Baby Names Beginning with the Letter H

Name Gender What it Means Origin
HA Female Kiss of life Vietnamese
HABEN Male Pride African
HABIB Male Beloved One Arabic
HACHI Female River Native American
HADA Female Salty Place African
HADAR Male Glorious Scandinavian
HADASSAH Female Myrtle Tree Hebrew
HADLEY Both Heath Near the Wasteland Celtic/Gaelic
HAFWEN Female Summer’s beauty Welsh
HAGAN Both Ruler of the home Celtic/Gaelic
HAGEN Both Little, young Celtic/Gaelic
HAGOP Male Supplanter Armenian
HAIG Male Legend, From the Field Armenian
HAILE Female From the name HAYLEY English
HAILEY Female Hero English
HAINES Male From a Vined Cottage English
HAJARI Male Flight African
HAKAN Male Fire Native American
HAL Male Chief Celtic/Gaelic
HALDEN Male Half-Danish Scandinavian
HALDIS Both Stone Spirit Greek
HALEN Male Hall English
HALEY Both Hero English
HALI Female Sea Greek
HALIA Female Memorial Hawaiian
HALIMA Female Gentle, Kind Swahili
HALL Male From the Manor English
HALLAM Both From the Hills German
HALLE Female Heroine Scandinavian
HALLIE Female Fm:Haley – clearing of hay English
HALONA Female Fortunate Native American
HAM Male Hot Hebrew
HAMAL Male Lamb Arabic
HAMILTON Male From the Beautiful Mountain English
HAMISH Male He who removes Celtic/Gaelic
HAMLET Male Home English
HAMLIN Male Lover of Home German
HAMMER Male A Hammer Scandinavian
HAMPTON Male Little Town English
HANA Female Bud – Blossom Japanese
HANG Female Moon Vietnamese
HANH Female Apricot tree Vietnamese
HANI Male Cheerful and happy Arabic
HANK Male Ruler of the Home German
HANLEY Male Meadow on the Cliff English
HANNA Female Goddess of Life Hebrew
HANNAH Female Grace of God Hebrew
HANNAN Both Warm Feelings Arabic
HANNE Female Grace Scandinavian
HANNELORE Female Gracious German
HANNIBAL Male Baal has favored Hebrew
HANS Male God is Gracious Scandinavian
HANSEL Male God is Gracious Scandinavian
HANZILA Female Road, Path African
HAO Both Good, Perfect Vietnamese
HAPPY Both Joyful American
HARACHA Female Frog African
HARDY Male Courageous, Strong German
HARLAN Male From the Army English
HARLEY Male Spacious Meadow English
HARLOW Male Troops on the Hill English
HARMON Male Soldier German
HARMONY Female A Beautiful Blending Latin
HAROLD Male Army Ruler Scandinavian
HAROUN Male Lofty Arabic
HARPER Both Harp Player English
HARRIET Female Home Ruler German
HARRIS Male Son of Harry English
HARRISON Male Son of HARRY English
HARRY Male From the name HAROLD English
HARSHA Female Happiness Hindi
HART Male Deer or Stag English
HARTWELL Male From the Well English
HARU Male Born in the Spring Japanese
HARUKI Male Shining Brightly Japanese
HARUKO Male First Born Japanese
HARUNI Male Mountaineer African
HARVA Female Warrior English
HARVEY Male Army Warrior French
HASAD Male Harvest Turkish
HASANA Female First Born Twin Swahili
HASHIM Male Destroyer Arabic
HASSAN Male Handsome, grandson of the Prophet All Nationalities
HASTIN Male Elephant Hindi
HATEYA Female Footprint in the Sand Native American
HAVARD Male Guardian of the Home Scandinavian
HAVEN Both Safe Place English
HAVILY Female Grace of God American
HAVYN Both form of Haven English
HAWA Female Desire African
HAYDEN Both The Rosy Meadow English
HAYES Both From the Hedged Place English
HAYLEY Female From the name HALEY English
HAYWARD Male Guardian of the Hedged Area English
HAZEL Female The Hazel Tree Celtic/Gaelic
HAZELLE Female From the name HAZEL English
HAZINA Female Treasure African
HEATH Male Wasteland English
HEATHER Female A Flowering Plant English
HEATON Male High Ground English
HEAVEN Female From the Heavens American
HEAVYNNE Female Heaven English
HEBA Female Gifted Arabic
HECTOR Male Anchor, steadfast Greek
HEDDA Female from Hedwig-refuge in battle German
HEDIA Female Voice of the Lord Hebrew
HEDVA Female Joy Hebrew
HEDWIG Female Refuge in battle German
HEDY Female From the name HEDDA English
HEDYA Female From the name HEDIA Hebrew
