Elephant Tusks Latin
IVRIA Female From the other side of the River Hebrew
IVY Female A Vine English
IWALANI Female Heavenly Seagull Hawaiian
IZEFIA Female I have no child African
JACE Both Moon-Var. of Jacey American
JACEY Both From the initials J.C. American
JACIE Both Variation of Jace American
JACINDA Female Beautiful, Greek
JACINTA Female Purple Spanish
JACLYN Female To Protect French
JACOBA Female Supplant Hebrew
JACQUELINE Female To Protect French
JADA Both Wise Hebrew
JADE Both Green Gemstone Spanish
JADEN Both God Has Heard Hebrew
JADYN Female God has Heard Hebrew
JADZIA Female Princess Polish
JAEL Female Prominent Hebrew
JAELLA Female Prominent Arabic
JAHZARA Female Blessed Princess African
JAIME Both From the name JAMES Spanish
JAIMIE Both I Love French
JAIMIN Both I Love French
JALEN Both Bird of Light American
JALENA Female Light Slavic
JALENE Female From JAMES and LENORE American
JALIA Female Noble American
JALIL Female Friend Arabic
JALILA Female Great Arabic
JAM Both A sweet condiment or musical get-together American
JAMES Both Supplanter Hebrew
JAMESE Both From JAMES English
JAMIE Both From the name JAMES Celtic/Gaelic
JAMILA Female Beautiful Egyptian
JAMUNA Female Holy River Hindi
JAN Both From the name JANET English
JANA Female God is Gracious Slavic
JANAE Female Form of JANET Hebrew
JANE Female Gracious, merciful English
JANEEVA Female Juniper Berry American
JANELLE Female God is gracious American
JANET Female God’s gracious gift English
JANETTE Female God is Gracious French
JANIA Female God is Gracious Polish
JANICE Female God is Gracious Hebrew
JANINA Female Form of JANE Polish
JANINE Female From the name JANE American
JANNA Female God is Gracious Slavic
JANUARY Female Born in January American
JANUS Both God of Beginnings Latin
JARA Female Anc. Slavic for Spring Slavic
JARAH Both Sweetness Hebrew
JARIAH Both Tributary Lord African-American
JASMIN Female A Flower in the Olive Family Persian
JASMINE Female A Flower in the Olive Family Persian
JAUNIE Female Brave and kind American
JAYME Both James English
JAZLYNN Female From Jasmine & Lynn American
JEAN Both God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
JEANA Female Garden American
JEANETTE Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
JEANINE Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
JEANNE Female From the name JANE Celtic/Gaelic
JELA Both Father Suffered During Birth Swahili
JEMIMA Female A Dove Hebrew
JEMMA Female A Dove English
JEN Female White Wave Welsh
JENA Female Paradise Arabic
JENAYA Female Trendy and hip American
JENDAYI Female Thankful Egyptian
JENEIL Female Champion Wave American
JENEVA Female White Wave American
JENIBELLE Female Beautiful and Bright American
JENIFER Female White Wave Welsh
JENIS Female Genesis the beginning Hebrew
JENN Female Nickname for JENNIFER American
JENNA Female Small Bird English
JENNELLE Female From JENNY and NELL English
JENNICA Female Combination of JENNIFER and JESSICA American
JENNIE Female White Wave English
JENNIFER Female White Wave Welsh
JENNIS Both Wild Wave American
JENNY Female From the name JENNIFER English
JENSKI Both Coming home English
JERA Female Holy American
JERENI Female Peaceful Slavic
JERI Female From the name GERALDINE French
JERICA Female Strong, a gifted ruler American
JERMAINE Both From Germany French
JERRICA Female Honorable one who rules by the spear. American
JERSEY Both From a section of England English
JERUSHA Female Inheritance Hebrew
JESIMAE Female Wealthy and bitter American
JESLYN Female Blessed with wealth and beauty American
JESS Both Wealthy Hebrew
JESSAMINE Female Jasmine French
JESSE Both God exists. Hebrew
JESSENIA Female Flower Arabic
JESSICA Female Wealthy Hebrew
JESSIE Female From the name JESSICA Hebrew
JETTA Female Black Gem English
JEWEL Female Joy French
JEWELL Female Precious gem French
JEZEBEL Female Impure Hebrew
JIA LI Female Good and Beautiful Chinese
JIE Both Pure Chinese
JIHAN Female no meaning Arabic
JILL Female Girl/Sweetheart English
JILLIAN Female Youthful Latin
JIN Female Tenderness Japanese
JINELLE Female from Guinevere- Fair Welsh
JIRA Female Related by Blood African
JO Both Nickname for names starting with JO Hebrew
JOAN Female From the name JOANNE Hebrew
JOANN Female From the name JOANNE English
JOANNA Female From the name JOANNE English
JOANNE Female God is Gracious English
JOCASTA Female Cheerful Greek
JOCELIN Female Supplanter French
JOCELYN Female Light Hearted Latin
JODI Female From JOHANNA American
JODIE Female Grace of God Hebrew
JOELLA Female Lord is Willing Hebrew
JOELLE Female God is Willing French
JOHANNA Female God is Gracious German
JOHARI Female Jewel African
JOHNDA Female God is gracious Hebrew
JOHNNA Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
JOIE Female Joy French
JOLA Female Pretty Greek
JOLENE Female She will increase English
JOLIE Female Pretty French
JORAH Female Autumn Rose Hebrew
JORDAN Both Descendant Hebrew
JORDANA Female Descending Hebrew
JORDANE Female Descendant French
JORJANNA Female Lovable country child American
JORRYN Both The one God loves American
JORY Both Descending American
JOSEPHINE Female God will increase French
JOSIE Female God Will Add American
JOVANNA Female Majestic Latin
JOVIANNE Female Majestic Latin
JOVITA Female Happy Latin
JOY Female Joy Latin
JOYCE Female Merry Latin
JOYLYN Female Joyful One American
JUANA Female God is beneficent Hebrew
JUANITA Female Consecrated to God Spanish
JUDE Both One who is praised Hebrew
JUDITH Female From Judah Hebrew
JUDY Female From Judah Hebrew
JUI Female Flower Hindi
JUIN Both Month of June French
JUJI Female Heap of Love African
JULES Both Youthful French
JULIA Female Soft-haired, youthful Latin
JULIANA Female Soft-haired Spanish
JULIANNA Female From the name JULIA & ANNE Slavic
JULIANNE Female From the name JULIA & ANNE English
JULIE Female Soft-haired, youthful Latin
JULIET Female Soft-haired French
JULIETTE Female Soft Haired French
JULINKA Female Youthful Hungarian
JULISHA Female To Make Known African
JULY Female From the name JULIA Latin
JUMOKE Both Loved by everyone African
JUNE Female Born in June Latin
JUNIPER Female Juniper Berry Latin
JUNO Both Goddess of Marriage & Childbirth Greek
JUSTICE Both Fairness American
JUSTINE Female Fairness Latin
JUSTIS Both Fair minded American
JUSTISE Female Just Latin
JYOTIKA Female Light, Flame Hindi
KABIBE Female Little Lady African
KABIRA Female Powerful African
KACELA Female Hunter African
KACHINA Female Sacred Dancer Native American
KACIA Female Thorny Greek
KACY Female From initials K.C. American
KADIN Both Companion Arabic
KAELIN Both Rejoicer, Waterfall Pool Celtic/Gaelic
KAETHE Female Pure German
KAGAMI Female Mirror Japanese
KAI Both Ocean Hawaiian
KAIA Female Earth Scandinavian
KAIDA Female Little dragon Japanese
KAILANI Female Sea and Sky Hawaiian
KAILAS Both Home of the Lord Hindi
KAILEY Female Laurel, Crown American
KAILI Both Hawaiian God Hawaiian
KAINDA Female Hunter’s Daughter African
KAIROS Female Last Born Goddess Greek
KAITLYN Female Pure Celtic/Gaelic
KAIYA Female Forgiveness Japanese
KAIYO Female Forgiveness Japanese
KALANI Both The Heavens Hawaiian
KALARE Female Clear, Bright Greek
KALEA Female Bright, Clear American
KALEI Both One who Works for the King Hawaiian
KALEIGH Female Laurel, Crown Hawaiian
KALEY Both Form of KELLY Celtic/Gaelic
KALI Female Dark Goddess Hindi
KALILA Female Beloved Arabic
KALIN Both Form of CALEB American
KALINDA Female The Sun Hindi
KALISKA Female Coyote Chasing Deer Native American
KALISTA Female Most Beautiful One Greek
KALLI Female Energy, Black Goddess Hindi
KALLIMA Female Butterfly American
KALLIYAN Female Best Cambodian
KALONA Female Amish Town German
KALONI Female The Sky Hawaiian
KALONICE Female Beauty’s Victory Greek
KALYCA Female Rosebud Greek
KAMALA Female Lotus Hindi
KAMANA Female Desire Hindi
KAMARIA Female Like the Moon Swahili
KAMEA Female Precious One Hawaiian
KAMELLA Female Young Ceremonial Attendant Hungarian
KAMERYN Both Crooked Nose American
KAMILAH Female Perfection Egyptian
KAMILI Female Perfection African
KAMILIA Female Ceremonial Attendant Polish
KANA Female Powerful Japanese
KANAN Female Garden, Forest Hindi
KANDE Female Firstborn Daughter African
KANGA Both A Raven Native American
KANIKA Female Black Egyptian
KANONI Female LIttle Bird African
KAORI Female Strong Japanese
KAORU Female Fragrant Japanese
KARA Female Sweet Melody Celtic/Gaelic
KARAH Female Sweet Melody American
KARASI Female Life and Wisdom African
KAREN Female Pure Greek
KARENA Female Pure One Scandinavian
KARI Female Pure of Heart Greek
KARIMAH Both Generous One African
KARIN Female Pure Greek
KARINA Female Dear Little One Scandinavian
KARIS Female Graceful Greek
KARLA Female Strong and Womanly German
KARLI Female Little and Womanly German
KARLYN Female Little and womanly Greek
KARMA Female Fate Hindi
KARMAN Both Lord of the Castle Celtic/Gaelic
KARMINA Female Song, Songstress Hebrew
KARMITI Female Trees Native American
KARNA Female Horn of an Animal African
KARSEN Female Created name American
KARSTEN Both Anointed one Greek
KASA Female Robe of Fur Native American
KASEN Both Pure Scandinavian
KASI Female From the Holy City Hindi
KASIA Female From Katherine Polish
KASSIA Female Pure, from Katherine Polish
KASSIDY Female Clever Celtic/Gaelic
KAT Female From the name CATHERINE American
KATA Female Worthy Japanese
KATALIN Female Pure Hungarian
KATARINA Female Pure, Virginal Latin
KATE Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KATELIN Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KATELYN Female Pure Beauty Celtic/Gaelic
KATELYNN Female From Catherine and Lynn Celtic/Gaelic
KATEN Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KATHARINE Female Pure, Virginal Greek
KATHERINE Female Pure, Virginal Greek
KATHIE Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KATHLEEN Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KATHRYN Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KATHY Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KATIA Female Pure Slavic
KATIE Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KATIMA Female Powerful Daughter American
KATINA Female Pure, Unsullied Greek
KATOKA Female Pure Hungarian
KATRIEL Female God is my crown Hebrew
KATRINA Female Pure German
KATY Female Pure, Virginal Celtic/Gaelic
KAULA Female Buying African
KAVERI Female River Hindi
KAVI Both Poet Hindi
KAVINDRA Female Poet Hindi
KAWENA Female Rosy Reflection in the Sky Hawaiian
KAY Female Rejoice Greek
KAYA Female Wise Child Native American
KAYCEE Both Initals K and C American
KAYDENCE Female Musical American
KAYIN Female Long-Awaited Child African
KAYLA Female Wise Child Arabic
KAYLANA Female From KAY and LANA American
KAYLEE Female From KAY and LEE also see CHAELI American
KAYLEEN Female Pure lass American
KEAHI Both Flames, Fire Hawaiian
KEAIRA Female Little Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
KEALA Female Path Hawaiian
KEANU Both Cool Mountain Breeze Hawaiian
KEATON Both Hawk’s town English
KEDMA Female Towars the East Arabic
KEELAN Both Lean Celtic/Gaelic
KEELIA Female From the name KEELY Celtic/Gaelic
KEELIN Both Fair and slender Celtic/Gaelic
KEELTY Female From the Woods Celtic/Gaelic
KEELY Female Beauty Celtic/Gaelic
KEEN Both Wailing in Mourning Celtic/Gaelic
KEENA Female Brave Celtic/Gaelic
KEERAN Both Little Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
KEEYA Female Garden Flower African
KEI Both Sandy, White African
KEIKI Female Child Hawaiian
KEIKO Female Blessing Japanese
KEILAH Female Citadel Hebrew
KEIR Both Black Celtic/Gaelic
KEIRA Female Black Haired Celtic/Gaelic
KEISHA Female Her Life African-American
KEITA Female Forest Celtic/Gaelic
KEITHA Female Female Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
KELADRY Both Not available American
KELBY Both Place by the Flowing Water Celtic/Gaelic
KELDA Female A Fountain Scandinavian
KELIS Female Beautiful American
KELLA Female Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
KELLEN Both Powerful Celtic/Gaelic
KELLEY Both Warrior/Defender Celtic/Gaelic
KELLI Female Warrior/Defender American
KELLSIE Both Island of the Ships American
KELLY Both Warrior/Defender Celtic/Gaelic
KELLYN Female Powerful Celtic/Gaelic
KELSEA Both Island of the ships Celtic/Gaelic
KELSEY Both Island of the Ships Celtic/Gaelic
KENADIA Female Chief American
KENADIE Both Helmeted Chief Celtic/Gaelic
KENDA Female Child of clear, cool water English
KENDALL Both Valley of the River Kent English
KENDI Both The Loved One African
