Baby Names Beginning with the Letter S

Name Gender What it Means Origin
SABA Female Seventh Daughter Greek
SABAH Both Morning Arabic
SABER Male Sword French
SABIN Both From the Sabines Italian
SABINA Female From the name SABINE Latin
SABINE Female Of Ancient Italian Culture Latin
SABRA Female Cactus Fruit Hebrew
SABRINA Female Cactus Fruit Hebrew
SACHI Female Girl Child of Bliss Japanese
SADA Female Pure One Japanese
SADAH Female Good Fortune-From Zada Arabic
SADDAM Male Crusher Arabic
SADIE Female Princess English
SADIKI Both Believe African
SAEED Male Priestly Hindi
SAERAN Female Irish Saint Welsh
SAFARA Female Her Place African
SAFFRON Female Yellow Flower English
SAGE Both From the spice OR Prophet English
SAGIRA Female Little One Egyptian
SAGITTARIUS Female The Archer Latin
SAHARA Female Wilderness Arabic
SAHIRAH Female Clean, Pristine Egyptian
SAHKYO Female Mink Native American
SAIDI Both Helper African
SAILOR Both Sailor American
SAIMA Female Fasting woman Arabic
SAKINA Female Friend Hindi
SAKU Both Remembrance of the Lord Japanese
SAKURA Female Cherry blossom Japanese
SAL Male From the name SALVADOR Italian
SALALI Female Squirrel Native American
SALAMA Female Peaceful Egyptian
SALEEMA Female Peaceful Arabic
SALENE Female Dignified one French
SALLY Female Form of SARAH Hebrew
SALMA Female Ambitious Spanish
SALOME Female Shalom/Welcome, Peace Hebrew
SALUS Both Goddess of Health Greek
SALVADOR Male Savior Spanish
SALVATORE Male Savior Italian
SAM Both God hears Hebrew
SAMAN Male Shelter and security Persian
SAMANTHA Female Listener of God Hebrew
SAMARA Female Elm Tree Latin
SAMIRA Female Entertaining Arabic
SAMMY Both Short for SAMUEL or SAMANTHA Hebrew
SAMSON Male Bright as the Sun Hebrew
SAMUEL Male God hears Hebrew
SANA Female Light Persian
SANAA Female Work of Art, Beauty Swahili
SANAM Female Lover Persian
SANCHA Female Holy Spanish
SANCHO Male Saint Spanish
SANDERS Male Son of Alexander Greek
SANDRA Female Helper of Humanity Greek
SANDY Both From the name ALEXANDER Greek
SANFORD Male Sandy Crossing English
SANI Male The Old One Native American
SANIYA Female Moment in Time Hindi
SANJAY Male Protector Hindi
SANJEET Both Invincible Hindi
SANJIV Male Love, Life Hindi
SANNE Female Lily American
SANTA Both Saint Latin
SANTO Male Holy Spanish
SANTOS Male Saint Greek
SANURA Female Kitten Egyptian
SANYU Both Happiness Japanese
SAOIRSE Female Freedom Celtic/Gaelic
SAPPHIRE Female From the Gem Greek
SARA Female Princess Hebrew
SARAH Female Princess Hebrew
SARAI Female My princess Hebrew
SARAMA Female Nice African
SARAN Female Joy African
SARDA Both Hurried African
SARGENT Male Military Man French
SARI Female Princess Hebrew
SARKI Both Chief African
SASHA Both Pet form of ALEXANDER Russian
SASILVIA Female From the name Silvia Hawaiian
SASKIA Female Protector of Mankind Slavic
SASSON Both Joy Hebrew
SATCHEL Male Bag American
SATIN Female Smooth Fabric French
SATINKA Female Sacred Dancer Native American
SATU Both Fairytale Japanese
SATYA Female Truth Hindi
SAUDA Female Dark Beauty Swahili
SAUL Male Borrowed Hebrew
SAVANNA Female Open plain Spanish
SAVANNAH Female Treeless Plain Spanish
SAVEA Female The Swedish Nation Scandinavian
SAWYER Both Woodcutter English
SAXEN Both Swordsman Celtic/Gaelic
SAXON Both Germanic Tribe English
SAXTON Both Swordsman English
SCARLETT Female Red English
SCHUYLER Both Scholar Dutch
SCORPIO Both The Scorpion Latin
SCOT Male Of Scottish Origin English
SCOTT Male Of Scottish Origin English
SCOUT Both First Explorer American
SEAMUS Male From the name JAMES Celtic/Gaelic
SEAN Both God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SEANNA Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SEASON Female Sowing, Planting Latin
SEBASTIAN Male Venerable Latin
SEBASTIEN Male Venerable Latin
SEBILLE Female A Fairy English
SEDA Female Forest Voices Armenian
SEEMA Female Sprout Greek
SEF Male Yesterday Egyptian
SEGHEN Both Ostrich African
SEIKO Both Force, Truth Japanese
SELA Female Rock Hebrew
