Baby Names Beginning with the Letter J

Name Gender What it Means Origin
JA Male Magnetic African
JABARI Male Fearless Swahili
JABILO Male Medicine Man African
JABIR Male Comforter Arabic
JABULANI Male Happy African
JACE Both Moon-Var. of Jacey American
JACEY Both From the initials J.C. American
JACIE Both Variation of Jace American
JACINDA Female Beautiful, Greek
JACINTA Female Purple Spanish
JACK Male From the name JOHN English
JACKSON Male Son of JACK English
JACLYN Female To Protect French
JACOB Male Supplanter Hebrew
JACOBA Female Supplant Hebrew
JACQUELINE Female To Protect French
JACQUES Male From the name JACOB French
JADA Both Wise Hebrew
JADE Both Green Gemstone Spanish
JADEN Both God Has Heard Hebrew
JADON Male He will judge Hebrew
JADYN Female God has Heard Hebrew
JADZIA Female Princess Polish
JAEGAR Male Hunger German
JAEGER Male Hunter German
JAEL Female Prominent Hebrew
JAELLA Female Prominent Arabic
JAFARI Male Dignified Swahili
JAFARU Male Brook, Creek African
JAG Male The Universe Hindi
JAGGER Male To Carry English
JAGUAR Male Large Spotted Feline English
JAHZARA Female Blessed Princess African
JAIME Both From the name JAMES Spanish
JAIMIE Both I Love French
JAIMIN Both I Love French
JAKE Male From the name JACOB Hebrew
JALEN Both Bird of Light American
JALENA Female Light Slavic
JALENE Female From JAMES and LENORE American
JALIA Female Noble American
JALIL Female Friend Arabic
JALILA Female Great Arabic
JAM Both A sweet condiment or musical get-together American
JAMAL Male Handsome Arabic
JAMAR Male Handsome African-American
JAMES Both Supplanter Hebrew
JAMESE Both From JAMES English
JAMIE Both From the name JAMES Celtic/Gaelic
JAMIL Male Handsome Arabic
JAMILA Female Beautiful Egyptian
JAMISON Male James’ Son English
JAMUNA Female Holy River Hindi
JAN Both From the name JANET English
JANA Female God is Gracious Slavic
JANAE Female Form of JANET Hebrew
JANE Female Gracious, merciful English
JANEEVA Female Juniper Berry American
JANELLE Female God is gracious American
JANET Female God’s gracious gift English
JANETTE Female God is Gracious French
JANIA Female God is Gracious Polish
JANICE Female God is Gracious Hebrew
JANINA Female Form of JANE Polish
JANINE Female From the name JANE American
JANNA Female God is Gracious Slavic
JANUARY Female Born in January American
JANUS Both God of Beginnings Latin
JAPHETH Male He Expands Hebrew
JARA Female Anc. Slavic for Spring Slavic
JARAH Both Sweetness Hebrew
JARED Male Down to Earth Hebrew
JARIAH Both Tributary Lord African-American
JARIATH Male Tributary Lord Hebrew
JARON Male Singing Hebrew
JARRETT Male From the name JARED Hebrew
JARVIS Male A Conqueror German
JASE Male From Jason American
JASER Male Fearless Arabic
JASMIN Female A Flower in the Olive Family Persian
JASMINE Female A Flower in the Olive Family Persian
JASON Male Healer Greek
JASPER Male Semi-precious stone English
JATIN Male Saintly Hindi
JAUNIE Female Brave and kind American
JAVAN Male Son of Japtheh Hebrew
JAVEN Male Son of Japheth Hebrew
JAVIER Male New house Spanish
JAXON Male Son of Jack American
JAY Male A Bird in the Crow Family Latin
JAYDEN Male God has Heard American
JAYME Both James English
JAZLYNN Female From Jasmine & Lynn American
JEAN Both God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
JEAN BAPTISTE Male St. John the Baptist French
JEANA Female Garden American