KENDIS Both Pure African-American
KENDRA Female Water Baby, Magical English
KENISHA Female Gorgeous Woman American
KENLEY Both Royal Meadow English
KENNA Female Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
KENNEDI Both Helmeted Chief Celtic/Gaelic
KENNEDY Both Chief with Helmet Celtic/Gaelic
KENNICE Female Beautiful English
KENNITA Female Not available American
KENYA Female Animal Horn Hebrew
KENYON Both Blond, White-haired English
KENZIE Both Light Skinned Celtic/Gaelic
KEOLA Female the Life Hawaiian
KEONA Female God’s Gracious Gift Hawaiian
KERA Female Pure Celtic/Gaelic
KERAN Both Wooden Post Armenian
KEREN Female Ray Hebrew
KERN Both Dark Haired Child Celtic/Gaelic
KERR Both A Marshland Celtic/Gaelic
KERRI Female Dark and Mysterious Celtic/Gaelic
KERRY Both Dark Princess Celtic/Gaelic
KERRYN Female Dusky and pure American
KESIA Female earth bound African-American
KEVINA Female From KEVIN Celtic/Gaelic
KEVLYN Female Not available American
KEYAH Female In Good Health African
KEYANNA Female Living with Grace American
KEZIA Female From Ketzia- tree bark Hebrew
KEZIAH Female Daughter of Job Hebrew
KHANH Both Not available Vietnamese
KHUONG Both Not available Vietnamese
KHUYEN Both Advise Vietnamese
KIA Female Hill African
KIANA Female Living with Grace American
KIANDRA Female From KENDRA English
KIANGA Female Sunshine African
KIARA Female Small, Dark Celtic/Gaelic
KIDEN Female Female Born after 3+ Boys African
KIELE Female Fragrant Blossom Hawaiian
KIERAN Both Little Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
KIERSTEN Female Annointed Scandinavian
KIEU Female Not available Vietnamese
KIEVE Both Mythical Name Welsh
KIHO Both Fog African
KIJANA Both Youth African
KIKI Female Short for names beginning with K Spanish
KILENYA Female Coughing Fish Native American
KILEY Female Good Looking Celtic/Gaelic
KILLIAN Both Conflict Celtic/Gaelic
KIM Both Ruler English
KIMAMA Female Butterfly Native American
KIMBALL Both Leader of the Warriors English
KIMBERLY Both Ruler English
KIMI Female She Who is Without Equal Japanese
KIMIMELA Female Butterfly Native American
KIMMY Female From the name KIMBERLY African
KIMN Both Ruler English
KIN Both Golden Japanese
KINA Female China Hawaiian
KINEKS Female Rosebud Native American
KINETA Female Full of Energy Greek
KINFE Both Wing African
KINIPELA Female Wave Hawaiian
KINSEY Both Offspring English
KIOKO Female Meets World with Happiness Japanese
KIONA Female Brown Hills Native American
KIONE Both Someone Who Comes from Nowhere African
KIORA Female Little and dark Celtic/Gaelic
KIPLING Both Cured Salmon English
KIPP Both High hill English
KIRA Female Dark Lady Celtic/Gaelic
KIRABO Both Gift from God African
KIRAL Both Supreme Chief Turkish
KIRAN Both Ray of Light Hindi
KIRBY Both Village with the Church Scandinavian
KIRI Female Mountain Cambodian
KIRIMA Female Hill Native American
KIRIT Both Crown Hindi
KIROS Both The King African
KIRRA Female Dark Lady Celtic/Gaelic
KIRSI Female Amaranth Blossoms Hindi
KIRSTEN Female The Annointed Greek
KIRTANA Female Praise Hindi
KIRTI Female Fame Hindi
KISHA Female Rainfall Slavic
KISHI Both Night Native American
KISSA Female First Born Daughter African
KITA Female Translation of Kitty Spanish
KITOKO Both Beautiful African
KITRA Female Crowned Hebrew
KITTY Female Little Cat, or See CATHERINE Latin
KIYOSHI Both Quiet Child Japanese
KIZZY Both Cinnamon Hebrew
KLARIKA Female Brilliant Hungarian
KOCHAVA Female Star Hebrew
KOHANA Female Little Flower Japanese
KOKO Female Stork Japanese
KOLEYNA Female Coughing Fish Native American
KOLINA Female Pure Greek
KOLTON Both Coal Town English
KOMALA Female Delicate Hindi
KONANE Female Lunar Glow Hawaiian
KOREN Female Maiden Greek
KORENE Female Maiden Greek
KORI Female Girl Greek
KORY Both Hollow American
KOSTYA Female Faithful Slavic
KOTO Female Harp Japanese
KOURTNEY Both From the Court American
KOZUE Both Tree Branches Japanese
KREELI Female Sweet and charming American
KRIS Both Christ-bearer Scandinavian
KRISALYN Female Beautiful bearer of Christ American
KRISTA Female Christ Bearer Scandinavian
KRISTEN Female Christ-bearer Celtic/Gaelic
KRISTIAN Both Christ Bearer Scandinavian
KRISTIN Female Consecrated to God Greek
KRISTINA Female Christ Bearer Slavic
KRISTINE Female Christ-bearer Greek
KRISTY Female Christ-bearer Greek
KRYSTAL Female A Clear, Brilliant Glass American
KRYSTYN Female Christian, Annointed Scandinavian
KSENA Female Praise to God Polish
KUMA Both Bear Japanese
KUMANI Female Destiny African
KUMI Both Long, continued beauty Japanese
KUMIKO Female Braid Japanese
KUNIKO Female Child from the Country Japanese
KURA Female Treasure House Japanese
KURON Both Thanks African
KWANITA Female God is Gracious Native American
KYA Female Diamond in the Sky African
KYLA Female Lovely Celtic/Gaelic
KYLAR Female Chapel, Shelter Celtic/Gaelic
KYLE Both Narrow land., handsome Celtic/Gaelic
KYLEE Female from Kyla- crown Celtic/Gaelic
KYLEIGH Female Narrow land Celtic/Gaelic
KYLENE Female Little piece of land Celtic/Gaelic
KYLER Both Form of TYLER Celtic/Gaelic
KYLIA Female Narrow Land American
KYLIE Both Narrow Land Celtic/Gaelic
KYNA Female Family, Kin Greek
KYNAN Both Chief Welsh
KYNTHIA Female Moon Greek
KYOKO Female Mirror Japanese
KYRA Female Ruler Greek
KYRENE Female Lord, Ruler Celtic/Gaelic
KYRIA Female Ladylike Greek
KYRIE Both The Lord Latin
LA CIENEGA Female The Swamp, Marshes Spanish
LAASYA Female Dance Hindi
LACEY Female From Normandy, France American
LACHLAN Both From the Lake Celtic/Gaelic
LACY Female From the name LARISSA French
LADA Female Goddess of love and fertility Slavic
LADONNA Female The woman Spanish
LAEL Female of God Hebrew
LAHELA Female Innocent Lamb Hawaiian
LAINEY Female Bright light American
LAKEISHA Female Form of KEZIAH African-American
LAKEN Both From the Lake American
LAKIA Female Treasure Arabic
LAKIN Both Sim. Lakia, Found Treasure African-American
LAKSHA Female White Rose Hindi
LAKYLE Both Half Wood Celtic/Gaelic
LALA Female Tulip Slavic
LALAINE Female The Narrow Road American
LALASA Female Dove Hindi
LALEH Female From LEILA Arabic
LALI Female Well spoken Greek
LALITA Female She Who Plays Greek
LAMIS Female Soft Arabic
LAMYA Female Dark Arabic
LAN Female Flower Name Vietnamese
LANA Female Attractive, peaceful Celtic/Gaelic
LANAI Female Terrace, Veranda Hawaiian
LANDEN Both Grassy Plain English
LANDRY Both Rough Land English
LANE Both Narrow Road English
LANELLE Female Narrow Road African-American
LANG Both Tall One Scandinavian
LANI Both Sky Hawaiian
LANZA Female Noble and eager Italian
LAPIS Female Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Egyptian
LAQUETA Female The Quiet One African-American
LAQUINTA Female The Fifth African-American
LARA Female Cheerful Greek
LARAINE Female Sorrowful Latin
LARAMIE Both tears of love French
LAREINA Female The Queen Spanish
LARISA Female Cheerful one Greek
LARISSA Female Cheerful Greek
LARK Female Songbird American
LARUE Both The Street French
LARYA Female Crowned with Laurel Slavic
LASSIE Female Young Girl, Maiden Celtic/Gaelic
LATANYA Female The Fairy Queen African-American
LATIFAH Female Elegant African
LATIKA Female Hindu God Hindi
LATISHA Female Great Joy African-American
LATONA Female Goddess Name Greek
LATOYA Female Praised Woman African-American
LAURA Female Laurel-Crowned Latin
LAUREL Female Crowned with Laurel English
LAUREN Female Crowned with Laurel French
LAURIE Female Crowned with laurels English
LAVADA Female Friendly and creative American
LAVANYA Female Grace Hindi
LAVE Both Burning rock Italian
LAVENDER Both A Purple Flowering Plant English
LAVERNE Female Like the Spring French
LAVEY Both From the name LEVI Hebrew
LAVI Both Lion Hebrew
LAVINA Female Woman of Rome Latin
LAVINIA Female Latin Woman Latin
LAVONN Female Wood American
LAVONNE Female Wood French
LAWANDA Female Little wanderer American
LAWRENCIA Female Crowned with Laurels Latin
LAYLA Female Dark Beauty Arabic
LAYNE Both Narrow Road English
LE Both Joy Chinese
LEA Female Meadow Hebrew
LEAH Female Weary Hebrew
LEAL Both Faithful French
LEALA Female Loyal French
LEANDRA Female Brave as a lion. Latin
LEANE Female Graceful Willow Celtic/Gaelic
LEANN Female Combination of LEE and ANN English
LEANNA Female Graceful Willow English
LEANNE Female Gracious Plum English
LEATRIX Female Weary + Bringer of Joy American
LECEA Female Of Noble Birth American
LEDA Female Mother Creator Greek
LEDELL Female Spartan Queen Greek
LEE Both Sheltered from the storm English
LEENA Female Illumination Russian
LEHANA Female One Who Refuses African
LEI Female Flower Bud Chinese
LEIA Female Weary Hebrew
LEIGH Both From the name LEE English
LEIGHANNA Female Gracious, Poetic English
LEIGHNA Female Illustrious American
LEIKO Female Arrogant Japanese
LEILA Female Dark Beauty Arabic
LEILANI Female Heavenly Flower Hawaiian
LELA Female Lofty Spanish
LELIA Female Lily Latin
LENA Female Illustrious Hebrew
LENCI Female Light Hungarian
LENKA Female Illumination Slavic
LENORA Female From the name LEONA Spanish
LENORE Female Light Greek
LEOLA Female Lioness Italian
LEOMA Female Brave woman German
LEONA Female Like A Lion French
LEONIE Female Lioness German
LEONORA Female Light Greek
LEONTYNE Female Like A Lion French
LEORA Female Light Latin
LEQUOIA Female From the Sequoia Tree Native American
LESA Female Consecreted to God American
LESLEY Female Grey Fortress Celtic/Gaelic
LESLIE Both Meadowlands Celtic/Gaelic
LETHIA Female Forgetfulness Greek
LETICIA Female Joy, Gladness Spanish
LETITIA Female Joy, Gladness Latin
LEVANA Female Risen Latin
LEVIA Female Combine Forces Hebrew
LEWA Female Beautiful African
LEX Both A Word Greek
LEXI Female Protector of Mankind Greek
LEXINE Female Defender of Mankind American
LEXISS Both Protector of Mankind American
LEYNA Female Bright and shining light Russian
LI Both Pretty/Powerful Chinese
LI HUA Female Pear Blossom Chinese
LI MEI Female Pretty Rose Chinese
LI MING Female Pretty and Bright Chinese
LIA Female Bearer of good news Greek
LIAN Female Lotus Chinese
LIANA Female My God has answered Hebrew
LIBBA Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
LIBBY Female Consecreted to God Hebrew
LIBERTY Both Freedom American
LIBRA Female The Scales, Equality Latin
LICIA Female Happy Latin
LIDA Female Beloved by All Russian
LIDIA Female Province in Asia Polish
LIEN Female Lotus Unknown
LIESEL Female Dedicated and gracious German
LIEU Female Willow tree Vietnamese
LILA Female Night Arabic
LILAC Female Bluish Purple Latin
LILAH Female Night Arabic
LILIA Female Lilac Slavic
LILIAN Female Blend of Lily and Ann American
LILIANNA Female Gracious Lily Latin
LILIHA Female Angry Disregard Hawaiian
LILIKA Female Lily Flower Greek
LILIKE Female Lily Flower Hungarian
LILITH Female Of the Night Arabic
LILKA Female Warrior Maiden Polish
LILLI Female Flower Latin
LILLIAN Female Blend of Lily and Ann English
LILLY Female Lily Flower Latin
LILO Both Generous One Hawaiian
LILUYE Female Singing Hawk while Soaring Native American
LILY Female Blossoming flower Latin
LIN Female From the name LINDA Latin
LINA Female Light Italian
LINAEVE Female Tree of Song American
LINDA Female Pretty One Spanish
LINDLEY Both Pasture English
LINDSAY Both Linden Trees Near the Water English
LINDSEY Both Linden Trees Near the Water English
LINDY Both From the name LINDSEY OR LINDA Spanish
LINETTE Female Beautiful Girl French
LING Female Sound of Jade/Dawn Chinese
LINH Both Not available Vietnamese
LINNEA Female Lime Tree Scandinavian
LINORE Female from Lenore Greek
LIONA Female Lioness Italian
LIORA Female Light Hebrew
LIRIT Both Musical Grace Hebrew
LIS Female Consecrated toi God Scandinavian
LISA Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
LISBET Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
LISE Female Consecrated to God German
LISELI Female Unknown Native American
LISETTE Female Consecrated to God French
LISIMBA Female Lion African
LISLE Both Of the Island French
LITA Female Light Latin
LIV Female Olive Tree, Peace Latin
LIVANA Female Lunar Hebrew
LIVI Female Olive Branch, Peace Latin
LIVIA Female From the name OLIVIA Hebrew
LIVVY Female From the name OLIVER Greek
LIXUE Female Pretty Snow Chinese
LIZ Female From the name ELIZABETH American
LIZA Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
LIZBETH Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
LIZINA Female Consecrated to God Slavic
LLUVIA Female Rain Spanish
LOAN Female Not available Vietnamese
LOBA Both To Talk African
LOCKE Both Forest English
