Boy Baby Names

Name Gender What it Means Origin
AARON Male Enlightened; To Sing Hebrew
ABBOTT Male Father Hebrew
ABDUKRAHMAN Male Slave of the merciful God Arabic
ABDULKAREEM Male Slave of the generous God Arabic
ABDULLAH Male Slave of God Arabic
ABDULRAHMAN Male Slave of the merciful God Arabic
ABE Male Father of a Multitude Hebrew
ABEL Male A breath Hebrew
ABIE Both God is Joy Hebrew
ABNER Male Father of Light Hebrew
ABRAHAM Male Father of a Multitude Hebrew
ABRAM Male High Father Hebrew
ABSOLOM Male My Father is Peace Hebrew
ABU Male Father African
ACE Male Unity, One Latin
ACTON Male Oak tree settlement English
ADAIR Both Noble, Exalted English
ADAM Male Mankind Hebrew
ADDISON Both Son of Adam English
ADE Male Crown, Royal African
ADELIO Male Father of the Noble Prince Spanish
ADEM Male Red Earth African
ADEN Male Handsome, Adorned Hebrew
ADIEL Male Goat African
ADISH Male Fire Persian
ADLAI Male God is Just Hebrew
ADLI Male Just, Wise Hebrew
ADMON Male Red Peony Flower Hebrew
ADOLFO Male Wolf Italian
ADOLPH Male Wolf German
ADONAI Male My Lord Hebrew
ADONIS Male Beautiful Greek
ADRIAN Male Of the Adriatic Latin
ADRIANO Male Native of Adria: Greek City Latin
ADRIEL Both Congregation Latin
AFRICA Both Pleasant African-American
AFTON Both From the Afton River Celtic/Gaelic
AGAMEMNON Male Resolute Greek
AGOSTINO Male Respectable Italian
AHANU Male He Laughs Native American
AHMAD Male Greatly praised Arabic
AI Male Love Japanese
AIDAN Both Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
AIDEN Male Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
AIKEN Both From the Oak Trees English
AIMON Male Homebody Spanish
AJA Both Goat Hindi
AJANI Male He Who Wins the Struggle African
AJAX Male Strong Warrior Greek
AJAY Male Victorious Hindi
AKAMU Male Of the Red Earth Hawaiian
AKANDO Male Ambush Native American
AKIA Both First Born African
AKILI Male Wisdom Arabic
AKIO Male Bright Boy Japanese
AKIVA Both Protected Hebrew
AKUJI Male Dead and Awake African
AL Male From the name ALBERT German
ALAGAN Male Handsome Hindi
ALAIN Male Handsome French
ALAIR Male Cheerful/Merry English
ALAKE Male One to be Honored African
ALAN Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
ALARIC Male He who rules German
ALASTAIR Male Protector of Mankind English
ALAWI Male Descendant of Ali Arabic
ALBAN Male White Hill Latin
ALBERT Male Noble, Bright German
ALBERTO Male Form of ALBERT Spanish
ALBIN Male White Polish
ALDAN Male Of Old Age English
ALDEN Male Of Old Age English
ALDIS Both From the Old House English
ALDON Male Of Old Age Polish
ALEC Male Protector of Men Greek
ALEJANDRO Male Protector of Men Spanish
ALEM Male World leader African
ALERON Both Epaulet worn by a Knight French
ALEX Both Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXANDER Male Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXAVIER Male Protector of the New House American
ALEXIS Both Protector of Mankind Greek
ALFONSO Male Eager, Noble Italian
ALFRED Male Counselor English
ALGERNON Male Bearded French
ALI Both Noble, Sublime Arabic
ALICK Male Protector of mankind All Nationalities
ALIJAH Male The Lord is My God Hebrew
ALLAN Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
ALLEN Male Fair, handsome Celtic/Gaelic
ALOYSIUS Male A warrior German
ALPHONSE Male Eager, Noble German
ALTA Both Tall and lofty Latin
ALTON Male Old Town English
ALVA Both Fair Complected Latin
ALVARO Male Extremely Cautious Spanish
ALVIN Male Light Skinned German
AMADEUS Male Love of God Latin
AMAL Male Pure Hindi
AMANI Both Peace African
AMBROSE Male Immortal Greek
AMERGIN Male Poet Celtic/Gaelic
AMERICA Both Land of the Prince Latin
AMERICUS Both Royalty Latin
AMEYA Both Boundless Hindi
AMIEL Both God of my People Hebrew
AMIL Male Worthy Hindi
AMIN Male Trustworthy Persian
AMIR Male Proclaimed, Prince Hebrew
AMIRI Both Prince African
AMISH Male Honest Hindi
AMOR Both Love Spanish
AMOS Male Troubled Hebrew
AN Both Peace Chinese
ANAKIN Male Warrior American
ANALU Male Manly Hawaiian
ANANDO Male Bliss African
ANATOLE Male From the East French
ANDE Male Pillar African
ANDRE Male Manly, Courageous French
ANDREA Both Courageous Greek
ANDREAS Male Strong & Manly Greek
ANDREN Both From the town of Ardres, France English
ANDRES Male Manly, Courageous Spanish
ANDREW Male Manly, Courageous Greek
ANDY Male Manly Greek
ANGEL Both Angelic Greek
ANGELITO Male Little angel Spanish
ANGELO Male Angel Latin
ANGUS Male Unique Strength Celtic/Gaelic
ANOKI Male Actor Native American
ANSEL Male Follows Nobility French
ANSON Male Son of Andrew English
ANTHONY Male Worthy of Praise Greek
ANTON Male Worthy of Praise Slavic
ANTONIO Male Worthy of Praise Spanish
ANTONY Male Praiseworthy, Flourishing Latin
ANTRANIG Male First Son Armenian
ANWAR Male The Brightest African
AOKO Both Outside African
APIATAN Male Lance Made With Wood Native American
APOLLO Male God of truth and light Greek
APPOLLO Male God of the Sun Greek
APU Male Unique Hindi
AQUARIUS Both Tthe Water Bearer Latin
AQUILA Male Eagle Spanish
ARAM Male High, Exalted Armenian
ARAN Male Forest Thai
ARASH Male Hero Persian
ARAV Male Peaceful Hindi
ARAWN Both King of the Otherworld Welsh
ARCH Male Bold, Bowman German
ARCHANA Male Worshiping One Hindi
ARCHER Male Bowman English
ARCHIBALD Male Very Bold German
ARCHIE Male From the name ARCHIBALD German
ARDEN Both Thrilled and excited Latin
AREN Both Eagle, Ruler, Peace Scandinavian
ARGUS Male Vigilant and Alert Scandinavian
ARGYLE Male Diamond Pattern English
ARI Both Lion Hebrew
ARIABOD Male Tibe leader Persian
ARIC Male Form of Richard or Eric Greek
ARICH Both Unknown Thai
ARICIN Male King’s Son Scandinavian
ARIEL Both Lion of God Hebrew
ARIEN Both Enchanted Hebrew
ARIES Both The Ram Latin
ARIF Male Knowledgeable Arabic
ARION Both With Melody Hebrew
ARKADIY Male Bold Russian
ARLEN Male Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
ARLO Male Hill German
ARMAND Male Of the Army Latin
ARMANDE Male From the name ARMAND French
ARMANDO Male From the name ARMAND Latin
ARMEN Male Armenian Armenian
ARNALDO Male Strong as an eagle Spanish
ARNAUD Male Ruler of Eagles French
ARNAV Male Ocean Hindi
ARNE Male Eagle German
ARNIE Male From the name ARNE OR ARNOLD American
ARNOLD Male Strong as an Eagle German
ARNOLDO Male Strong as an eagle Spanish
ARNON Both Stream, River Hebrew
ARON Male To Sing Hebrew
ART Male Short form of ARTHUR American
ARTAN Male Little Bear Celtic/Gaelic
ARTAXIAD Male King’s Name Armenian
ARTEMAS Male Safe Greek
ARTEMIS Both Goddess of the Moon and Hunt Greek
ARTEMUS Both Of the moon Greek
ARTHUR Male Noble strength. A bear. Celtic/Gaelic
ARTIE Male From the name ARTHUR American
ARTY Male From the name ARTHUR American
ARVID Both Friend English
ARVIN Male Friend to All German
ARYA Both Honored, Noble Hindi
ASA Both Born at Dawn Japanese
ASH Both From the Ash Tree English
ASHANTI Both African Tribe Name Swahili
ASHBY Both Ash Tree Farm Hebrew
ASHER Male Blessed, Happy Hebrew
ASHLEY Both From the Ash Tree English
ASHLING Both Dream, Vision English
ASHO Male Pure of heart Persian
ASHTON Both Ash Tree Settlement English
ASPEN Both The Aspen Tree American
ASTIN Both Starlike French
ASTRO Male Of the Stars Greek
ATALO Male Youthful Greek
ATTICUS Male Father-like English
AUBREY Both Noble, Bright German
AUGUST Male Revered, Exalted German
AUGUSTIN Male Revered, Exalted French
AUGUSTUS Male Revered, Exalted Latin
AULII Both Delicious Hawaiian
AURE Both Soft Air, Breeze French
AUSTIN Male From the name AUGUSTIN English
AVAK Male The First Armenian
AVEDIS Male Brings Good News Armenian
AVEL Male Breath Greek
AVENT Male Born During Advent French
AVERY Both Nobility English
AVI Both Lord of Mine Latin
AVIDAN Male God Is Just Hebrew
AVINOAM Both Blessed Father Hebrew
AVIS Both Birds Latin
AVITAL Male Father of Dew Hebrew
AVIV Male Spring, renewal Hebrew
AVON Both The River Welsh
AXEL Male Source of all Life German
AXL Both Source of life German
AYMAN Male Holy, right-hand worker Arabic
AZ Male Strong Hebrew
AZHAR Male Famous Hindi
AZIA Both From the East American
AZIZE Both Highly Valued Swahili
AZIZI Both Precious One African
AZRA Both Pure Hebrew
AZRIEL Both God is My Aid Hebrew
AZURE Both Bluish Color Latin
BABACK Male Loving father Persian
BABY Both Baby English
BADE Male Full moon All Nationalities
BADEN Both Bather German
BAEDDAN Male Boar Welsh
BAHARI Male Sea Man African
BAILEY Both Bailiff, Steward English
BAIRD Male Minstrel, Poet Celtic/Gaelic
BAIRN Male Child, Born Celtic/Gaelic
BALDASARRE Male Brave One Italian
BALIN Male Knights of the Round Table English
BALLARD Male Brave German
BALTHASAR Male One of the 3 Kings Greek
BAN Male Not Available Vietnamese
BANAGHER Male Pointed Hill Celtic/Gaelic
BANJI Both Second Born of Twins African
BANYAN Male The Banyan Tree English
BAO Male To order, to bid Vietnamese
BAQER Male Man of knowledge Arabic
BARAK Male Lightning Hebrew
BARBOD Male Hero Persian
BARCLAY Male Meadow of the Birch Tree English
BARDIA Male The prince Persian
BARID Male Clouid Hindi
BARKE Male Blessings African
BARNABAS Male Son of a Missionary Greek
BARNARD Male From the name BERNARD German
BARNEY Male From the name BERNARD English
BARNY Male From the name BERNARD German
BARON Male Noble Man German
BARR Both Lawyer English
BARRETT Both Strength of a Bear German
BARRINGTON Male Town of Barr English
BARRY Male Marksman Celtic/Gaelic
BART Male Son of Tolmai Hebrew
BARTH Male Son of Tolmai Hebrew
BARTHOLEMEW Male Hill, Furrow Hebrew
BARTHOLOMEW Male Son of Tolmai Hebrew
BARTO Male Hill, Furrow Spanish
BARTON Male Barley Farm English
BARUCH Male Blessed Hebrew
BARY Male Marksman Celtic/Gaelic
BASE Male The Short One English
BASH Male Forerunner African
BASIL Male Like a King Greek
BAST Male Of the City of Bubastis African
BASTIEN Male Venerable, Revered French
BAT Male Short for Bartholomew American
BAXTER Male A Baker English
BAYARD Male With Red-Brown Hair French
BAYLE Both Beautiful American
BAYLEE Both Bailiff English
BAZYLI Male Kingly Polish
BEAU Male Beautiful, Handsome French
BEAUREGARD Male Beautiful, Handsome French
BECK Male The Brook English
BEDROS Male Stone Greek
BEL Both Sacred Wood Hindi
BELAY Male Above, Superior African
BELDEN Male From the Fair Valley French
BELL Both Beautiful French
BEN Male Son of Hebrew
BENDEK Male Blessed Polish
BENEDICT Male Blessed Latin
BENICIO Male Benevolent One Spanish
BENITO Male Blessed Italian
BENJAMIN Male Son of My Right Hand Hebrew
BENJY Male Son of My Right Hand Hebrew
BENNETT Both Little Blessed One Latin
BENNY Male Son of My Right Hand Hebrew
BENSON Male Son of BENJAMIN Hebrew
BERG Male Mountain German
BERKE Male Birch Tree English
BERN Both Brave French
BERNARD Male Bold As A Bear French
BERNE Both Bold as a Bear French
BERNIE Male From the name BERNARD French
BERNY Male From the name BERNARD French
BERT Male Bright German
BEVAN Male Son of Evan Celtic/Gaelic
BEVIS Male Bowman English
BIEN Male Ocean, sea Vietnamese
BIJAN Male Hero Persian
BILL Male From the name WILLIAM English
BILLIE Both Defender of justice German
BILLY Male From the name WILLIAM German
BIN Male From the name BINGHAM English
BING Male Pet form of BINGHAM English
BINGHAM Male Town of the Hollow English
BINH Male Vase, jar Vietnamese
BIRCH Male Birch Tree English
BISHOP Male A Bishop English
BITON Male Born after Long Wait African
BJORN Male Bear Scandinavian
BLADE Male Knife, Sword English
BLAINE Both The Source of a River English
BLAIR Both Field or Plain Celtic/Gaelic
BLAISE Both Stammerer French
BLAKE Both Pale English
BLAZE Both A Flame American
BLUE Both The Color American
BO Both Strong and Fast Hebrew
BOAZ Male Swift, Strong Hebrew
BOB Male From the name ROBERT English
BOBBY Both Short for ROBERT American
BOHDAN Male Proud ruler Slavic
BONAVENTURE Male Good Luck Latin
BOND Male To Bind English
BONIFACY Male Doer of Good Deeds Polish
BONNER Male Good Citizen American
BONO Male All Good American
BOOKER Male Book Maker English
BOONE Male Good French
BOOTH Male Hut English
BORIS Male Warrior Slavic
BORKA Male Fighter Slavic
BORNA Male Youthful Persian
BOWEN Male Archer Celtic/Gaelic
BOWIE Male Yellow Haired Celtic/Gaelic
BOYCE Male From the Woods German
BOYD Male Blonde Celtic/Gaelic
BRAC Male Free Welsh
BRAD Male Broad Meadow English
BRADEN Male Broad English
BRADFORD Male A Broad Ford English
BRADLEY Male A Broad Lea, Meadow English
BRADY Both Broad shouldered Celtic/Gaelic
BRAEDEN Male From the Dark Valley Celtic/Gaelic
BRAN Male From the name BRAND English
BRAND Male Marked by fire English
BRANDEN Male Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRANDON Male Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRANT Male From the name BRAND English
BRANXTON Both Unknown English
BRASEN Both God’s gift American
BRAYDEN Both Brave Celtic/Gaelic
BRAYTON Male From Great Bitain English
BRAZIL Both Strife Celtic/Gaelic
BRECKIN Both Freckled Celtic/Gaelic
BREDE Both The Glaciar Polish
BREINDEL Both Blessing Hebrew
BRENCIS Both Crowned with Laurel Slavic
BREND Both Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRENDAN Male Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRENDON Male Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRENNAN Male Raven-like Celtic/Gaelic
BRENT Male from high on the hill English
BRETT Both Briton, British Celtic/Gaelic
BREWSTER Male One Who Brews Beer German
BRIAN Male Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRIAR Both Shrub or small tree English
BRICE Male Son of a Nobleman English
BRICK Male From the name BRICE English
BRIER Male Heather English
BRIGHAM Male Covered Bridge English
BRIGHTON Male From the Bright Town English
BRILANE Both From Brigham Lane English
BRILLIANT Both To Sparkle American
BRINLEY Male Burnt Meadow English
BRINLY Both Virtuous, Princess English
BRIT Both From the name BRITANNIA English
BRITAIN Both From Great Britain English
BROCK Male A Badger English
BRODERICK Male Brother Celtic/Gaelic
BRODY Male Brother Celtic/Gaelic