JEANETTE Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
JEANINE Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
JEANNE Female From the name JANE Celtic/Gaelic
JEB Male Beloved Friend Hebrew
JEBEDIAH Male Beloved Friend Hebrew
JED Male Friend of God Hebrew
JEDIDIAH Male Friend of God Hebrew
JEFF Male From the name JEFFREY English
JEFFERSON Male Son of Jeffrey English
JEFFERY Male Gift of Peace English
JEFFREY Male Gift of Peace English
JELA Both Father Suffered During Birth Swahili
JEMIMA Female A Dove Hebrew
JEMMA Female A Dove English
JEN Female White Wave Welsh
JENA Female Paradise Arabic
JENAYA Female Trendy and hip American
JENDAYI Female Thankful Egyptian
JENEIL Female Champion Wave American
JENEVA Female White Wave American
JENGO Male One with Reddish Complexion African
JENIBELLE Female Beautiful and Bright American
JENIFER Female White Wave Welsh
JENIS Female Genesis the beginning Hebrew
JENN Female Nickname for JENNIFER American
JENNA Female Small Bird English
JENNELLE Female From JENNY and NELL English
JENNICA Female Combination of JENNIFER and JESSICA American
JENNIE Female White Wave English
JENNIFER Female White Wave Welsh
JENNIS Both Wild Wave American
JENNY Female From the name JENNIFER English
JENS Male God is Gracious Hebrew
JENSEN Male God is Gracious Scandinavian
JENSKI Both Coming home English
JERA Female Holy American
JERED Male From JARED Hebrew
JEREMIAH Male Sent by God Hebrew
JEREMY Male God Will Uplift Hebrew
JERENI Female Peaceful Slavic
JERI Female From the name GERALDINE French
JERICA Female Strong, a gifted ruler American
JERICHO Male Moon City Arabic
JERMAINE Both From Germany French
JEROD Male Descendant Hebrew
JEROEN Male Holy Man Arabic
JEROLD Male From the name GERALD English
JEROM Male Holy Man Latin
JEROME Male Of Holy Name Latin
JERRICA Female Honorable one who rules by the spear. American
JERROD Male Down to Earth Hebrew
JERRY Male Holy Greek
JERSEY Both From a section of England English
JERUSHA Female Inheritance Hebrew
JESIMAE Female Wealthy and bitter American
JESLYN Female Blessed with wealth and beauty American
JESS Both Wealthy Hebrew
JESSAMINE Female Jasmine French
JESSE Both God exists. Hebrew
JESSENIA Female Flower Arabic
JESSICA Female Wealthy Hebrew
JESSIE Female From the name JESSICA Hebrew
JESUS Male God Will Help Spanish
JETHRO Male Outstanding, Excellent Hebrew
JETT Male Jet Black Gem English
JETTA Female Black Gem English
JEVONTE Male Son of Japtheh African-American
JEWEL Female Joy French
JEWELL Female Precious gem French
JEZEBEL Female Impure Hebrew
JIA LI Female Good and Beautiful Chinese
JIE Both Pure Chinese
JIHAN Female no meaning Arabic
JILL Female Girl/Sweetheart English
JILLIAN Female Youthful Latin
JIM Male From the name JAMES Hebrew
JIMBO Male Nickname for JAMES American
JIMMY Male From the name JAMES American
JIN Female Tenderness Japanese
JINELLE Female from Guinevere- Fair Welsh
JIRA Female Related by Blood African
JIRAIR Male Hard-working Armenian
JIRO Male The Second Male Japanese
JO Both Nickname for names starting with JO Hebrew
JOACHIM Male God Will Establish Hebrew
JOAN Female From the name JOANNE Hebrew
JOANN Female From the name JOANNE English
JOANNA Female From the name JOANNE English
JOANNE Female God is Gracious English
JOAQUIN Male God Will Establish Spanish
JOB Male Afflicted One Hebrew
JOCASTA Female Cheerful Greek
JOCELIN Female Supplanter French