LOE Both King Hawaiian
LOGAN Both Small Cove Celtic/Gaelic
LOIS Female Good Hebrew
LOKI Both Trickster God Scandinavian
LOLA Female Sorrowful Spanish
LOLOVIVI Both Love is Sweet African
LONA Female Lioness, Ready for battle English
LONDON Both Fortress of the Moon English
LONNA Female Light Slavic
LORA Female Laurel-Crowned Latin
LORAND Both Crowned with Laurel Hungarian
LORANT Both Crowned with Laurel Hungarian
LORE Both Crowned with Laurel American
LORELEI Female Melody German
LOREN Both Crowned with Laurel American
LORENA Female Crowned with Laurel Latin
LORENE Female Small victories American
LORETTA Female Crowned with Laurel Latin
LORI Female Crowned with Laurel Latin
LORIE Female Crowned with Laurel Latin
LORIN Both Crowned with Laurel English
LORING Both Famous in War French
LORNA Female Crowned with Laurel Latin
LORRAINE Female Born or from Lorraine French
LORRETTA Female Dim. of LORETTA English
LOTTA Female Petite Beauty Latin
LOTTE Female From the name CHARLOTTE German
LOTTIE Female Petite Beauty Latin
LOTUS Female The Flower Greek
LOUANNA Female Gracious Warrior German
LOUISA Female Fights with honor German
LOUISE Female From the name LOUISA French
LOURDES Female Section of France where Virgin Mary was seen French
LOUVAIN Both City in Belgium English
LOVE Both Famous and powerful Scandinavian
LOVETTE Female Little Loved One English
LOVEY Female Loved One American
LOVIE Female Loved One American
LOWRI Female Crowned with laurels Welsh
LOYAL Both Faithful, True English
LUANA Female Female Warrior German
LUCA Both Bringer of light. Italian
LUCIA Female Light Italian
LUCIANA Female Illumination; light. Italian
LUCIE Female From the name LUCILLE French
LUCILLE Female Light French
LUCINDA Female Beautiful Light Latin
LUCINE Female Moonlight Armenian
LUCKY Both Fortunate, LIght American
LUCRECE Female Bringer of Light Latin
LUCRETIA Female Full of Light Latin
LUCY Female Bringer of light Latin
LUELLA Female Female warrior American
LUKA Both Light Latin
LULA Female Pearl Arabic
LULU Female Pearl Arabic
LUMINA Female Of the Light, Glowing Latin
LUNA Female The Moon Latin
LUNDY Both By the Island Scandinavian
LUNETTE Female Little Moon French
LUPE Female From the name GUADALUPE Spanish
LUPITA Female From the name GUADALUPE Spanish
LUYU Female Wild Dove Native American
LUZ Female Light Spanish
LY Both Reason Vietnamese
LYCORIS Female Twilight Greek
LYDIA Female A Maiden from Lydia, Greece Greek
LYDIE Female A Maiden from Lydia, Greece French
LYLE Both From the Island French
LYN Female Beautiful American
LYNDA Female Beautiful Latin
LYNDE Both From the hill of Linden trees. English
LYNDON Both Flexible English
LYNDSEY Both Camp Near Stream English
LYNELLE Female Pretty American
LYNETH Female Beautiful one Welsh
LYNETTE Female Little beauty French
LYNLEY Both Meadow near the Brook English
LYNN Both From the name Linda or Lyndon American
LYNNA Female Waterfall English
LYNNE Both Beautiful Waterfall English
LYNNEA Female Pretty Latin
LYNSEY Female From the Linden tree American
LYNTON Both Town near the Brook English
LYRE Both A Harp or Lyre English
LYRIC Both Melodic Word Greek
LYRIS Female A Harp or Lyre Greek
LYSA Female From the name LISA German
LYSANDRA Female One who is Freed Greek
MAB Female happy Celtic/Gaelic
MABEL Female My Beautiful One English
MABLI Female Beautiful one Welsh
MABYN Female Ever young Welsh
MACARIA Female Blessed Greek
MACAYLE Female Form of MICHAELA Celtic/Gaelic
MACHA Female Aurora Native American
MACHIKO Female Fortunate One Japanese
MACKENZIE Both Son of Kenneth Celtic/Gaelic
MACY Female Enduring English
MADA Female The end of the path Arabic
MADDOX Both Son of the Lord English
MADDY Female from Madeline English
MADELEINE Female From the name MADELINE French
MADELIA Female High tower Greek
MADELINE Female High Tower Greek
MADELYN Female high tower Greek
MADGE Female Pearl Greek
MADISON Both Son of Matthew English
MADONNA Female My Lady Latin
MADRA Female From the name MADONNA Latin
MADRONA Female Mother Spanish
MAE Female From the name MARY Celtic/Gaelic
MAEGAN Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MAEKO Female Truthful Child Japanese
MAEMI Both Honest Child Japanese
MAERON Both Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAERYN Both Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAEVE Female Goddess of Song Celtic/Gaelic
MAGAN Both Pearl Greek
MAGDA Female High Tower Polish
MAGDALEN Female High tower Greek
MAGDALENA Female Woman from Magdala Spanish
MAGDALENE Female Woman from Magdala Latin
MAGGIE Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MAGNOLIA Female From the flower French
MAHA Female Beautiful Eyes African
MAHAL Female Love All Nationalities
MAHALA Female Powerful Arabic
MAHALAH Female Narrow, tender Arabic
MAHALIA Female Powerful American
MAHARI Both Forgiver African
MAHDI Both The Expected One African
MAHDIS Female Moon-like Persian
MAHINA Female Moon Hawaiian
MAHLAH Female From Mahala Arabic
MAHOGANY Female Dark Red Wood English
MAHOGONY Female Rich Spanish
MAHOLA Female Dance Hebrew
MAHSA Female Like the moon Persian
MAI Female Brightness Japanese
MAIA Female Mother Greek
MAIDA Female High tower. Greek
MAIK Both Now Hawaiian
MAILI Female Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAILLE Female Form of MOLLY Celtic/Gaelic
MAIMUN Both Lucky Arabic
MAINA Female Bird Hindi
MAINE Both Mainland French
MAIRE Female Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAIREAD Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MAIRI Female Gaelic for Mary, Sea of Bitterness Celtic/Gaelic
MAIRWEN Female Fair Mary Welsh
MAISHA Female Life African
MAISIE Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MAITLAND Both Meadow English
MAJ Both A Pearl Scandinavian
MAJA Female Splendid Arabic
MAKAILA Female Who is Like God American
MAKAIO Both Gift of God Hawaiian
MAKALA Female Shrub Hawaiian
MAKANA Female Gift Hawaiian
MAKANI Both The wind Hawaiian
MAKARA Female Born under Capricorn Hindi
MAKAYLA Female Who is like God? Celtic/Gaelic
MAKELINA Female From Magdelene Hawaiian
MAKENNA Female From McKenna Celtic/Gaelic
MAKYA Both One who Hunts Eagles Native American
MALA Female High tower Greek
MALAIKA Female Angel African
MALANA Female Light Hawaiian
MALAYA Female Free Spanish
MALEAH Female Bitter Hawaiian
MALHA Female Queen Hebrew
MALI Female Flower Thai
MALIA Female Calm and peaceful) Hawaiian
MALIK Female King African
MALIKA Female Industrious Hungarian
MALINA Female Tower, Soothing Hebrew
MALINDA Female Honey Greek
MALINI Female Gardender Hindi
MALISE Female Black, Dark Celtic/Gaelic
MALISSA Female Honey bee. Greek
MALKIA Female Queen African
MALLIKA Female Jasmine Hindi
MALLOREN Female Laurel of Bad Luck American
MALLORIE Female Ill-Omened French
MALLORY Female Ill-Omened French
MALLOW Both By the River Allo Celtic/Gaelic
MALORY Both Bad Luck French
MALVINA Female Chief English
MANASA Female Mind Hindi
MANDA Female River Hindi
MANDANA Female Everlasting Persian
MANDARA Female Calm Hindi
MANDEL Both Almond German
MANDELINA Female Lovable American
MANDELL Both Almond German
MANDISA Female Sweet African
MANDY Female Worthy of Love Latin
MANICA Female From the Nica African
MANJU Female Sweet Hindi
MANNING Both Son of Man English
MANON Female Bitter French
MANOUSH Female Sweet Sun Persian
MANSA Female Third born girl African
MANTREH Female Pure Persian
MANUELA Female God is With Us Hebrew
MAR Both The Sea Spanish
MARA Female Bitter Sea Hebrew
MARALAH Female Born During an Earthquake Native American
MARCELLA Female Young Warrior Latin
MARCENA Female Martial Latin
MARCH Both Walk Forth Latin
MARCI Female Martial Latin
MARCIA Female Brave Latin
MARCIE Female Warlike English
MARCY Female Martial Latin
MARDEA Female Last African
MARDI Female Tuesday French
MARE Both The Sea French
MAREE Female From MARY or MARIE Hebrew
MAREK Both Warlike Polish
MAREN Female Of the Sea Latin
MARENDA Female Admirable Latin
MARGARET Female A Pearl Latin
MARGARITA Female A Pearl Spanish
MARGAUX Female Pearl French
MARGE Female Pearl American
MARGED Female Pearl Welsh
MARGIE Female Pearl English
MARGO Female Pearl French
MARGOT Female Pearl French
MARGUERITE Female Pearl French
MARI Female Wished-For Child Hebrew
MARIA Female Bitter Sea Spanish
MARIAH Female Bitter, God is my Teacher Latin
MARIAM Female Wished-For Child Hebrew
MARIAN Female From MARY and ANN English
MARIANA Female Combination of Mary and Ann Spanish
MARIANNE Female From the name MARY AND ANNA French
MARIATU Both Pure African
MARIBEL Female Bitter; consecrated to God Spanish
MARIBETH Female Bitter Sea, House of God American
MARIE Female Bitter Sea French
MARIEL Female Bitter Sea German
MARIETTA Female Little Bitter English
MARIETTE Female Little Bitter French
MARIGOLD Female Golden Flower English
MARIJKE Female Bitter Slavic
MARIKA Female Bitter Polish
MARIKO Female Circle Japanese
MARILEE Female Combination of Mary and Lee American
MARILU Female From MARY and LUCILLE American
MARILYN Female Descendants of Mary Hebrew
MARIN Both Of the Sea Latin
MARINA Female From the Sea Slavic
MARINEL Both Of the Sea Latin
MARION Both From the name MARY AND ANNA Hebrew
MARIS Female Of the Sea Greek
MARISA Female Of the Sea Latin
MARISELA Female From the Sea Latin
MARISKA Female Of the Sea Hungarian
MARISOL Female Sunny Sea Spanish
MARISSA Female Of the Sea Latin
MARJA Female Sadness from the sea Scandinavian
MARJEAN Female Coral, Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
MARJORIE Female Pearl Greek
MARKA Female Steady Rain African
MARKKU Both Rebellious Scandinavian
MARLA Female High Tower Greek
MARLAS Both High Tower Greek
MARLEE Female Descendents of Mary American
MARLENE Female From the name MARILYN German
MARLI Female From the name MARILYN English
MARLIE Female From the name MARILYN American
MARLIN Both Bitter Hebrew
MARLIS Female Bitter German
MARLO Female Decendent of Mary English
MARLOW Both Slope by the Pond English
MARLY Female From the name MARILYN English
MARNIE Female From the Sea American
MARNIN Both Joy Giver Hebrew
MARNINA Female Rejoice Hebrew
MARO Both Myself Japanese
MARRIM Both Chinese Tribe English
MARSHA Female Form of MARCIA Latin
MARTA Female From the name MARTHA English
MARTHA Female Lady Hebrew
MARTINA Female Who Loves Everyone, Warlike Latin
MARTINE Female Warlike one French
MARVA Female Marvelous Latin
MARVEL Both To Wonder, Admire French
MARVELA Female Marvelous French
MARVENE Female From the name MARVIN Celtic/Gaelic
MARY Female Bitter Hebrew
MASAKO Female Justice Japanese
MASAMI Both All Nationalities
MASHAKA Both Trouble African
MASON Both Stone worker French
MATANA Female Blessing Hebrew
MATEJA Female Gift of God French
MATERIA Female Of the Human World Latin
MATHILDA Female Might, Power German
MATHILDE Female From the name MATILDA French
MATIA Female From MATILDA Spanish
MATIAS Both Var. of Matthias Spanish
MATILDA Female Might, Power German
MATILDE Female Strong in War German
MATTOX Both God’s Gift English
MATTY Both Strong fighter German
MAUDE Female From the name MADELINE French
MAULI Both Black Hawaiian
MAURA Female Dark Celtic/Gaelic
MAUREEN Female Dark Celtic/Gaelic
MAUVE Female Purplish Color American
MAVE Female Happiness Celtic/Gaelic
MAVERICK Both Wildly Independent American
MAVIS Female The Thrush English
MAXIMA Female Miracle Worker Latin
MAXIME Female Greatest French
MAXINE Female Greatest Latin
MAY Female From MARY-bitter heart Latin
MAYA Female Mother Greek
MAYDA Female Maiden English
MAYES Both A Field English
MAYLIN Female Great Waterfall American
MAYTEN Female Born on the 10th of May American
MCKALE Both Who is like God? Celtic/Gaelic
MCKAYLA Female Who is like God? Celtic/Gaelic
MCKENNA Both Son of Ken or Kenna Celtic/Gaelic
MEA Female Mine Italian
MEAD Both From the Meadow English
MEADOW Female Beautiful Field American
MEAGAN Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MEAGHAN Female A Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MEARA Female Filled with mirth Celtic/Gaelic
MEDA Female Prophet Native American
MEDEA Female Goddess/Sorceress Greek
MEDIA Female Communication Greek
MEENA Female Blue Gem Stone Hindi
MEG Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MEGAN Female Soft and gentle Celtic/Gaelic
MEGARA Female Pearl Greek
MEGHAN Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
MEGHANA Female Cloud Hindi
MEI Female May Hawaiian
MEIRA Female Light Hebrew
MEKELLE Female Who is like God? African-American
MEL Both Mill Worker Celtic/Gaelic
MELANEY Female Dark Greek
MELANGELL Female Sweet Angel Welsh