BROGAN Both Sturdy and strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRON Both The Source African
BRONE Male Brown English
BRONSON Male Son of Brown English
BROOK Both Running Stream English
BROOKE Both Brook, Stream English
BROOKLYN Both Brook, Stream English
BROOKS Male Running Water English
BROSH Male Lips Armenian
BRUCE Male Woods French
BRUIS Male Mansion Celtic/Gaelic
BRUNO Male Brown One German
BRYAN Male Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRYANT Male Strong, Honorable Celtic/Gaelic
BRYCE Both Son of a Nobleman English
BRYNN Both Small Hill Celtic/Gaelic
BRYSON Male Grandson of a Nobleman American
BUCK Male Deer, Cowboy American
BUD Male Messenger, Friend American
BUDDY Male Friend American
BURGESS Male Town Citizen German
BURIAN Male Near the Woods Slavic
BURKE Male From the fortress French
BURT Male Town of the Fortress English
BURTON Male Town of the Fortress English
BUTCH Both Manly American
BUZZ Male Village in the Woods Celtic/Gaelic
BYRD Male Like a Bird English
BYRON Male Barn or Cottage English
CACHE Both Storage Place American
CADE Both Pure American
CADEN Both Fighter American
CAEL Male Victorious People Celtic/Gaelic
CAESAR Male Long-Haired Greek
CAGNEY Both Not available Celtic/Gaelic
CAIN Both Craftsman Hebrew
CAINE Both Spear hunter Hebrew
CAIRBRE Male Strong Man Celtic/Gaelic
CAIRO Both City in Egypt African
CAIS Both Rejoicer Vietnamese
CAL Both Short for names beginning with CAL American
CALDER Male Stream Celtic/Gaelic
CALE Male Form of Caleb Hebrew
CALEB Male Faithful, Bold Hebrew
CALEY Both Brave Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
CALHOUN Male Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
CALIX Male Very Handsome Greek
CALLUM Male Dove Celtic/Gaelic
CALUM Male Dove Celtic/Gaelic
CALVIN Male Bald Latin
CAM Both From the name CAMERON Celtic/Gaelic
CAMDEN Male From the valley Celtic/Gaelic
CAMDYN Both Winding Valley English
CAMEO Both Shadow Portrait Latin
CAMERON Both Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
CAMRYN Both Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
CANDID Both Hidden American
CANDIDE Both Pure, Bright Latin
CAOLAN Both Form of Helen Celtic/Gaelic
CAPRICORN Both The Goat Latin
CARADOC Male Beloved Welsh
CAREY Both Pure Celtic/Gaelic
CARGAN Male Little Rock Celtic/Gaelic
CARL Male Strong One German
CARLEN Both from Carlin-Champion Celtic/Gaelic
CARLIN Both Little champion Celtic/Gaelic
CARLOS Male From the name CARL Spanish
CARLOW Male Quadruple Lake Celtic/Gaelic
CARLTON Male Town of Charles English
CARMAN Both Lord of the Castle Celtic/Gaelic
CARMINE Male Song Italian
CARNIG Male Small Lamb Armenian
CAROLOS Male Strong, Manly Greek
CARR Male Marshland Celtic/Gaelic
CARRINGTON Both Town of the Marsh English
CARSON Male Son of Carr English
CARSYN Male Son of Carr American
CARTER Both Driver of a Cart English
CARVER Male Wood Carver English
CARY Both Pure Celtic/Gaelic
CASEY Both Brave Celtic/Gaelic
CASIMIR Male Peacemaker Slavic
CASPAR Male Royal German
CASPER Male Royal German
CASSIDY Both Clever Celtic/Gaelic
CASSIUS Male Vain Latin
CASTA Male Pure Spanish
CASTEL Both To the Castle Spanish
CATHAL Male Mighty battle Celtic/Gaelic
CATO Both Good Judgement Latin
CAVAN Both Hollow Place Celtic/Gaelic
CEALLACH Male Little Kelly – strife Celtic/Gaelic
CECIL Male Blind English
CEDRIC Male Chief English
CERES Both Goddess of the Corn Greek
CESAR Male Long Haired Latin
CHAD Male Battle, Warrior English
CHAIM Male To Life Hebrew
CHAMAN Male Garden Hindi
CHANCE Male Keeper of the Records English
CHANCELLOR Male Keeper of Records, Secretary English
CHANDLER Both Candle Maker English
CHANNER Both Wise English
CHANNING Both Wise English
CHANNON Both Clergyman – Canon Celtic/Gaelic
CHAO Both Great one Chinese
CHARAN Male Feet Hindi
CHARIS Both Grace Greek
CHARLES Male Manly, Farmer German
CHARLTON Male House where Charles lives. English
CHARS Male Manly, Farmer English
CHAS Male Manly, Farmer English
CHASE Male Hunter English
CHAUNCEY Male Chancellor English
CHAVEZ Male Dream maker Spanish
CHAY Both Fairy Dwelling Celtic/Gaelic
CHAYTON Male Falcon Native American
CHAZ Male Manly, farmer English
CHELSEY Both Port of Ships English
CHEN Both Dawn Chinese
CHENG Male To Become Chinese
CHESMU Male Gritty Native American
CHESTER Male A Fortress, Camp English
CHET Male A Fortress, Camp English
CHEVEYO Male Spirit Warrior Native American
CHEYNE Both God is gracious. Celtic/Gaelic
CHI Male Younger Energy Chinese
CHICK Both From the name CHARLES English
CHICO Male From the name FRANCIS Spanish
CHILL Male From the name CHILTON English
CHILTON Male A Town By the River English
CHIMELU Male Made of God African
CHIP Male Chipping Sparrow English
CHOGAN Male Blackbird Native American
CHRISTIAN Both Of the Christian Faith English
CHRISTMAS Both Mass for Christ English
CHRISTOFFER Male Bearer of Christ Scandinavian
CHRISTOPHER Male Christ-bearer Greek
CHUCK Male From the name CHARLES American
CHUNG Male Common Vietnamese
CHUONG Male Chapter Vietnamese
CIAN Male Ancient Celtic/Gaelic
CICERO Male The Historian Greek
CID Male Lord Spanish
CILLIAN Male War Celtic/Gaelic
CIQALA Both Little One Native American
CIRO Male Ancient Egyptian Wind Greek
CIROCCO Male Ancient Egyptian Wind Italian
CLARENCE Male Clear, Luminous Latin
CLARK Male Clergyman French
CLARKE Male From the name CLARK French
CLAUDE Male Lame Latin
CLAUDIO Male Lame Latin
CLAY Male Immortal English
CLAYLAND Male From the name CLAYTON English
CLAYTON Male Town on Clay Land English
CLEATUS Male Illustrious Greek
CLEAVANT Male A Steep Bank English
CLEAVE Male From the name CLEAVON English
CLEAVON Male From the name CLEAVANT English
CLEM Male From the name CLEMENT English
CLEMENS Male From the name CLEMENT English
CLEMENT Male Gentle, Merciful English
CLEVELAND Male Land of High Cliffs English
CLIFF Male From the name CLIFFORD English
CLIFFORD Male From a Steep Cliff English
CLIFTON Male From a Town near a Cliff English
CLINT Male From the name CLINTON English
CLINTON Male Town on a Hill English
CLIVE Male Cliff Dweller English
CLOVE Both A Nail, Spice German
CLOVIS Male Famous soldier (fm. Louis) German
CLYDE Male warm Celtic/Gaelic
COBY Both Supplanter Hebrew
CODY Male A Cushion English
COEN Male Brave, alt. sp. Koen German
COLBY Both Dark Haired English
COLE Male From the name NICHOLAS Celtic/Gaelic
COLIN Male Child, Also form of NICHOLAS English
COLLIER Male Miner English
COLLIN Male From the name COLIN English
COLM Male Dove Celtic/Gaelic
COLMAN Male Little Dove English
COLTON Male Coal Town English
COLUM Male Dove Celtic/Gaelic
CONAN Male Wise Celtic/Gaelic
CONARY Both Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
CONG Both Intelligent, Clever Chinese
CONLAN Male Hero Celtic/Gaelic
CONLEY Male Hero Celtic/Gaelic
CONNER Male Wise Celtic/Gaelic
CONNIE Both From the name CONSTANCE English
CONNLEY Male Hero Celtic/Gaelic
CONNOR Male Much wanted, strong willed Celtic/Gaelic
CONOR Male Much wanted Celtic/Gaelic
CONRAD Male Bold, Wise Counselor German
CONROY Male Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
CONSTANTINE Male Firm, constant Greek
CONWAY Male Hound of the plain Welsh
CONYERS Male City in Georgia American
COOPER Male Barrel Maker English
CORBETT Male Black Raven Latin
CORBIN Both A Raven Latin
CORBY Both Dark as a Raven English
CORDELL Male Rope Maker English
COREY Both Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
CORIANDER Both Romance, Spice Greek
CORMAC Male Charioteer Celtic/Gaelic
CORNELIUS Male Horn-Colored Latin
CORNELL Male From the name CORNELIUS Celtic/Gaelic
CORT Male Bold or Short English
CORY Both Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
CORYDON Male Lark Greek
COSMO Male The Universe Greek
COTY Both Small Slope French
COURTNEY Both From the Court English
COY Both Woods English
COYE Both Woods English
COYNE Male Modest French
CRAIG Male From the Crag Celtic/Gaelic
CREE Both Tribe Name Native American
CREIGHTON Male Near the creek English
CREOLA Both Native to the Land, Creole American
CRESCENT Both To Grow English
CREVAN Male Fox Celtic/Gaelic
CRICKET Both Loud Insect of the Night American
CRISPIN Male Curly Haired Latin
CRISTY Both From the name CHRISTOPHER English
CRUZ Male The Cross Bearer Spanish
CULLEN Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
CURRY Male A Marsh or an herb Celtic/Gaelic
CURT Male From the name CURTIS Latin
CURTIS Male Courteous Latin
CUTHBERT Male Brilliant English
CUTLER Male Knife Maker English
CUTTER Male Gem Cutter English
CUYLER Male Chapel, Shelter Celtic/Gaelic
CY Male From the name CYRIL Greek
CYD Both A Public Hill Greek
CYRIL Male Lordly Greek
CYRUS Male Sun Persian
DACEY Both Down Below Latin
DACIAN Male From Dacia (Near Rome) Latin
DAFYDD Male Beloved Welsh
DAGAN Both Grain of Corn Hebrew
DAIRE Male Ancient Irish Celtic/Gaelic
DAKOTA Both Native American Tribal Name Native American
DALE Male Valley German
DALIT Male Draw Water Hebrew
DALLAS Both Wise Celtic/Gaelic
DALLIN Both From the Dale Celtic/Gaelic
DALLON Both From Dale, a valley English
DALTON Male The Town Near the Valley English
DAMIAN Male Sweet and harmless Greek
DAMIEN Male Sweet and harmless Greek
DAMON Male Constant,Loyal Greek
DAN Male From the name DANIEL Hebrew
DANA Both Danish, from Denmark English
DANE Male God is my Judge or From Denmark Scandinavian
DANIEL Male God is my Judge Hebrew
DANIL Male Form of DANIEL Persian
DANNIELL Male God is my Judge French
DANNON Male From Daniel-judged by God Hebrew
DANNY Male From the name DANIEL Celtic/Gaelic
DANTE Both Lasting Latin
DANTON Male From the name DANTE English
DANYL Male From the name Daniel Hebrew
DARAY Both Dark Celtic/Gaelic
DARBY Both Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
DARCY Both Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
DARD Male Son of ZEUS Greek
DAREH Male Wealthy One Armenian
DARIAN Both From the name DARIN Celtic/Gaelic
DARIN Male Precious Present Celtic/Gaelic
DARIO Male Affluent Spanish
DARIUS Male Wealthy Greek
DARNELL Male Hidden Nook English
DARRELL Male Darling French
DARREN Male Great Celtic/Gaelic
DARRIN Male From the name DARREN Celtic/Gaelic
DARRION Male From the name Darren Celtic/Gaelic
DARRIUS Male He who Upholds the Good Greek
DARRYL Male From the name DARYL French
DARSHAN Male A Hindu God Hindi
DARWIN Male Dear Friend English
DARYL Both Dear, Beloved French
DASAN Male Ruler Native American
DASH Male Page Boy French
DASHIELL Male Page Boy French
DAVAN Both Fem. form of DAVID Celtic/Gaelic
DAVE Male From the name DAVID Hebrew
DAVID Male Beloved Hebrew
DAVIN Both Finnish Person Scandinavian
DAVIS Male Son of DAVID Welsh
DAVU Male The Beginning African
DAWSON Male Son of David English
DAY Both Light and hope American
DAYSHAUN Male God’s gift of hope American
DAYTON Both Bright and Sunny Town English
DEACON Male Pastor American
DEAN Male Head, Leader English
DECEMBER Both Month name American
DECKER Male Man of Prayer German
DECLAN Male Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
DEEPAK Male Brilliant Hindi
DEION Male God of Wine and Revelry African-American
DEIONDRE Both Valley African-American
DEITER Male Army of the People German
DEKA Both Pleasing African
DEL Both Short for names beginning with DEL Celtic/Gaelic
DELAINE Both Descendent of the Challenger Celtic/Gaelic
DELANEY Both Enemy’s Child Celtic/Gaelic
DELANO Male Dark Celtic/Gaelic
DELBERT Male Bright Like Daytime English
DELLING Both Scintillating Scandinavian
DEMBE Male Peace African
DEMETRIUS Male Goddess of Fertility Greek
DEMITRIUS Male Lover of the Earth Greek
DEMPSTER Male Judge English
DENIM Both Strong cloth American
DENIS Male From the name DENNIS French
DENNIS Male Wild, Frenzied Greek
DENTON Male Happy home English
DENVER Both Green Valley American
DENZEL Male Wild One African-American
DEO Male Godlike Greek
DEON Both Divine Queen American
DERBY Both From the Village of Danes Celtic/Gaelic
DEREK Male Famous Ruler German
DEREX Male Famous Ruler American
DERMOT Male Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
DERON Male Belongs to God Armenian
DERRICK Male Famous Ruler English
DERRON Male Great English
DERRY Both Red-Head Celtic/Gaelic
DES Both Desire Spanish
DESHAWN Male God is Gracious African-American
DESI Both Desire Spanish
DESIDERIO Male Desire Spanish
DESMOND Male One from S. Muenster Celtic/Gaelic
DEVAN Both Writer of poetry Celtic/Gaelic
DEVEN Both Like a God Hindi
DEVIN Both Poet English
DEVLIN Male Brave; fierce Celtic/Gaelic
DEVON Both Poet English
DEWAYNE Male From the Wagon Maker African-American
DEWEI Male Of Great Principle Chinese
DEWEY Male From the name DAVID Welsh
DEWITT Male Blond German
DEXTER Male Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
DEZSO Male Desired Hungarian
DHARMA Both Ultimate Law of All Things Hindi
DIALLO Male Bold African
DIAMOND Both Brilliant Gem English
DIAN Both From God of wine German
DIARA Both Gift African
DICK Male Powerful, Rich Ruler German
DIDIER Male Desire French
DIEDRICK Male German
DIEGO Male St. James Spanish
DILLAN Male Form of DILLON Celtic/Gaelic
DILLIAN Both Combination of DILLON and GILLIAN American
DILLON Male Faithful Celtic/Gaelic
DIMA Male Powerful Warrior Slavic
DINESH Male The Sun Hindi
DINH Male Peace, Calm Vietnamese
DINO Male Little Sword Italian
DINOS Male Dim. of Constantine Greek
DION Both God of Wine and Revelry Greek
DIONYSIUS Male God of Wine & Revelry Greek
DIONYSUS Male God of Wine & Revelry Latin
DIOR Both Present French
DIRK Male Famous Ruler German
DIXON Male Son of Richard English
DMITRI Male Lover of the Earth Slavic
DOANE Male Hill Dweller English
DOBRY Male Good Polish
DOCTOR Male The 7th son of the 7th son English
DOLAN Male Dark Haired Celtic/Gaelic
DOLPH Male From the name RANDOLPH German
DOM Male Belonging to God Latin
DOMANI Both Tomorrow Italian
DOMINIC Male Belonging to God Latin
DOMINICK Male Belonging to God Latin
DOMINY Male Belonging to God English
