Baby Names Beginning with the Letter X

Name Gender What it Means Origin
XADRIAN Both Of the Adriatic American
XALVADORA Female Savior Spanish
XANNON Both Ancient God American
XANTARA Female Protector of the Earth American
XANTHE Female Blonde, Yellow Greek
XANTHUS Male Blonde, Yellow Greek
XANTI Male Name for St. James Portuguese
XANTO Male Blond Haired Greek
XARIA Female Gift of love (Zaria) American
XARLES Male Manly French
XAVIER Male New house Spanish
XAVIERA Female Owner of a new house. Spanish
XAVIERE Female New House French
XENA Female Hospitable Greek
XENIA Female Hospitable Greek
XENON Male Stranger Greek
XENOPHON Both Strange Voice Greek
XENOS Male Guest Greek
XERXES Male King, Ruler Persian
XEXILIA Female Blind American
XHOSA Female South African Tribe African
XI-WANG Both Hope Chinese
XIA Female Glow of the Sunrise Chinese
XIA HE Female Summer Lotus All Nationalities
XIANG Female Fragrant Chinese
XIAO CHEN Both Early Morning Chinese
XIAO HONG Both Morning Rainbo Chinese
XIN QIAN Female Happy, Beautiful Chinese
XINAVANE Female Spread, Propagate African
XING Both Star Chinese
XING XING Both Twin stars Chinese
XIOMARA Female Ready for Battle Spanish
XIU Female Elegant, Beautiful Chinese
XIU JUAN Female Elegant, Graceful Chinese
XOLA Both Stay in Peace African
XOLANI Female Please Forgive African
XUAN Both Spring Vietnamese
XUE Female Snow Chinese
XUE FANG Female Fragrant Snow Chinese
XUXA Female Queen Spanish
XYLIA Female From the Forest Greek
XYLON Both Lives in the Forest Greek

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