MELANIA Female Dark Skinned Latin
MELANIE Female Dark-Skinned Greek
MELANTHA Female Dark Violet Greek
MELBA Female Thin Skinned Greek
MELI Both Bitter Native American
MELIA Female Flatterer, Industrious German
MELINA Female Bright Yellow Greek
MELINDA Female Honey Greek
MELIORA Female Better Latin
MELISANDE Female Honey Bee French
MELISSA Female A Honey Bee Greek
MELISSAN Female from Melisande-strength German
MELITA Female Form of MELISSA Italian
MELODIE Female Song, Melody French
MELODY Female Song-like Greek
MELORA Female Combination of MELISSA and LORA. American
MELOSA Female Sweetlike Spanish
MELVA Female Armored Celtic/Gaelic
MELVINA Female Armored Chief Celtic/Gaelic
MEMPHIS Female Good Place to Live Egyptian
MENEFER Both Beautiful City Egyptian
MENORA Female Candelabra Hebrew
MERCEDES Female Merciful Spanish
MERCER Both Merchant English
MERCIA Female Mercy English
MERCURY Both God of Trade Latin
MERCY Female Compassion English
MEREDITH Both Protector from the Sea Welsh
MERIA Female Rebellious One African
MERIEL Female Shining Sea Celtic/Gaelic
MERIS Both Of the Sea Latin
MERRILL Both Falcon English
MERRITT Both Deserving of Good Fortune Latin
MERRY Female From the name MEREDITH or Happy English
MERTON Both Town near the Pond English
MERYL Both Falcon English
MERYLE Both From the name MERLE French
MESSINA Both The Spoiler African
METEA Female Gentle Greek
METTA Female dininutive-Margareta-pearl Scandinavian
MHINA Both Delightful African
MIA Female Mine Latin
MIAKODA Female Power of the Moon Native American
MICHAELA Female Feminine form of MICHAEL Celtic/Gaelic
MICHEAL Both Form of MICHAEL American
MICHELE Female From the name MICHAEL French
MICHELINE Female Who Is Like God French
MICHELLE Female Who is like God? French
MICHI Female Righteous Way Japanese
MICHIKO Female Beauty, Wisdom Japanese
MICHON Both Who is like God Hebrew
MICKEY Both From the name MICHAEL American
MICOL Female Queen Hebrew
MIDORI Female Green Japanese
MIEKO Female Already Prosperous Japanese
MIETTE Female Small Sweet Thing French
MIGNON Female Delicate, Graceful French
MIKA Both Wise Little Raccoon Native American
MIKAIA Female God’s Earth American
MIKAILI Both God Like African
MIKI Female Flower Stalk Japanese
MIKKEL Both Who is like God? German
MILAN Both From the city of Milan Latin
MILANDU Both A Case to Answer African
MILDRED Female Mild Strength English
MILI Female Virtuous? Hebrew
MILIANI Female Gentle Caress Hawaiian
MILICA Female Ruler Slavic
MILLA Female Industrious German
MILLER Both Mill Worker English
MILLICENT Female Ambitious Greek
MILLIE Female From the name MILDRED English
MILLS Both Near the Mills English
MILLY Female From the name MILDRED English
MIMI Female Faithful Guard French
MIMIR Both God of Prophecy Scandinavian
MIMIS Female Goddess of Harvest Greek
MINA Female South Japanese
MINDA Female Knowledge Hindi
MINDY Female Honey Greek
MINERVA Female Goddess of Wisdom Latin
MING YUE Both Bright Moon Chinese
MINIYA Female Much Expected of Her African
MINJONET Female Petite blue flower French
MINNA Female Protection German
MINNIE Female Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MINOR Both Junior, Younger American
MINOWA Female Moving Voice Native American
MINTY Both Collector of Thoughts, Determined Protector English
MINYA Female Older Sister Native American
MIRA Female Behold, Admirable Latin
MIRABEL Female Of Uncommon Beauty Spanish
MIRABELLE Female Of wondrous Beauty French
MIRACLE Both Divine Act American
MIRANDA Female Admirable, Beautiful Latin
MIRARI Female Miracle Portuguese
MIRCEA Female Mercy American
MIREILLE Female God Has Spoken Hebrew
MIRELLA Female Jehovah Spoke Hebrew
MIREYA Female God Has Spoken Hebrew
MIRIAM Female Mistress of the Sea Hebrew
MIRIELLE Female She is Bitter French
MIRIT Both Bitter Hebrew
MIRRA Female Behold, Admirable Latin
MISAE Both White Hot Sun Native American
MISHA Both From the name MICHAEL Russian
MISSY Female Form of MELISSA American
MISTICO Female Mystic Italian
MISTY Female Covered With Mist, Dew American
MISU Both Ripples in the Water Native American
MITA Female Myth Italian
MITSU Both Light Japanese
MIYA Female Sacred House Japanese
MIYANDA Female Roots African
MIYO Female Beautiful Child Japanese
MIYOKO Female Beautiful Child Japanese
MIZELL Both Tiny Gnat English
MLISS Female Flower Cambodian
MO Both Dark Skinned American
MOANA Female Ocean Hawaiian
MOANNA Female Ocean Hawaiian
MODESTA Female Shy, Modest Latin
MODESTY Female Without Conceit American
MOESHA Female Drawn Out of the Water African-American
MOIRA Female Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MOKE Both Form of Moses Hawaiian
MOLLY Female Bitter Hebrew
MONA Female Royal Greek
MONAHAN Both Religious Man Celtic/Gaelic
MONET Both Solitary French
MONICA Female Advisor Greek
MONIFA Female I am Lucky Egyptian
MONIQUE Female Advisor French
MONISHA Female Solitary Life African-American
MONITA Female Noble Spanish
MONROE Both Near the river Roe Celtic/Gaelic
MONTANA Both Mountain Latin
MONTSHO Female Black African
MOON Both From the Moon American
MOON-UNIT Both One that Orbits the Moon American
MORA Female Sweet Berry Spanish
MORAG Female Embracing the sun Celtic/Gaelic
MORAL Both Lovely Thoughts American
MORE Both Great English
MORELA Female Brunette Portuguese
MOREY Both From the name MORRIS American
MORGAN Both The Edge of the Sea Welsh
MORGANA Female Seashore Welsh
MORIAH Female God is my Teacher Hebrew
MORLEY Both Of the Moor English
MORNA Female Affection, Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
MORRIGAN Both War Goddess Celtic/Gaelic
MORRISA Female Dark One Latin
MORRISON Both Son of Morris English
MORWEN Female Young girl Welsh
MORWENNA Female Sea Wave Welsh
MOSTYN Both Fortress in a Field Welsh
MOYA Female Great Spanish
MRINAL Female Lotus Blossom Hindi
MULAN Female Magnolia Blossom Chinese
MUNA Female The Lord is With You African
MUNCEL Female Strong and willing African-American
MUNIN Both Memory Scandinavian
MUNIYA Female Small Bird Hindi
MURA Female Village Japanese
MURIEL Female From the name MERLE Celtic/Gaelic
MURPHY Both Sea Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
MURRAY Both Sailor Scandinavian
MURRON Both Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MUSOKE Both Rainbow African
MUTIA Female Honored One African
MYA Female Emerald Hawaiian
MYEISHA Female One Who is Loved Greatly African
MYLES Both Soldier Greek
MYRA Female From the name MIRANDA Latin
MYRILLA Female Wonderful Latin
MYRNA Female Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
MYRRH Female Natural Scent Egyptian
MYRTLE Female The Tree/Victory Greek
MYSTERY Female Unknown, Question American
NAAL Both Birth Celtic/Gaelic
NAAVA Female Pleasant, Beautiful Hebrew
NABILA Female Born to Nobility Arabic
NADALIA Female Born on Christmas Armenian
NADDA Female Generous Arabic
NADIA Female Hopeful Slavic
NADIE Female From the name NADIA Russian
NADINE Female Hopeful French
NAEVA Female Evening French
NAFUNA Female Delivered Feet-First African
NAIARA Female Of the Virgin Mary Spanish
NAIDA Female Water Nymph Arabic
NAILAH Female Successful Egyptian
NAIRI Female Land of Canyons Armenian
NAISER Both Founder of Clans African
NAIYA Female Water Nymph Greek
NAJA Female Stoic and strong African
NAJILA Female Eyes that glisten Arabic
NAJWA Female Passionate Arabic
NAKEISHA Female Her Life African-American
NAKIA Female Pure, Faithful Egyptian
NALA Female Successful African
NALANI Both Heaven’s calm Hawaiian
NALANIE Female Heaven’s calm Hawaiian
NALIN Both Lotus Flower Hindi
NALINI Female Heaven’s calm All Nationalities
NALO Both Lovable African
NAMI Female Wave Japanese
NAMIR Both Swift Cat Persian
NAN Female Gracious English
NANCY Female Gracious English
NANDA Female Full of Joy Hindi
NANETTE Female Gracious French
NANI Female Charming Greek
NAOLIN Both Aztec God of the Sun Spanish
NAOMI Female Delightful – pleasant Hebrew
NAPUA Female The Flowers Hawaiian
NARA Female Happy Greek
NARCISSE Female Daffodil French
NARIKO Female Thunder Japanese
NASCHA Female Owl Native American
NASHA Female Born During Rainy Season African
NASIA Female From the name NATALIE Latin
NASNAN Female Surrounded by Song Native American
NASYA Female Miracle Hebrew
NATALA Female Born on Christmas Slavic
NATALIA Female Born on Christmas Italian
NATALIE Female To Be Born-from Natalia Slavic
NATALYA Female Born on Christmas Slavic
NATANE Female Female Child Native American
NATANIA Female Gift of God Hebrew
NATARA Female Sacrifice Arabic
NATASHA Female Rebirth-from Anastacia Greek
NATESA Female Dance Lord Hindi
NATHALIE Female From the name NATALIE French
NATINE Both of the Natine Tribe African
NATIVIDAD Both Of the Nativity Spanish
NATSU Both Born in Summer Japanese
NATURE Both Nature American
NAVEEN Both Beautiful, Pleasant Celtic/Gaelic
NAVID Both Beloved American
NAYAN Both Eye Hindi
NAYANA Female Eye Hindi
NECI Female Fiery, Passionate Latin
NECIA Female Fiery, Passionate Latin
NEDAA Female Calling with a high voice Arabic
NEDRA Female Awareness Latin
NEELY Both Victor Celtic/Gaelic
NEEMA Female Prosperous Hindi
NEENA Female Mighty Native American
NEITH Female Divine Mother Egyptian
NELIA Female Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NELL Female Stone Greek
NELLIE Female From HELEN English
NELLIS Female Light Greek
NELLY Female Stone Greek
NENET Female Goddess of the Deep Arabic
NEO Both New American
NEOLA Female New Greek
NEONA Female New Moon Greek
NEORAH Female Light Hebrew
NERICE Female Powerful Woman American
NERINA Female Sea Nymph Greek
NERITA Female Sea Snail Spanish
NERYS Female Lady Welsh
NESSA Female Lamb Latin
NETIS Female Trustworthy Native American
NEVA Female Snow Spanish
NEVADA Both Covered in Snow Spanish
NEVAEH Female Heaven American
NEVEAH Female Butterfly Slavic
NEVIAH Female Forcaster Hebrew
NEVIN Both Nephew German
NEVINA Female Saint Worshipper Celtic/Gaelic
NEWLYN Both From the Spring Celtic/Gaelic
NGUYET Female Not available Vietnamese
NHI Female Little one Vietnamese
NHU Female Alike Vietnamese
NHUNG Female Velvet Vietnamese
NIA Female Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NIABI Both Fawn Native American
NIALL Both Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NIAMH Both Bright Celtic/Gaelic
NICHELLE Female Victorious Maiden African-American
NICHOLE Female Victorious Greek
NICKAN Female Goodness of grandparents Persian
NICKI Female From the name NICOLE Greek
NICOLA Female Fem. form of Nicholas Italian
NICOLE Female Victory of the People French
NICOLETTE Female From the name NICOLE French
NIDA Both Elf Native American
NIEL Both From the name NATHANIEL Hebrew
NIESHA Female Pure African-American
NIEVE Female Snowy Spanish
NIJOLE Female Slavic form of NICOLE Slavic
NIKA Female Belongs to God Slavic
NIKITA Both Victorious People Slavic
NIKKI Female From the name NICOLE American
NIKKOL Female Victory of the People American
NILE Female From the River Nile Egyptian
NILI Both Pea Plant Hebrew
NILOUFER Female From the Heavens Hindi
NIMEESHA Female Princess African
NINA Female Girl Spanish
NINON Female Form of ANNE French
NIRA Female Loom Hebrew
NISHA Female Night Hindi
NISHI Female West Japanese
NITA Female God is Giving Spanish
NITARA Female Having Deep Roots Hindi
NITSA Female Light Greek
NITUNA Female My Daughter Native American
NITZA Female Bud from a Flower Hebrew
NIXIE Female Water Sprite German
NIYATI Female Fate Hindi
NIZANA Female Flower Bud Hebrew
NOE Both Born on Christmas, Peace French
NOEL Both Born on Christmas Day All Nationalities
NOELANI Female Heavenly mist; dew Hawaiian
NOELLE Both form of Noel – Christmas Latin
NOHEALANI Female Beauty from heaven Hawaiian
NOLA Female Of Noble Birth Latin
NOLAN Both Well Known Celtic/Gaelic
NOLAND Both Well Known Celtic/Gaelic
NOLCHA Female Sun Native American
NOLETA Female Unwilling Latin
NOMA Female Example Hawaiian
NONA Female The Ninth Latin
NONNIE Both Ninth Latin
NORA Female Light Greek
NORAH Female Form of NORA Celtic/Gaelic
NOREEN Female Light Celtic/Gaelic
NORI Both Belief Japanese
NORINA Female Light English
NORMA Female From the North Latin
NORMANDY Female Provence in France French
NORRIS Both From the North French
NOURA Female Inner Light Arabic
NOVA Both New Latin
NOVIA Female New, Girlfriend Spanish
NOWLES Both Forest Cove English
NOX Both Goddess of the Night Greek
NU Female Girl Vietnamese
NUALA Female White Haired Celtic/Gaelic
NUBIA Female From Nubia Egyptian
NUHAD Both Brave Arabic
NURA Female Light Arabic
NURI Both Flaming LIghts Hebrew