DON Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONAGH Male Brown Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
DONAL Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONALD Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONAR Male God of Thunder Scandinavian
DONAT Male Given Slavic
DONATO Male A Gift Italian
DONG Male Winter Vietnamese
DONNAN Male Brown Celtic/Gaelic
DONNEL Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONNELLY Male Brave, dark man Celtic/Gaelic
DONNY Male World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
DONOVAN Male Dark Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
DOOLEY Male Brown Hero Celtic/Gaelic
DORIAN Both From the Sea Greek
DORJAN Male Dark Man Hungarian
DORSEY Both From the name DORSET Celtic/Gaelic
DOUG Male From the name DOUGLAS Celtic/Gaelic
DOUGAL Male Dark stranger Celtic/Gaelic
DOUGLAS Male Flowing from the dark river Celtic/Gaelic
DOUGLASS Male From the name DOUGLAS Celtic/Gaelic
DOV Male Bear Hebrew
DOYLE Male Dark Foreigner Celtic/Gaelic
DRACO Male Dragon Italian
DRAGO Male Dragon Italian
DRAGON Male Fire-breathing creature American
DRAKE Male Dragon English
DREW Both Manly and Courageous Greek
DRU Both Manly, Courageous American
DRUCE Male Druid, Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
DUANE Male Wagon Maker Celtic/Gaelic
DUANTE Male Wagon Maker African-American
DUARD Male Wealthy Guardian English
DUC Male Moral, Good Vietnamese
DUDLEY Male From the Meadow English
DUER Male Heroic Celtic/Gaelic
DUFF Both Baker English
DUGAN Male Dark-Colored Celtic/Gaelic
DUKA Male All African
DUKE Male Title of Nobility English
DUME Male The Bull African
DUMI Both The Inspirer African
DUNCAN Male Dark Skinned Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
DUNG Male Bravery Vietnamese
DUNIXI Both God of Wine Greek
DUNN Male Brown English
DUNNE Both Brown English
DURIN Male Mythical Dwarf German
DUSAN Male Lord and judge Slavic
DUSCHA Both Divine Spirit Slavic
DUSTIN Male Warrior English
DUSTY Both From the name DUSTIN English
DUTCH Male From the Netherlands Scandinavian
DUY Male Save Vietnamese
DWAYNE Male From the Wagon Maker African-American
DWIGHT Male White, fair one English
DYAMI Male Eagle Native American
DYLAN Both Born from the ocean; son of the sea Welsh
DYRE Both Dear Heart Scandinavian
EADOIN Male Blessed with Many Friends Celtic/Gaelic
EAMON Male Wealthy Protector Celtic/Gaelic
EARL Male Pledge, Nobleman Celtic/Gaelic
EARNEST Male Truth German
EBEN Male Rock Hebrew
ECHO Both Sound Returned Greek
ED Male Wealthy Guardian English
EDAN Male Full of Fire Celtic/Gaelic
EDDIE Male Wealthy Guardian American
EDDY Male Protector English
EDEN Both Paradise Hebrew
EDGAR Male Great Spearman English
EDISON Male Son of Edward English
EDMUND Male Protector English
EDRIC Male Prosperous Ruler English
EDUARDO Male Form of Edward Spanish
EDWARD Male Wealthy Guardian English
EDWIN Male Prosperous Friend English
EFRAT Male Honored, Distinguished Hebrew
EFREM Male From the name EPHRAIM Hebrew
EGAN Male Little Fire Greek
EGIL Male Awe-Inspiring Scandinavian
EHREN Male Honorable German
EITAN Male Strong and staunch Hebrew
EKRAM Male Honor Hindi
ELAM Both Highlands Hebrew
ELAN Both Tree Hebrew
ELDEN Male Protector English
ELDON Male Of Old Age English
ELEAZAR Male God has helped Hebrew
ELGIN Male Noble English
ELI Male From the name ELIJAH Hebrew
ELIAS Male The Lord is My God Latin
ELIJAH Male The Lord is My God Hebrew
ELIOT Male The Lord is My God English
ELISHA Male God is Gracious Hebrew
ELJAH Male Form of ELIJAH Hebrew
ELKAN Male Belonging to God Hebrew
ELLARD Male Nobly Brave German
ELLERY Both Elder Tree Island English
ELLIOT Male The Lord is My God English
ELLIOTT Male Close to God Hebrew
ELLIS Both From the name ELIJAH Hebrew
ELLISON Male Son of Elias English
ELMER Male Famous English
ELMO Male Protector English
ELROY Male The King French
ELSU Male Flying Falcon Native American
ELTON Male The Old Town English
ELU Both Full of Grace Native American
ELVIN Male Friend of Elves Celtic/Gaelic
ELVIS Male Wise, Sage Scandinavian
ELY Male Form of ELI Hebrew
EMANUEL Male God is With Us Hebrew
EMBER Both Spark, burning low German
EMERSON Male Son of Emery German
EMERY Male Ruler of Work German
EMIL Male To Emulate, Copy Latin
EMILIO Male Form of EMIL Italian
EMLYN Both Flatterer Welsh
EMMANUEL Male From the name EMANUEL Hebrew
EMMET Male Strong Worker German
EMMETT Male Strong Worker German
EMORY Male Leader German
ENNIS Both Island Celtic/Gaelic
ENOCH Male Dedicated Hebrew
ENRICO Male Ruler of the household. Italian
ENRIQUE Male Ruler of the Home (var. of Henry) Spanish
EPHRAIM Male Very Fruitful Hebrew
EPIFANIO Male One Who Gives Light Greek
ERASMUS Male To Love Greek
ERIC Male Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
ERIK Male Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
ERLING Both Descendant Scandinavian
ERMIN Male Universal, Whole Greek
ERNEST Male Truth German
ERNIE Male From the name ERNEST German
ERNO Male Form of ERNEST German
ERON Male Peace, Enlightened Hebrew
EROS Male God of Love Greek
ERRIGAL Both Small Church Celtic/Gaelic
ERROL Male To Wander English
ERV Male From the name IRVING English
ERVIN Male Friend of the Sea Hungarian
ERWIN Male From the name IRVING English
ERYK Male Ever Powerful Polish
ESBEN Male God Scandinavian
ESPEN Both God Bear Scandinavian
ESTEBAN Male Crown of Victory Spanish
ETAN Male Steady Hebrew
ETHAN Male Firm, Strong Hebrew
ETHANAEL Male God Given Endurance American
ETIENNE Male Crowned One French
EUCLID Male Intelligent Greek
EUGENE Male Well born Greek
EVAN Male God is Good Welsh
EVERETT Male Wild Boar, Strong English
EVERLEY Male grazing meadow English
EVERLY Male Grazing meadow English
EVERS Male Wild Boar English
EWAN Male Young Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
EYAD Male Possesses power Arabic
EYAL Male Strength Hebrew
EYTAN Male Firm, Strong Polish
EZEKIEL Male Strength of God Hebrew
EZHNO Male He Walks Alone Native American
EZRA Male Helper Hebrew
FABIAN Male Bean Grower Italian
FABIANO Male Bean Farmer Italian
FABIO Male Bean Farmer Latin
FABRIZIO Male One with Skillful Hands Latin
FABUNNI Male God has Given Me This African
FADEY Male Courageous Slavic
FAI Male Brilliant Light Chinese
FAIRFAX Male Fair Haired English
FAIRLY Both The Far Meadow English
FAOLAN Male Wolf Celtic/Gaelic
FARIS Male Horseman/Knight Arabic
FARLEY Both From the Bull Pasture Celtic/Gaelic
FARRELL Male Of Proven Courage Celtic/Gaelic
FARREN Both Wanderer English
FATHI Male Victory Arabic
FAUNUS Both God of Forests Latin
FAUSTO Male Lucky Spanish
FAUSTUS Male Lucky Greek
FAVIAN Male Brave Man Latin
FAWZI Male Winner Arabic
FAXON Male Thick-Haired Latin
FEARGHUS Male Strong Man Celtic/Gaelic
FEDERICO Male Peaceful Ruler Spanish
FEIVEL Male God Assists Hebrew
FELETI Male Peace Italian
FELIX Male Happy and Prosperous Latin
FELL Male A Field English
FELTON Male Town in a Field English
FEO Male Ugly Spanish
FEORAS Male Smooth Rock Celtic/Gaelic
FERDINAND Male To be Courageous German
FERGAL Male Man of Strength Celtic/Gaelic
FERGUS Male Manly Celtic/Gaelic
FERGUSON Male Son of FERGUS Celtic/Gaelic
FERNANDO Male Daring, Adventurous Spanish
FERRIS Male Iron Worker Celtic/Gaelic
FERROL Male Iron Ring English
FEWS Both Woods Celtic/Gaelic
FICO Male A Fig Italian
FIDEL Male Faithful Latin
FIDELIO Male Faithful Italian
FIELD Male A Field English
FILBERT Male Brilliant English
FINDLAY Male Blond-haired soldier Celtic/Gaelic
FINLAY Male Blond-haired soldier Celtic/Gaelic
FINLEY Male Fair Haired One Celtic/Gaelic
FINN Male Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FIONAN Male Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FIORELLO Male Little floewr Italian
FISK Male A Fish English
FITZWILLIAM Male Son of William Celtic/Gaelic
FLAN Both From Flannery Celtic/Gaelic
FLANN Male Son of the red-haired man Celtic/Gaelic
FLANNERY Both Flat Land Celtic/Gaelic
FLAVIAN Male Yellow, Blonde Greek
FLETCHER Male Arrow Maker English
FLINT Male Hard Quartz Rock English
FLOYD Male The Hollow Welsh
FLYNN Male Heir to the Redheaded Celtic/Gaelic
FORBES Male Prosperous Celtic/Gaelic
FORD Male River crossing English
FORDON Male To Destroy English
FOREST Both From the Woods English
FORREST Male Of the Woods, Forest English
FORRESTER Male Of the Forest English
FORSTER Male From the name FORRESTER English
FORTUNE Male Given to Luck French
FOSTER Male From the name FORREST English
FOUNTAIN Both A Spring French
FOX Male A Fox English
FOY Male A Journey Celtic/Gaelic
FRALEY Male Friar English
FRAN Both Free Latin
FRANCIS Male Free Latin
FRANCISCO Male Free Land Spanish
FRANCOIS Male Free French
FRANK Male Free Latin
FRANKLIN Male Free Man English
FRANZ Male Free German
FRASIER Male Stawberry English
FRAYNE Male Ash Tree English
FRED Male Rich with Peace German
FREDDY Male From the name FREDERICK German
FREDERICK Male Rich with Peace German
FREED Male Form of FREDERICK English
FREEMAN Male Free Man English
FREMONT Male Freedom Mountain English
FRENCH Both From France American
FREY Male God of Weather Scandinavian
FRITZ Male Contraction of FREDERICK German
FRYE Male Seed, Offspring English
FULBRIGHT Male Very Light English
FULLER Male Occupational Surname English
FYNN Male Form of FINN Celtic/Gaelic
GABE Male From the name GABRIEL Hebrew
GABRIEL Male Hero of God Hebrew
GAD Male Juniper Tree Native American
GAEL Both Gaelic, From Ireland Celtic/Gaelic
GAERWN Both White Fort Welsh
GAETAN Male From Gaeta, Italy Italian
GAETANO Male Region in Italy Italian
GAGAN Male Sky Hindi
GAGE Male A Pledge, A Pawn French
GAIUS Male Rejoicer Welsh
GALAHAD Male Pure, noble and selfless English
GALE Male A Stranger Celtic/Gaelic
GALEN Male Healer, Calm Greek
GALENO Male Illuminated Child Spanish
GALI Male Fountain Hebrew
GALLAGHER Male Eager Helper Celtic/Gaelic
GALVIN Male Sparrow Celtic/Gaelic
GANIT Male Defender Hebrew
GANNON Male Fair Complected Celtic/Gaelic
GARAN Both Stork Welsh
GARDNER Male A Gardener English
GARETH Male Gentle Welsh
GARFIELD Male Battlefield English
GARIN Both Name of an old Armenian City Armenian
GARRAN Male Shrubery Celtic/Gaelic
GARREN Both Guardian English
GARRET Male To Watch Celtic/Gaelic
GARRETT Male To Watch Celtic/Gaelic
GARRICK Male Leads by the Spear English
GARRISON Male Troops in Battle English
GARRON Male Guardian English
GARRY Male From the name GARRET English
GARSON Male Son of Gar English
GARTH Male A Field, Garden English
GARVEY Male Peace Celtic/Gaelic
GARY Male Spear Carrier German
GASTON Male From Gascony, France French
GATES Male Barriers English
GAURAV Male Pride Hindi
GAUTAM Male Lord Buddha Hindi
GAUTIER Male Mighty Leader French
GAVAN Male White Hawk Welsh
GAVIN Male Little Hawk Welsh
GAVRIL Male Believer in God Slavic
GAYLORD Male Happy Noble Person French
GAZALI Male Mystic African
GELLERT Male Powerful Soldier Hungarian
GEMINI Both The Twins Latin
GENE Male Born to Nobility English
GENERO Male General, generic Latin
GENET Male Eden African
GENT Male Gentleman English
GEOFF Male Peace German
GEOFFREY Male Gift of Peace English
GEORDI Male Hill Near Meadows Greek
GEORGE Male Farmer Greek
GERALD Male Spear Warrior German
GERALDO Male From the name GERALD Spanish
GERARD Male Brave French
GERIK Male Swords and Riches Polish
GERODI Male Hero or Hill Italian
GERRY Male From the name GERALD German
GERSHOM Male A Stranger There Hebrew
GHAZI Male Invader Arabic
GIACOMO Male The Supplanter Italian
GIANCARLO Male Gracious and Powerful Italian
GIBSON Male Son of Gilbert English
GIDEON Male Great Warrior Hebrew
GIL Male Joy Hebrew
GILBERT Male Trusted English
GILEAD Male Biblical Place Name Hebrew
GILES Male Baby goat Greek
GILLES Male Young goat French
GILLESPIE Male Servant of the Bishop Celtic/Gaelic
GILMORE Male Servant of Mary Celtic/Gaelic
GILON Male Circle Hebrew
GINO Male Born Noble Italian
GIONA Both A Dove Italian
GIORGIO Male From the name GEORGE Italian
GIOVANNI Male God is Gracious Italian
GITANO Male Gypsy Italian
GIULIO Male Youthful Italian
GIUSEPPE Male Form of JOSEPH Hebrew
GLEN Male A Secluded, Woody Valley Celtic/Gaelic
GLENN Male From the name GLEN Celtic/Gaelic
GLYN Both Valley Welsh
GODANA Male Male Child African
GODFREY Male God is peace German
GOMER Male Good fight English
GORDON Male Round Hill English
GORDY Male From the name GORDON English
GORE Male Triangular-shaped Land English
GORO Male Fifth Japanese
GRACELAND Both Land of Grace American
GRADY Male Of High Rank Celtic/Gaelic
GRAHAM Male Home in gravelled valley English
GRAM Male A Grain English
GRANT Male Great Celtic/Gaelic
GRANVILLE Male Large Village French
GRAYSON Male Son of the Grey-Haired One English
GREER Both Watchful, Guardian Celtic/Gaelic
GREG Male From the name GREGORY Greek
GREGG Male From the name GREGORY Greek
GREGORY Male Vigilant,, Watchful Greek
GRIFFIN Male Mythological Beast Greek
GRIFFITH Male Griffin Welsh
GROVER Male From the Grove English
GRYPHON Both Mythological Beast Greek
GUADALUPE Both River of Black Stones Spanish
GUALTIER Male From the name WALTER Italian
GUANG Male Light Chinese
GUBAN Male Burnt African
GUIDO Male Forest Guide Italian
GUILLERMO Male Form of WILLIAM Spanish
GUNNAR Male Brave Soldier Scandinavian
GUNTHER Male Warrior German
GUR Male Baby Lion Hebrew
GURE Male Left Handed African
GUS Male Revered, Exalted German
GUSTAV Male Staff of God German
GUSTAVE Male Staff of the Goths Scandinavian
GUSTAVO Male Staff of the Gods Italian
GUSTY Both Revered, Windy American
GUTHRIE Male War Serpent Celtic/Gaelic
GUY Male Living spirit Latin
GWYDION Male God of Magic Welsh
GYALA Male Youth Hungarian
GYAN Male Knowledge Hindi
GYULA Male Youth Hungarian
HABEN Male Pride African
HABIB Male Beloved One Arabic
HADAR Male Glorious Scandinavian
HADLEY Both Heath Near the Wasteland Celtic/Gaelic
HAGAN Both Ruler of the home Celtic/Gaelic
HAGEN Both Little, young Celtic/Gaelic
HAGOP Male Supplanter Armenian
HAIG Male Legend, From the Field Armenian
HAINES Male From a Vined Cottage English
HAJARI Male Flight African
