Baby Names Beginning with the Letter N

Name Gender What it Means Origin
NAAL Both Birth Celtic/Gaelic
NAAVA Female Pleasant, Beautiful Hebrew
NABILA Female Born to Nobility Arabic
NADALIA Female Born on Christmas Armenian
NADDA Female Generous Arabic
NADIA Female Hopeful Slavic
NADIE Female From the name NADIA Russian
NADINE Female Hopeful French
NAEVA Female Evening French
NAFUNA Female Delivered Feet-First African
NAIARA Female Of the Virgin Mary Spanish
NAIDA Female Water Nymph Arabic
NAIF Male Not available Arabic
NAILAH Female Successful Egyptian
NAIRI Female Land of Canyons Armenian
NAISER Both Founder of Clans African
NAIYA Female Water Nymph Greek
NAJA Female Stoic and strong African
NAJILA Female Eyes that glisten Arabic
NAJWA Female Passionate Arabic
NAKEISHA Female Her Life African-American
NAKIA Female Pure, Faithful Egyptian
NALA Female Successful African
NALANI Both Heaven’s calm Hawaiian
NALANIE Female Heaven’s calm Hawaiian
NALIN Both Lotus Flower Hindi
NALINI Female Heaven’s calm All Nationalities
NALO Both Lovable African
NAM Male South or manly Vietnamese
NAMI Female Wave Japanese
NAMIR Both Swift Cat Persian
NAN Female Gracious English
NANCY Female Gracious English
NANDA Female Full of Joy Hindi
NANETTE Female Gracious French
NANI Female Charming Greek
NANSEN Male Son of Nancy Scandinavian
NANTAI Male Chief Native American
NAOLIN Both Aztec God of the Sun Spanish
NAOMI Female Delightful – pleasant Hebrew
NAPOLEON Male Fierce One from Naples French
NAPUA Female The Flowers Hawaiian
NARA Female Happy Greek
NARCISSE Female Daffodil French
NARDO Male From the name BERNARD German
NARESH Male King Hindi
NARIKO Female Thunder Japanese
NASCHA Female Owl Native American
NASH Male Adventurer American
NASHA Female Born During Rainy Season African
NASIA Female From the name NATALIE Latin
NASNAN Female Surrounded by Song Native American
NASSER Male Triumphant Arabic
NASYA Female Miracle Hebrew
NAT Male Gift of God Hebrew
NATALA Female Born on Christmas Slavic
NATALIA Female Born on Christmas Italian
NATALIE Female To Be Born-from Natalia Slavic
NATALYA Female Born on Christmas Slavic
NATANE Female Female Child Native American
NATANIA Female Gift of God Hebrew
NATARA Female Sacrifice Arabic
NATASHA Female Rebirth-from Anastacia Greek
NATE Male Gift of God Hebrew
NATESA Female Dance Lord Hindi
NATHALIE Female From the name NATALIE French
NATHAN Male Gift of God Hebrew
NATHANIEL Male Gift of God Hebrew
NATINE Both of the Natine Tribe African
NATIVIDAD Both Of the Nativity Spanish
NATSU Both Born in Summer Japanese
NATURE Both Nature American
NAVARRO Male Plains Spanish
NAVEEN Both Beautiful, Pleasant Celtic/Gaelic
NAVID Both Beloved American
NAY Male Highness and grace Arabic
NAYAN Both Eye Hindi
NAYANA Female Eye Hindi
NAYEF Male Highness and grace Arabic
NEAL Male A Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NECI Female Fiery, Passionate Latin
NECIA Female Fiery, Passionate Latin
NEDAA Female Calling with a high voice Arabic
NEDRA Female Awareness Latin
NEELY Both Victor Celtic/Gaelic
NEEMA Female Prosperous Hindi
NEENA Female Mighty Native American
NEIL Male Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NEITH Female Divine Mother Egyptian
NEKA Male Wild Goose Native American
NELIA Female Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NELL Female Stone Greek
NELLIE Female From HELEN English
NELLIS Female Light Greek
NELLY Female Stone Greek
NELSON Male Son of Neal English
NEMESIO Male Nemesis, God of Vengeance Spanish
NEN Male Ancient Waters Arabic
NENET Female Goddess of the Deep Arabic
NEO Both New American
NEOLA Female New Greek
NEONA Female New Moon Greek
NEORAH Female Light Hebrew
NERICE Female Powerful Woman American
NERINA Female Sea Nymph Greek
NERITA Female Sea Snail Spanish
NERO Male Powerful Latin
NERON Male Strong Spanish
NERYS Female Lady Welsh
NESSA Female Lamb Latin
NESTOR Male Traveller Greek
NETIS Female Trustworthy Native American
NEVA Female Snow Spanish
NEVADA Both Covered in Snow Spanish
NEVAEH Female Heaven American
NEVAN Male Little Saint Celtic/Gaelic