NURIA Female God’s Fire Hebrew
NURU Both Light Swahili
NUSA Female Grace Hungarian
NYAKO Both Girl African
NYDIA Female A Safe Place, Nest Latin
NYEKI Female Second Wife African
NYLA Female Winner Greek
NYOKA Both Snake African
NYSA Female A new beginning Greek
NYX Female Sprite German
OAKES Both Beside the Oak Trees English
OAKLEY Both Field of Oak Trees English
OBEDIENCE Both To Obey American
OBELIA Female Needle Greek
OBERON Both Bear Heart German
OBERT Both Wealthy German
OCEAN Female Sea Greek
OCEANA Female From the Sea Greek
OCTAVIA Female The Eighth Latin
ODEDA Female Strong Hebrew
ODELE Female Wealthy, Melody Greek
ODELIA Female I will praise God Greek
ODELL Both Otter English
ODESSA Female The Odyssey Latin
ODETTA Female Ode French
ODETTE Female Ode, Melodic French
ODIN Both Supreme God Scandinavian
ODINA Female Mountain Latin
OFIRA Female Gold Hebrew
OHIO Both Large River Native American
OIHANE Female From the Forest Spanish
OISTIN Both Venerable Latin
OJAL Female Vision Hindi
OKAL Both To Cross African
OKALANI Female Heaven Hawaiian
OKAPI Both Animal with Long Neck African
OKE Both Form of OSCAR Hawaiian
OKI Female Ocean Centered Japanese
OKOTH Both Born when it was Raining African
OKSANA Female God is With Us Slavic
OLATHE Female Lovely, Beautiful Native American
OLENCIA Female Not available American
OLESIA Female Protector of Humanity Polish
OLGA Female Holy Slavic
OLIANA Female From Oleander Hawaiian
OLIN Both Of the Ancestors Scandinavian
OLINA Female Joyous Hawaiian
OLINDA Female Form of YOLANDA Latin
OLISA Female God Native American
OLIVE Female Olive Branch, Peace Latin
OLIVIA Female Peace – of the olive tree Latin
OLWEN Female White footprint Welsh
OLYMPE Female Olympian French
OLYMPIA Female Mountain of the Gods Greek
OMANA Female A Woman Hindi
OMEGA Both Last Greek
ONA Female Full of Grace Latin
ONAEDO Female Gold African
ONAONA Female Sweet Smell Hawaiian
ONAWA Female Awake Native American
ONDREA Female Strong, Courageous Slavic
ONEIDA Female Eagerly awaited Native American
ONELLA Female Torch Light Hungarian
ONI Female Born on Holy Ground Native American
ONTIBILE Female God is Watching Over Me African
OONA Female One Celtic/Gaelic
OPA Female Owl Native American
OPAL Female Precious gem Hindi
OPHELIA Female Helper Greek
OPHIRA Female Gold Greek
OPHRAH Female Light Hebrew
OPRAH Female Runaway Hebrew
ORA Female Gold Spanish
ORALEE Female Lord Is My Light Hebrew
ORAN Both Green Celtic/Gaelic
ORANE Both Rising Greek
ORDE Both Beginning Latin
ORDELL Both Beginning Latin
OREA Female Mountains Greek
ORENDA Female Magic Power Native American
ORIA Female From the Orient Latin
ORIANA Female Golden Dawn Latin
ORIEL Both Gold French
ORIEN Both The Orient, East Latin
ORINDA Female Pine Trees Hebrew
ORIOLE Both Golden; a gold flecked bird Latin
ORION Both A Hunter in Greek Mythology Greek
ORLEANS Both Golden French
ORLI Female The Light is Mine Hebrew
ORLY Both Light Hebrew
ORMA Female Free Men African
ORMANDA Female Of the Sea German
ORPAH Female Fawn Hebrew
OSANNA Female Praise! Greek
OSMA Female God’s Servant Latin
OTYLIA Female Lucky Heroine German
OUIDA Female Warrior Woman French
OVA Female Egg Latin
OVERTON Both The Upper Town English
OWENA Female Well-born Welsh
OWNAH Female Form of UNA Celtic/Gaelic
OYA Both To Beckon Native American
OZ Both Strength Hebrew
PABLA Female From the name PAULINE Spanish
PADMA Female Goddess Hindi
PAGE Both Youthful Assistant English
PAHANA Both Lost White Brother Native American
PAIGE Female Assistant French
PAISLEY Both Fashion TearDrop Print Celtic/Gaelic
PAIVA Female God of the Sun Scandinavian
PAKUNA Female Deer Jumping Downhill Native American
PALANI Both Free Man Hawaiian
PALESA Female Flower African
PALEY Both From the name PAUL English
PALILA Female Bird Hawaiian
PALLAS Both Understanding Greek
PALLAVI Female New Leaves Hindi
PALMA Female Palm Spanish
PALMER Both Palm bearer, peacemaker English
PALOMA Female A Dove Spanish
PALTI Both My Escape, Deliverance Hebrew
PAM Female Honey Greek
PAMELA Female Honey Greek
PAMELIA Female Covered With Honey Greek
PANDORA Female Gifted Greek
PANIZ Female Sugar Persian
PANTHEA Female Of all Gods Greek
PANYA Female Enthroned Slavic
PANYIN Female Older Twin African
PAOLA Female Small Italian
PAPINA Female Ivy Native American
PAPRIKA Female Spice English
PARAS Both Touchstone Hindi
PARIS Both City in France French
PARK Both Cypress Tree Chinese
PARKER Both Park Keeper English
PARKIN Both Young Peter Celtic/Gaelic
PARLAN Both From the name BARTHOLOMEW Celtic/Gaelic
PARLEY Both To Speak English
PARMIDA Female Princess Persian
PARRISH Both Neighborhood Greek
PARRY Both Son of HARRY Welsh
PARSON Both Minister, Clergy English
PARVANI Female Full Moon Hindi
PASCALE Female Passover/Easter French
PASCHA Both To Pass Over, Born on Easter Slavic
PASHA Both To Pass Over, Born on Easter Greek
PAT Both Of Noble Descent Greek
PATIA Female Intellectually Superior Greek
PATIENCE Female From the Virtue English
PATRICE Female Of Noble Descent Latin
PATRICIA Female Of Noble Descent Latin
PATSY Female From the name PATRICIA Latin
PATTY Female From the name PATRICIA Latin
PAULA Female Small Latin
PAULETTE Female Small French
PAULINA Female From the name PAULINE Latin
PAULINE Female From the name PAUL French
PAVAN Both Breeze Hindi
PAX Both Peace Greek
PAXTON Both Town of Peace Latin
PAYTON Both Village of the Warrior English
PAZ Both Peace or Gold Spanish
PEARL Female A Gem of the Sea Latin
PEARLIE Female Jewel Latin
PEARLY Female A jewel Greek
PEBBLES Female Small Rocks American
PEGEEN Female From Margaret-a pearl Celtic/Gaelic
PEGGY Female From the name MARGARET Celtic/Gaelic
PEIGI Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
PELAGIA Female Sea Greek
PELHAM Both Town of Fur Skin English
PEMBROKE Both A Broken Hill English
PENDA Female Loved Slavic
PENELOPE Female Dream Weaver Greek
PENHA Both Beloved Swahili
PENN Both Corral English
PENNEY Female Silent Worker (from Penelope) Greek
PENNIE Female Silent Worker (From Penelope) Greek
PENNY Female Silent Worker (From Penelope) Greek
PEONY Female Physician of the Gods Greek
PEPPER Female From the Pepper Plant American
PERDITA Female Lost Woman Latin
PERDY Female From PERDITA Latin
PEREGRINE Both Wanderer Latin
PERI Female Lives in the Mountains Greek
PERRIN Both Traveler Latin
PERSEPHONE Female Daughter of Demetra Greek
PETA Female Golden Eagle Native American
PETRA Female Small rock Greek
PETRONELLA Female Stone Latin
PETULA Female Impatient Latin
PETUNIA Female Of the Petunia Flower English
PEYTON Both Village of the Warrior English
PHAEDRA Female Glowing Greek
PHAILIN Female Sapphire Thai
PHENYO Female Victory African
PHIALA Female Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
PHILA Female Love Greek
PHILANA Female Lover of Mankind Greek
PHILANTHA Female Lover of Flowers Greek
PHILENA Female Lover of Mankind Greek
PHILIPPA Female Loving – fem. of Phillip Greek
PHILLIPA Female Lover of horses Greek
PHILOMENA Female Loving Greek
PHILYRA Female To Love Music Greek
PHOEBE Female Bright, Shining One Greek
PHOENIX Both Rising Bird Greek
PHUONG Female Phoenix Vietnamese
PHYLICIA Female Fortunate Greek
PHYLISS Female Green Leaf Greek
PHYLLIS Female Green Leaf Greek
PHYRE Both Burning Bright Armenian
PIA Female Pious Italian
PIER Female Form of PIERRE French
PIERA Female Small Rock French
PIERCE Both Form of PETER French
PIERRETTE Female From the name PIERRE French
PILAR Female Pillar of Strength Spanish
PILIALOHA Female Beloved Hawaiian
PILIS Female Horse Lover Hawaiian
PILLAN Both God of Stormy Weather Native American
PING Both Duckweed Chinese
PINK Female Light Red Color, Healthy American
PIPER Both Flute Player English
PIPEREL Both Piper, Flutist French
PIPPA Female Lover of Horses English
PIRRO Both Red-haired Greek
PISCES Both The Fish Latin
PLATT Both Ground Without Slope French
PLEASANCE Female Agreeable French
POLLY Female Bitter Latin
POMONA Female Apple Greek
POOKY Both Little Cute Person American
POPPY Both From the Flower Latin
PORSCHE Both Offering German
PORTER Both Door Guard Latin
PORTIA Female Roman Clan Name Latin
POSY Female Small Flower English
PRECIOUS Female Precious one American
PREMA Female Love Arabic
PREMALA Female Loving Hindi
PRENTICE Both Beginner, Learning English
PRESENCIA Female Presence Spanish
PRESLEY Both Priest’s Land English
PRESTA Female Hurry, quick Spanish
PRESTON Both Priest’s Town English
PRIMAVERA Female Springtime Spanish
PRINCESS Female Royal Daughter English
PRISCA Female Ancient, old English
PRISCILLA Female Ancient Latin
PROSPER Both Fortune Latin
PRUDENCE Female Cautious, Intelligent English
PRUE Female Form of PRUDENCE English
PRUNELLA Female Little Plum Latin
PSYCHE Female The Soul Greek
PULES Female Pidgeon Native American
PURITY Female Unsullied, Clean English
PYRALIS Both Of Fire Greek
QAMRA Female Moon Greek
QI Female Fine Jade Chinese
QIANA Female Gracious American
QIAO Both Pretty, Handsome Chinese
QIMAT Both Valuable Hindi
QING YUAN Both Deep Water, Clear Spring Chinese
QUANA Female Aromatic Native American
QUANDA Female A Companion African-American
QUANT Both How much Latin
QUASAR Female Meteorite Hindi
QUEENIE Female Queen or Female Companion American
QUENBY Female Womanly Scandinavian
QUENNELL Both Oak Tree French
QUERIDA Female Beloved Portuguese
QUESTA Female Seeking Latin
QUIANA Female Living with Grace American
QUILLA Female A Quill English
QUILLAN Both Cub Celtic/Gaelic
QUIN Both Quintuplet, Fifth Celtic/Gaelic
QUINCY Both Fifth Son’s World French
QUINLAN Both Very Strong Celtic/Gaelic
QUINN Both Fifth Celtic/Gaelic
QUINTA Female The Fifth Latin
QUINTANA Female The Fifth Girl Latin
QUINTESSA Female Fifth small one Latin
QUYNH Female Ruby Vietnamese
QWARA Female Ethiopian Tribe Name African
QWIN Both Quintuplet Celtic/Gaelic
RABIA Both Spring African
RACH Both Frog African
RACHAEL Female Innocent Lamb Hebrew
RACHANA Female Creation Hindi
RACHEL Female Innocent Lamb Hebrew
RACHELLE Female Lamb French
RADHA Female A forite friend of the God Krishna Hindi
RAE Female Wise protection fem. of Raymond German
RAEANNE Female Graceful lamb American
RAECHEL Female Innocent Lamb Hebrew
RAFFERTY Both Wealthy Celtic/Gaelic
RAFIKI Both Friend African
RAIN Both Abundant Blessings from Above American
RAINA Female Peaceful, Queen Spanish
RAINE Both Wise Ruler English
RAISA Female Rose Russian
RAISIE Female Diminiative of Rose Celtic/Gaelic
RAJA Female Hope Hindi
RALEIGH Both Field of Birds English
RAMLA Female Prophet Swahili
RAMONA Female Protector Latin
RAMYA Female Beautiful Hindi
RANAE Both Ressurected French
RANDI Both Wolf shield English
RANDILYN Female Protected Waterfall American
RANE Female Queen Hindi
RANEE Female Queen Hindi
RANIA Female Queen Hindi
RANIT Female Song Hebrew
RAPHAELA Female Fem. form of RAPHAEL Hebrew
RAQUEL Female From the name RACHEL Spanish
RASHA Female Young Gazelle Arabic
RASHIDA Female Righteous Turkish
RASIA Female Queen Polish
RATANA Female Crystal Thai
RAVEN Female Blackbrid English
RAYYA Female No Longer Thirsty Arabic
RAZI Female Secret Hebrew
RAZIYA Female Agreeable, Good-Natured Swahili
REA Female Brook English
REAGAN Both Son of the small ruler Celtic/Gaelic
REBA Female From the name REBECCA Hebrew
REBECCA Female Servant of God Hebrew
REBEKAH Female Bound Hebrew
REBEKKAH Female To tie or bind Hebrew
RED Both Redheaded One, or Dim. of REDMOND American
REDA Both Satisfied Arabic
REDELL Both Red Meadow English
REDFORD Both Over the Red River English
REED Both A Reed or Red Haired English
REEGAN Both One who rules American
REESE Both Enthusiastic Welsh
REGAN Both King’s Heir Celtic/Gaelic
REGGIE Both Advisor to the King German
REGINA Female Queen Latin
REHAN Female Flower Armenian
REIA Female Queen Spanish
REID Both Red Headed English
REILLY Both A Small Stream Celtic/Gaelic
REINA Female Peaceful, Queen Spanish
REMEDY Both Cure American
REMI Both From Reims All Nationalities
REMY Both From Rheims French
REN Both Arranger Japanese
RENA Female Joy Hebrew
RENATA Female Born anew French
RENATE Both Reborn French
RENEE Female Reborn French
RENNY Both Compact Strength Celtic/Gaelic
REUEL Female Friend of God Hebrew
REY Both King French
REYA Female Queen Spanish
REYNA Female Peaceful, Queen Spanish
REZA Female Reaper Slavic
RHAXMA Female Sweet African
RHEA Female Rivers Greek
RHIAN Female Magic maiden Welsh
RHIANNON Female Sacred Queen Welsh
RHODA Female Roses – from Rhodes Greek
RHODES Both Field of Roses Greek
RHONA Female Powerful, mighty Celtic/Gaelic