HAKAN Male Fire Native American
HAL Male Chief Celtic/Gaelic
HALDEN Male Half-Danish Scandinavian
HALDIS Both Stone Spirit Greek
HALEN Male Hall English
HALEY Both Hero English
HALL Male From the Manor English
HALLAM Both From the Hills German
HAM Male Hot Hebrew
HAMAL Male Lamb Arabic
HAMILTON Male From the Beautiful Mountain English
HAMISH Male He who removes Celtic/Gaelic
HAMLET Male Home English
HAMLIN Male Lover of Home German
HAMMER Male A Hammer Scandinavian
HAMPTON Male Little Town English
HANI Male Cheerful and happy Arabic
HANK Male Ruler of the Home German
HANLEY Male Meadow on the Cliff English
HANNAN Both Warm Feelings Arabic
HANNIBAL Male Baal has favored Hebrew
HANS Male God is Gracious Scandinavian
HANSEL Male God is Gracious Scandinavian
HAO Both Good, Perfect Vietnamese
HAPPY Both Joyful American
HARDY Male Courageous, Strong German
HARLAN Male From the Army English
HARLEY Male Spacious Meadow English
HARLOW Male Troops on the Hill English
HARMON Male Soldier German
HAROLD Male Army Ruler Scandinavian
HAROUN Male Lofty Arabic
HARPER Both Harp Player English
HARRIS Male Son of Harry English
HARRISON Male Son of HARRY English
HARRY Male From the name HAROLD English
HART Male Deer or Stag English
HARTWELL Male From the Well English
HARU Male Born in the Spring Japanese
HARUKI Male Shining Brightly Japanese
HARUKO Male First Born Japanese
HARUNI Male Mountaineer African
HARVEY Male Army Warrior French
HASAD Male Harvest Turkish
HASHIM Male Destroyer Arabic
HASSAN Male Handsome, grandson of the Prophet All Nationalities
HASTIN Male Elephant Hindi
HAVARD Male Guardian of the Home Scandinavian
HAVEN Both Safe Place English
HAVYN Both form of Haven English
HAYDEN Both The Rosy Meadow English
HAYES Both From the Hedged Place English
HAYWARD Male Guardian of the Hedged Area English
HEATH Male Wasteland English
HEATON Male High Ground English
HECTOR Male Anchor, steadfast Greek
HEINZ Male Household Ruler German
HELKI Both Touch Native American
HEMAN Male Faithful Hebrew
HENRI Male From the name HENRY French
HENRIK Male From the name HENRY German
HENRY Male Ruler of the Home German
HERB Male From the name HERBERT German
HERBERT Male Bright, Excellent Army, Ruler German
HERBST Male Soldier German
HERCULES Male Glorious Gift Greek
HEREMON Male Form of Irving Celtic/Gaelic
HERIBERTO Male Ruler Spanish
HERMAN Male Person of High Rank German
HERNANDO Male Bold Voyager Spanish
HERNE Male God of the Hunt Celtic/Gaelic
HERO Both Brave Defender Greek
HERSCHEL Male Deer Hebrew
HERTZ Male My Strife German
HERVE Male Army Warrior French
HEWITT Male Little Smart One English
HIDALGO Male Noble One Spanish
HIEN Both Meek and gentle Vietnamese
HIERO Male Holy Greek
HIEU Male Pious Vietnamese
HILAIRE Both Form of HILARY French
HILARY Both Cheerful Greek
HILLARY Both Cheerful Greek
HILLIARD Both Guardian in Battle German
HIROSHI Male Generous Japanese
HIRSI Male Amulet African
HOAI Male Always, eternal Vietnamese
HOANG Male Phoenix Vietnamese
HOGAN Male Youth Celtic/Gaelic
HOLDEN Male Hollow in the Valley English
HOLLAND Both From Holland American
HOLT Male Wood English
HOMER Male Promise Greek
HORACE Male Hour in Time Latin
HORUS Male God of Light Egyptian
HOSEA Male Salvation Hebrew
HOSHI Both Star Japanese
HOUSTON Male Town of Houses Celtic/Gaelic
HOVAN Male God’s Gift Armenian
HOWARD Male Guardian of the Home English
HOWE Male From the name HOWARD English
HOWELL Male Alert One Welsh
HOWIE Male From the name HOWARD English
HUBERT Male Shining of Mind German
HUEY Male From the name HUGH German
HUGH Male Bright in Mind and Spirit German
HUGO Male From the name HUGH German
HUME Male Supporter of Peace English
HUMPHREY Male Peace German
HUNG Male Hero Vietnamese
HUNTER Both One Who Hunts English
HUSLU Male Hairy Bear Native American
HUSSEIN Male Handsome One Arabic
HUY Male Not available Vietnamese
HY Male From the name HYMAN English
HYMAN Male Life Hebrew
HYRONIEMUS Male Holy Man Latin
IAGO Male Supplanter Latin
IAIN Male God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
IAN Male God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
ICHABOD Male Departed Glory Hebrew
IDEN Both Prosperous English
IDRIS Both Fiery Hindi
IFE Male Wide, Love African
IGE Male Born by Breech African
IGGI Male Only Son African
IGGY Male From the name IGGI African
IGNATIUS Male Firey One English
IKE Male From the name ISAAC Hebrew
ILAR Both Cheerful Welsh
ILARIO Male Cheerful Italian
ILLIAS Male Jehovah is my God Greek
ILO Male Light, Joyous, Sunshine African
ILOM Male My Enemies Are Many African
ILYA Male From Elijah Russian
IMARAN Male Strong Hindi
INCE Male Innocent Hungarian
INDIVAR Male Blue Lotus Hindi
INFINITY Both Endless American
INGO Male Male leader Scandinavian
INIGO Male Ardent Portuguese
ION Male God is Good Celtic/Gaelic
IRA Male Watchful, Descendant Hebrew
IRAM Male Shining Hebrew
IRELAND Both Homage to Ireland American
IRISH Both From Ireland American
IRVING Male Handsome and Fair English
ISAAC Male He will laugh Hebrew
ISAIAH Male Salvation by God Hebrew
ISHMAEL Male God Will Hear Hebrew
ISMAEL Male God Will Hear Hebrew
ISMAIL Male God will Hear Hebrew
ISMET Male Honor Turkish
ISRA Both Freedom Turkish
ISRAEL Male Prince of God Hebrew
ISSAY Male Hairy African
IVAN Male God is good Slavic
IVO Male cut wood German
IVRIT Male The Hebrew Language Hebrew
IZZY Male He will Laugh Hebrew
JA Male Magnetic African
JABARI Male Fearless Swahili
JABILO Male Medicine Man African
JABIR Male Comforter Arabic
JABULANI Male Happy African
JACE Both Moon-Var. of Jacey American
JACEY Both From the initials J.C. American
JACIE Both Variation of Jace American
JACK Male From the name JOHN English
JACKSON Male Son of JACK English
JACOB Male Supplanter Hebrew
JACQUES Male From the name JACOB French
JADA Both Wise Hebrew
JADE Both Green Gemstone Spanish
JADEN Both God Has Heard Hebrew
JADON Male He will judge Hebrew
JAEGAR Male Hunger German
JAEGER Male Hunter German
JAFARI Male Dignified Swahili
JAFARU Male Brook, Creek African
JAG Male The Universe Hindi
JAGGER Male To Carry English
JAGUAR Male Large Spotted Feline English
JAIME Both From the name JAMES Spanish
JAIMIE Both I Love French
JAIMIN Both I Love French
JAKE Male From the name JACOB Hebrew
JALEN Both Bird of Light American
JAM Both A sweet condiment or musical get-together American
JAMAL Male Handsome Arabic
JAMAR Male Handsome African-American
JAMES Both Supplanter Hebrew
JAMESE Both From JAMES English
JAMIE Both From the name JAMES Celtic/Gaelic
JAMIL Male Handsome Arabic
JAMISON Male James’ Son English
JAN Both From the name JANET English
JANUS Both God of Beginnings Latin
JAPHETH Male He Expands Hebrew
JARAH Both Sweetness Hebrew
JARED Male Down to Earth Hebrew
JARIAH Both Tributary Lord African-American
JARIATH Male Tributary Lord Hebrew
JARON Male Singing Hebrew
JARRETT Male From the name JARED Hebrew
JARVIS Male A Conqueror German
JASE Male From Jason American
JASER Male Fearless Arabic
JASON Male Healer Greek
JASPER Male Semi-precious stone English
JATIN Male Saintly Hindi
JAVAN Male Son of Japtheh Hebrew
JAVEN Male Son of Japheth Hebrew
JAVIER Male New house Spanish
JAXON Male Son of Jack American
JAY Male A Bird in the Crow Family Latin
JAYDEN Male God has Heard American
JAYME Both James English
JEAN Both God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
JEAN BAPTISTE Male St. John the Baptist French
JEB Male Beloved Friend Hebrew
JEBEDIAH Male Beloved Friend Hebrew
JED Male Friend of God Hebrew
JEDIDIAH Male Friend of God Hebrew
JEFF Male From the name JEFFREY English
JEFFERSON Male Son of Jeffrey English
JEFFERY Male Gift of Peace English
JEFFREY Male Gift of Peace English
JELA Both Father Suffered During Birth Swahili
JENGO Male One with Reddish Complexion African
JENNIS Both Wild Wave American
JENS Male God is Gracious Hebrew
JENSEN Male God is Gracious Scandinavian
JENSKI Both Coming home English
JERED Male From JARED Hebrew
JEREMIAH Male Sent by God Hebrew
JEREMY Male God Will Uplift Hebrew
JERICHO Male Moon City Arabic
JERMAINE Both From Germany French
JEROD Male Descendant Hebrew
JEROEN Male Holy Man Arabic
JEROLD Male From the name GERALD English
JEROM Male Holy Man Latin
JEROME Male Of Holy Name Latin
JERROD Male Down to Earth Hebrew
JERRY Male Holy Greek
JERSEY Both From a section of England English
JESS Both Wealthy Hebrew
JESSE Both God exists. Hebrew
JESUS Male God Will Help Spanish
JETHRO Male Outstanding, Excellent Hebrew
JETT Male Jet Black Gem English
JEVONTE Male Son of Japtheh African-American
JIE Both Pure Chinese
JIM Male From the name JAMES Hebrew
JIMBO Male Nickname for JAMES American
JIMMY Male From the name JAMES American
JIRAIR Male Hard-working Armenian
JIRO Male The Second Male Japanese
JO Both Nickname for names starting with JO Hebrew
JOACHIM Male God Will Establish Hebrew
JOAQUIN Male God Will Establish Spanish
JOB Male Afflicted One Hebrew
JOCK Male Short form of JACOB or JOHN American
JODY Male Short for JOSEPH American
JOE Male From the name JOSEPH Hebrew
JOEL Male God is Willing Hebrew
JOEY Male From the name JOSEPH Hebrew
JOHN Male God is Gracious, Merciful Hebrew
JOHNATHAN Male Gift of God Hebrew
JOHNAVON Male River Consecrated to God American
JOHNNY Male From the name JOHN Hebrew
JOHNSON Male Son of John English
JON Male God is Gracious Hebrew
JONAH Male A Dove Hebrew
JONAS Male Accomplishing Hebrew
JONATHAN Male Gift of God Hebrew
JONATHON Male Gift of God Hebrew
JONCO Male God is Gracious Slavic
JONNY Male From the name JOHN Hebrew
JORDAN Both Descendant Hebrew
JORGE Male From the name GEORGE Spanish
JORN Male Vigilant Watchman German
JORRYN Both The one God loves American
JORY Both Descending American
JOSE Male From the name JOSEPH Spanish
JOSEF Male God will Increase Hebrew
JOSEPH Male God will Increase Hebrew
JOSH Male God Saves Hebrew
JOSHUA Male Jehovah Saves Hebrew
JOSHWA Male God Saves Hebrew
JOSIAH Male God has healed Hebrew
JOSUE Male Form of JOSHUA Spanish
JOVAN Male Majestic Latin
JUAN Male From the name JOHN Spanish
JUBAL Male Ram Hebrew
JUD Male Praised Hebrew
JUDAH Male Praised Hebrew
JUDD Male Praised Hebrew
JUDE Both One who is praised Hebrew
JUDSON Male Son of Jud English
JUIN Both Month of June French
JULES Both Youthful French
JULIAN Male Youthful Greek
JULIO Male Form of JULIAN Spanish
JULIUS Male Youthful Greek
JUMOKE Both Loved by everyone African
JUN Male Handsome Chinese
JUNIOR Male The Young, Child English
JUNIUS Male Youthful Latin
JUNO Both Goddess of Marriage & Childbirth Greek
JUSTICE Both Fairness American
JUSTIN Male Just or True French
JUSTIS Both Fair minded American
JUSTUS Male Fairness, Justice American
KABILI Male Possession African
KADEEM Male Servant Arabic
KADEN Male Fighter American
KADIN Both Companion Arabic
KAEL Male Mighty Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
KAELEM Male Honest American
KAELIN Both Rejoicer, Waterfall Pool Celtic/Gaelic
KAEMON Male Joyful Japanese
KAI Both Ocean Hawaiian
KAIKURA Male Ground Squirrel African
KAIL Male Mighty one Celtic/Gaelic
KAILAS Both Home of the Lord Hindi
KAILI Both Hawaiian God Hawaiian
KAIPO Male Sweetheart Hawaiian
KAISER Male Leader German
KALANI Both The Heavens Hawaiian
KALB Male Faithful, Bold Hebrew
KALE Male Man Hawaiian
KALEB Male From Caleb-Faithful, bold Hebrew
KALEI Both One who Works for the King Hawaiian
KALEY Both Form of KELLY Celtic/Gaelic
KALIL Male Friend Arabic
KALIN Both Form of CALEB American
KALKIN Male Tenth Hindi
KALOOSH Male Blessed Event Armenian
KAMAL Male The Perfect One Hindi
KAMALI Male Spirit Guide, Protector Arabic
KAME Male Desolate, Arid African
KAMERYN Both Crooked Nose American
KAMI Male Loving Hindi
KAMIL Male Perfect Arabic
KAMRAN Male Successful Persian
KANE Male Honor, Tribute Celtic/Gaelic
KANELO Male Enough African
KANGA Both A Raven Native American
KANOA Male Free One Hawaiian
KAPILA Male Prophet Hindi
KAPONO Male Righteous Hawaiian
KARAN Male Pure Greek
KARE Male Enormous Scandinavian
KAREEM Male Very Generous Arabic
KAREL Male Free Man Dutch
KARIF Male Arrived in Autumn Arabic
KARIK Male Form of CARRICK American
KARIM Male From the name KAREEM Arabic
KARIMAH Both Generous One African
KARL Male From the name CHARLES German
KARMAN Both Lord of the Castle Celtic/Gaelic
KARSTEN Both Anointed one Greek
KARSTON Male From Karl’s Town English
KASEKO Male Mock, Ridicule African
KASEN Both Pure Scandinavian
KASIM Male Controller of Anger African
KASPAR Male From the name CASPER German
KASS Male Blackbird German
KATEB Male Writer Arabic
KATO Male Good Judgement Latin
KATUNGI Male Rich African
KAVI Both Poet Hindi
KAYCEE Both Initals K and C American
KAYO Male From Initials K.O. American
KAYONGA Male Ash African
KAZ Male Dim. of CASSIUS Polish
KAZI Male Work African
KEAGAN Male Son of Eagan, Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
KEAHI Both Flames, Fire Hawaiian
KEANU Both Cool Mountain Breeze Hawaiian
KEATON Both Hawk’s town English
KEB Male Earth African
KEDEM Male Old, Ancient Hebrew
KEEFE Male Handsome, beloved Celtic/Gaelic
KEEFER Male Handsome, Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
KEEGAN Male Son of Eagan, Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
KEELAN Both Lean Celtic/Gaelic
KEELIN Both Fair and slender Celtic/Gaelic
KEEN Both Wailing in Mourning Celtic/Gaelic
KEENAN Male Little and Ancient Celtic/Gaelic
KEENE Male Wise, Learned Celtic/Gaelic
KEERAN Both Little Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
KEI Both Sandy, White African
KEIJI Male Lead Cautiously Japanese
KEIR Both Black Celtic/Gaelic
KEIRAN Male Little and Dark Celtic/Gaelic
KEITARO Male Blessed Japanese
KEITH Male Warrior Descending Celtic/Gaelic
KELADRY Both Not available American
KELBY Both Place by the Flowing Water Celtic/Gaelic
KELE Male Sparrow Hawk Native American
KELII Male Chief Hawaiian
KELLAN Male Powerful Celtic/Gaelic
KELLEN Both Powerful Celtic/Gaelic
KELLEY Both Warrior/Defender Celtic/Gaelic
KELLSIE Both Island of the Ships American
