Baby Names Beginning with the Letter Y

Name Gender What it Means Origin
YAAKOV Male One who supplants Hebrew
YACHI Female Eight Thousand Japanese
YADID Male Beloved Hebrew
YAEL Both Strength of God Hebrew
YAGIL Male Celebrate Hebrew
YAHOLO Male One who Yells Native American
YAHTO Male Blue Native American
YAIR Both God Will Teach Hebrew
YAKOV Male Supplanter Slavic
YALE Both Mountain Goat English
YAMA Female Mountain Japanese
YAMAL Male One of a Twin Hindi
YAMIN Female Right Hand Hebrew
YAMKA Female Budding Flower Native American
YAN Female Pretty Colors / Swallow Bird Chinese
YANA Female He Answers Hebrew
YANCY Both Englishman Native American
YANISIN Male Ashamed Native American
YANK Both From the name YANCY Native American
YANKA Female God is Good Slavic
YANNI Both Gift of God Hebrew
YANNIS Male Gift of God Hebrew
YAPHET Male Handsome Hebrew
YARDAN Male King Arabic
YARDLEY Both Of the Yard English
YARO Male Son African
YARON Male Singing Hebrew
YASER Both Wealth Arabic
YASMIN Female A Flower in the Olive Family Persian
YASUO Male Peaceful One Japanese
YATES Both Gates English
YATIMA Female Orphan African
YAUVANI Female Full of Youth Hindi
YAZID Male Increasing Arabic
YE Male Light Chinese
YEARDLEIGH Both Of the Yard English
YEARDLEY Female Of the Yard English
YEHUDA Male Praise, exalt Hebrew
YEHUDAH Male Exalt Hebrew
YEHUDI Male A Man from Judah, A Jew Hebrew
YELENA Female Light Portuguese
YENGE Both Work African
YEPA Female Winter Princess Native American
YERED Male To come Down Hebrew
YERIEL Both Founded by God Hebrew
YERODIN Male Studious African
YESHAYA Male God lends Hebrew
YESSICA Female Wealthy Hebrew
YESTIN Both Just Welsh
YETTA Female Short for Henrietta Hebrew
YETTIE Female African
YETTY Female Ruler of the Household African-American
YEVA Female Life-Enhancing Slavic
YI Female Happy Chinese
YI MIN Both Smart Chinese
YI ZE Female Happy, Shiny as a Pearl. Chinese
YIHANA Female Congratulations African
YITRO Male Plenty Hebrew
YITTA Female Light Hebrew
YO Male Cultivating Japanese
YOGI Both Of the Yoga Practice Hindi
YOHANCE Both God’s Gift African
YOKO Female Positive Child Japanese
YOLAND Female Violet Flower French
YOLANDA Female Violet Flower Greek
YONAH Male From the name JONAH Hebrew
YONINAH Female Little Dove Hebrew
YORI Female Reliable Japanese
YORICK Male Form of GEORGE Scandinavian
YORK Male From the Yew Tree Latin
YORUBA Female People in Nigeria African
YOSEF Male Form of JOSEPH Hebrew
YOSEFU Male From the name JOSEPH Hebrew
YOSHE Female Beauty Japanese
YOSHI Male Quiet Japanese
YOSHIKO Female Good Child Japanese
YOSHINO Female Respectful, Good. Japanese
YOVELA Female Full of Joy Hebrew
YU JIE Both Pure, Beautiful Jade Chinese
YUE Both Moon Chinese
YUE YAN Both Happy, Beautiful Chinese
YUKI Female Snow or Lucky Japanese
YUKIO Male Gets What He Wants Japanese
YUL Male Past the Horizon Chinese
YULE Both Of Christmastime English
YUMA Male Son of the Chief Native American
YURI Male From the name URIAH Russian
YUVAL Male Brook Hebrew
YVES Male Archer French
YVETTE Female Form of YVONNE French
YVON Male Male form of YVONNE French
YVONNE Female From EVE AND ANNA French

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