RHONDA Female Powerful river Greek
RHOSLYN Female Lovely rose Welsh
RHOSWEN Female White Rose Celtic/Gaelic
RHYS Both A Stream Welsh
RIANNA Female Sweet Basil, Virtuous Welsh
RIANNE Female FROM JOHN Celtic/Gaelic
RICHELLE Female Fem. form of RICHARD French
RIDER Both Farmer English
RIGG Both Lives near the Ridge English
RILEY Both A Small Stream Celtic/Gaelic
RIMONA Female Pomegranate Hebrew
RIN Both Park Japanese
RINI Female Little Bunny Japanese
RIONA Female Queenlike Celtic/Gaelic
RISA Female Laughter Latin
RITA Female From MARGARITA Spanish
RIVA Female Bound, Riverbank Hebrew
RIVER Both From the River American
RIVKA Female Servant of God Hebrew
ROANA Female Reddish-brown skin Spanish
ROBBIN Both Famous Brilliance English
ROBERTA Female Fem. form of ROBERT, Brilliant English
ROBIN Both Famous Brilliance English
ROBYN Female From the name ROBIN English
ROCH Female Glory German
ROCHELLE Female A rock French
ROCIO Both Dewdrops Italian
ROJA Female Red Spanish
ROLANDO Female Famed Throughout the Land Latin
ROLLIN Both Wolf English
ROMAINE Female From Rome Latin
ROMAN Both Of Rome Latin
ROMY Both From the City of Rome. Latin
RONA Female Sea Celtic/Gaelic
RONALEE Female From RONA and LEE American
RONAN Both Little Seal Celtic/Gaelic
RONAT Female Seal Celtic/Gaelic
RONDA Female Grand Welsh
RONG Both Glory Chinese
RONIA Female My Joy is the Lord Latin
RONLI Female Joy is Mine Hebrew
RONNA Female From the name VERONICA Latin
RONNI Female From Ronli – joyful Hebrew
RONNIE Both From the name VERONICA Latin
RONNY Both True image Latin
RORY Both Famous Ruler, Red Celtic/Gaelic
ROS Female Rose Colored American
ROSA Female Rose, Pink Latin
ROSALBA Female White Rose Latin
ROSALIA Female Rose Garlands Spanish
ROSALIE Female From ROSE and LEE English
ROSALIND Female Fair Rose Spanish
ROSALINE Female Fair Rose ( of Rosalind) Spanish
ROSALYN Female Fair Rose Spanish
ROSAMUND Female A garden of flowers German
ROSE Female Of the Rose Blossom Greek
ROSEANNE Female Graceful Rose Greek
ROSEMARIE Female Bitter flower French
ROSEMARY Female Bitter Rose English
ROSIE Female Like a Rose American
ROSINA Female Little Rose Celtic/Gaelic
ROSINE Female Little Rose-from Rozene Native American
ROSSA Female Beautiful flower Latin
ROWA Female Lovely vision Arabic
ROWAN Both Tree with Red Berries, Mountain Ash Celtic/Gaelic
ROWDY Both Loud, Spirited American
ROWENA Female Fair Haired Celtic/Gaelic
ROXANNE Female Graceful Rose Latin
ROXY Female Rosy American
ROYAL Both Of the King English
ROZ Female From the name ROSALIND Spanish
ROZA Female Rose Polish
ROZALIA Female A rose Hungarian
ROZENE Female A Rose Native American
RUANA Female Musical Instrument Hindi
RUBAINA Female Bright Hindi
RUBY Female A Ruby Jewel English
RUE Female Herb of Grace Greek
RUFINA Female Red-Haired Italian
RUMER Both A Gypsy Slavic
RUMOR Both Falsity American
RUNE Both A Secret German
RUPALI Female Beautiful Hindi
RUSTI Both Red Head French
RUSTY Both Red Headed American
RUTH Female A Companion, Friendship Hebrew
RYAN Both Young Royalty Celtic/Gaelic
RYANN Female Little leader Celtic/Gaelic
RYDER Both Horseman English
RYLAND Both From the Rye Land English
RYLEE Both From RILEY Celtic/Gaelic
RYLIE Both Valiant Celtic/Gaelic
RYO Both River American
SABA Female Seventh Daughter Greek
SABAH Both Morning Arabic
SABIN Both From the Sabines Italian
SABINA Female From the name SABINE Latin
SABINE Female Of Ancient Italian Culture Latin
SABRA Female Cactus Fruit Hebrew
SABRINA Female Cactus Fruit Hebrew
SACHI Female Girl Child of Bliss Japanese
SADA Female Pure One Japanese
SADAH Female Good Fortune-From Zada Arabic
SADIE Female Princess English
SADIKI Both Believe African
SAERAN Female Irish Saint Welsh
SAFARA Female Her Place African
SAFFRON Female Yellow Flower English
SAGE Both From the spice OR Prophet English
SAGIRA Female Little One Egyptian
SAGITTARIUS Female The Archer Latin
SAHARA Female Wilderness Arabic
SAHIRAH Female Clean, Pristine Egyptian
SAHKYO Female Mink Native American
SAIDI Both Helper African
SAILOR Both Sailor American
SAIMA Female Fasting woman Arabic
SAKINA Female Friend Hindi
SAKU Both Remembrance of the Lord Japanese
SAKURA Female Cherry blossom Japanese
SALALI Female Squirrel Native American
SALAMA Female Peaceful Egyptian
SALEEMA Female Peaceful Arabic
SALENE Female Dignified one French
SALLY Female Form of SARAH Hebrew
SALMA Female Ambitious Spanish
SALOME Female Shalom/Welcome, Peace Hebrew
SALUS Both Goddess of Health Greek
SAM Both God hears Hebrew
SAMANTHA Female Listener of God Hebrew
SAMARA Female Elm Tree Latin
SAMIRA Female Entertaining Arabic
SAMMY Both Short for SAMUEL or SAMANTHA Hebrew
SANA Female Light Persian
SANAA Female Work of Art, Beauty Swahili
SANAM Female Lover Persian
SANCHA Female Holy Spanish
SANDRA Female Helper of Humanity Greek
SANDY Both From the name ALEXANDER Greek
SANIYA Female Moment in Time Hindi
SANJEET Both Invincible Hindi
SANNE Female Lily American
SANTA Both Saint Latin
SANURA Female Kitten Egyptian
SANYU Both Happiness Japanese
SAOIRSE Female Freedom Celtic/Gaelic
SAPPHIRE Female From the Gem Greek
SARA Female Princess Hebrew
SARAH Female Princess Hebrew
SARAI Female My princess Hebrew
SARAMA Female Nice African
SARAN Female Joy African
SARDA Both Hurried African
SARI Female Princess Hebrew
SARKI Both Chief African
SASHA Both Pet form of ALEXANDER Russian
SASILVIA Female From the name Silvia Hawaiian
SASKIA Female Protector of Mankind Slavic
SASSON Both Joy Hebrew
SATIN Female Smooth Fabric French
SATINKA Female Sacred Dancer Native American
SATU Both Fairytale Japanese
SATYA Female Truth Hindi
SAUDA Female Dark Beauty Swahili
SAVANNA Female Open plain Spanish
SAVANNAH Female Treeless Plain Spanish
SAVEA Female The Swedish Nation Scandinavian
SAWYER Both Woodcutter English
SAXEN Both Swordsman Celtic/Gaelic
SAXON Both Germanic Tribe English
SAXTON Both Swordsman English
SCARLETT Female Red English
SCHUYLER Both Scholar Dutch
SCORPIO Both The Scorpion Latin
SCOUT Both First Explorer American
SEAN Both God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SEANNA Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SEASON Female Sowing, Planting Latin
SEBILLE Female A Fairy English
SEDA Female Forest Voices Armenian
SEEMA Female Sprout Greek
SEGHEN Both Ostrich African
SEIKO Both Force, Truth Japanese
SELA Female Rock Hebrew
SELAH Female Pause and reflect Hebrew
SELAM Female Peace African
SELAS Both Trinity African
SELENA Female The Moon Greek
SELENE Female Moon French
SELIA Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
SELIMA Female Brings Comfort, Peace Hebrew
SELINA Female Moon Greek
SELMA Female Divine Protector German
SEMA Female Divine Omen Greek
SEMAH Female Known symbol Arabic
SEMIRA Female Fulfilled African
SEN Female Lotus flower Vietnamese
SENALDA Female A Sign, Symbol Spanish
SENONA Female Lively Spanish
SENTA Female Assistant German
SEPTEMBER Female 7th Month Latin
SEQUOIA Female Giant Redwood Tree Native American
SERA Female Heavenly, Winged Angel Latin
SERAFINA Female Heavenly, Winged Angel Latin
SERENA Female Serene, Calm Latin
SERENITY Female Peaceful Disposition English
SERWA Female Jewel African
SESEN Female To Wish For More African
SEVEN Both The Number 7 American
SEVERIN Both Severe French
SEVILEN Both Loved Turkish
SEVITA Female Cherished Hindi
SEZJA Female Protector Russian
SHADA Female Pelican Native American
SHADOW Both Shade from Sun English
SHAE Both A Gift English
SHAINA Female Beautiful Hebrew
SHAKILA Female Pretty African
SHAKINA Female Beautiful One African
SHAKIRA Female Thankful Arabic
SHAKTI Female Divine Woman Hindi
SHALIN Female Cotton Plant Hindi
SHALOM Both Peace – Hello Hebrew
SHAMARA Female Ready for Battle Arabic
SHAMIRA Female Protector Hebrew
SHAN Both Coral Chinese
SHANA Female God is gracious Hebrew
SHANAE Female From Shana Hebrew
SHANDI Female God is Gracious African-American
SHANDRA Female Variation of Sandra African-American
SHANE Both God is gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SHANI Female Marvelous Egyptian
SHANIA Female I’m On My Way Native American
SHANNA Female Variant of Shannon American
SHANNAN Both Ancient God Celtic/Gaelic
SHANNEN Both God’s Gracious Gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHANNON Both Little wise owl Celtic/Gaelic
SHANON Female From the name SHANNON Celtic/Gaelic
SHANTA Female Peaceful Hindi
SHANTELL Female Song African-American
SHANTON Female We sing French
SHAQUANA Female Truth in Life African-American
SHARIS Female Flat Plain Hebrew
SHARLA Female Little and womanly form od Charlotte French
SHARLENE Female From the name CHARLES French
SHARNE Female Desert Plain Hebrew
SHARON Female A Flat clearing Hebrew
SHARONA Female Flat Clearing English
SHARVANI Female Goddess Hindi
SHASA Female Precious Water African
SHASTA Female Three Native American
SHATEQUE Female Follower African-American
SHAUNA Female Fem. form of SHAUN Celtic/Gaelic
SHAUNNA Female Fem. form of SHAUN Celtic/Gaelic
SHAWDI Female Joy Persian
SHAWNA Female Fem. form of SHAUN Celtic/Gaelic
SHAYLA Female Her Gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHAYLEE Female Fairy princess of the field Celtic/Gaelic
SHAYNA Female Beautiful Hebrew
SHEA Female Fairy Place Celtic/Gaelic
SHEBA Female Kingdom in Arabia Arabic
SHEEHAN Female Peacemaker Celtic/Gaelic
SHEENA Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SHEERA Female A Song Hebrew
SHEILA Female From the name CECILIA Celtic/Gaelic
SHELAGH Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
SHELBY Both A Sheltered Town English
SHELLEY Both Meadow on a ledge English
SHELLY Both Meadow on a Ledge English
SHEPRY Female Friendly and honest mediator American
SHERI Female From Sharon Hebrew
SHERIDAN Both Wild Celtic/Gaelic
SHERINE Female From Sharon Hebrew
SHERISE Female From the name CHARISSE Greek
SHERRI Female Beloved Hebrew
SHERRY Female Beloved Hebrew
SHERYL Female Charity English
SHIELA Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
SHIELDS Both Loyal protector Celtic/Gaelic
SHILOH Both Peaceful Hebrew
SHIMA Female Mother Native American
SHIRA Female A Song Hebrew
SHIRI Female Song of my Soul Hebrew
SHIRIN Female Sweet Persian
SHIRINA Female Love Song American
SHIRLEY Female Bright Meadow English
SHIRLYN Female Bright Meadow English
SHONA Female Fem. form of John Hebrew
SHONEY Both Sea God Celtic/Gaelic
SHOSHANA Female Lily Hebrew
SHOSHANAH Female Rose Hebrew
SHOUSHAN Female Lily Armenian
SHU FANG Female Kind, Gentle Chinese
SHUANG Both Bright, Clear Chinese
SHYLA Female Goddess Hindi
SIAN Female God’s Gracious Gift Welsh
SIBLEY Both Brother or Sister English
SIBYL Female Seer Latin
SIDONE Female It is Heard African-American
SIDONIA Female To Ensnare Latin
SIDONIE Female Flower French
SIDRA Female Star Born Latin
SIENNA Female Reddish Brown Italian
SIERRA Female Mountain Spanish
SIGNA Female Signal, Sign Scandinavian
SIGOURNEY Both The conqueror. Scandinavian
SIKA Female Money African
SILEAS Female Yourthful Celtic/Gaelic
SILVANA Female Forest Latin
SILVIA Female From the Forest Latin
SIMA Female Treasure, Prize African
SIMONE Female It is Heard French
SINE Female Jane, God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SINEAD Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SIOBHAN Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SIRAN Female Lovely Armenian
SIRVAT Female Rose Armenian
SISSY Female From the name CECILIA Celtic/Gaelic
SITARA Female Starlight Hindi
SIUSAN Female Lily Celtic/Gaelic
SIYANDA Female We Are Growing African
SKULE Both Hide Scandinavian
SKY Both Sky American
SKYE Both From the Isle of Skye Celtic/Gaelic
SKYLA Female Learned One Celtic/Gaelic
SKYLAR Both Learned One Scandinavian
SKYLER Both Learned One Scandinavian
SLOANE Both Strong protector Celtic/Gaelic
SNANA Female Jingles Like Bells Native American
SNOW Female Frozen Rain American
SNOWY Female Dim. of SNOW American
SOFIA Female From the name SOPHIA Italian
SOHALIA Female Moon Glow Hindi
SOKANON Female Rain Native American
SOLADA Female Listener Thai
SOLANA Female Wind from the East Latin
SOLANGE Female Sun Angel/Earth Angel French
SOLARIS Both Of the Sun Greek
SOLEDAD Female Solitary Spanish
SOLEIL Female Sun French
SOLSTICE Female Sun Exposure Greek
SONA Female Prayer Persian
SONDRA Female Helper/Defender of Mankind Greek
SONEL Female Lily Hebrew
SONIA Female Wisdom – Slavic
SONJA Female Wisdom Scandinavian
SONORA Female Pleasant Sounding Spanish
SONYA Female Wisdom Latin
SOPHIA Female Wisdom Greek
SOPHIE Female Wisdom – dim. of Sophia Greek
