Baby Names Beginning with the Letter W

Name Gender What it Means Origin
WADE Male Cross the Water English
WAFA Both Faithful Arabic
WAGGONER Male Wagon Maker German
WAITE Male Protector English
WAKANDA Female Possesses Magical Powers Native American
WALDA Female Ruler German
WALDEMAR Male Mighty, Famous German
WALDEN Male Mighty German
WALDO Male God’s Power English
WALDRON Male Mighty Raven German
WALKER Both Forest Walker English
WALLACE Male A Stranger Celtic/Gaelic
WALLIS Both From Wales English
WALLY Male Short for WALLACE Celtic/Gaelic
WALT Male From the name WALTER German
WALTA Female Shield African
WALTER Male Army General German
WAN Female Gentle, Gracious Chinese
WANDA Female A slender, young tree German
WANETA Both Shape-shifter Native American
WARD Male Guardian English
WARDAH Female Rose Arabic
WARNER Male Defender German
WARREN Male To Preserve English
WARRICK Male Strong Leader English
WARWICK Male Settlement near the weir English
WASAKI Male The Enemy African
WASEEM Male Handsome Arabic
WASEEMAH Female Beautiful Arabic
WASHI Male Eagle Japanese
WASHINGTON Male Town near the Water English
WATSON Male Son of Walter English
WATTAN Female From the Homeland Japanese
WAUNA Female Singing Snow Goose Native American
WAVERLY Female Quaking Aspen English
WAYDE Male Cross the Water English
WAYLAND Male Near the path English
WAYLON Male Land by the road English
WAYNE Male Wagon Maker English
WEBB Male Weaver English
WEBSTER Male Weaver English
WEDNESDAY Both Born on Wednesday American
WEI Female Valuable Chinese
WELCOME Female Welcome Guest American
WELDON Male Hill with a well English
WELLS Male A city in England English
WENDA Female White wave. Welsh
WENDELL Male Wanderer, Seeker German
WENDI Female From Gwendolyn Welsh
WENDY Female White Skinned Welsh
WENTWORTH Male Village of the white people English
WERNER Male From the name WARREN German
WES Male The West Meadow German
WESLEY Male The West Meadow German
WESTBROOK Male Brook on the west side English
WESTON Male From the West Town English
WEYLIN Male From Waylon (see) English
WHEATLEY Male Wheat fields English
WHEATON Male Settlement of wheat English
WHEELER Male A Driver English
WHISTLER Male He who wistles English
WHITBY Male Farm with White Walls English
WHITCOMB Male Liight in the valley English
WHITFIELD Male From the Small Field English
WHITLEY Both A Small Field English
WHITNEY Both White Island English
WHITTAKER Male White field English
WILBUR Male From the name GILBERT German
WILDA Female Untamed German
WILEY Both Of the Willows English
WILFORD Male Ford by the willows English
WILFRED Male Peaceful or Willow Tree Near Ford English
WILHELMINA Female Desire to Protect German
WILKINSON Male Son of young Will English
WILL Male From the name WILLIAM American
WILLA Female Protector Latin
WILLARD Male Brave German
WILLEM Male Contraction of WILLIAM Celtic/Gaelic
WILLIAM Male Protector English
WILLIS Male Son of WILLIAM German
WILLOUGHBY Male Farm of willows English
WILLOW Female From the Willow Tree English
WILMA Female Protector German
WILMER Male Beloved and Famous German
WILMET Female Protector German
WILONA Female Hoped For English
WILSON Male Son of WILLIAM German
WILTON Male Farm by the Spring English
WINCHELL Male Drawer of Water English
WIND Female Moving Air American
WINDA Female Hunter Swahili
WINFIELD Male Friend of the field German
WINFRED Male Friend of Peace Celtic/Gaelic
WING Both Glory Chinese
WINIFRED Female Friend of Peace Celtic/Gaelic
WINKA Both People of Chile Scandinavian
WINOLA Female Gracious Friend German
WINONA Female First Born Native American
WINSLOW Male Hill of Victory English
WINSTON Male Victory Town English
WINTA Female Desire African
WINTER Both The Season American
WINTHROP Male Friendly English
WIRT Male Worthy English
WOLCOTT Male Wolf’s home English
WOLFE Male The wolf English
WOLFGANG Male Path of a Wolf German
WOOD Male From the name WOODY American
WOODROW Male The Path thru the Woods English
WOODS Male Of the Woods American
WOODWARD Male Cares for the woods English
WOODY Male From the name WOODS American
WRAY Male From the Corner Scandinavian
WREN Female Small Bird English
WRIGHT Male Wood carver English
WYANET Female Beautiful Native American
WYATT Male Peaceful French
WYCLIFF Male White rocks English
WYLIE Male Beguiling English
WYMAN Male Warrior English
WYNDHAM Male Hamlet near a path English
WYNN Both Light Complexion Welsh
WYNNE Both Light Complexion Celtic/Gaelic
WYNONA Female From the name WINONA Native American
WYNONNA Female Oldest Daughter Native American
WYOME Both Plain Native American

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