KELLY Both Warrior/Defender Celtic/Gaelic
KELSEA Both Island of the ships Celtic/Gaelic
KELSEY Both Island of the Ships Celtic/Gaelic
KELTON Male A Town of Celts Celtic/Gaelic
KELVIN Male A river of Scotland Celtic/Gaelic
KEMP Male Fighter English
KEN Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
KENADIE Both Helmeted Chief Celtic/Gaelic
KENAZ Male Bright Hebrew
KENDALL Both Valley of the River Kent English
KENDI Both The Loved One African
KENDIS Both Pure African-American
KENLEY Both Royal Meadow English
KENNAN Male Form of KEENE Celtic/Gaelic
KENNEDI Both Helmeted Chief Celtic/Gaelic
KENNEDY Both Chief with Helmet Celtic/Gaelic
KENNETH Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
KENNY Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
KENT Male Bright White Welsh
KENTON Male From the town of Kent English
KENYI Male Male Born after 3+ Girls African
KENYON Both Blond, White-haired English
KENZIE Both Light Skinned Celtic/Gaelic
KEON Male God is Gracious Hawaiian
KERAN Both Wooden Post Armenian
KERMIT Male Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
KERN Both Dark Haired Child Celtic/Gaelic
KERR Both A Marshland Celtic/Gaelic
KERRY Both Dark Princess Celtic/Gaelic
KERT Male Simple pleasures American
KESLER Male Independent and energetic American
KETAN Male Home Hindi
KEVIN Male Handsome, Beautiful Celtic/Gaelic
KEVORK Male Farmer Armenian
KHALIL Male Friend Arabic
KHALON Male Strong warrior African-American
KHANH Both Not available Vietnamese
KHOI Male Not available Vietnamese
KHUONG Both Not available Vietnamese
KHUYEN Both Advise Vietnamese
KIEFER Male Handsome, beloved Celtic/Gaelic
KIERAN Both Little Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
KIET Male Honor Thai
KIEVE Both Mythical Name Welsh
KIHO Both Fog African
KIJANA Both Youth African
KILLIAN Both Conflict Celtic/Gaelic
KIM Both Ruler English
KIMBALL Both Leader of the Warriors English
KIMBERLY Both Ruler English
KIMN Both Ruler English
KIMO Male The Supplanter Hawaiian
KIMONI Male Great Man African
KIN Both Golden Japanese
KINFE Both Wing African
KING Male Ruler American
KINSEY Both Offspring English
KIONE Both Someone Who Comes from Nowhere African
KIPLING Both Cured Salmon English
KIPP Both High hill English
KIRABO Both Gift from God African
KIRAL Both Supreme Chief Turkish
KIRAN Both Ray of Light Hindi
KIRBY Both Village with the Church Scandinavian
KIRIL Male Lordly One Greek
KIRIT Both Crown Hindi
KIRK Male Owned by the church Scandinavian
KIRKAN Male Vigilant, Watchful Armenian
KIROS Both The King African
KISHI Both Night Native American
KITOKO Both Beautiful African
KIYOSHI Both Quiet Child Japanese
KIZZY Both Cinnamon Hebrew
KLAUS Male Leader in Victory German
KNOTON Male Wind Native American
KNOX Male Hill English
KNUTE Male Knot Scandinavian
KOBE Male Supplanter Hebrew
KOEN Male Brave and gallant German
KOJO Male Born on Monday African
KOLTON Both Coal Town English
KOLYA Male Victorious Warrior Slavic
KONALA Male World Ruler Hawaiian
KONG Male Bright Chinese
KORBIN Male Raven Latin
KORT Male Short Scandinavian
KORY Both Hollow American
KOURTNEY Both From the Court American
KOVIT Male Expert Scandinavian
KOZUE Both Tree Branches Japanese
KRIKOR Male Vigilant Watchman Armenian
KRIS Both Christ-bearer Scandinavian
KRISHNA Male Strong, Erotic Hindi
KRISTIAN Both Christ Bearer Scandinavian
KRISTOPHER Male Christbearer Greek
KUMA Both Bear Japanese
KUMI Both Long, continued beauty Japanese
KUPER Male Copper Hebrew
KURI Male Chestnut Japanese
KURON Both Thanks African
KURT Male From the name CURTIS OR CONRAD German
KYAN Male Little King. African-American
KYLE Both Narrow land., handsome Celtic/Gaelic
KYLEMORE Male Great Wood Celtic/Gaelic
KYLER Both Form of TYLER Celtic/Gaelic
KYLIE Both Narrow Land Celtic/Gaelic
KYNAN Both Chief Welsh
KYNE Male Royal One English
KYNTON Male From KENT English
KYRAN Male Lord, sir Persian
KYRIE Both The Lord Latin
KYROS Male Leader, Master Greek
LABAN Male White Hebrew
LACHLAN Both From the Lake Celtic/Gaelic
LADDIE Male Attendant English
LAIRD Male Head of Household Celtic/Gaelic
LAJOS Male Famous Holy Man Hungarian
LAKEN Both From the Lake American
LAKIN Both Sim. Lakia, Found Treasure African-American
LAKYLE Both Half Wood Celtic/Gaelic
LALO Male From the name LALE Spanish
LAM Male Forest Vietnamese
LAMAR Male Famous Land German
LAMONT Male The Mountain Scandinavian
LANCE Male Spear German
LANCELOT Male Attendant French
LANDEN Both Grassy Plain English
LANDERS Male Rough Land English
LANDIS Male From the name LANDRY American
LANDON Male Grassy Plain English
LANDRY Both Rough Land English
LANE Both Narrow Road English
LANG Both Tall One Scandinavian
LANGER Male Tall man Scandinavian
LANGSTON Male Town of the Giant English
LANI Both Sky Hawaiian
LANKSTON Male Town of the Giant English
LARAMIE Both tears of love French
LARRY Male Laurels Latin
LARS Male From the name LAWRENCE Scandinavian
LARUE Both The Street French
LASZLO Male God Will Help Hungarian
LATHAM Male A Division Scandinavian
LATHROP Male Barn English
LATIF Male Elegant Hindi
LATIMER Male Interpreter English
LAURENCE Male Laurel-Crowned French
LAURENT Male Crowned with Laurel French
LAVE Both Burning rock Italian
LAVENDER Both A Purple Flowering Plant English
LAVEY Both From the name LEVI Hebrew
LAVI Both Lion Hebrew
LAWRENCE Male Laurel-Crowned Latin
LAWSON Male son of Lawrence English
LAYNE Both Narrow Road English
LAZAR Male God Will Help Hungarian
LAZARUS Male God Will Help Hebrew
LAZZARO Male God Will Help Italian
LE Both Joy Chinese
LEAL Both Faithful French
LEANDER Male Man of Lions Greek
LEAVITT Male Baker English
LEE Both Sheltered from the storm English
LEETO Male Journey African
LEFTY Male Left-handed American
LEIF Male Beloved Descendent Scandinavian
LEIGH Both From the name LEE English
LEIGHTON Male Town by the meadow English
LEL Male Taker Slavic
LELAND Male Meadowland English
LEMUEL Male Devoted to God Hebrew
LEN Male Like A Lion American
LENCHO Male Lion African
LEO Male A Lion Italian
LEON Male Lion Latin
LEONARD Male Like A Lion German
LEONARDO Male Like A Lion Italian
LEONE Male Lion Italian
LEOPOLD Male Daring Ones German
LERATO Male Song of my Soul Latin
LEROY Male The King French
LES Male From town of Leicester English
LESLIE Both Meadowlands Celtic/Gaelic
LESTER Male From town of Leicester English
LEV Male Heart Hebrew
LEVERETT Male Young Hare French
LEVI Male United – As one Hebrew
LEW Male Famous Warrior German
LEWIS Male Famous Warrior German
LEX Both A Word Greek
LEXISS Both Protector of Mankind American
LI Both Pretty/Powerful Chinese
LIAM Male Determined Guardian Celtic/Gaelic
LIANG Male Good, Fine Chinese
LIBERTY Both Freedom American
LIKO Male Bud Hawaiian
LILO Both Generous One Hawaiian
LINCOLN Male Village by the Lale Latin
LINDLEY Both Pasture English
LINDSAY Both Linden Trees Near the Water English
LINDSEY Both Linden Trees Near the Water English
LINDY Both From the name LINDSEY OR LINDA Spanish
LINH Both Not available Vietnamese
LINUS Male Flaxen Colored Latin
LIONEL Male Lion Cub French
LIRIT Both Musical Grace Hebrew
LISLE Both Of the Island French
LIVINGSTON Male From Lyfing’s Place English
LLEWELLYN Male Like a Lion Welsh
LLOYD Male Grey Welsh
LOBA Both To Talk African
LOBO Male Wolf Spanish
LOC Male Bud Vietnamese
LOCKE Both Forest English
LOE Both King Hawaiian
LOGAN Both Small Cove Celtic/Gaelic
LOK Male Joy Chinese
LOKI Both Trickster God Scandinavian
LOLONYO Male Love is Beautiful African
LOLOVIVI Both Love is Sweet African
LOMAN Male Bare Celtic/Gaelic
LONATO Male Flint Stone Native American
LONDON Both Fortress of the Moon English
LONG Male Dragon Chinese
LORAND Both Crowned with Laurel Hungarian
LORANT Both Crowned with Laurel Hungarian
LORE Both Crowned with Laurel American
LOREN Both Crowned with Laurel American
LORENZO Male From the name LAWRENCE Latin
LORIMER Male Harness Maker Latin
LORIN Both Crowned with Laurel English
LORING Both Famous in War French
LORNE Male From the name LAWRENCE English
LOT Male Hidden Hebrew
LOU Male Famous Warrior German
LOUIE Male Famous Warrior French
LOUIS Male Famous Warrior German
LOUVAIN Both City in Belgium English
LOVE Both Famous and powerful Scandinavian
LOWELL Male Beloved French
LOYAL Both Faithful, True English
LUCA Both Bringer of light. Italian
LUCAS Male Light Latin
LUCE Male Light Latin
LUCIAN Male Man of Light Latin
LUCIEN Male Bright, Light French
LUCIO Male Bringer of Light Italian
LUCIUS Male Bringer of Light Latin
LUCKY Both Fortunate, LIght American
LUCUS Male Light Latin
LUDLOW Male Mountain of the Chief English
LUDWIG Male Famous Victories German
LUIGI Male Warrior Italian
LUIS Male From the name LOUIS Spanish
LUKA Both Light Latin
LUKAS Male Light Latin
LUKE Male Light Latin
LUNDY Both By the Island Scandinavian
LUTHANDO Male Love Latin
LUTHER Male Famous Warrior German
LY Both Reason Vietnamese
LYLE Both From the Island French
LYNDE Both From the hill of Linden trees. English
LYNDON Both Flexible English
LYNDSEY Both Camp Near Stream English
LYNLEY Both Meadow near the Brook English
LYNN Both From the name Linda or Lyndon American
LYNNE Both Beautiful Waterfall English
LYNTON Both Town near the Brook English
LYRE Both A Harp or Lyre English
LYRIC Both Melodic Word Greek
LYSANDER Male One who is Freed Greek
MAC Male Son (of) Celtic/Gaelic
MACARIO Male Happy Spanish
MACKENZIE Both Son of Kenneth Celtic/Gaelic
MACON Male Maker German
MADDOCK Male Generous, Giving Welsh
MADDOX Both Son of the Lord English
MADISON Both Son of Matthew English
MAEMI Both Honest Child Japanese
MAERON Both Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAERYN Both Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MAGAN Both Pearl Greek
MAGAR Male Attendant Armenian
MAGEE Male Son of Hugh Celtic/Gaelic
MAGNAR Male Strength Warrior Polish
MAHARI Both Forgiver African
MAHDI Both The Expected One African
MAHON Male Bear Celtic/Gaelic
MAIK Both Now Hawaiian
MAIMUN Both Lucky Arabic
MAINE Both Mainland French
MAITLAND Both Meadow English
MAJ Both A Pearl Scandinavian
MAJED Male Praise Arabic
MAJOR Male Better Latin
MAKAIO Both Gift of God Hawaiian
MAKALO Male Wondering African
MAKAN Male Wind Hawaiian
MAKANI Both The wind Hawaiian
MAKOTO Male Sincere, Honest Japanese
MAKYA Both One who Hunts Eagles Native American
MALACHI Male My Messenger Hebrew
MALCOLM Male Follower fof St. Columbus Celtic/Gaelic
MALLOW Both By the River Allo Celtic/Gaelic
MALO Male Winner Hawaiian
MALORY Both Bad Luck French
MANDAR Male Tree of Heaven Hindi
MANDEL Both Almond German
MANDELL Both Almond German
MANELIN Male Prince of princes Persian
MANJIT Male Conqueror of Knowledge Hindi
MANNING Both Son of Man English
MANNY Male Short for MANUEL Spanish
MANSOUR Male One who triumphs Arabic
MANTON Male From Mann’s Estate English
MANUEL Male God In Us Hebrew
MAR Both The Sea Spanish
MARC Male Warlike Latin
MARCEL Male Young Warrior French
MARCELL Male Warlike Latin
MARCELLO Male Young Warrior Latin
MARCELLUS Male Young Warrior Latin
MARCH Both Walk Forth Latin
MARCO Male From the name MARC Italian
MARCUS Male Warlike Latin
MARE Both The Sea French
MAREK Both Warlike Polish
MARIATU Both Pure African
MARIN Both Of the Sea Latin
MARINEL Both Of the Sea Latin
MARIO Male Warlike Italian
MARION Both From the name MARY AND ANNA Hebrew
MARIUS Male Sailor, Roman Clan Name Latin
MARK Male Warlike Latin
MARKKU Both Rebellious Scandinavian
MARLAS Both High Tower Greek
MARLIN Both Bitter Hebrew
MARLON Male Wild Falcon French
MARLOW Both Slope by the Pond English
MARNIN Both Joy Giver Hebrew
MARO Both Myself Japanese
MARRIM Both Chinese Tribe English
MARSHALL Male Horse Keeper French
MARTIN Male Warlike Latin
MARTY Male Warlike Latin
MARV Male Friend of the Sea American
MARVEL Both To Wonder, Admire French
MARVIN Male Friend of the Sea English
MASAMI Both All Nationalities
MASHAKA Both Trouble African
MASON Both Stone worker French
MASSIMO Male Greatest Italian
MATEO Male Devoted to God Greek
MATIAS Both Var. of Matthias Spanish
MATSU Male Pine Japanese
MATT Male From the name MATTHEW Hebrew
MATTEO Male From MATTHEW Italian
MATTHEW Male God’s Gift Hebrew
MATTHIAS Male God’s Gift Greek
MATTOX Both God’s Gift English
MATTY Both Strong fighter German
MAULI Both Black Hawaiian
MAURICE Male Moor, Dark Skinned French
MAURILIO Male Moor Italian
MAURIZIO Male Moor, Dark Haired Italian
MAURO Male Of Brown Skin Latin
MAVERICK Both Wildly Independent American
MAX Male Greatest Latin
MAXIM Male Greatest Latin
MAXIMILIAN Male Great Latin
MAXIMOS Male Greatest Greek
MAXIMUS Male Greatest Greek
MAXWELL Male Great Spring English
MAYES Both A Field English
MAYNARD Male Powerful, brave English
MCKALE Both Who is like God? Celtic/Gaelic
MCKENNA Both Son of Ken or Kenna Celtic/Gaelic
MCKILE Male Son of Kile Celtic/Gaelic
MEAD Both From the Meadow English
MEDWIN Male Powerful friend German
MEIR Male One Who Shines Hebrew
MEL Both Mill Worker Celtic/Gaelic
MELANION Male Color Greek
MELCHIOR Male A King Polish
MELE Male Merry Hawaiian
MELI Both Bitter Native American
MELVIN Male Mill Worker English
MELVYN Male Mill Worker Celtic/Gaelic
MENDEL Male Scholarly Accomplishments Hebrew
MENEFER Both Beautiful City Egyptian
MERCER Both Merchant English
MERCURY Both God of Trade Latin
MEREDITH Both Protector from the Sea Welsh
MERIS Both Of the Sea Latin
MERLE Male Falcon English
MERLIN Male By the Sea English
MERRIC Male Ruler of the sea Celtic/Gaelic
MERRILL Both Falcon English
MERRITT Both Deserving of Good Fortune Latin
MERTON Both Town near the Pond English
MERV Male Loves the Sea Celtic/Gaelic
MERVIN Male Loves the sea Celtic/Gaelic
MERVYN Male From the name MARVIN Celtic/Gaelic
MERYL Both Falcon English
MERYLE Both From the name MERLE French
MESSINA Both The Spoiler African
MHINA Both Delightful African
MIACH Male Medic Celtic/Gaelic
MICAH Male Who is like God Hebrew
MICHAEL Male Who is like God? Hebrew
MICHEAL Both Form of MICHAEL American
MICHEL Male Form of Michael French