SORA Female Chirping Songbird Native American
SORCHA Female Form of SARAH or Bright Celtic/Gaelic
SOUTHERN Both From the South American
SOVANN Both Gold Cambodian
SOYALA Female Winter Solstice Native American
SPENCER Both Administrator English
SPERANZA Female Hope Italian
STACEY Female Resurrection Greek
STACIA Female Resurrection Slavic
STACIE Female Resurrection Greek
STACY Both Resurrection English
STAR Female A Star American
STARBUCK Both Astronaut American
STARR Female From the name STAR American
STASIA Female Resurrection Russian
STEFANIE Female Crowned One Greek
STEFFI Female From the name STEVEN American
STEFFIE Female Nickname for STEPHANIE American
STELLA Female Star Italian
STEPHANIE Female From Stefanos – crown Greek
STEVIE Both From the name STEVEN American
STORM Both A Storm American
STORMY Both Impetuous Nature American
SUCHI Female Radiant Glow Hindi
SUCHIN Female Beautiful Thought Thai
SUE Female Lily American
SUGAR Female Sugar American
SUKEY Female From the name SUSAN Japanese
SUKI Female Beloved Japanese
SULLY Both Dark-eyed Celtic/Gaelic
SULWYN Female Bright as the sun Welsh
SUMANA Female Flower Hindi
SUMAYAH Female Pride Arabic
SUMITRA Female Good Friend Hindi
SUMMER Female The Season American
SUNA Female Swan Turkish
SUNDARI Female Beautiful Hindi
SUNEE Female Good Thing Thai
SUNILA Female Blue Hindi
SUNNY Both Brilliant, of the Sun American
SUSAN Female Lily Hebrew
SUSANE Female Lily French
SUSANNA Female Lily Latin
SUSANNAH Female Lily Hebrew
SUSIE Female From the name SUSAN French
SUVAN Both The Sun Hindi
SUZANNE Female Lily English
SUZETTE Female Little Lily French
SUZUKI Female Bell Tree Japanese
SUZY Female From the name SUSAN French
SVEA Female The Swedish Nation Scandinavian
SVETA Female Bright Light Slavic
SVETLANA Female Spring Slavic
SWAANTJE Female Swanlike Dutch
SWANN Female Swan-Like Scandinavian
SYBIL Female Prophet Greek
SYDNEE Both Contraction of St. Denys French
SYDNEY Both Contraction of St. Denys French
SYLVAIN Both Of the Forest French
SYLVANA Female From the Forest Latin
SYLVIA Female From the Forest Latin
SYLVIE Female From the name SYLVIA French
SYMONA Female It is Heartd American
SYNNOVE Female Sun Gift Scandinavian
SYSHE Both Street Hebrew
TAARIQ Female Morning Star Swahili
TABAN Both Genius Celtic/Gaelic
TABITHA Female A Gazelle Hebrew
TABLITA Female Tiara Native American
TACEY Female Silent, Calm English
TACITA Female Silent Latin
TACY Female Silence Latin
TADITA Female Runner Native American
TAFFY Both Beloved Welsh
TAHIRAH Female Pure Egyptian
TAHLIA Female Morning dew Hebrew
TAI Both From THAILAND Chinese
TAIFA Female Nation, Tribe African
TAILYNN Female From TAI and LYNN American
TAIMA Female Loud Thunder Native American
TAINI Female Returning Moon Native American
TAIPA Female Wingspan Native American
TAIT Both Cheerful Polish
TAITE Both Cheerful English
TAJA Female To Mention African
TAKALA Female Corn Tassel African
TAKODA Female Friend to Everyone Native American
TAL Both Morning dew Hebrew
TALA Female Wolf Native American
TALASI Both Cornflower Native American
TALE Female Green Egyptian
TALEN Both Claw French
TALIA Female Morning Dew Hebrew
TALINE Female Monestary Armenian
TALISA Female Consecrated to God African-American
TALISHA Female Damsel Arise African-American
TALITHA Female Maiden, Child Hebrew
TALLEEN Both Absorbed Hindi
TALLI Both Hero Native American
TALLIS Female Forest French
TALLULAH Female Running Water Native American
TALLYS Female Forest French
TALON Female Claw French
TALOR Female Morning Dew Hebrew
TALULAH Female Leaping Water Native American
TAM Female Palm tree Hebrew
TAMA Female Whole, Perfect Japanese
TAMAH Female Joy Hebrew
TAMANNA Female Desire Hindi
TAMAR Female From the Palm Tree Hebrew
TAMARA Female A Spice or Palm Tree Hebrew
TAMASHA Female Pageant African
TAMATHA Female Dear Tammy American
TAMBER Female Music Pitch American
TAMBRE Female Great Joy, Music English
TAMEKA Female Twin Arabic
TAMERA Female A Spice or Palm Tree Hebrew
TAMESIS Female Goddess of the River Greek
TAMIKA Female People African-American
TAMIRA Female A Spice or Palm Tree African-American
TAMITHA Female Twin Hebrew
TAMMA Female Perfect Hebrew
TAMMY Female From the name TAMARA Hebrew
TAMRA Female A Spice or Palm Tree Hebrew
TAMYRA Female A Spice or Palm Tree African-American
TANA Female Fairy Queen Slavic
TANAYA Female Child of Mine Hindi
TANDICE Female Team African-American
TANGIA Female The Angel American
TANGINIKA Female Lake Goddess African-American
TANIA Female A Fairy Queen-of Tatiana Slavic
TANIEL Female Fem. form of Daniel African-American
TANIKA Female Rope Hindi
TANISHA Female Born on Monday. African-American
TANITH Female Goddess of Love Greek
TANNAR Both Leather Worker English
TANNER Both Leather Worker German
TANNIS Both Hide Tanner Greek
TANSY Female Flower Native American
TANUJA Female Daughter Hindi
TANYA Female Fairy Queen Slavic
TAO Both Peach, Long Life Chinese
TARA Female Craggy hillside Celtic/Gaelic
TARACHAND Both Star Hindi
TARALA Female Honeybee Hindi
TARAN Both Earth American
TARANA Female Born During the Day African
TARANNUM Female Melody Hindi
TAREGAN Both Crane Native American
TARIANA Female Holy Hillside African-American
TARIKA Female Star Hindi
TARIN Both Rocky Hill Celtic/Gaelic
TARISAI Female Look, Behold African
TARYN Female Irish Hillside Celtic/Gaelic
TASANEE Female Beautiful View Thai
TASHA Female Born on Christmas Greek
TASMINE Female Twin American
TASYA Female Resurrection Slavic
TATE Both He who brings happiness English
TATIANA Female Fairy Queen Slavic
TATUM Female Cheerful English
TAURET Female Goddess of Pregnant Women Egyptian
TAURUS Both The Bull Latin
TAVI Both Good Hebrew
TAVIA Female Eighth Latin
TAVITA Female Eighth Latin
TAWANA Female Tan Hide Native American
TAWNY Female Tanned Hide American
TAYA Female From the name Taylor English
TAYLOR Both Tailor English
TAYTE Both Happy Scandinavian
TAYTEN Both Beautiful Happiness American
TAZANNA Female Princess Native American
TAZARA Female Railway Line African
TEA Female Princess, Aunt Spanish
TEAGAN Both Attractive Celtic/Gaelic
TEAL Both Greenish Blue Color American
TEENIE Both Small One American
TEGAN Female Beautiful person Welsh
TEHYA Female Precious Native American
TEIGE Both A Poet American
TEIGRA Female Tiger Greek
TEJANA Female Texan Female Spanish
TEKLA Female Devine fame Greek
TEKLI Female Famous for God Polish
TELERI Female From the River Tyleri Welsh
TELLY Both Wise, best Greek
TELMA Female Ambitious Greek
TELYN Female Harp Welsh
TEMIMA Female Whole, Honest African-American
TEMIRA Female Tall Hebrew
TEMPEST Female Stormy American
TEMPLE Both A Sanctuary English
TENDAI Female Be Thankful To God African
TENDER Female Sensitive American
TENEIL Both Not available African-American
TENESS Female not available American
TERAH Female Earth, hillside Latin
TERANIKA Female Earth’s victory Celtic/Gaelic
TEREHASA Female Blessed African
TERENTIA Female Tender Latin
TERESA Female Harvester Spanish
TERRA Female Earth Italian
TERRAN Both Earth Celtic/Gaelic
TERRENE Female Smooth Latin
TERRI Female Harvester Greek
TERRICA Female From TERRI and ERICA American
TERRIS Both Tender, Good Gracious Latin
TERRY Both From the name TERENCE Latin
TERRYAL Both Reaper American
TERYL Female Bright and vivacious English
TESHI Both Cheerful, Full of Laughter African
TESS Female From Theresia Latin
TESSA Female Gatherer Greek
TESSICA Female Wealthy Harvester American
TEVA Both Nature Hebrew
TEVIN Both Son of Kevin African-American
TEVY Female Angel Cambodian
TEX Both From Texas American
THADINE Female The Praised Hebrew
THADY Both Praise Greek
THAIS Female The Bond Greek
THALASSA Female The Sea Greek
THALIA Female Joyful Greek
THANDIWE Female The Loving One African
THANE Both Landowner English
THAO Female Respectful of Parents Vietnamese
THEA Female Gift of God Greek
THELMA Female Ambitious Greek
THEMA Female Queen African
THEMBA Both Trusted African
THEODORA Female Gift of God Greek
THEOLA Female Divine Greek
THEOPHILIA Female Loved Divinely Greek
THEORIS Female Great Egyptian
THERA Female Harvester; reaper Greek
THERESA Female Harvester Greek
THERESE Female From Theresia French
THERESIA Female City in Ancient Greece Greek
THERON Both Hunter Greek
THETA Female Greek Letter Greek
THETIS Female Mythical Creature Greek
THI Female Poetry Vietnamese
THINA Female Wise Greek
THISBE Female Lover Greek
THORA Female Thunder Scandinavian
THU Both Autumn Vietnamese
THUONG Both Love tenderly Vietnamese
THURAYA Female Stars and the planets Arabic
THUY Female Pure Vietnamese
THY Female Poetry Vietnamese
THYRA Female A Window or Goddess of Dawn Greek
TIA Female Princess or Aunt Spanish
TIANA Female Princess Greek
TIARA Female Crowned Latin
TIARET Female Lioness African
TIASSALE Both It is Forgotten African
TIBURON Both Shark Spanish
TIEN Female Fairy Vietnamese
TIERNEY Female Noble, Lordly Celtic/Gaelic
TIERRA Female Land Latin
TIEVE Female Hillside Celtic/Gaelic
TIFFANY Female Three, the Trinity Greek
TIGER Both Powerful cat, tiger American
TILLIE Female Might, Power German
TILLY Both From Tilden or Matilda English
TIMBERLY Female Tall Ruler African-American
TINA Female Short for names ending in TINE Greek
TING Female Slim, Graceful Chinese
TIOMBE Female Shy African
TIP Both Nickname for THOMAS American
TIPONYA Female Great Horned Owl Native American
TIRZA Female Pleasantness Hebrew
TIRZAH Female Delight Hebrew
TISHA Female Dim. of PATRICIA Latin
TITANIA Female Land of Giants Greek
TIVA Female Dance Native American
TIVONA Female Lover of Nature Hebrew
TOAN Both Safe, Secure Vietnamese
TOBIT Female Good Hebrew
TOBY Both The Lord Is Good Hebrew
TOKI Female Time of Opportunity Japanese
TOLINKA Female Coyote’s Ear Native American
TOLLA Female Worthy of Praise Polish
TOMAI Female Honoring Thomas Greek
TOMI Both Rich Japanese
TONI Female Worthy of Praise French
TONYA Female Worthy of Praise Latin
TOPANGA Female Where the Mountain Meets the Sea Native American
TOPAZ Both Golden gem Latin
TOPPER Both Hill English
TORAL Both Hindu Folk Hero Hindi
TORI Female From TORRANCE or VICTORIA American
TORIE Female Victorious, American
TORIL Female Female Warrior Scandinavian
TORN Both Form of TORRENCE American
TORRIN Both From the hills Celtic/Gaelic
TORY Both Winner American
TOSCA Female From Tuscany, Italy Latin
TOTIE Female Gift of God English
TOVA Female Good Hebrew
TOVAH Female Good Hebrew
TOVI Female Beloved Hebrew
TOVIEL Both God Is Good Hebrew
TOYAH Female Toy Scandinavian
TRACE Both Brave English
TRACEN Both Not available American
TRACEY Both Brave English
TRACI Female Brave English
TRACY Both Brave English
TRANG Female Page Vietnamese
TRANQUILLA Female Calm, Tranquil Spanish
TRAPPER Both Trapper American
TRELLA Female From ESTRELLA (Star) Spanish
TRESS Female Long Hair English
TREVA Female Homestead near the sea English
TRIAGE Both Emergency French
TRICIA Female Noble woman Latin
TRILBY Both A Soft Hat English
TRINA Female From Katarina Slavic
TRINH Female Pure Vietnamese
TRINI Female The Trinity Latin
TRINITY Female Holy Three American
TRISH Female From Patricia American
TRISHA Female Of Noble Descent Latin
TRISTA Female Sad Celtic/Gaelic
TRISTANA Female Sad Latin
TRISTESSA Female Sad woman Latin
TRIVENI Female Three Sacred Rivers Hindi
TRIXIE Female Bringer of Joy American
TRUDA Female Warrior Woman Polish
TRUDE Female From GERTRUDE German
TRUDY Female Adored Warrior German
TRULA Female True German
TRULY Female True English
TRUNG Both Medium Vietnamese
TRYNA Female Third Greek
TRYPHENA Female Delicate Greek
TUESDAY Both Born on Tuesday American
TULIA Female Destined for Glory Spanish
TULLY Both Calmness Celtic/Gaelic
TUWA Female Earth Native American
TUYEN Female Angel Vietnamese
TUYET Female Snow Vietnamese
TWILA Female Third English
TWYLA Female Third English
TY Both Short for TYLER/TYRONE American
TYANNE Female From TYRUS & ANNE American
TYLER Both Tile Maker English
TYME Both Thyme Herb English
TYNAN Both Dark Celtic/Gaelic
TYNE Both A River English
TYNICE Female Not available American
TYRA Female God of Battle Scandinavian
TYREE Both Island off of Scotland Celtic/Gaelic
TYRELL Both Thunder Ruler African-American
TYRONICA Female Goddess of Battle African-American
UJANA Female Youth African
ULA Female Jewel of the Sea Celtic/Gaelic
ULAN Female First Born of Twins African
ULANI Female Cheerful Hawaiian
ULEMA Female Intelligent One Arabic
ULF Both Wolf German
ULFAH Female Familiar Arabic
ULIANA Female ( unknown meaning ) Ukrainian
