Baby Names Beginning with the Letter R

Name Gender What it Means Origin
RAANAN Male Fresh, New Hebrew
RABIA Both Spring African
RACE Male Running Competition English
RACH Both Frog African
RACHAEL Female Innocent Lamb Hebrew
RACHANA Female Creation Hindi
RACHEL Female Innocent Lamb Hebrew
RACHELLE Female Lamb French
RAD Male Advisor English
RADHA Female A forite friend of the God Krishna Hindi
RADLEY Male Red Meadow English
RADWAN Male Delight Hebrew
RAE Female Wise protection fem. of Raymond German
RAEANNE Female Graceful lamb American
RAECHEL Female Innocent Lamb Hebrew
RAFAEL Male From the name RAPHAEL Spanish
RAFE Male Form of RALPH English
RAFER Male Wealthy Celtic/Gaelic
RAFFAELLO Male Basis for name RAPHAEL Italian
RAFFERTY Both Wealthy Celtic/Gaelic
RAFI Male Exalted Arabic
RAFIKI Both Friend African
RAGHNALL Male Wise and Powerful Celtic/Gaelic
RAHEEM Male Compassionate Arabic
RAIMI Male Compassionate African
RAIN Both Abundant Blessings from Above American
RAINA Female Peaceful, Queen Spanish
RAINE Both Wise Ruler English
RAINER Male Advisor German
RAISA Female Rose Russian
RAISIE Female Diminiative of Rose Celtic/Gaelic
RAJA Female Hope Hindi
RALEIGH Both Field of Birds English
RALPH Male Wolf Counselor English
RAM Male Godlike Hindi
RAMI Male Sniper Arabic
RAMIRO Male Supreme Judge Portuguese
RAMLA Female Prophet Swahili
RAMON Male From the name RAYMOND Spanish
RAMONA Female Protector Latin
RAMSES Male Sun Born African
RAMYA Female Beautiful Hindi
RANAE Both Ressurected French
RANCE Male Short for Laurence English
RANDALL Male From the name RALPH English
RANDI Both Wolf shield English
RANDILYN Female Protected Waterfall American
RANDOLPH Male Wolf with a shield English
RANDY Male From the name RANDOLPH English
RANE Female Queen Hindi
RANEE Female Queen Hindi
RANGER Male Forest Protector French
RANGLE Male Cowboy American
RANGSEY Male Seven Colors Cambodian
RANIA Female Queen Hindi
RANIT Female Song Hebrew
RAPHAEL Male God Has Healed Hebrew
RAPHAELA Female Fem. form of RAPHAEL Hebrew
RAQUEL Female From the name RACHEL Spanish
RASHA Female Young Gazelle Arabic
RASHID Male Guided by God Swahili
RASHIDA Female Righteous Turkish
RASIA Female Queen Polish
RATANA Female Crystal Thai
RAUL Male Wolf Counselor Spanish
RAVEN Female Blackbrid English
RAVI Male Sun Hindi
RAY Male Wise protector English
RAYMOND Male Wise Protection German
RAYYA Female No Longer Thirsty Arabic
RAZI Female Secret Hebrew
RAZIYA Female Agreeable, Good-Natured Swahili
REA Female Brook English
READ Male Red-haired English
REAGAN Both Son of the small ruler Celtic/Gaelic
REBA Female From the name REBECCA Hebrew
REBECCA Female Servant of God Hebrew
REBEKAH Female Bound Hebrew
REBEKKAH Female To tie or bind Hebrew
RED Both Redheaded One, or Dim. of REDMOND American
REDA Both Satisfied Arabic
REDELL Both Red Meadow English
REDFORD Both Over the Red River English
REECE Male Stream English
REED Both A Reed or Red Haired English
REEGAN Both One who rules American
REESE Both Enthusiastic Welsh
REEVES Male Steward English
REGAN Both King’s Heir Celtic/Gaelic
REGGIE Both Advisor to the King German