SELAH Female Pause and reflect Hebrew
SELAM Female Peace African
SELAS Both Trinity African
SELENA Female The Moon Greek
SELENE Female Moon French
SELIA Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
SELIMA Female Brings Comfort, Peace Hebrew
SELINA Female Moon Greek
SELMA Female Divine Protector German
SEMA Female Divine Omen Greek
SEMAH Female Known symbol Arabic
SEMIRA Female Fulfilled African
SEN Female Lotus flower Vietnamese
SENALDA Female A Sign, Symbol Spanish
SENONA Female Lively Spanish
SENTA Female Assistant German
SEORAS Male Farmer Celtic/Gaelic
SEPTEMBER Female 7th Month Latin
SEQUOIA Female Giant Redwood Tree Native American
SERA Female Heavenly, Winged Angel Latin
SERAFINA Female Heavenly, Winged Angel Latin
SERENA Female Serene, Calm Latin
SERENITY Female Peaceful Disposition English
SERENO Male Calm, Serene Latin
SERGE Male Servant Russian
SERGIO Male Attendant Latin
SERWA Female Jewel African
SESEN Female To Wish For More African
SETH Male Appointed Hebrew
SEVEN Both The Number 7 American
SEVERIN Both Severe French
SEVERINO Male Severe Latin
SEVILEN Both Loved Turkish
SEVITA Female Cherished Hindi
SEYMOUR Male From the village of St. Maur. French
SEZJA Female Protector Russian
SHADA Female Pelican Native American
SHADI Male Singer Arabic
SHADOW Both Shade from Sun English
SHAE Both A Gift English
SHAINA Female Beautiful Hebrew
SHAKILA Female Pretty African
SHAKINA Female Beautiful One African
SHAKIR Male Grateful African
SHAKIRA Female Thankful Arabic
SHAKTI Female Divine Woman Hindi
SHALIN Female Cotton Plant Hindi
SHALOM Both Peace – Hello Hebrew
SHAMAN Male Holy Man Native American
SHAMARA Female Ready for Battle Arabic
SHAMIRA Female Protector Hebrew
SHAMUS Male From the name JAMES Celtic/Gaelic
SHAN Both Coral Chinese
SHANA Female God is gracious Hebrew
SHANAE Female From Shana Hebrew
SHANDI Female God is Gracious African-American
SHANDRA Female Variation of Sandra African-American
SHANE Both God is gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SHANI Female Marvelous Egyptian
SHANIA Female I’m On My Way Native American
SHANNA Female Variant of Shannon American
SHANNAN Both Ancient God Celtic/Gaelic
SHANNEN Both God’s Gracious Gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHANNON Both Little wise owl Celtic/Gaelic
SHANON Female From the name SHANNON Celtic/Gaelic
SHANTA Female Peaceful Hindi
SHANTELL Female Song African-American
SHANTON Female We sing French
SHAQUANA Female Truth in Life African-American
SHAQUILLE Male Pretty African-American
SHARIS Female Flat Plain Hebrew
SHARLA Female Little and womanly form od Charlotte French
SHARLENE Female From the name CHARLES French
SHARNE Female Desert Plain Hebrew
SHARON Female A Flat clearing Hebrew
SHARONA Female Flat Clearing English
SHARVANI Female Goddess Hindi
SHASA Female Precious Water African
SHASTA Female Three Native American
SHATEQUE Female Follower African-American
SHAUN Male God’s gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHAUNA Female Fem. form of SHAUN Celtic/Gaelic
SHAUNNA Female Fem. form of SHAUN Celtic/Gaelic
SHAW Male A Grove English
SHAWDI Female Joy Persian
SHAWN Male From the name JOHN Celtic/Gaelic
SHAWNA Female Fem. form of SHAUN Celtic/Gaelic
SHAY Male A Gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHAYLA Female Her Gift Celtic/Gaelic
SHAYLEE Female Fairy princess of the field Celtic/Gaelic
SHAYNA Female Beautiful Hebrew
SHEA Female Fairy Place Celtic/Gaelic
SHEADON Male From SHEA and DON English
SHEBA Female Kingdom in Arabia Arabic
SHEEHAN Female Peacemaker Celtic/Gaelic
SHEENA Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SHEERA Female A Song Hebrew
SHEILA Female From the name CECILIA Celtic/Gaelic
SHEL Male From the name SHELDON English
SHELAGH Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
SHELBY Both A Sheltered Town English
SHELDON Male Town in the Valley English
SHELLEY Both Meadow on a ledge English
SHELLY Both Meadow on a Ledge English
SHENG Male Victory Chinese