HEIDI Female Honorable German
HEINZ Male Household Ruler German
HELAINE Female From the name HELEN Greek
HELEN Female Light Greek
HELENA Female From the name HELEN Greek
HELENE Female From the name HELEN Greek
HELGA Female Holy, faithful Scandinavian
HELIA Female Sun Greek
HELKI Both Touch Native American
HELLER Female The Sun Greek
HELOISE Female Famous Fighter French
HEMAN Male Faithful Hebrew
HENRI Male From the name HENRY French
HENRIETTA Female Ruler of the Home German
HENRIETTE Female ruler of the house German
HENRIK Male From the name HENRY German
HENRY Male Ruler of the Home German
HERA Female Goddess of Maternity Greek
HERB Male From the name HERBERT German
HERBERT Male Bright, Excellent Army, Ruler German
HERBST Male Soldier German
HERCULES Male Glorious Gift Greek
HEREMON Male Form of Irving Celtic/Gaelic
HERIBERTO Male Ruler Spanish
HERMAN Male Person of High Rank German
HERMIONE Female Earthy Greek
HERNANDO Male Bold Voyager Spanish
HERNE Male God of the Hunt Celtic/Gaelic
HERO Both Brave Defender Greek
HERSCHEL Male Deer Hebrew
HERTZ Male My Strife German
HERVE Male Army Warrior French
HESPER Female Evening Star Greek
HESTER Female Star Greek
HESTIA Female Goddess of the Hearth Greek
HETAL Female Friendly Hindi
HEULWEN Female Light from the sun Welsh
HEWITT Male Little Smart One English
HIDALGO Male Noble One Spanish
HIDE Female Excellent Japanese
HIDI Female Root African
HIEN Both Meek and gentle Vietnamese
HIERO Male Holy Greek
HIEU Male Pious Vietnamese
HIJA Female Daughter African
HILA Female Aura – halo Hebrew
HILAIRE Both Form of HILARY French
HILARY Both Cheerful Greek
HILDA Female Protector, Valkyrie Scandinavian
HILDE Female A Valkyrie Scandinavian
HILLARY Both Cheerful Greek
HILLIARD Both Guardian in Battle German
HINA Female Goddess of fish or fishing Hawaiian
HINDA Female Female Deer Hebrew
HINTO Female Blue Native American
HIROKO Female Magnanimous Japanese
HIROSHI Male Generous Japanese
HIRSI Male Amulet African
HISANO Female Open Plain Japanese
HOAI Male Always, eternal Vietnamese
HOANG Male Phoenix Vietnamese
HOGAN Male Youth Celtic/Gaelic
HOLDEN Male Hollow in the Valley English
HOLIDAY Female Festive Day English
HOLLACE Female Var.Hollis, near the valley English
HOLLAND Both From Holland American
HOLLI Female From the name HOLLY English
HOLLIE Female Plant With Red Berries American
HOLLIS Female Near the valley English
HOLLY Female Plant With Red Berries English
HOLLYE Female From the name HOLLY English
HOLT Male Wood English
HOMER Male Promise Greek
HONEY Female Sweet as Honey American
HONG Female Pink and rosy Vietnamese
HONORA Female Integrity Latin
HONORIA Female Honor Latin
HOP Female Consistant Vietnamese
HOPE Female Trust, Faith English
HORACE Male Hour in Time Latin
HORUS Male God of Light Egyptian
HOSANNA Female Praise! Greek
HOSEA Male Salvation Hebrew
HOSHI Both Star Japanese
HOSHIKO Female Star Japanese
HOUSTON Male Town of Houses Celtic/Gaelic
HOVA Female Middle Class African
HOVAN Male God’s Gift Armenian
HOWARD Male Guardian of the Home English
HOWE Male From the name HOWARD English
HOWELL Male Alert One Welsh
HOWIE Male From the name HOWARD English
HUBERT Male Shining of Mind German
HUE Female Lily flower Vietnamese
HUELA Female Fem. form of HUGH German
HUEY Male From the name HUGH German
HUGH Male Bright in Mind and Spirit German
HUGO Male From the name HUGH German
HUME Male Supporter of Peace English
HUMPHREY Male Peace German
HUNG Male Hero Vietnamese
HUNTER Both One Who Hunts English
HUONG Female Scent of the flower Vietnamese
HUSLU Male Hairy Bear Native American
HUSSEIN Male Handsome One Arabic
HUY Male Not available Vietnamese
HUYEN Female Jet black Vietnamese
HY Male From the name HYMAN English
HYACINTH Female The Flower Greek
HYMAN Male Life Hebrew
HYPATIA Female Intellectually Superior Woman Greek
HYRONIEMUS Male Holy Man Latin

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