Baby Names Beginning with the Letter V

Name Gender What it Means Origin
VACHEL Male Small cow French
VADIN Male Known lecturer Hindi
VAHE Male Strong Armenian
VAIL Both Valley English
VAL Both Power French
VALA Female Singled Out German
VALARIE Female Strength, Valor Latin
VALDEMAR Male Ruler Scandinavian
VALENCIA Female Brave Spanish
VALENTINA Female Health or Love Latin
VALENTINE Female Health or Love French
VALENTINO Male Health or Love Latin
VALERIA Female Strength, Valor Italian
VALERIAN Male Potent Latin
VALERIE Female Fierce One French
VALIANT Both Brave English
VALIN Male Monkey king Hindi
VALLARI Female Goddess Hindi
VALLERIE Female To be strong French
VALMAI Female Spring flower Welsh
VALORA Female Bravery Latin
VALTERRA Female Strong Earth American
VALTINA Female Health or Love Latin
VAN Both From the family of.. Scandinavian
VANCE Male Swamp English
VANDANA Female Worship Hindi
VANESSA Female Butterfly Greek
VANGIE Female Bearer of good news. Greek
VANIDA Female Girl Thai
VANIG Male Small Town Armenian
VANNA Female Golden Colored Cambodian
VANYA Both Gracious Slavic
VARANA Female River Hindi
VARDEN Male Green slope French
VAREN Male Superior Hindi
VARIAN Both Fickle, Changeable Latin
VARICK Male Honorable defender German
VARSHA Female Rain Hindi
VARTAN Male Giver of Roses Armenian
VARTOUHI Female Beautiful as a Rose Armenian
VARUN Male Lord of the Sea Hindi
VARUNA Female Wife of the Sea Hindi
VARVARA Female Stranger Greek
VASANT Both Spring Season Hindi
VASANTI Female From Springtime Hindi
VASCHEL Male Little Ash Tree Hebrew
VASHA Female South African Language African
VASHON Male God is Gracious, Merciful African-American
VASILIS Male Kingly Greek
VATUSIA Female They Leave Us Behind African
VAUGHAN Both From the name VAUGHN English
VAUGHN Both Small English
VEA Female Chief, Seen Latin
VEATA Female Wind Cambodian
VEGA Female Falling Star Latin
VELIKA Female Great Slavic
VELMA Female Protector Greek
VELVET Female Soft Fabric American
VENDA Female Of the Bantu People African
VENECIA Female From Venice Latin
VENEDICT Male Form of Benedict African-American
VENETIA Female Woman of Venice Greek
VENICE Female A Favor, Giving Latin
VENTANA Female Window Spanish
VENTURA Female Good Fortune Spanish
VENUS Female Goddess of Love Greek
VERA Female Truth Italian
VERADIS Female Truthful, Genuine Latin
VERDA Female Truth Spanish
VERDAD Female Truth Spanish
VERDI Female Green Italian
VERENA Female Protector German
VERITY Female The truth Latin
VERLEE Female Truthful American
VERN Male Youthful French
VERNA Female Truth Latin
VERNADOS Male Courage of a Bear Greek
VERNE Male Youthful Latin
VERNON Male Youthful Latin
VERONICA Female Truth and purity Spanish
VERONIQUE Female The Truth French
VERRILL Male Faithful French
VESNA Female Spring Slavic
VESTA Female Goddess of the Hearth Latin
VETA Female Intelligent Spanish
VEVAY Female A White Wave Celtic/Gaelic
VEVINA Female Sweet Lady Celtic/Gaelic
VI Female From the name VIOLET American
VIAN Both Full of Life English
VIANCA Female Fair Skinned, White American
VIC Male Victorious Latin
VICKI Female Victorious American
VICKY Female Winner, Conqueror American
VICTOR Male Winner, Conqueror Latin
VICTORIA Female Winner, Conqueror Latin
VIDA Female Life Latin
VIDAL Male Vital Spanish
VIDAR Male Lumberjack Scandinavian
VIDOR Male Happy Hungarian
VIENNA Female From Wine Country Latin
VIET Male Of Vietnamese descent Vietnamese
VIHO Male Chief Native American
VIJAY Male Victorious Hindi
VILA Female From WILLIAM Slavic
VILINA Female Dedicated Hindi
VILLETTE Female Small Village French
VILMARIS Female Protector from the sea Greek
VILMOS Male Steady German
VIN Male Victorious Latin
VINA Female From the Vineyard Spanish
VINAY Both Modesty Hindi
VINAYA Female Modest Hindi
VINCE Male Victorious Latin
VINCENT Male Victorious Latin
VINE Both Vineyard Worker English
VINNIE Male From the name VINCENT American
VINNY Male From the name VINCENT American
VINSON Male Son of Vincent English
VIOLA Female From the name VIOLET Italian
VIOLET Female Purple/blue flower French
VIRENDRA Both Brave Noble Person Hindi
VIRGIL Male Strong Latin
VIRGINIA Female Virginal, Pure Latin
VIRGO Both The Virgin Latin
VIROTE Male Power Thai
VISOLA Female Longings are Waterfalls African
VITA Female Life Italian
VITALIS Male Life Greek
VITO Male Life Italian
VITTORIO Male Conqueror Italian
VIVECA Female Full of Life Latin
VIVEK Male Discerning with wisdom Hindi
VIVEKA Female Right Hindi
VIVI Female Alive Latin
VIVIAN Female Full of Life, Vibrant Latin
VIVIANA Female Full of Life Italian
VIVIEN Female Full of Life, Vibrant Latin
VIVIENNE Female Life Latin
VLAD Male Prince Slavic
VLADIMIR Male Prince Slavic
VLORA Female Bravery American
VON Both From (the family of) German
VONDA Female True Image Latin
VONDILA Female Lost a Child African
VONDRA Female The Love of a Woman Slavic
VUI Female Cheerful Vietnamese

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