Baby Names Beginning with the Letter Q

Name Gender What it Means Origin
QABIL Male Able Arabic
QAMAR Male Moon Arabic
QAMRA Female Moon Greek
QI Female Fine Jade Chinese
QIANA Female Gracious American
QIAO Both Pretty, Handsome Chinese
QIMAT Both Valuable Hindi
QING YUAN Both Deep Water, Clear Spring Chinese
QUADE Male Fourth Latin
QUANA Female Aromatic Native American
QUANDA Female A Companion African-American
QUANG Male Clear Vietnamese
QUANT Both How much Latin
QUASAR Female Meteorite Hindi
QUASIM Male Old Generation Hindi
QUEENIE Female Queen or Female Companion American
QUENBY Female Womanly Scandinavian
QUENNELL Both Oak Tree French
QUENTIN Male The Fifth Latin
QUERIDA Female Beloved Portuguese
QUESTA Female Seeking Latin
QUIANA Female Living with Grace American
QUILLA Female A Quill English
QUILLAN Both Cub Celtic/Gaelic
QUIN Both Quintuplet, Fifth Celtic/Gaelic
QUINCY Both Fifth Son’s World French
QUINLAN Both Very Strong Celtic/Gaelic
QUINN Both Fifth Celtic/Gaelic
QUINTA Female The Fifth Latin
QUINTANA Female The Fifth Girl Latin
QUINTESSA Female Fifth small one Latin
QUINTIN Male From the name QUENTIN Latin
QUINTO Male Fifth Child Spanish
QUITO Male Fifth Spanish
QUYNH Female Ruby Vietnamese
QWARA Female Ethiopian Tribe Name African
QWIN Both Quintuplet Celtic/Gaelic

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