REGINA Female Queen Latin
REGINALD Male Advisor to the King German
REGIS Male Rules Latin
REHAN Female Flower Armenian
REIA Female Queen Spanish
REID Both Red Headed English
REIDAR Male Warrior Scandinavian
REILLY Both A Small Stream Celtic/Gaelic
REINA Female Peaceful, Queen Spanish
REMEDY Both Cure American
REMI Both From Reims All Nationalities
REMINGTON Male Town of the Raven English
REMY Both From Rheims French
REN Both Arranger Japanese
RENA Female Joy Hebrew
RENATA Female Born anew French
RENATE Both Reborn French
RENDOR Male Police Officer Hungarian
RENE Male Reborn French
RENEE Female Reborn French
RENNY Both Compact Strength Celtic/Gaelic
RETH Male King African
REUBEN Male Behold – A Son Hebrew
REUEL Female Friend of God Hebrew
REVELIN Male Form of ROLAND Celtic/Gaelic
REX Male King Latin
REY Both King French
REYA Female Queen Spanish
REYNA Female Peaceful, Queen Spanish
REYNARD Male Fox French
REYNOLD Male King’s advisor English
REZA Female Reaper Slavic
RHAXMA Female Sweet African
RHEA Female Rivers Greek
RHETT Male A Stream Welsh
RHIAN Female Magic maiden Welsh
RHIANNON Female Sacred Queen Welsh
RHODA Female Roses – from Rhodes Greek
RHODES Both Field of Roses Greek
RHONA Female Powerful, mighty Celtic/Gaelic
RHONDA Female Powerful river Greek
RHOSLYN Female Lovely rose Welsh
RHOSWEN Female White Rose Celtic/Gaelic
RHYS Both A Stream Welsh
RIANNA Female Sweet Basil, Virtuous Welsh
RIANNE Female FROM JOHN Celtic/Gaelic
RICARDO Male From the name RICHARD Spanish
RICH Male Powerful, Rich Ruler English
RICHARD Male Powerful, Rich Ruler English
RICHELLE Female Fem. form of RICHARD French
RICK Male Powerful, Rich English
RICKY Male Powerful, Rich American
RICO Male Strong Ruler Spanish
RIDA Male Accept and obey Arabic
RIDER Both Farmer English
RIGG Both Lives near the Ridge English
RILEY Both A Small Stream Celtic/Gaelic
RIMONA Female Pomegranate Hebrew
RIN Both Park Japanese
RINGO Male Apple Japanese
RINI Female Little Bunny Japanese
RIO Male River Spanish
RIONA Female Queenlike Celtic/Gaelic
RIORDAN Male Royal Poet Celtic/Gaelic
RISA Female Laughter Latin
RITA Female From MARGARITA Spanish
RIVA Female Bound, Riverbank Hebrew
RIVER Both From the River American
RIVKA Female Servant of God Hebrew
ROANA Female Reddish-brown skin Spanish
ROB Male From the name ROBERT English
ROBBIN Both Famous Brilliance English
ROBERT Male Bright Fame English
ROBERTA Female Fem. form of ROBERT, Brilliant English
ROBERTO Male Bright Fame Spanish
ROBIN Both Famous Brilliance English
ROBYN Female From the name ROBIN English
ROCCO Male Rest German
ROCH Female Glory German
ROCHELLE Female A rock French
ROCIO Both Dewdrops Italian
ROCK Male A Rock American
ROCKWELL Male From the Rocky Spring English
ROCKY Male From the Rocks American
ROD Male Land Near the Water English
RODD Male From the name RODNEY English
RODDY Male From the name RODNEY English
RODEN Male Red Valley English
RODERICK Male Famous Ruler German
RODNEY Male Land Near the Water English
ROGER Male Fame Spear German
ROHAN Male Sandalwood Hindi
ROHO Male Soul African
ROJA Female Red Spanish