NEVEAH Female Butterfly Slavic
NEVIAH Female Forcaster Hebrew
NEVILLE Male New Town French
NEVIN Both Nephew German
NEVINA Female Saint Worshipper Celtic/Gaelic
NEWLYN Both From the Spring Celtic/Gaelic
NEWMAN Male New Comer English
NEWTON Male New Town English
NGUYET Female Not available Vietnamese
NHI Female Little one Vietnamese
NHU Female Alike Vietnamese
NHUNG Female Velvet Vietnamese
NIA Female Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NIABI Both Fawn Native American
NIALL Both Champion Celtic/Gaelic
NIAMH Both Bright Celtic/Gaelic
NIBAL Male Arrows Arabic
NIBAW Male Standing Tall Native American
NICHELLE Female Victorious Maiden African-American
NICHOLAI Male Victorious People Slavic
NICHOLAS Male Victorious People Greek
NICHOLE Female Victorious Greek
NICK Male Victorious People Greek
NICKAN Female Goodness of grandparents Persian
NICKI Female From the name NICOLE Greek
NICO Male Victorious People Italian
NICODEMUS Male Conqueror of the People Greek
NICOLA Female Fem. form of Nicholas Italian
NICOLAS Male Victorious People French
NICOLE Female Victory of the People French
NICOLETTE Female From the name NICOLE French
NIDA Both Elf Native American
NIEL Both From the name NATHANIEL Hebrew
NIESHA Female Pure African-American
NIEVE Female Snowy Spanish
NIGEL Male From the name NATHANIEL English
NIJOLE Female Slavic form of NICOLE Slavic
NIKA Female Belongs to God Slavic
NIKITA Both Victorious People Slavic
NIKKI Female From the name NICOLE American
NIKKOL Female Victory of the People American
NIKKOS Male Victorious People Greek
NILE Female From the River Nile Egyptian
NILES Male Son of Neil English
NILI Both Pea Plant Hebrew
NILOUFER Female From the Heavens Hindi
NIMEESHA Female Princess African
NIMROD Male Bowman Hebrew
NINA Female Girl Spanish
NINON Female Form of ANNE French
NIRA Female Loom Hebrew
NIRAN Male Eternal Thai
NIRAV Male Quiet Hindi
NISHA Female Night Hindi
NISHAN Male Sign, Mark Armenian
NISHI Female West Japanese
NITA Female God is Giving Spanish
NITARA Female Having Deep Roots Hindi
NITESH Male Heartbeat of the Earth Hindi
NITSA Female Light Greek
NITUNA Female My Daughter Native American
NITZA Female Bud from a Flower Hebrew
NIXIE Female Water Sprite German
NIYATI Female Fate Hindi
NIZANA Female Flower Bud Hebrew
NOAH Male Rest, Peace Hebrew
NOAM Male Pleasant Friend Hebrew
NODIN Male Windy Day Native American
NOE Both Born on Christmas, Peace French
NOEL Both Born on Christmas Day All Nationalities
NOELANI Female Heavenly mist; dew Hawaiian
NOELLE Both form of Noel – Christmas Latin
NOHEALANI Female Beauty from heaven Hawaiian
NOLA Female Of Noble Birth Latin
NOLAN Both Well Known Celtic/Gaelic
NOLAND Both Well Known Celtic/Gaelic
NOLCHA Female Sun Native American
NOLEN Male Well known- High born Celtic/Gaelic
NOLETA Female Unwilling Latin
NOMA Female Example Hawaiian
NONA Female The Ninth Latin
NONNIE Both Ninth Latin
NORA Female Light Greek
NORAH Female Form of NORA Celtic/Gaelic
NOREEN Female Light Celtic/Gaelic
NORI Both Belief Japanese
NORINA Female Light English
NORM Male Invader of Normandie American
NORMA Female From the North Latin
NORMAN Male Invader of Normandie French
NORMANDY Female Provence in France French
NORRIS Both From the North French
NORTON Male From the Town in the North English
NORWOOD Male North Woods English
NOURA Female Inner Light Arabic
NOVA Both New Latin
NOVIA Female New, Girlfriend Spanish
NOWLES Both Forest Cove English
NOX Both Goddess of the Night Greek
NU Female Girl Vietnamese
NUALA Female White Haired Celtic/Gaelic
NUBIA Female From Nubia Egyptian
NUHAD Both Brave Arabic
NUNCIO Male Messenger Latin
NURA Female Light Arabic
NURI Both Flaming LIghts Hebrew
NURIA Female God’s Fire Hebrew
NURU Both Light Swahili
NUSA Female Grace Hungarian
NYACK Male Won’t Give Up African
NYAKO Both Girl African
NYDIA Female A Safe Place, Nest Latin
NYEKI Female Second Wife African
NYLA Female Winner Greek
NYOKA Both Snake African
NYSA Female A new beginning Greek
NYX Female Sprite German

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