Baby Names Beginning with the Letter P

Name Gender What it Means Origin
PABLA Female From the name PAULINE Spanish
PABLO Male Borrowed Spanish
PACO Male From the name Francisco Spanish
PADDY Male From the name PATRICK Celtic/Gaelic
PADMA Female Goddess Hindi
PAGE Both Youthful Assistant English
PAHANA Both Lost White Brother Native American
PAIGE Female Assistant French
PAISLEY Both Fashion TearDrop Print Celtic/Gaelic
PAIVA Female God of the Sun Scandinavian
PAKUNA Female Deer Jumping Downhill Native American
PALANI Both Free Man Hawaiian
PALESA Female Flower African
PALEY Both From the name PAUL English
PALILA Female Bird Hawaiian
PALLAS Both Understanding Greek
PALLATON Male Fighter Native American
PALLAVI Female New Leaves Hindi
PALMA Female Palm Spanish
PALMER Both Palm bearer, peacemaker English
PALOMA Female A Dove Spanish
PALTI Both My Escape, Deliverance Hebrew
PAM Female Honey Greek
PAMELA Female Honey Greek
PAMELIA Female Covered With Honey Greek
PANCHO Male Tuft, Plume Spanish
PANDORA Female Gifted Greek
PANIZ Female Sugar Persian
PANTHEA Female Of all Gods Greek
PANYA Female Enthroned Slavic
PANYIN Female Older Twin African
PAOLA Female Small Italian
PAOLO Male Small Italian
PAPINA Female Ivy Native American
PAPRIKA Female Spice English
PARAS Both Touchstone Hindi
PARIS Both City in France French
PARK Both Cypress Tree Chinese
PARKER Both Park Keeper English
PARKIN Both Young Peter Celtic/Gaelic
PARLAN Both From the name BARTHOLOMEW Celtic/Gaelic
PARLEY Both To Speak English
PARMIDA Female Princess Persian
PARRISH Both Neighborhood Greek
PARRY Both Son of HARRY Welsh
PARSON Both Minister, Clergy English
PARVANI Female Full Moon Hindi
PASCAL Male Easter child – Lamb French
PASCALE Female Passover/Easter French
PASCHA Both To Pass Over, Born on Easter Slavic
PASHA Both To Pass Over, Born on Easter Greek
PAT Both Of Noble Descent Greek
PATCH Male Form of PETER American
PATIA Female Intellectually Superior Greek
PATIENCE Female From the Virtue English
PATRICE Female Of Noble Descent Latin
PATRICIA Female Of Noble Descent Latin
PATRICK Male Nobleman Celtic/Gaelic
PATSY Female From the name PATRICIA Latin
PATTY Female From the name PATRICIA Latin
PAUL Male Small Latin
PAULA Female Small Latin
PAULETTE Female Small French
PAULINA Female From the name PAULINE Latin
PAULINE Female From the name PAUL French
PAULO Male Place of Rest African
PAULOS Male Form of PAUL German
PAVAN Both Breeze Hindi
PAVEL Male Little Slavic
PAX Both Peace Greek
PAXTON Both Town of Peace Latin
PAYTAH Male Fire Native American
PAYTON Both Village of the Warrior English
PAZ Both Peace or Gold Spanish
PEARL Female A Gem of the Sea Latin
PEARLIE Female Jewel Latin
PEARLY Female A jewel Greek
PEBBLES Female Small Rocks American
PEDRO Male A Rock Spanish
PEERS Male A Rock English
PEGEEN Female From Margaret-a pearl Celtic/Gaelic
PEGGY Female From the name MARGARET Celtic/Gaelic
PEIGI Female Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
PEKELO Male Stone Hawaiian
PELAGIA Female Sea Greek
PELHAM Both Town of Fur Skin English
PELLO Male Stone Greek
PEMBROKE Both A Broken Hill English
PENDA Female Loved Slavic
PENELOPE Female Dream Weaver Greek
PENHA Both Beloved Swahili
PENN Both Corral English
PENNEY Female Silent Worker (from Penelope) Greek
PENNIE Female Silent Worker (From Penelope) Greek
PENNY Female Silent Worker (From Penelope) Greek
PEONY Female Physician of the Gods Greek
PEPIN Male Determined German
PEPPER Female From the Pepper Plant American