JOCELYN Female Light Hearted Latin
JOCK Male Short form of JACOB or JOHN American
JODI Female From JOHANNA American
JODIE Female Grace of God Hebrew
JODY Male Short for JOSEPH American
JOE Male From the name JOSEPH Hebrew
JOEL Male God is Willing Hebrew
JOELLA Female Lord is Willing Hebrew
JOELLE Female God is Willing French
JOEY Male From the name JOSEPH Hebrew
JOHANNA Female God is Gracious German
JOHARI Female Jewel African
JOHN Male God is Gracious, Merciful Hebrew
JOHNATHAN Male Gift of God Hebrew
JOHNAVON Male River Consecrated to God American
JOHNDA Female God is gracious Hebrew
JOHNNA Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
JOHNNY Male From the name JOHN Hebrew
JOHNSON Male Son of John English
JOIE Female Joy French
JOLA Female Pretty Greek
JOLENE Female She will increase English
JOLIE Female Pretty French
JON Male God is Gracious Hebrew
JONAH Male A Dove Hebrew
JONAS Male Accomplishing Hebrew
JONATHAN Male Gift of God Hebrew
JONATHON Male Gift of God Hebrew
JONCO Male God is Gracious Slavic
JONNY Male From the name JOHN Hebrew
JORAH Female Autumn Rose Hebrew
JORDAN Both Descendant Hebrew
JORDANA Female Descending Hebrew
JORDANE Female Descendant French
JORGE Male From the name GEORGE Spanish
JORJANNA Female Lovable country child American
JORN Male Vigilant Watchman German
JORRYN Both The one God loves American
JORY Both Descending American
JOSE Male From the name JOSEPH Spanish
JOSEF Male God will Increase Hebrew
JOSEPH Male God will Increase Hebrew
JOSEPHINE Female God will increase French
JOSH Male God Saves Hebrew
JOSHUA Male Jehovah Saves Hebrew
JOSHWA Male God Saves Hebrew
JOSIAH Male God has healed Hebrew
JOSIE Female God Will Add American
JOSUE Male Form of JOSHUA Spanish
JOVAN Male Majestic Latin
JOVANNA Female Majestic Latin
JOVIANNE Female Majestic Latin
JOVITA Female Happy Latin
JOY Female Joy Latin
JOYCE Female Merry Latin
JOYLYN Female Joyful One American
JUAN Male From the name JOHN Spanish
JUANA Female God is beneficent Hebrew
JUANITA Female Consecrated to God Spanish
JUBAL Male Ram Hebrew
JUD Male Praised Hebrew
JUDAH Male Praised Hebrew
JUDD Male Praised Hebrew
JUDE Both One who is praised Hebrew
JUDITH Female From Judah Hebrew
JUDSON Male Son of Jud English
JUDY Female From Judah Hebrew
JUI Female Flower Hindi
JUIN Both Month of June French
JUJI Female Heap of Love African
JULES Both Youthful French
JULIA Female Soft-haired, youthful Latin
JULIAN Male Youthful Greek
JULIANA Female Soft-haired Spanish
JULIANNA Female From the name JULIA & ANNE Slavic
JULIANNE Female From the name JULIA & ANNE English
JULIE Female Soft-haired, youthful Latin
JULIET Female Soft-haired French
JULIETTE Female Soft Haired French
JULINKA Female Youthful Hungarian
JULIO Male Form of JULIAN Spanish
JULISHA Female To Make Known African
JULIUS Male Youthful Greek
JULY Female From the name JULIA Latin
JUMOKE Both Loved by everyone African
JUN Male Handsome Chinese
JUNE Female Born in June Latin
JUNIOR Male The Young, Child English
JUNIPER Female Juniper Berry Latin
JUNIUS Male Youthful Latin
JUNO Both Goddess of Marriage & Childbirth Greek
JUSTICE Both Fairness American
JUSTIN Male Just or True French
JUSTINE Female Fairness Latin
JUSTIS Both Fair minded American
JUSTISE Female Just Latin
JUSTUS Male Fairness, Justice American
JYOTIKA Female Light, Flame Hindi

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