ROLAND Male Famed Throughout the Land German
ROLANDO Female Famed Throughout the Land Latin
ROLF Male Wolf Scandinavian
ROLLIN Both Wolf English
ROLLO Male Famous in the Land English
ROMAINE Female From Rome Latin
ROMAN Both Of Rome Latin
ROMEO Male Of the Romans Latin
ROMNEY Male Winding River Welsh
ROMY Both From the City of Rome. Latin
RON Male Advisor to the King English
RONA Female Sea Celtic/Gaelic
RONALD Male Advisor to the King English
RONALEE Female From RONA and LEE American
RONAN Both Little Seal Celtic/Gaelic
RONAT Female Seal Celtic/Gaelic
RONDA Female Grand Welsh
RONG Both Glory Chinese
RONIA Female My Joy is the Lord Latin
RONLI Female Joy is Mine Hebrew
RONNA Female From the name VERONICA Latin
RONNI Female From Ronli – joyful Hebrew
RONNIE Both From the name VERONICA Latin
RONNY Both True image Latin
ROOSEVELT Male Field of Roses Scandinavian
RORY Both Famous Ruler, Red Celtic/Gaelic
ROS Female Rose Colored American
ROSA Female Rose, Pink Latin
ROSALBA Female White Rose Latin
ROSALIA Female Rose Garlands Spanish
ROSALIE Female From ROSE and LEE English
ROSALIND Female Fair Rose Spanish
ROSALINE Female Fair Rose ( of Rosalind) Spanish
ROSALYN Female Fair Rose Spanish
ROSAMUND Female A garden of flowers German
ROSCOE Male Deer Forest Scandinavian
ROSE Female Of the Rose Blossom Greek
ROSEANNE Female Graceful Rose Greek
ROSEMARIE Female Bitter flower French
ROSEMARY Female Bitter Rose English
ROSHAUN Male Shining Light African-American
ROSIE Female Like a Rose American
ROSINA Female Little Rose Celtic/Gaelic
ROSINE Female Little Rose-from Rozene Native American
ROSS Male Peninsula Celtic/Gaelic
ROSSA Female Beautiful flower Latin
ROWA Female Lovely vision Arabic
ROWAN Both Tree with Red Berries, Mountain Ash Celtic/Gaelic
ROWDY Both Loud, Spirited American
ROWENA Female Fair Haired Celtic/Gaelic
ROXANNE Female Graceful Rose Latin
ROXY Female Rosy American
ROY Male King Celtic/Gaelic
ROYAL Both Of the King English
ROYCE Male Son of the King French
ROZ Female From the name ROSALIND Spanish
ROZA Female Rose Polish
ROZALIA Female A rose Hungarian
ROZENE Female A Rose Native American
RUANA Female Musical Instrument Hindi
RUBAINA Female Bright Hindi
RUBEN Male Behold – A Son Spanish
RUBY Female A Ruby Jewel English
RUDOLPH Male Famous Wolf German
RUDY Male From the name RUDOLPH German
RUE Female Herb of Grace Greek
RUFINA Female Red-Haired Italian
RUFUS Male Redhead Latin
RUGGIERO Male Famous Warrior Italian
RUMER Both A Gypsy Slavic
RUMOR Both Falsity American
RUNE Both A Secret German
RUPALI Female Beautiful Hindi
RUPERT Male Bright Fame French
RUSS Male From the name RUSSELL French
RUSSELL Male Red Head French
RUSSOM Male Head, Boss African
RUSTI Both Red Head French
RUSTY Both Red Headed American
RUTH Female A Companion, Friendship Hebrew
RYAN Both Young Royalty Celtic/Gaelic
RYANN Female Little leader Celtic/Gaelic
RYDER Both Horseman English
RYLAND Both From the Rye Land English
RYLEE Both From RILEY Celtic/Gaelic
RYLIE Both Valiant Celtic/Gaelic
RYO Both River American
RYU Male Dragon Japanese

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