PERCIVAL Male Piercing the Valley French
PERCY Male Piercing the Valley French
PERDITA Female Lost Woman Latin
PERDY Female From PERDITA Latin
PEREGRINE Both Wanderer Latin
PERI Female Lives in the Mountains Greek
PERRIN Both Traveler Latin
PERRY Male Rock English
PERSEPHONE Female Daughter of Demetra Greek
PETA Female Golden Eagle Native American
PETE Male Rock Greek
PETER Male A Rock Greek
PETRA Female Small rock Greek
PETRONELLA Female Stone Latin
PETULA Female Impatient Latin
PETUNIA Female Of the Petunia Flower English
PEYTON Both Village of the Warrior English
PHAEDRA Female Glowing Greek
PHAILIN Female Sapphire Thai
PHENYO Female Victory African
PHIALA Female Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
PHIL Male Lover of horses Greek
PHILA Female Love Greek
PHILANA Female Lover of Mankind Greek
PHILANDER Male Lover of Mankind Greek
PHILANTHA Female Lover of Flowers Greek
PHILENA Female Lover of Mankind Greek
PHILIP Male Lover of Horses Greek
PHILIPPA Female Loving – fem. of Phillip Greek
PHILLIP Male Lover of Horses Greek
PHILLIPA Female Lover of horses Greek
PHILOMENA Female Loving Greek
PHILYRA Female To Love Music Greek
PHINEAS Male Loudmouth Hebrew
PHOEBE Female Bright, Shining One Greek
PHOENIX Both Rising Bird Greek
PHOMELLO Male Succeed African
PHONG Male Not available Vietnamese
PHUC Male Blessing Vietnamese
PHUOC Male Blessing Vietnamese
PHUONG Female Phoenix Vietnamese
PHYLICIA Female Fortunate Greek
PHYLISS Female Green Leaf Greek
PHYLLIS Female Green Leaf Greek
PHYRE Both Burning Bright Armenian
PIA Female Pious Italian
PIER Female Form of PIERRE French
PIERA Female Small Rock French
PIERCE Both Form of PETER French
PIERRE Male A Rock French
PIERRETTE Female From the name PIERRE French
PILAR Female Pillar of Strength Spanish
PILIALOHA Female Beloved Hawaiian
PILIS Female Horse Lover Hawaiian
PILLAN Both God of Stormy Weather Native American
PING Both Duckweed Chinese
PINK Female Light Red Color, Healthy American
PIPER Both Flute Player English
PIPEREL Both Piper, Flutist French
PIPPA Female Lover of Horses English
PIRRO Both Red-haired Greek
PISCES Both The Fish Latin
PLACIDO Male Calm, Quiet Italian
PLATO Male Strong Shoulders Greek
PLATT Both Ground Without Slope French
PLEASANCE Female Agreeable French
POLLY Female Bitter Latin
POLO Male Alligator African
POMONA Female Apple Greek
PONCE Male Fifth Spanish
POOKY Both Little Cute Person American
POPPY Both From the Flower Latin
PORSCHE Both Offering German
PORTER Both Door Guard Latin
PORTIA Female Roman Clan Name Latin
POSY Female Small Flower English
POWA Male Wealthy Native American
PRAVAT Male History Thai
PRECIOUS Female Precious one American
PREM Male Love, Affection Hindi
PREMA Female Love Arabic
PREMALA Female Loving Hindi
PRENTICE Both Beginner, Learning English
PRESENCIA Female Presence Spanish
PRESLEY Both Priest’s Land English
PRESTA Female Hurry, quick Spanish
PRESTON Both Priest’s Town English
PREWITT Male Brave One French
PRIMAVERA Female Springtime Spanish
PRIMO Male First Born Italian
PRINCE Male Royal Son Latin
PRINCESS Female Royal Daughter English
PRISCA Female Ancient, old English
PRISCILLA Female Ancient Latin
PROSPER Both Fortune Latin
PRUDENCE Female Cautious, Intelligent English
PRUE Female Form of PRUDENCE English
PRUNELLA Female Little Plum Latin
PSYCHE Female The Soul Greek
PULES Female Pidgeon Native American
PURITY Female Unsullied, Clean English
PYRALIS Both Of Fire Greek

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