SHEPRY Female Friendly and honest mediator American
SHERI Female From Sharon Hebrew
SHERIDAN Both Wild Celtic/Gaelic
SHERINE Female From Sharon Hebrew
SHERISE Female From the name CHARISSE Greek
SHERLOCK Male Fair Haired English
SHERMAN Male Cloth Cutter English
SHERRI Female Beloved Hebrew
SHERRY Female Beloved Hebrew
SHERWOOD Male From the Bright Forest English
SHERYL Female Charity English
SHIELA Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
SHIELDS Both Loyal protector Celtic/Gaelic
SHILAH Male Brother Native American
SHILOH Both Peaceful Hebrew
SHIMA Female Mother Native American
SHING Male To Become Chinese
SHINO Male Stem of Bamboo Japanese
SHIRA Female A Song Hebrew
SHIRI Female Song of my Soul Hebrew
SHIRIN Female Sweet Persian
SHIRINA Female Love Song American
SHIRLEY Female Bright Meadow English
SHIRLYN Female Bright Meadow English
SHLOMO Male Peaceful Hebrew
SHONA Female Fem. form of John Hebrew
SHONEY Both Sea God Celtic/Gaelic
SHOSHANA Female Lily Hebrew
SHOSHANAH Female Rose Hebrew
SHOUSHAN Female Lily Armenian
SHU FANG Female Kind, Gentle Chinese
SHUANG Both Bright, Clear Chinese
SHUBHA Male Auspicious Hebrew
SHYLA Female Goddess Hindi
SIAN Female God’s Gracious Gift Welsh
SIBLEY Both Brother or Sister English
SIBYL Female Seer Latin
SID Male From the name SIDNEY English
SIDNEY Male Contraction of St. Denys French
SIDONE Female It is Heard African-American
SIDONIA Female To Ensnare Latin
SIDONIE Female Flower French
SIDRA Female Star Born Latin
SIENNA Female Reddish Brown Italian
SIERRA Female Mountain Spanish
SIGNA Female Signal, Sign Scandinavian
SIGOURNEY Both The conqueror. Scandinavian
SIKA Female Money African
SILAS Male Man of the Forest Latin
SILEAS Female Yourthful Celtic/Gaelic
SILKO Male Nubian King African
SILVAIN Male Forest French
SILVANA Female Forest Latin
SILVER Male The Color Silver English
SILVIA Female From the Forest Latin
SIMA Female Treasure, Prize African
SIMBA Male Lion African
SIMEON Male He Heard Latin
SIMON Male It is heard Hebrew
SIMONE Female It is Heard French
SINCLAIR Male A Clear Sign French
SINE Female Jane, God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SINEAD Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SINJIN Male Saint John English
SIOBHAN Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
SIRAN Female Lovely Armenian
SIRIUS Male Sparkling, Scorching Greek
SIRVAT Female Rose Armenian
SISSY Female From the name CECILIA Celtic/Gaelic
SITARA Female Starlight Hindi
SIUSAN Female Lily Celtic/Gaelic
SIVAN Male June Hebrew
SIYAMAK Male Man with dark eyes Persian
SIYANDA Female We Are Growing African
SIYAVASH Male Owner of black horses Persian
SKAH Male White Native American
SKIP Male From the name SKIPPER American
SKIPPER Male Shipmaster English
SKULE Both Hide Scandinavian
SKY Both Sky American
SKYE Both From the Isle of Skye Celtic/Gaelic
SKYLA Female Learned One Celtic/Gaelic
SKYLAR Both Learned One Scandinavian
SKYLER Both Learned One Scandinavian
SLADE Male Child of the Valley English
SLOAN Male Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
SLOANE Both Strong protector Celtic/Gaelic
SLONE Male Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
SMITH Male Artisan or Specialty Worker English
SNANA Female Jingles Like Bells Native American
SNOW Female Frozen Rain American
SNOWY Female Dim. of SNOW American
SOCORRO Male Helper Spanish
SOCRATES Male Ancient Philosopher Greek
SOFIA Female From the name SOPHIA Italian
SOHALIA Female Moon Glow Hindi
SOKANON Female Rain Native American
SOL Male Sun Spanish
SOLADA Female Listener Thai
SOLANA Female Wind from the East Latin
SOLANGE Female Sun Angel/Earth Angel French
SOLARIS Both Of the Sun Greek
SOLEDAD Female Solitary Spanish
SOLEIL Female Sun French
SOLOMON Male Peaceful Hebrew
SOLSTICE Female Sun Exposure Greek
SONA Female Prayer Persian
SONDO Male Born on Sunday African
SONDRA Female Helper/Defender of Mankind Greek
SONEL Female Lily Hebrew
SONIA Female Wisdom – Slavic
