Baby Names Beginning with the Letter O

Name Gender What it Means Origin
OAKES Both Beside the Oak Trees English
OAKLEY Both Field of Oak Trees English
OBEDIENCE Both To Obey American
OBELIA Female Needle Greek
OBERON Both Bear Heart German
OBERT Both Wealthy German
OCEAN Female Sea Greek
OCEANA Female From the Sea Greek
OCTAVIA Female The Eighth Latin
OCTAVIO Male The Eighth Latin
OCTAVIOUS Male Eighth Latin
OCTAVIUS Male The Eighth Greek
ODAKOTA Male Friend Native American
ODED Male Strong Hebrew
ODEDA Female Strong Hebrew
ODELE Female Wealthy, Melody Greek
ODELIA Female I will praise God Greek
ODELL Both Otter English
ODESSA Female The Odyssey Latin
ODETTA Female Ode French
ODETTE Female Ode, Melodic French
ODIN Both Supreme God Scandinavian
ODINA Female Mountain Latin
ODYSSEUS Male Full of Wrath Greek
OFIRA Female Gold Hebrew
OGDEN Male From the Valley of Oaks English
OHANZEE Male Shadow Native American
OHIO Both Large River Native American
OIHANE Female From the Forest Spanish
OISTIN Both Venerable Latin
OJAL Female Vision Hindi
OKAL Both To Cross African
OKALANI Female Heaven Hawaiian
OKAPI Both Animal with Long Neck African
OKE Both Form of OSCAR Hawaiian
OKI Female Ocean Centered Japanese
OKOTH Both Born when it was Raining African
OKSANA Female God is With Us Slavic
OLAF Male Ancestor Scandinavian
OLATHE Female Lovely, Beautiful Native American
OLEG Male Sacred Slavic
OLENCIA Female Not available American
OLESIA Female Protector of Humanity Polish
OLGA Female Holy Slavic
OLIANA Female From Oleander Hawaiian
OLIN Both Of the Ancestors Scandinavian
OLINA Female Joyous Hawaiian
OLINDA Female Form of YOLANDA Latin
OLISA Female God Native American
OLIVE Female Olive Branch, Peace Latin
OLIVER Male Olive Tree- Peace Latin
OLIVIA Female Peace – of the olive tree Latin
OLLIE Male From the name OLIVER Greek
OLWEN Female White footprint Welsh
OLYMPE Female Olympian French
OLYMPIA Female Mountain of the Gods Greek
OMA Male Commander Arabic
OMANA Female A Woman Hindi
OMAR Male Ultimate Devotee Arabic
OMEGA Both Last Greek
ON Male Peace Chinese
ONA Female Full of Grace Latin
ONAEDO Female Gold African
ONAN Male Wealthy Turkish
ONAONA Female Sweet Smell Hawaiian
ONAWA Female Awake Native American
ONDREA Female Strong, Courageous Slavic
ONEIDA Female Eagerly awaited Native American
ONELLA Female Torch Light Hungarian
ONI Female Born on Holy Ground Native American
ONOFRE Male Defender of Peace Spanish
ONSLOW Male Hill of the Passionate One Arabic
ONTIBILE Female God is Watching Over Me African
OONA Female One Celtic/Gaelic
OPA Female Owl Native American
OPAL Female Precious gem Hindi
OPHELIA Female Helper Greek
OPHIRA Female Gold Greek
OPHRAH Female Light Hebrew
OPRAH Female Runaway Hebrew
ORA Female Gold Spanish
ORAL Male Speaker, Word Latin
ORALEE Female Lord Is My Light Hebrew
ORAN Both Green Celtic/Gaelic
ORANE Both Rising Greek
ORDE Both Beginning Latin
ORDELL Both Beginning Latin
OREA Female Mountains Greek
OREN Male A Tree Hebrew
ORENDA Female Magic Power Native American
ORESTES Male Mountain Man Greek
ORIA Female From the Orient Latin
ORIANA Female Golden Dawn Latin
ORIEL Both Gold French
ORIEN Both The Orient, East Latin
ORINDA Female Pine Trees Hebrew
ORINGO Male He Who Likes the Hunt African
ORIOLE Both Golden; a gold flecked bird Latin
ORION Both A Hunter in Greek Mythology Greek
ORLANDO Male Land of Gold Spanish
ORLEANS Both Golden French
ORLI Female The Light is Mine Hebrew
ORLY Both Light Hebrew
ORMA Female Free Men African
ORMAND Male Serpent German
ORMANDA Female Of the Sea German
ORNICE Male Cedar Tree Hebrew
ORO Male Gold Spanish
ORPAH Female Fawn Hebrew
ORRICK Male Venerable Oak English
ORRIN Male River English
ORSEN Male From the name ORSON Latin
ORSIN Male Bear Latin
ORSON Male A Bear Latin
ORVILLE Male Golden City French
OSAMA Male Lion-Like Arabic
OSANNA Female Praise! Greek
OSBORN Male Bear of God Scandinavian
OSBOURNE Male Born from a Bear Scandinavian
OSCAR Male Accurate spearsman Scandinavian
OSGOOD Male Goth of the Heavens English
OSIAS Male Salvation Greek
OSMA Female God’s Servant Latin
OSMAN Male Tender Youth Arabic
OSMOND Male Godly Protector English
OSRIC Male Divine Ruler English
OSSIE Male God’s Divine Power English
OSWALD Male God of the Forest English
OTHELLO Male Prosperous Greek
OTIENO Male Born at Night African
OTIS Male One Who Hears Well Greek
OTTO Male Wealthy German
OTYLIA Female Lucky Heroine German
OUIDA Female Warrior Woman French
OVA Female Egg Latin
OVERTON Both The Upper Town English
OVID Male Egg Shaped Latin
OVIDIO Male Shepherd Spanish
OWEN Male Born to nobility Celtic/Gaelic
OWENA Female Well-born Welsh
OWNAH Female Form of UNA Celtic/Gaelic
OYA Both To Beckon Native American
OZ Both Strength Hebrew
OZZIE Male God’s Divine Power English
OZZY Male God’s Divine Power English

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