MICHON Both Who is like God Hebrew
MICK Male From the name MICHAEL English
MICKEY Both From the name MICHAEL American
MIGUEL Male Who is l ike God? Spanish
MIHALY Male Who is like God? Hungarian
MIKA Both Wise Little Raccoon Native American
MIKAILI Both God Like African
MIKASI Male Coyote Native American
MIKE Male Who is like God? Hebrew
MIKEL Male Who is Like God? American
MIKHAIL Male From the name MICHAEL Slavic
MIKKEL Both Who is like God? German
MIKKO Male Who is like God? Scandinavian
MILAGRO Male Miracle Spanish
MILAN Both From the city of Milan Latin
MILANDU Both A Case to Answer African
MILEK Male Victorious People Polish
MILES Male Soldier Greek
MILLER Both Mill Worker English
MILLS Both Near the Mills English
MILO Male From the name MILES German
MILT Male From the Mill Town English
MILTON Male From the Mill Town English
MIMIR Both God of Prophecy Scandinavian
MING YUE Both Bright Moon Chinese
MINGAN Male Grey Wolf Native American
MINH Male Bright and clever Vietnamese
MINOR Both Junior, Younger American
MINTY Both Collector of Thoughts, Determined Protector English
MIO Male Mine Spanish
MIRACLE Both Divine Act American
MIRIT Both Bitter Hebrew
MIROSLAV Male Peace Celebration Russian
MISAE Both White Hot Sun Native American
MISHA Both From the name MICHAEL Russian
MISU Both Ripples in the Water Native American
MITCH Male Who is like God? American
MITCHELL Male Who is like God? American
MITSU Both Light Japanese
MIZELL Both Tiny Gnat English
MO Both Dark Skinned American
MOE Male Dark Skinned English
MOESHE Male Drawn Out of the Water Hebrew
MOHAMMED Male From the name MUHAMMAD Arabic
MOHAN Male Attractive Hindi
MOHAWK Male Native American Tribe Name Native American
MOKE Both Form of Moses Hawaiian
MOLIMO Male Bear Walking Into Shade Native American
MONAHAN Both Religious Man Celtic/Gaelic
MONET Both Solitary French
MONROE Both Near the river Roe Celtic/Gaelic
MONTAGUE Male Sharp Cliff French
MONTANA Both Mountain Latin
MONTE Male From the name MONTGOMERY English
MONTEGO Male Mountainous Spanish
MONTENEGRO Male Black Mountain Spanish
MONTGOMERY Male Of the Mountain English
MONTY Male From the name MONTGOMERY English
MOON Both From the Moon American
MOON-UNIT Both One that Orbits the Moon American
MORAL Both Lovely Thoughts American
MORATHI Male Wise Man African
MORDECAI Male Warrior, Warlike Hebrew
MORE Both Great English
MOREY Both From the name MORRIS American
MORGAN Both The Edge of the Sea Welsh
MORLEY Both Of the Moor English
MORPHEUS Male God of Dreams Greek
MORRIE Male Moor American
MORRIGAN Both War Goddess Celtic/Gaelic
MORRIS Male Dark Skinned Latin
MORRISON Both Son of Morris English
MORSE Male Of the Moors English
MORT Male Moor English
MORTIMER Male Still water French
MORTON Male From the Town Near the Moor English
MORTY Male From the name MORTIMER French
MOSES Male Drawn Out of the Water Greek
MOSHE Male From the name MOSES Hebrew
MOSS Male From the Water All Nationalities
MOSTYN Both Fortress in a Field Welsh
MUHAMMAD Male Praised Arabic
MUNIN Both Memory Scandinavian
MURPHY Both Sea Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
MURRAY Both Sailor Scandinavian
MURRON Both Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
MUSOKE Both Rainbow African
MYKELTI Male Who is like God? African-American
MYLES Both Soldier Greek
MYRON Male Fragrant Balm Greek
NAAL Both Birth Celtic/Gaelic
NAIF Male Not available Arabic
NAISER Both Founder of Clans African
NALANI Both Heaven’s calm Hawaiian
NALIN Both Lotus Flower Hindi
NALO Both Lovable African
NAM Male South or manly Vietnamese
NAMIR Both Swift Cat Persian
NANSEN Male Son of Nancy Scandinavian
NANTAI Male Chief Native American
NAOLIN Both Aztec God of the Sun Spanish
NAPOLEON Male Fierce One from Naples French
NARDO Male From the name BERNARD German
NARESH Male King Hindi
NASH Male Adventurer American
NASSER Male Triumphant Arabic
NAT Male Gift of God Hebrew
NATE Male Gift of God Hebrew
NATHAN Male Gift of God Hebrew
NATHANIEL Male Gift of God Hebrew
NATINE Both of the Natine Tribe African
NATIVIDAD Both Of the Nativity Spanish
NATSU Both Born in Summer Japanese
NATURE Both Nature American
NAVARRO Male Plains Spanish
NAVEEN Both Beautiful, Pleasant Celtic/Gaelic
NAVID Both Beloved American
NAY Male Highness and grace Arabic
NAYAN Both Eye Hindi
NAYEF Male Highness and grace Arabic
NEAL Male A Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NEELY Both Victor Celtic/Gaelic
NEIL Male Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NEKA Male Wild Goose Native American
NELSON Male Son of Neal English
NEMESIO Male Nemesis, God of Vengeance Spanish
NEN Male Ancient Waters Arabic
NEO Both New American
NERO Male Powerful Latin
NERON Male Strong Spanish
NESTOR Male Traveller Greek
NEVADA Both Covered in Snow Spanish
NEVAN Male Little Saint Celtic/Gaelic
NEVILLE Male New Town French
NEVIN Both Nephew German
NEWLYN Both From the Spring Celtic/Gaelic
NEWMAN Male New Comer English
NEWTON Male New Town English
NIABI Both Fawn Native American
NIALL Both Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NIAMH Both Bright Celtic/Gaelic
NIBAL Male Arrows Arabic
NIBAW Male Standing Tall Native American
NICHOLAI Male Victorious People Slavic
NICHOLAS Male Victorious People Greek
NICK Male Victorious People Greek
NICO Male Victorious People Italian
NICODEMUS Male Conqueror of the People Greek
NICOLAS Male Victorious People French
NIDA Both Elf Native American
NIEL Both From the name NATHANIEL Hebrew
NIGEL Male From the name NATHANIEL English
NIKITA Both Victorious People Slavic
NIKKOS Male Victorious People Greek
NILES Male Son of Neil English
NILI Both Pea Plant Hebrew
NIMROD Male Bowman Hebrew
NIRAN Male Eternal Thai
NIRAV Male Quiet Hindi
NISHAN Male Sign, Mark Armenian
NITESH Male Heartbeat of the Earth Hindi
NOAH Male Rest, Peace Hebrew
NOAM Male Pleasant Friend Hebrew
NODIN Male Windy Day Native American
NOE Both Born on Christmas, Peace French
NOEL Both Born on Christmas Day All Nationalities
NOELLE Both form of Noel – Christmas Latin
NOLAN Both Well Known Celtic/Gaelic
NOLAND Both Well Known Celtic/Gaelic
NOLEN Male Well known- High born Celtic/Gaelic
NONNIE Both Ninth Latin
NORI Both Belief Japanese
NORM Male Invader of Normandie American
NORMAN Male Invader of Normandie French
NORRIS Both From the North French
NORTON Male From the Town in the North English
NORWOOD Male North Woods English
NOVA Both New Latin
NOWLES Both Forest Cove English
NOX Both Goddess of the Night Greek
NUHAD Both Brave Arabic
NUNCIO Male Messenger Latin
NURI Both Flaming LIghts Hebrew
NURU Both Light Swahili
NYACK Male Won’t Give Up African
NYAKO Both Girl African
NYOKA Both Snake African
OAKES Both Beside the Oak Trees English
OAKLEY Both Field of Oak Trees English
OBEDIENCE Both To Obey American
OBERON Both Bear Heart German
OBERT Both Wealthy German
OCTAVIO Male The Eighth Latin
OCTAVIOUS Male Eighth Latin
OCTAVIUS Male The Eighth Greek
ODAKOTA Male Friend Native American
ODED Male Strong Hebrew
ODELL Both Otter English
ODIN Both Supreme God Scandinavian
ODYSSEUS Male Full of Wrath Greek
OGDEN Male From the Valley of Oaks English
OHANZEE Male Shadow Native American
OHIO Both Large River Native American
OISTIN Both Venerable Latin
OKAL Both To Cross African
OKAPI Both Animal with Long Neck African
OKE Both Form of OSCAR Hawaiian
OKOTH Both Born when it was Raining African
OLAF Male Ancestor Scandinavian
OLEG Male Sacred Slavic
OLIN Both Of the Ancestors Scandinavian
OLIVER Male Olive Tree- Peace Latin
OLLIE Male From the name OLIVER Greek
OMA Male Commander Arabic
OMAR Male Ultimate Devotee Arabic
OMEGA Both Last Greek
ON Male Peace Chinese
ONAN Male Wealthy Turkish
ONOFRE Male Defender of Peace Spanish
ONSLOW Male Hill of the Passionate One Arabic
ORAL Male Speaker, Word Latin
ORAN Both Green Celtic/Gaelic
ORANE Both Rising Greek
ORDE Both Beginning Latin
ORDELL Both Beginning Latin
OREN Male A Tree Hebrew
ORESTES Male Mountain Man Greek
ORIEL Both Gold French
ORIEN Both The Orient, East Latin
ORINGO Male He Who Likes the Hunt African
ORIOLE Both Golden; a gold flecked bird Latin
ORION Both A Hunter in Greek Mythology Greek
ORLANDO Male Land of Gold Spanish
ORLEANS Both Golden French
ORLY Both Light Hebrew
ORMAND Male Serpent German
ORNICE Male Cedar Tree Hebrew
ORO Male Gold Spanish
ORRICK Male Venerable Oak English
ORRIN Male River English
ORSEN Male From the name ORSON Latin
ORSIN Male Bear Latin
ORSON Male A Bear Latin
ORVILLE Male Golden City French
OSAMA Male Lion-Like Arabic
OSBORN Male Bear of God Scandinavian
OSBOURNE Male Born from a Bear Scandinavian
OSCAR Male Accurate spearsman Scandinavian
OSGOOD Male Goth of the Heavens English
OSIAS Male Salvation Greek
OSMAN Male Tender Youth Arabic
OSMOND Male Godly Protector English
OSRIC Male Divine Ruler English
OSSIE Male God’s Divine Power English
OSWALD Male God of the Forest English
OTHELLO Male Prosperous Greek
OTIENO Male Born at Night African
OTIS Male One Who Hears Well Greek
OTTO Male Wealthy German
OVERTON Both The Upper Town English
OVID Male Egg Shaped Latin
OVIDIO Male Shepherd Spanish
OWEN Male Born to nobility Celtic/Gaelic
OYA Both To Beckon Native American
OZ Both Strength Hebrew
OZZIE Male God’s Divine Power English
OZZY Male God’s Divine Power English
PABLO Male Borrowed Spanish
PACO Male From the name Francisco Spanish
PADDY Male From the name PATRICK Celtic/Gaelic
PAGE Both Youthful Assistant English
PAHANA Both Lost White Brother Native American
PAISLEY Both Fashion TearDrop Print Celtic/Gaelic
PALANI Both Free Man Hawaiian
PALEY Both From the name PAUL English
PALLAS Both Understanding Greek
PALLATON Male Fighter Native American
PALMER Both Palm bearer, peacemaker English
PALTI Both My Escape, Deliverance Hebrew
PANCHO Male Tuft, Plume Spanish
PAOLO Male Small Italian
PARAS Both Touchstone Hindi
PARIS Both City in France French
PARK Both Cypress Tree Chinese
PARKER Both Park Keeper English
PARKIN Both Young Peter Celtic/Gaelic
PARLAN Both From the name BARTHOLOMEW Celtic/Gaelic
PARLEY Both To Speak English
PARRISH Both Neighborhood Greek
PARRY Both Son of HARRY Welsh
PARSON Both Minister, Clergy English
PASCAL Male Easter child – Lamb French
PASCHA Both To Pass Over, Born on Easter Slavic
PASHA Both To Pass Over, Born on Easter Greek
PAT Both Of Noble Descent Greek
PATCH Male Form of PETER American
PATRICK Male Nobleman Celtic/Gaelic
PAUL Male Small Latin
PAULO Male Place of Rest African
PAULOS Male Form of PAUL German
PAVAN Both Breeze Hindi
PAVEL Male Little Slavic
PAX Both Peace Greek
PAXTON Both Town of Peace Latin
PAYTAH Male Fire Native American
PAYTON Both Village of the Warrior English
PAZ Both Peace or Gold Spanish
PEDRO Male A Rock Spanish
PEERS Male A Rock English
PEKELO Male Stone Hawaiian
PELHAM Both Town of Fur Skin English
PELLO Male Stone Greek
PEMBROKE Both A Broken Hill English
PENHA Both Beloved Swahili
PENN Both Corral English
PEPIN Male Determined German
PERCIVAL Male Piercing the Valley French
PERCY Male Piercing the Valley French
PEREGRINE Both Wanderer Latin
PERRIN Both Traveler Latin
PERRY Male Rock English
PETE Male Rock Greek
PETER Male A Rock Greek
PEYTON Both Village of the Warrior English
PHIL Male Lover of horses Greek
PHILANDER Male Lover of Mankind Greek
PHILIP Male Lover of Horses Greek
PHILLIP Male Lover of Horses Greek
PHINEAS Male Loudmouth Hebrew
PHOENIX Both Rising Bird Greek
PHOMELLO Male Succeed African
PHONG Male Not available Vietnamese
PHUC Male Blessing Vietnamese
PHUOC Male Blessing Vietnamese
PHYRE Both Burning Bright Armenian
PIERCE Both Form of PETER French
PIERRE Male A Rock French
PILLAN Both God of Stormy Weather Native American
PING Both Duckweed Chinese
PIPER Both Flute Player English
PIPEREL Both Piper, Flutist French
PIRRO Both Red-haired Greek
PISCES Both The Fish Latin
PLACIDO Male Calm, Quiet Italian
PLATO Male Strong Shoulders Greek
PLATT Both Ground Without Slope French
POLO Male Alligator African
PONCE Male Fifth Spanish
POOKY Both Little Cute Person American
POPPY Both From the Flower Latin
PORSCHE Both Offering German
PORTER Both Door Guard Latin
POWA Male Wealthy Native American
PRAVAT Male History Thai
PREM Male Love, Affection Hindi
PRENTICE Both Beginner, Learning English
PRESLEY Both Priest’s Land English
PRESTON Both Priest’s Town English
PREWITT Male Brave One French
PRIMO Male First Born Italian
PRINCE Male Royal Son Latin
PROSPER Both Fortune Latin
PYRALIS Both Of Fire Greek
QABIL Male Able Arabic
QAMAR Male Moon Arabic
QIAO Both Pretty, Handsome Chinese
QIMAT Both Valuable Hindi
QING YUAN Both Deep Water, Clear Spring Chinese
QUADE Male Fourth Latin
QUANG Male Clear Vietnamese
QUANT Both How much Latin
QUASIM Male Old Generation Hindi
QUENNELL Both Oak Tree French
QUENTIN Male The Fifth Latin
QUILLAN Both Cub Celtic/Gaelic
QUIN Both Quintuplet, Fifth Celtic/Gaelic
QUINCY Both Fifth Son’s World French
QUINLAN Both Very Strong Celtic/Gaelic
QUINN Both Fifth Celtic/Gaelic
QUINTIN Male From the name QUENTIN Latin
QUINTO Male Fifth Child Spanish
QUITO Male Fifth Spanish
QWIN Both Quintuplet Celtic/Gaelic
RAANAN Male Fresh, New Hebrew
RABIA Both Spring African
RACE Male Running Competition English
RACH Both Frog African
RAD Male Advisor English
RADLEY Male Red Meadow English
RADWAN Male Delight Hebrew
RAFAEL Male From the name RAPHAEL Spanish
RAFE Male Form of RALPH English
RAFER Male Wealthy Celtic/Gaelic
RAFFAELLO Male Basis for name RAPHAEL Italian
RAFFERTY Both Wealthy Celtic/Gaelic
RAFI Male Exalted Arabic
RAFIKI Both Friend African
RAGHNALL Male Wise and Powerful Celtic/Gaelic
RAHEEM Male Compassionate Arabic
RAIMI Male Compassionate African
RAIN Both Abundant Blessings from Above American
RAINE Both Wise Ruler English
RAINER Male Advisor German
RALEIGH Both Field of Birds English
RALPH Male Wolf Counselor English
RAM Male Godlike Hindi
RAMI Male Sniper Arabic
RAMIRO Male Supreme Judge Portuguese
RAMON Male From the name RAYMOND Spanish
RAMSES Male Sun Born African