SONJA Female Wisdom Scandinavian
SONNAGH Male A mound or rampart Celtic/Gaelic
SONNY Male Our Son American
SONORA Female Pleasant Sounding Spanish
SONYA Female Wisdom Latin
SOPHIA Female Wisdom Greek
SOPHIE Female Wisdom – dim. of Sophia Greek
SORA Female Chirping Songbird Native American
SORCHA Female Form of SARAH or Bright Celtic/Gaelic
SOREN Male God of War Scandinavian
SORENA Male Tribal leader Persian
SORLEY Male Viking Scandinavian
SOUTHERN Both From the South American
SOVANN Both Gold Cambodian
SOYALA Female Winter Solstice Native American
SPENCE Male Provider English
SPENCER Both Administrator English
SPERANZA Female Hope Italian
SPIKE Male Long, Heavy Nail American
SPIRO Male Spiral Greek
SPRAGUE Male Alert, Lively German
SPYRIDON Male Round Basket Greek
STACEY Female Resurrection Greek
STACIA Female Resurrection Slavic
STACIE Female Resurrection Greek
STACY Both Resurrection English
STAN Male From the name STANLEY German
STANISLAUS Male Camp glory Slavic
STANISLAV Male Glory of the Camp Slavic
STANISLAW Male From the name STANISLAV Polish
STANLEY Male Rocky Meadow German
STAR Female A Star American
STARBUCK Both Astronaut American
STARR Female From the name STAR American
STASH Male Sun’s rays American
STASIA Female Resurrection Russian
STAVROS Male Crowned with Wreath Greek
STEDMAN Male From the Farmstead English
STEFAN Male From the name STEVEN German
STEFANIE Female Crowned One Greek
STEFFI Female From the name STEVEN American
STEFFIE Female Nickname for STEPHANIE American
STELLA Female Star Italian
STEP Male From the name STEVEN American
STEPHAN Male Crowned One Greek
STEPHANIE Female From Stefanos – crown Greek
STEPHEN Male Crowned One Greek
STERLING Male Valuable German
STESHA Male Crowned One Slavic
STEVE Male From the name STEVEN Greek
STEVEN Male Crowned One Greek
STEVIE Both From the name STEVEN American
STEW Male From the name STUART American
STEWART Male From the name STUART English
STIAN Male Swift Scandinavian
STILLMAN Male Quiet, Gentle English
STOCKTON Male Town Near Tree Trunk English
STONE Male Stone American
STORM Both A Storm American
STORMY Both Impetuous Nature American
STROM Male Stream, flow German
STU Male Keeper of the Estate English
STUART Male Keeper of the Estate English
STUDS Male A House American
SUCHI Female Radiant Glow Hindi
SUCHIN Female Beautiful Thought Thai
SUE Female Lily American
SUELITA Male Little Lily Spanish
SUGAR Female Sugar American
SUKEY Female From the name SUSAN Japanese
SUKI Female Beloved Japanese
SULLIVAN Male Dark-eyed Celtic/Gaelic
SULLY Both Dark-eyed Celtic/Gaelic
SULWYN Female Bright as the sun Welsh
SUMANA Female Flower Hindi
SUMAYAH Female Pride Arabic
SUMITRA Female Good Friend Hindi
SUMMER Female The Season American
SUNA Female Swan Turkish
SUNDARI Female Beautiful Hindi
SUNEE Female Good Thing Thai
SUNILA Female Blue Hindi
SUNNY Both Brilliant, of the Sun American
SUSAN Female Lily Hebrew
SUSANE Female Lily French
SUSANNA Female Lily Latin
SUSANNAH Female Lily Hebrew
SUSIE Female From the name SUSAN French
SUTTON Male The Town to the South English
SUVAN Both The Sun Hindi
SUZANNE Female Lily English
SUZETTE Female Little Lily French
SUZUKI Female Bell Tree Japanese
SUZY Female From the name SUSAN French
SVEA Female The Swedish Nation Scandinavian
SVEIN Male Youth Scandinavian
SVEN Male Minor, Youth Scandinavian
SVETA Female Bright Light Slavic
SVETLANA Female Spring Slavic
SWAANTJE Female Swanlike Dutch
SWAIN Male Youth German
SWANN Female Swan-Like Scandinavian
SYBIL Female Prophet Greek
SYDNEE Both Contraction of St. Denys French
SYDNEY Both Contraction of St. Denys French
SYLVAIN Both Of the Forest French
SYLVANA Female From the Forest Latin
SYLVESTER Male From the Forest, Woods English
SYLVIA Female From the Forest Latin
SYLVIE Female From the name SYLVIA French
SYMONA Female It is Heartd American
SYNCLAIR Male A Clear Sign English
SYNNOVE Female Sun Gift Scandinavian
SYSHE Both Street Hebrew

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