ULL Both Wolf Power German
ULLA Female To Fill Up Celtic/Gaelic
UMA Female Mother Goddess Hindi
UMAY Female Hope Turkish
UMEKO Female Plum Blossom Child Japanese
UMI Both Servant African
UMIKA Female Goddess Hindi
UMMI Both My Mother African
UNA Female Unity Celtic/Gaelic
UNITY Female Oneness American
URA Female The Heart Hindi
URANIA Female Heavenly Greek
URBAIN Both Form of URBAN French
URBAN Both From the City Latin
URBANA Female Of the City Latin
URI Both My Light Hebrew
URIT Female Light Hebrew
URSA Female Bear Scandinavian
URSALA Female Little Bear Greek
URSULA Female Female Bear Scandinavian
URVI Female The Earth Hindi
USOA Female Dove Spanish
UTA Female Poem Japanese
UTTARA Female Royal Daughter Hindi
UYEN Female Not available Vietnamese
UZURI Female Beauty Swahili
VAIL Both Valley English
VAL Both Power French
VALA Female Singled Out German
VALARIE Female Strength, Valor Latin
VALENCIA Female Brave Spanish
VALENTINA Female Health or Love Latin
VALENTINE Female Health or Love French
VALERIA Female Strength, Valor Italian
VALERIE Female Fierce One French
VALIANT Both Brave English
VALLARI Female Goddess Hindi
VALLERIE Female To be strong French
VALMAI Female Spring flower Welsh
VALORA Female Bravery Latin
VALTERRA Female Strong Earth American
VALTINA Female Health or Love Latin
VAN Both From the family of.. Scandinavian
VANDANA Female Worship Hindi
VANESSA Female Butterfly Greek
VANGIE Female Bearer of good news. Greek
VANIDA Female Girl Thai
VANNA Female Golden Colored Cambodian
VANYA Both Gracious Slavic
VARANA Female River Hindi
VARIAN Both Fickle, Changeable Latin
VARSHA Female Rain Hindi
VARTOUHI Female Beautiful as a Rose Armenian
VARUNA Female Wife of the Sea Hindi
VARVARA Female Stranger Greek
VASANT Both Spring Season Hindi
VASANTI Female From Springtime Hindi
VASHA Female South African Language African
VATUSIA Female They Leave Us Behind African
VAUGHAN Both From the name VAUGHN English
VAUGHN Both Small English
VEA Female Chief, Seen Latin
VEATA Female Wind Cambodian
VEGA Female Falling Star Latin
VELIKA Female Great Slavic
VELMA Female Protector Greek
VELVET Female Soft Fabric American
VENDA Female Of the Bantu People African
VENECIA Female From Venice Latin
VENETIA Female Woman of Venice Greek
VENICE Female A Favor, Giving Latin
VENTANA Female Window Spanish
VENTURA Female Good Fortune Spanish
VENUS Female Goddess of Love Greek
VERA Female Truth Italian
VERADIS Female Truthful, Genuine Latin
VERDA Female Truth Spanish
VERDAD Female Truth Spanish
VERDI Female Green Italian
VERENA Female Protector German
VERITY Female The truth Latin
VERLEE Female Truthful American
VERNA Female Truth Latin
VERONICA Female Truth and purity Spanish
VERONIQUE Female The Truth French
VESNA Female Spring Slavic
VESTA Female Goddess of the Hearth Latin
VETA Female Intelligent Spanish
VEVAY Female A White Wave Celtic/Gaelic
VEVINA Female Sweet Lady Celtic/Gaelic
VI Female From the name VIOLET American
VIAN Both Full of Life English
VIANCA Female Fair Skinned, White American
VICKI Female Victorious American
VICKY Female Winner, Conqueror American
VICTORIA Female Winner, Conqueror Latin
VIDA Female Life Latin
VIENNA Female From Wine Country Latin
VILA Female From WILLIAM Slavic
VILINA Female Dedicated Hindi
VILLETTE Female Small Village French
VILMARIS Female Protector from the sea Greek
VINA Female From the Vineyard Spanish
VINAY Both Modesty Hindi
VINAYA Female Modest Hindi
VINE Both Vineyard Worker English
VIOLA Female From the name VIOLET Italian
VIOLET Female Purple/blue flower French
VIRENDRA Both Brave Noble Person Hindi
VIRGINIA Female Virginal, Pure Latin
VIRGO Both The Virgin Latin
VISOLA Female Longings are Waterfalls African
VITA Female Life Italian
VIVECA Female Full of Life Latin
VIVEKA Female Right Hindi
VIVI Female Alive Latin
VIVIAN Female Full of Life, Vibrant Latin
VIVIANA Female Full of Life Italian
VIVIEN Female Full of Life, Vibrant Latin
VIVIENNE Female Life Latin
VLORA Female Bravery American
VON Both From (the family of) German
VONDA Female True Image Latin
VONDILA Female Lost a Child African
VONDRA Female The Love of a Woman Slavic
VUI Female Cheerful Vietnamese
WAFA Both Faithful Arabic
WAKANDA Female Possesses Magical Powers Native American
WALDA Female Ruler German
WALKER Both Forest Walker English
WALLIS Both From Wales English
WALTA Female Shield African
WAN Female Gentle, Gracious Chinese
WANDA Female A slender, young tree German
WANETA Both Shape-shifter Native American
WARDAH Female Rose Arabic
WASEEMAH Female Beautiful Arabic
WATTAN Female From the Homeland Japanese
WAUNA Female Singing Snow Goose Native American
WAVERLY Female Quaking Aspen English
WEDNESDAY Both Born on Wednesday American
WEI Female Valuable Chinese
WELCOME Female Welcome Guest American
WENDA Female White wave. Welsh
WENDI Female From Gwendolyn Welsh
WENDY Female White Skinned Welsh
WHITLEY Both A Small Field English
WHITNEY Both White Island English
WILDA Female Untamed German
WILEY Both Of the Willows English
WILHELMINA Female Desire to Protect German
WILLA Female Protector Latin
WILLOW Female From the Willow Tree English
WILMA Female Protector German
WILMET Female Protector German
WILONA Female Hoped For English
WIND Female Moving Air American
WINDA Female Hunter Swahili
WING Both Glory Chinese
WINIFRED Female Friend of Peace Celtic/Gaelic
WINKA Both People of Chile Scandinavian
WINOLA Female Gracious Friend German
WINONA Female First Born Native American
WINTA Female Desire African
WINTER Both The Season American
WREN Female Small Bird English
WYANET Female Beautiful Native American
WYNN Both Light Complexion Welsh
WYNNE Both Light Complexion Celtic/Gaelic
WYNONA Female From the name WINONA Native American
WYNONNA Female Oldest Daughter Native American
WYOME Both Plain Native American
XADRIAN Both Of the Adriatic American
XALVADORA Female Savior Spanish
XANNON Both Ancient God American
XANTARA Female Protector of the Earth American
XANTHE Female Blonde, Yellow Greek
XARIA Female Gift of love (Zaria) American
XAVIERA Female Owner of a new house. Spanish
XAVIERE Female New House French
XENA Female Hospitable Greek
XENIA Female Hospitable Greek
XENOPHON Both Strange Voice Greek
XEXILIA Female Blind American
XHOSA Female South African Tribe African
XI-WANG Both Hope Chinese
XIA Female Glow of the Sunrise Chinese
XIA HE Female Summer Lotus All Nationalities
XIANG Female Fragrant Chinese
XIAO CHEN Both Early Morning Chinese
XIAO HONG Both Morning Rainbo Chinese
XIN QIAN Female Happy, Beautiful Chinese
XINAVANE Female Spread, Propagate African
XING Both Star Chinese
XING XING Both Twin stars Chinese
XIOMARA Female Ready for Battle Spanish
XIU Female Elegant, Beautiful Chinese
XIU JUAN Female Elegant, Graceful Chinese
XOLA Both Stay in Peace African
XOLANI Female Please Forgive African
XUAN Both Spring Vietnamese
XUE Female Snow Chinese
XUE FANG Female Fragrant Snow Chinese
XUXA Female Queen Spanish
XYLIA Female From the Forest Greek
XYLON Both Lives in the Forest Greek
YACHI Female Eight Thousand Japanese
YAEL Both Strength of God Hebrew
YAIR Both God Will Teach Hebrew
YALE Both Mountain Goat English
YAMA Female Mountain Japanese
YAMIN Female Right Hand Hebrew
YAMKA Female Budding Flower Native American
YAN Female Pretty Colors / Swallow Bird Chinese
YANA Female He Answers Hebrew
YANCY Both Englishman Native American
YANK Both From the name YANCY Native American
YANKA Female God is Good Slavic
YANNI Both Gift of God Hebrew
YARDLEY Both Of the Yard English
YASER Both Wealth Arabic
YASMIN Female A Flower in the Olive Family Persian
YATES Both Gates English
YATIMA Female Orphan African
YAUVANI Female Full of Youth Hindi
YEARDLEIGH Both Of the Yard English
YEARDLEY Female Of the Yard English
YELENA Female Light Portuguese
YENGE Both Work African
YEPA Female Winter Princess Native American
YERIEL Both Founded by God Hebrew
YESSICA Female Wealthy Hebrew
YESTIN Both Just Welsh
YETTA Female Short for Henrietta Hebrew
YETTIE Female African
YETTY Female Ruler of the Household African-American
YEVA Female Life-Enhancing Slavic
YI Female Happy Chinese
YI MIN Both Smart Chinese
YI ZE Female Happy, Shiny as a Pearl. Chinese
YIHANA Female Congratulations African
YITTA Female Light Hebrew
YOGI Both Of the Yoga Practice Hindi
YOHANCE Both God’s Gift African
YOKO Female Positive Child Japanese
YOLAND Female Violet Flower French
YOLANDA Female Violet Flower Greek
YONINAH Female Little Dove Hebrew
YORI Female Reliable Japanese
YORUBA Female People in Nigeria African
YOSHE Female Beauty Japanese
YOSHIKO Female Good Child Japanese
YOSHINO Female Respectful, Good. Japanese
YOVELA Female Full of Joy Hebrew
YU JIE Both Pure, Beautiful Jade Chinese
YUE Both Moon Chinese
YUE YAN Both Happy, Beautiful Chinese
YUKI Female Snow or Lucky Japanese
YULE Both Of Christmastime English
YVETTE Female Form of YVONNE French
YVONNE Female From EVE AND ANNA French
ZABRINA Female Fruitful desert flower American
ZACHAREE Female God is remembered Hebrew
ZACI Both God of Fatherhood African
ZADA Female Good Fortune Armenian
ZAFIRAH Female She who wins Arabic
ZAGIRI Female Flower Armenian
ZAHAR Female Morning light Hebrew
ZAHAVAH Female Golden one Hebrew
ZAHINA Female Swahili Swahili
ZAHRA Female Fair Skinned Hindi
ZAIDA Female Good fortune Arabic
ZAIDE Female Elder Hebrew
ZAILA Female Female African
ZAINA Female Beautiful Arabic
ZAIRE Both From Zaire African
ZALE Both Sea Strength Greek
ZALIKA Female Born into Power Egyptian
ZALTANA Female High Mountain Native American
ZAMORA Female From the City Zamora Spanish
ZANDRA Female Defender of all Greek
ZANE Both Beloved Arabic
ZANNA Female Lily Latin
ZANTA Female Beautiful Girl Swahili
ZANTHE Female Light blond Greek
ZARA Female Princess Hebrew
ZARIA Female Princess Latin
ZARIEL Female Lion Princess American
ZARIFA Female Moves with grace Arabic
ZARINA Female Golden African
ZARITA Female Princess Spanish
ZAROLA Female Hunter Arabic
ZASHA Both People’s defender Russian
ZAVIERA Female Owner of the home Spanish
ZAYIT Female Olive Hebrew
ZAYN Both Beauty Arabic
ZAYNAH Female Lovely one Arabic
ZAZA Female Movement Hebrew
ZAZU Female From the name ZAZA Hebrew
ZEA Female Wheat Latin
ZEAL Both With passion American
ZEKI Female Smart Turkish
ZELDA Female Woman Warrior German
ZELIA Female Zeal Greek
ZENA Female Hospitable Greek
ZENAS Both Generous Greek
ZENDA Female Womanly Persian
ZENE Both Beautiful African
ZENEVIEVA Female White Wave Slavic
ZENIA Female Hospitable Greek
ZENOBIA Female Sign, Symbol Polish
ZENON Both Stranger var. of Xenon Greek
ZEPHAN Both Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
ZEPHYR Both Strong Wind Greek
ZERLINA Female Created Latin
ZHEN Female Precious Chinese
ZHENGA Female African Queen African
ZHI Both Wisdom, Healing Chinese
ZI Female Graceful, Beautiful Chinese
ZIA Female Wheat Latin
ZIARRE Female Goddess of the sky American
ZIAZAN Female Rainbow Armenian
ZIHNA Female Spins Native American
ZILYA Female Harvester Russian
ZINNA Female Rayed flower Latin
ZINNIA Female Beautiful, rayed flower. Latin
ZION Both A Sign Hebrew
ZIPPORAH Female Little Bird Hebrew
ZIRAILI Female Help of God African
ZITA Female The Seeker Spanish
ZITKALASA Female Red bird Native American
ZITOMIRA Female To live famously Slavic
ZIVA Female Splendor Hebrew
ZIVANKA Female Alive Slavic
ZIVEN Both Vigorous, Alive Polish
ZIYA Female Light Arabic
ZIZI Female Consecrated to God Hungarian
ZLATA Female Golden Slavic
ZLHNA Female Spinning Native American
ZO Both Spiritual Leader African
ZOAN Both Departure African
ZOCHA Female Wisdom Polish
ZODY Both Cusion of Life American
ZOE Female Life Greek
ZOEY Female Life Greek
ZOFIA Female Wisdom Polish
ZOHERET Female She shines Hebrew
ZOIE Female Life Greek
ZOLA Female Earth Latin
ZONA Female Sash Latin
ZONTA Female Honest, Trustworthy Native American
ZORA Female Dawn Slavic
ZORANA Female Dawn Slavic
ZORINA Female Golden Slavic
ZSA ZSA Female From the name SUSAN Hungarian
ZUBAIDA Female Marigold Arabic
ZUBEDA Female The best one Swahili
ZUDORA Female Laborer Arabic
ZULA Female Brilliant, Ahead African
ZULEIKA Female Brilliant and Lovely Arabic
ZULEMA Female Peace Hebrew
ZUNA Female Abundance African
ZURI Female Beautiful Swahili
ZURIEL Both The Lord is my Rock Hebrew
ZURINA Female White Spanish
ZUWENA Female Good Swahili
ZUZANA Female Rose Slavic
ZUZELA Female A wife of Sitting Bull Native American
ZWI Both Gazelle Scandinavian
ZYTA Female FROM Teresa Polish
ZYTKA Female Rose Flower Polish

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