RANAE Both Ressurected French
RANCE Male Short for Laurence English
RANDALL Male From the name RALPH English
RANDI Both Wolf shield English
RANDOLPH Male Wolf with a shield English
RANDY Male From the name RANDOLPH English
RANGER Male Forest Protector French
RANGLE Male Cowboy American
RANGSEY Male Seven Colors Cambodian
RAPHAEL Male God Has Healed Hebrew
RASHID Male Guided by God Swahili
RAUL Male Wolf Counselor Spanish
RAVI Male Sun Hindi
RAY Male Wise protector English
RAYMOND Male Wise Protection German
READ Male Red-haired English
REAGAN Both Son of the small ruler Celtic/Gaelic
RED Both Redheaded One, or Dim. of REDMOND American
REDA Both Satisfied Arabic
REDELL Both Red Meadow English
REDFORD Both Over the Red River English
REECE Male Stream English
REED Both A Reed or Red Haired English
REEGAN Both One who rules American
REESE Both Enthusiastic Welsh
REEVES Male Steward English
REGAN Both King’s Heir Celtic/Gaelic
REGGIE Both Advisor to the King German
REGINALD Male Advisor to the King German
REGIS Male Rules Latin
REID Both Red Headed English
REIDAR Male Warrior Scandinavian
REILLY Both A Small Stream Celtic/Gaelic
REMEDY Both Cure American
REMI Both From Reims All Nationalities
REMINGTON Male Town of the Raven English
REMY Both From Rheims French
REN Both Arranger Japanese
RENATE Both Reborn French
RENDOR Male Police Officer Hungarian
RENE Male Reborn French
RENNY Both Compact Strength Celtic/Gaelic
RETH Male King African
REUBEN Male Behold – A Son Hebrew
REVELIN Male Form of ROLAND Celtic/Gaelic
REX Male King Latin
REY Both King French
REYNARD Male Fox French
REYNOLD Male King’s advisor English
RHETT Male A Stream Welsh
RHODES Both Field of Roses Greek
RHYS Both A Stream Welsh
RICARDO Male From the name RICHARD Spanish
RICH Male Powerful, Rich Ruler English
RICHARD Male Powerful, Rich Ruler English
RICK Male Powerful, Rich English
RICKY Male Powerful, Rich American
RICO Male Strong Ruler Spanish
RIDA Male Accept and obey Arabic
RIDER Both Farmer English
RIGG Both Lives near the Ridge English
RILEY Both A Small Stream Celtic/Gaelic
RIN Both Park Japanese
RINGO Male Apple Japanese
RIO Male River Spanish
RIORDAN Male Royal Poet Celtic/Gaelic
RIVER Both From the River American
ROB Male From the name ROBERT English
ROBBIN Both Famous Brilliance English
ROBERT Male Bright Fame English
ROBERTO Male Bright Fame Spanish
ROBIN Both Famous Brilliance English
ROCCO Male Rest German
ROCIO Both Dewdrops Italian
ROCK Male A Rock American
ROCKWELL Male From the Rocky Spring English
ROCKY Male From the Rocks American
ROD Male Land Near the Water English
RODD Male From the name RODNEY English
RODDY Male From the name RODNEY English
RODEN Male Red Valley English
RODERICK Male Famous Ruler German
RODNEY Male Land Near the Water English
ROGER Male Fame Spear German
ROHAN Male Sandalwood Hindi
ROHO Male Soul African
ROLAND Male Famed Throughout the Land German
ROLF Male Wolf Scandinavian
ROLLIN Both Wolf English
ROLLO Male Famous in the Land English
ROMAN Both Of Rome Latin
ROMEO Male Of the Romans Latin
ROMNEY Male Winding River Welsh
ROMY Both From the City of Rome. Latin
RON Male Advisor to the King English
RONALD Male Advisor to the King English
RONAN Both Little Seal Celtic/Gaelic
RONG Both Glory Chinese
RONNIE Both From the name VERONICA Latin
RONNY Both True image Latin
ROOSEVELT Male Field of Roses Scandinavian
RORY Both Famous Ruler, Red Celtic/Gaelic
ROSCOE Male Deer Forest Scandinavian
ROSHAUN Male Shining Light African-American
ROSS Male Peninsula Celtic/Gaelic
ROWAN Both Tree with Red Berries, Mountain Ash Celtic/Gaelic
ROWDY Both Loud, Spirited American
ROY Male King Celtic/Gaelic
ROYAL Both Of the King English
ROYCE Male Son of the King French
RUBEN Male Behold – A Son Spanish
RUDOLPH Male Famous Wolf German
RUDY Male From the name RUDOLPH German
RUFUS Male Redhead Latin
RUGGIERO Male Famous Warrior Italian
RUMER Both A Gypsy Slavic
RUMOR Both Falsity American
RUNE Both A Secret German
RUPERT Male Bright Fame French
RUSS Male From the name RUSSELL French
RUSSELL Male Red Head French
RUSSOM Male Head, Boss African
RUSTI Both Red Head French
RUSTY Both Red Headed American
RYAN Both Young Royalty Celtic/Gaelic
RYDER Both Horseman English
RYLAND Both From the Rye Land English
RYLEE Both From RILEY Celtic/Gaelic
RYLIE Both Valiant Celtic/Gaelic
RYO Both River American
RYU Male Dragon Japanese
SABAH Both Morning Arabic
SABER Male Sword French
SABIN Both From the Sabines Italian
SADDAM Male Crusher Arabic
SADIKI Both Believe African
SAEED Male Priestly Hindi
SAGE Both From the spice OR Prophet English
SAIDI Both Helper African
SAILOR Both Sailor American
SAKU Both Remembrance of the Lord Japanese
SAL Male From the name SALVADOR Italian
SALUS Both Goddess of Health Greek
SALVADOR Male Savior Spanish
SALVATORE Male Savior Italian
SAM Both God hears Hebrew
SAMAN Male Shelter and security Persian
SAMMY Both Short for SAMUEL or SAMANTHA Hebrew
SAMSON Male Bright as the Sun Hebrew
SAMUEL Male God hears Hebrew
SANCHO Male Saint Spanish
SANDERS Male Son of Alexander Greek
SANDY Both From the name ALEXANDER Greek
SANFORD Male Sandy Crossing English
SANI Male The Old One Native American
SANJAY Male Protector Hindi
SANJEET Both Invincible Hindi
SANJIV Male Love, Life Hindi
SANTA Both Saint Latin
SANTO Male Holy Spanish
SANTOS Male Saint Greek
SANYU Both Happiness Japanese
SARDA Both Hurried African
SARGENT Male Military Man French
SARKI Both Chief African
SASHA Both Pet form of ALEXANDER Russian
SASSON Both Joy Hebrew
SATCHEL Male Bag American
SATU Both Fairytale Japanese
SAUL Male Borrowed Hebrew
SAWYER Both Woodcutter English
SAXEN Both Swordsman Celtic/Gaelic
SAXON Both Germanic Tribe English
SAXTON Both Swordsman English
SCHUYLER Both Scholar Dutch
SCORPIO Both The Scorpion Latin
SCOT Male Of Scottish Origin English
SCOTT Male Of Scottish Origin English
SCOUT Both First Explorer American
SEAMUS Male From the name JAMES Celtic/Gaelic
SEAN Both God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SEBASTIAN Male Venerable Latin
SEBASTIEN Male Venerable Latin
SEF Male Yesterday Egyptian
SEGHEN Both Ostrich African
SEIKO Both Force, Truth Japanese
SELAS Both Trinity African
SEORAS Male Farmer Celtic/Gaelic
SERENO Male Calm, Serene Latin
SERGE Male Servant Russian
SERGIO Male Attendant Latin
SETH Male Appointed Hebrew
SEVEN Both The Number 7 American
SEVERIN Both Severe French
SEVERINO Male Severe Latin
SEVILEN Both Loved Turkish
SEYMOUR Male From the village of St. Maur. French
SHADI Male Singer Arabic
SHADOW Both Shade from Sun English
SHAE Both A Gift English
SHAKIR Male Grateful African
SHALOM Both Peace – Hello Hebrew
SHAMAN Male Holy Man Native American
SHAMUS Male From the name JAMES Celtic/Gaelic
SHAN Both Coral Chinese
SHANE Both God is gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SHANNAN Both Ancient God Celtic/Gaelic
SHANNEN Both God’s Gracious Gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHANNON Both Little wise owl Celtic/Gaelic
SHAQUILLE Male Pretty African-American
SHAUN Male God’s gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHAW Male A Grove English
SHAWN Male From the name JOHN Celtic/Gaelic
SHAY Male A Gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHEADON Male From SHEA and DON English
SHEL Male From the name SHELDON English
SHELBY Both A Sheltered Town English
SHELDON Male Town in the Valley English
SHELLEY Both Meadow on a ledge English
SHELLY Both Meadow on a Ledge English
SHENG Male Victory Chinese
SHERIDAN Both Wild Celtic/Gaelic
SHERLOCK Male Fair Haired English
SHERMAN Male Cloth Cutter English
SHERWOOD Male From the Bright Forest English
SHIELDS Both Loyal protector Celtic/Gaelic
SHILAH Male Brother Native American
SHILOH Both Peaceful Hebrew
SHING Male To Become Chinese
SHINO Male Stem of Bamboo Japanese
SHLOMO Male Peaceful Hebrew
SHONEY Both Sea God Celtic/Gaelic
SHUANG Both Bright, Clear Chinese
SHUBHA Male Auspicious Hebrew
SIBLEY Both Brother or Sister English
SID Male From the name SIDNEY English
SIDNEY Male Contraction of St. Denys French
SIGOURNEY Both The conqueror. Scandinavian
SILAS Male Man of the Forest Latin
SILKO Male Nubian King African
SILVAIN Male Forest French
SILVER Male The Color Silver English
SIMBA Male Lion African
SIMEON Male He Heard Latin
SIMON Male It is heard Hebrew
SINCLAIR Male A Clear Sign French
SINJIN Male Saint John English
SIRIUS Male Sparkling, Scorching Greek
SIVAN Male June Hebrew
SIYAMAK Male Man with dark eyes Persian
SIYAVASH Male Owner of black horses Persian
SKAH Male White Native American
SKIP Male From the name SKIPPER American
SKIPPER Male Shipmaster English
SKULE Both Hide Scandinavian
SKY Both Sky American
SKYE Both From the Isle of Skye Celtic/Gaelic
SKYLAR Both Learned One Scandinavian
SKYLER Both Learned One Scandinavian
SLADE Male Child of the Valley English
SLOAN Male Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
SLOANE Both Strong protector Celtic/Gaelic
SLONE Male Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
SMITH Male Artisan or Specialty Worker English
SOCORRO Male Helper Spanish
SOCRATES Male Ancient Philosopher Greek
SOL Male Sun Spanish
SOLARIS Both Of the Sun Greek
SOLOMON Male Peaceful Hebrew
SONDO Male Born on Sunday African
SONNAGH Male A mound or rampart Celtic/Gaelic
SONNY Male Our Son American
SOREN Male God of War Scandinavian
SORENA Male Tribal leader Persian
SORLEY Male Viking Scandinavian
SOUTHERN Both From the South American
SOVANN Both Gold Cambodian
SPENCE Male Provider English
SPENCER Both Administrator English
SPIKE Male Long, Heavy Nail American
SPIRO Male Spiral Greek
SPRAGUE Male Alert, Lively German
SPYRIDON Male Round Basket Greek
STACY Both Resurrection English
STAN Male From the name STANLEY German
STANISLAUS Male Camp glory Slavic
STANISLAV Male Glory of the Camp Slavic
STANISLAW Male From the name STANISLAV Polish
STANLEY Male Rocky Meadow German
STARBUCK Both Astronaut American
STASH Male Sun’s rays American
STAVROS Male Crowned with Wreath Greek
STEDMAN Male From the Farmstead English
STEFAN Male From the name STEVEN German
STEP Male From the name STEVEN American
STEPHAN Male Crowned One Greek
STEPHEN Male Crowned One Greek
STERLING Male Valuable German
STESHA Male Crowned One Slavic
STEVE Male From the name STEVEN Greek
STEVEN Male Crowned One Greek
STEVIE Both From the name STEVEN American
STEW Male From the name STUART American
STEWART Male From the name STUART English
STIAN Male Swift Scandinavian
STILLMAN Male Quiet, Gentle English
STOCKTON Male Town Near Tree Trunk English
STONE Male Stone American
STORM Both A Storm American
STORMY Both Impetuous Nature American
STROM Male Stream, flow German
STU Male Keeper of the Estate English
STUART Male Keeper of the Estate English
STUDS Male A House American
SUELITA Male Little Lily Spanish
SULLIVAN Male Dark-eyed Celtic/Gaelic
SULLY Both Dark-eyed Celtic/Gaelic
SUNNY Both Brilliant, of the Sun American
SUTTON Male The Town to the South English
SUVAN Both The Sun Hindi
SVEIN Male Youth Scandinavian
SVEN Male Minor, Youth Scandinavian
SWAIN Male Youth German
SYDNEE Both Contraction of St. Denys French
SYDNEY Both Contraction of St. Denys French
SYLVAIN Both Of the Forest French
SYLVESTER Male From the Forest, Woods English
SYNCLAIR Male A Clear Sign English
SYSHE Both Street Hebrew
TAB Male Form of DAVID or Drummer American
TABAN Both Genius Celtic/Gaelic
TABER Male From the Trenches Hungarian
TAD Male From the name THAD American
TADELESH Male Lucky African
TADEO Male Praise Spanish
TADHG Male Poet, Philosopher Celtic/Gaelic
TAFFY Both Beloved Welsh
TAHMORES Male Strong and wild dog Persian
TAI Both From THAILAND Chinese
TAI YANG Male Sun All Nationalities
TAIT Both Cheerful Polish
TAITE Both Cheerful English
TAL Both Morning dew Hebrew
TALASI Both Cornflower Native American
TALEN Both Claw French
TALIESIN Male Radiant Brow Welsh
TALLEEN Both Absorbed Hindi
TALLI Both Hero Native American
TALMAI Male Mound Hebrew
TAMAL Male Dark Tree Hindi
TAMARR Male Date Palm African-American
TAMAS Male Twin Hungarian
TAMASINE Male Twin Japanese
TAMERON Male From CAMERON African-American
TAN Male New Vietnamese
TANNAR Both Leather Worker English
TANNER Both Leather Worker German
TANNIS Both Hide Tanner Greek
TAO Both Peach, Long Life Chinese
TARACHAND Both Star Hindi
TARAK Male Protector Hindi
TARAN Both Earth American
TAREGAN Both Crane Native American
TAREQ Male Door knocker Arabic
TARIN Both Rocky Hill Celtic/Gaelic
TARIQ Male Morning Star Hindi
TARMON Male Church Land Celtic/Gaelic
TARUN Male Young Hindi
TASS Male Mythological Name Hungarian
TASSOS Male Harvester Greek
TATE Both He who brings happiness English
TAUREAN Male Strong as a Bull African-American
TAURUS Both The Bull Latin
TAUSIQ Male Reinforcement Hindi
TAVARIUS Male Misfortune African-American
TAVI Both Good Hebrew
TAVON Male Nature African-American
TAVORIAN Male Misfortune African-American
TAYE Male He Has Been Seen African
TAYLOR Both Tailor English
TAYTE Both Happy Scandinavian
TAYTEN Both Beautiful Happiness American
TEAGAN Both Attractive Celtic/Gaelic
TEAGUE Male A Poet Celtic/Gaelic
TEAL Both Greenish Blue Color American
TED Male Divine Gift English
TEDDY Male Divine Gift English
TEDROS Male Gift of God African
TEENIE Both Small One American
TEFO Male Payment African
TEIGE Both A Poet American
TEJANO Male Texan Male Spanish
TELEMACHUS Male Distant Fighter Greek
TELLY Both Wise, best Greek
TEMPLE Both A Sanctuary English
TEMPLETON Male Town of Sanctuary English
TENEIL Both Not available African-American
TENEN Male Born on Monday African
TEO Male From TOM Vietnamese
TERENCE Male Tender, Gracious Latin
TERRAN Both Earth Celtic/Gaelic
TERREL Male From the name TERENCE African-American
TERRENCE Male Tender, Gracious Latin
TERRIAN Male Physically strong, ambitious. American
TERRIS Both Tender, Good Gracious Latin
TERRY Both From the name TERENCE Latin
TERRYAL Both Reaper American
TERTIUS Male The Third Greek
TESHI Both Cheerful, Full of Laughter African
TEVA Both Nature Hebrew
TEVIN Both Son of Kevin African-American
TEX Both From Texas American
THAD Male Praise Greek
THADDEUS Male Praise Greek
THADY Both Praise Greek
THAI Male Person of Thailand Vietnamese
THANE Both Landowner English
THANH Male Finish, Complete Vietnamese
THANOS Male Bear and Man Greek
THATCHER Male Roof Fixer English
THEMBA Both Trusted African
THEO Male Divine Gift Greek
THEODORE Male Divine Gift Greek
THEOPHILUS Male Loved by God Greek
THERON Both Hunter Greek
THIERY Male Ruler of the People French
THIMBA Male Lion hunter Swahili
THOM Male A Twin Greek
THOMAS Male A Twin Greek
THOR Male Thunder Scandinavian
THORNTON Male From the Thorny Town English
THU Both Autumn Vietnamese
THUONG Both Love tenderly Vietnamese
THURMAN Male Servant of Thor English
THURSTON Male Thor’s Stone Scandinavian
THUYET Male Theory Vietnamese
THWAITE Male Clearing, Enclosure Scandinavian
TIASSALE Both It is Forgotten African
TIBOR Male Holy Place Hungarian
TIBURON Both Shark Spanish
TIERNAN Male Lord of the manor Celtic/Gaelic
TIGER Both Powerful cat, tiger American
TILDEN Male Fertile Valley English
TILLY Both From Tilden or Matilda English
TIM Male To Honor God Greek
TIMOTHY Male To Honor God Greek
TINO Male Small Italian
TIP Both Nickname for THOMAS American
TITUS Male Giant Greek
TOAN Both Safe, Secure Vietnamese
TOBIAS Male God is great Hebrew
TOBY Both The Lord Is Good Hebrew
TOCHO Male Mountain Lion Native American
TOD Male From the name TODD English
TODD Male Fox English
TOKALA Male Fox Native American
TOM Male A Twin Greek
TOMAS Male A Twin Latin
TOMI Both Rich Japanese
TOMMY Male A Twin American
TONY Male Worthy of Praise Latin
TOPAZ Both Golden gem Latin
TOPPER Both Hill English
TORAL Both Hindu Folk Hero Hindi
TORGNY Male Weapon Clatter Scandinavian
TORN Both Form of TORRENCE American
TORRANCE Male Form of TERENCE Celtic/Gaelic
TORRIN Both From the hills Celtic/Gaelic
TORSTEN Male Stone of Thor Scandinavian
TORY Both Winner American
TOSHI Male Mirror Image Japanese
TOURE Male Beloging to the Soussou or Maninka African
TOVIEL Both God Is Good Hebrew
TOWNSEND Male End of the Town English
TRACE Both Brave English
TRACEN Both Not available American
TRACEY Both Brave English
TRACY Both Brave English
TRAPPER Both Trapper American
TRAVIS Male Crossroads French
TREMAIN Male Town of the Stone Celtic/Gaelic
TRENT Male Thirty German
TRENTON Male Town by the Rapids Latin
TREVELIAN Male From the Home of Elian Welsh
TREVET Male Three Mounds of Earth Celtic/Gaelic
TREVOR Male Prudent Celtic/Gaelic
TREY Male Three Latin
TRIAGE Both Emergency French
TRILBY Both A Soft Hat English
TRISTAN Male Bold, melancholy. Celtic/Gaelic
TRISTRAM Male Sad Welsh
TRORY Male The Red One African-American
TROY Male Water or Footsoldier Celtic/Gaelic
TRUMAN Male Faithful Man German
TRUMBLE Male Mighty English
TRUNG Both Medium Vietnamese
TRUONG Male School, field Turkish
TRYGG Male True Scandinavian
TRYNT Male Lives near the Stream Welsh
TU Male Not available Vietnamese
TUAN Male Not available Vietnamese
TUARI Male Young Eagle Native American
TUCKER Male Tucker of Cloth English
TUDOR Male Divine Gift Welsh
TUESDAY Both Born on Tuesday American
TULLY Both Calmness Celtic/Gaelic
TUMO Male Fame African
TUPAC Male Warrior, Messenger African
TURI Male Bear Spanish
TURNER Male Lathe Worker Latin
TUVYA Male God’s goodness Hebrew
TY Both Short for TYLER/TYRONE American
TYBALT Male He who Sees Latin
TYLER Both Tile Maker English
TYME Both Thyme Herb English
TYMON Male Priase the Lord Greek
TYNAN Both Dark Celtic/Gaelic
TYNE Both A River English
TYREE Both Island off of Scotland Celtic/Gaelic
TYRELL Both Thunder Ruler African-American
TYRONE Male Land of Owen, Young Soldier Celtic/Gaelic
TYSON Male Explosive French
UBA Male Father, Lord African
UDAY Male To Arrive Hindi
UDELL Male Grove of trees English
UGO Male Intelligence, Spirit Italian
ULF Both Wolf German
ULL Both Wolf Power German
ULMER Male Wolf German
ULRIC Male Wolf Scandinavian
UMBERTO Male Color of Earth Italian
UMED Male Hope Hindi
UMI Both Servant African
UMMI Both My Mother African
UPENDO Male Love African
UPTON Male High village Egyptian
URBAIN Both Form of URBAN French
URBAN Both From the City Latin
URBANO Male From the City Spanish
URI Both My Light Hebrew
URIAH Male God is my Light Hebrew
URIAN Male From Heaven Greek
URIEL Male Angel of Light Hebrew
VACHEL Male Small cow French
VADIN Male Known lecturer Hindi
VAHE Male Strong Armenian
VAIL Both Valley English
VAL Both Power French
VALDEMAR Male Ruler Scandinavian
VALENTINO Male Health or Love Latin
VALERIAN Male Potent Latin
VALIANT Both Brave English
VALIN Male Monkey king Hindi
VAN Both From the family of.. Scandinavian
VANCE Male Swamp English
VANIG Male Small Town Armenian
VANYA Both Gracious Slavic
VARDEN Male Green slope French
VAREN Male Superior Hindi
VARIAN Both Fickle, Changeable Latin
VARICK Male Honorable defender German
VARTAN Male Giver of Roses Armenian
VARUN Male Lord of the Sea Hindi
VASANT Both Spring Season Hindi
VASCHEL Male Little Ash Tree Hebrew
VASHON Male God is Gracious, Merciful African-American
VASILIS Male Kingly Greek
VAUGHAN Both From the name VAUGHN English
VAUGHN Both Small English
VENEDICT Male Form of Benedict African-American
VERN Male Youthful French
VERNADOS Male Courage of a Bear Greek
VERNE Male Youthful Latin
VERNON Male Youthful Latin
VERRILL Male Faithful French
VIAN Both Full of Life English
VIC Male Victorious Latin
VICTOR Male Winner, Conqueror Latin
VIDAL Male Vital Spanish
VIDAR Male Lumberjack Scandinavian
VIDOR Male Happy Hungarian
VIET Male Of Vietnamese descent Vietnamese
VIHO Male Chief Native American
VIJAY Male Victorious Hindi
VILMOS Male Steady German
VIN Male Victorious Latin
VINAY Both Modesty Hindi
VINCE Male Victorious Latin
VINCENT Male Victorious Latin
VINE Both Vineyard Worker English
VINNIE Male From the name VINCENT American
VINNY Male From the name VINCENT American
VINSON Male Son of Vincent English
VIRENDRA Both Brave Noble Person Hindi
VIRGIL Male Strong Latin
VIRGO Both The Virgin Latin
VIROTE Male Power Thai
VITALIS Male Life Greek
VITO Male Life Italian
VITTORIO Male Conqueror Italian
VIVEK Male Discerning with wisdom Hindi
VLAD Male Prince Slavic
VLADIMIR Male Prince Slavic
VON Both From (the family of) German
WADE Male Cross the Water English
WAFA Both Faithful Arabic
WAGGONER Male Wagon Maker German
WAITE Male Protector English
WALDEMAR Male Mighty, Famous German
WALDEN Male Mighty German
WALDO Male God’s Power English
WALDRON Male Mighty Raven German
WALKER Both Forest Walker English
WALLACE Male A Stranger Celtic/Gaelic
WALLIS Both From Wales English
WALLY Male Short for WALLACE Celtic/Gaelic
WALT Male From the name WALTER German
WALTER Male Army General German
WANETA Both Shape-shifter Native American
WARD Male Guardian English
WARNER Male Defender German
WARREN Male To Preserve English
WARRICK Male Strong Leader English
WARWICK Male Settlement near the weir English
WASAKI Male The Enemy African
WASEEM Male Handsome Arabic
WASHI Male Eagle Japanese
WASHINGTON Male Town near the Water English
WATSON Male Son of Walter English
WAYDE Male Cross the Water English
WAYLAND Male Near the path English
WAYLON Male Land by the road English
WAYNE Male Wagon Maker English
WEBB Male Weaver English
WEBSTER Male Weaver English
WEDNESDAY Both Born on Wednesday American
WELDON Male Hill with a well English
WELLS Male A city in England English
WENDELL Male Wanderer, Seeker German
WENTWORTH Male Village of the white people English
WERNER Male From the name WARREN German
WES Male The West Meadow German
WESLEY Male The West Meadow German
WESTBROOK Male Brook on the west side English
WESTON Male From the West Town English
WEYLIN Male From Waylon (see) English
WHEATLEY Male Wheat fields English
WHEATON Male Settlement of wheat English
WHEELER Male A Driver English
WHISTLER Male He who wistles English
WHITBY Male Farm with White Walls English
WHITCOMB Male Liight in the valley English
WHITFIELD Male From the Small Field English
WHITLEY Both A Small Field English
WHITNEY Both White Island English
WHITTAKER Male White field English
WILBUR Male From the name GILBERT German
WILEY Both Of the Willows English
WILFORD Male Ford by the willows English
WILFRED Male Peaceful or Willow Tree Near Ford English
WILKINSON Male Son of young Will English
WILL Male From the name WILLIAM American
WILLARD Male Brave German
WILLEM Male Contraction of WILLIAM Celtic/Gaelic
WILLIAM Male Protector English
WILLIS Male Son of WILLIAM German
WILLOUGHBY Male Farm of willows English
WILMER Male Beloved and Famous German
WILSON Male Son of WILLIAM German
WILTON Male Farm by the Spring English
WINCHELL Male Drawer of Water English
WINFIELD Male Friend of the field German
WINFRED Male Friend of Peace Celtic/Gaelic
WING Both Glory Chinese
WINKA Both People of Chile Scandinavian
WINSLOW Male Hill of Victory English
WINSTON Male Victory Town English
WINTER Both The Season American
WINTHROP Male Friendly English
WIRT Male Worthy English
WOLCOTT Male Wolf’s home English
WOLFE Male The wolf English
WOLFGANG Male Path of a Wolf German
WOOD Male From the name WOODY American
WOODROW Male The Path thru the Woods English
WOODS Male Of the Woods American
WOODWARD Male Cares for the woods English
WOODY Male From the name WOODS American
WRAY Male From the Corner Scandinavian
WRIGHT Male Wood carver English
WYATT Male Peaceful French
WYCLIFF Male White rocks English
WYLIE Male Beguiling English
WYMAN Male Warrior English
WYNDHAM Male Hamlet near a path English
WYNN Both Light Complexion Welsh
WYNNE Both Light Complexion Celtic/Gaelic
WYOME Both Plain Native American
XADRIAN Both Of the Adriatic American
XANNON Both Ancient God American
XANTHUS Male Blonde, Yellow Greek
XANTI Male Name for St. James Portuguese
XANTO Male Blond Haired Greek
XARLES Male Manly French
XAVIER Male New house Spanish
XENON Male Stranger Greek
XENOPHON Both Strange Voice Greek
XENOS Male Guest Greek
XERXES Male King, Ruler Persian
XI-WANG Both Hope Chinese
XIAO CHEN Both Early Morning Chinese
XIAO HONG Both Morning Rainbo Chinese
XING Both Star Chinese
XING XING Both Twin stars Chinese
XOLA Both Stay in Peace African
XUAN Both Spring Vietnamese
XYLON Both Lives in the Forest Greek
YAAKOV Male One who supplants Hebrew
YADID Male Beloved Hebrew
YAEL Both Strength of God Hebrew
YAGIL Male Celebrate Hebrew
YAHOLO Male One who Yells Native American
YAHTO Male Blue Native American
YAIR Both God Will Teach Hebrew
YAKOV Male Supplanter Slavic
YALE Both Mountain Goat English
YAMAL Male One of a Twin Hindi
YANCY Both Englishman Native American
YANISIN Male Ashamed Native American
YANK Both From the name YANCY Native American
YANNI Both Gift of God Hebrew
YANNIS Male Gift of God Hebrew
YAPHET Male Handsome Hebrew
YARDAN Male King Arabic
YARDLEY Both Of the Yard English
YARO Male Son African
YARON Male Singing Hebrew
YASER Both Wealth Arabic
YASUO Male Peaceful One Japanese
YATES Both Gates English
YAZID Male Increasing Arabic
YE Male Light Chinese
YEARDLEIGH Both Of the Yard English
YEHUDA Male Praise, exalt Hebrew
YEHUDAH Male Exalt Hebrew
YEHUDI Male A Man from Judah, A Jew Hebrew
YENGE Both Work African
YERED Male To come Down Hebrew
YERIEL Both Founded by God Hebrew
YERODIN Male Studious African
YESHAYA Male God lends Hebrew
YESTIN Both Just Welsh
YI MIN Both Smart Chinese
YITRO Male Plenty Hebrew
YO Male Cultivating Japanese
YOGI Both Of the Yoga Practice Hindi
YOHANCE Both God’s Gift African
YONAH Male From the name JONAH Hebrew
YORICK Male Form of GEORGE Scandinavian
YORK Male From the Yew Tree Latin
YOSEF Male Form of JOSEPH Hebrew
YOSEFU Male From the name JOSEPH Hebrew
YOSHI Male Quiet Japanese
YU JIE Both Pure, Beautiful Jade Chinese
YUE Both Moon Chinese
YUE YAN Both Happy, Beautiful Chinese
YUKIO Male Gets What He Wants Japanese
YUL Male Past the Horizon Chinese
YULE Both Of Christmastime English
YUMA Male Son of the Chief Native American
YURI Male From the name URIAH Russian
YUVAL Male Brook Hebrew
YVES Male Archer French
YVON Male Male form of YVONNE French
ZACCHEUS Male Innocent Greek
ZACH Male Remembrance of the Lord Hebrew
ZACHARIAH Male Remembered by the Lord Hebrew
ZACHARY Male Remembrance of the Lord Hebrew
ZACI Both God of Fatherhood African
ZACK Male Remembrance of the Lord Hebrew
ZAHI Male Bright and shining Arabic
ZAHUR Male Flower Arabic
ZAIRE Both From Zaire African
ZALE Both Sea Strength Greek
ZALMAN Male Peaceful & Quiet Hebrew
ZAMIR Male Song bird Hebrew
ZAN Male Well Fed Hebrew
ZANE Both Beloved Arabic
ZAREB Male Guardian African
ZARED Male Trap Hebrew
ZAREH Male Protector Armenian
ZAREK Male May God Protect the King Persian
ZASHA Both People’s defender Russian
ZAVAD Male Present Hebrew
ZAYN Both Beauty Arabic
ZBIGNIEW Male To get rid of Anger Polish
ZEAL Both With passion American
ZEBULON Male Exalted/Honored Hebrew
ZED Male God is Fair Hebrew
ZEDEKIAH Male God is Fair Hebrew
ZEHEB Male Gold Turkish
ZEKE Male Strength of God Hebrew
ZELIG Male The Blessed One German
ZENAS Both Generous Greek
ZENE Both Beautiful African
ZENO Male Sign Greek
ZENON Both Stranger var. of Xenon Greek
ZEPHAN Both Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
ZEPHYR Both Strong Wind Greek
ZEROUN Male Respected, Wise Armenian
ZESHAWN Male God is Gracious, Merciful African-American
ZESIRO Male First born of twins African
ZEUS Male Powerful one Greek
ZEV Male Wolf Hebrew
ZHI Both Wisdom, Healing Chinese
ZIKOMO Male Thank You African
ZION Both A Sign Hebrew
ZIV Male Very Bright Hebrew
ZIVEN Both Vigorous, Alive Polish
ZO Both Spiritual Leader African
ZOAN Both Departure African
ZODY Both Cusion of Life American
ZOHAR Male Light, Brilliance Hindi
ZOLTAN Male Life Hungarian
ZOLTIN Male Life Hungarian
ZORION Male Happy Portuguese
ZUBIN Male To Honor Hebrew
ZULU Male Heaven African
ZURIEL Both The Lord is my Rock Hebrew
ZWI Both Gazelle Scandinavian

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