Baby Names Beginning with the Letter G

Name Gender What it Means Origin
GABBY Female From the name GABRIELLE Hebrew
GABE Male From the name GABRIEL Hebrew
GABI Female From the name GABRIELA Hebrew
GABRIEL Male Hero of God Hebrew
GABRIELA Female From the name GABRIEL Spanish
GABRIELLA Female From the name GABRIELLE Spanish
GABRIELLE Female Hero of God Hebrew
GABY Female From the name GABRIELLE Hebrew
GAD Male Juniper Tree Native American
GADA Female Lucky Hebrew
GAEL Both Gaelic, From Ireland Celtic/Gaelic
GAENOR Female Smooth, light colored Welsh
GAERWN Both White Fort Welsh
GAETAN Male From Gaeta, Italy Italian
GAETANA Female From Gaeta Italian
GAETANE Female From Gaeta, Italian
GAETANO Male Region in Italy Italian
GAFNA Female Vine Hebrew
GAGAN Male Sky Hindi
GAGE Male A Pledge, A Pawn French
GAIA Female Earth Latin
GAIL Female Short for ABIGAIL Hebrew
GAILLE Female Merry Hebrew
GAINELL Female Happy, Shiny American
GAIUS Male Rejoicer Welsh
GALA Female Singer Scandinavian
GALAHAD Male Pure, noble and selfless English
GALATEA Female White Greek
GALE Male A Stranger Celtic/Gaelic
GALEN Male Healer, Calm Greek
GALENA Female Healer Greek
GALENO Male Illuminated Child Spanish
GALI Male Fountain Hebrew
GALIA Female God Has Redeemed Hebrew
GALIENA Female High one German
GALLAGHER Male Eager Helper Celtic/Gaelic
GALLIA Female Wherewithall, Gall Celtic/Gaelic
GALVIN Male Sparrow Celtic/Gaelic
GALYA Female God has redeemed Hebrew
GAMADA Female Glad, Pleased African
GAMBHIRI Female Noble Hindi
GAMMA Female Third letter of Greek alphabet Greek
GANESA Female Godess of intelligence and wisdom Hindi
GANIT Male Defender Hebrew
GANNON Male Fair Complected Celtic/Gaelic
GANYA Female Garden of the Lord Hebrew
GARAN Both Stork Welsh
GARDENIA Female flower English
GARDNER Male A Gardener English
GARETH Male Gentle Welsh
GARFIELD Male Battlefield English
GARI Female Feminine of Gary German
GARIMA Female Importance Hindi
GARIN Both Name of an old Armenian City Armenian
GARLAND Female wreath of flowers French
GARNET Female gem English
GARRAN Male Shrubery Celtic/Gaelic
GARREN Both Guardian English
GARRET Male To Watch Celtic/Gaelic
GARRETT Male To Watch Celtic/Gaelic
GARRICK Male Leads by the Spear English
GARRISON Male Troops in Battle English
GARRON Male Guardian English
GARRY Male From the name GARRET English
GARSON Male Son of Gar English
GARTH Male A Field, Garden English
GARVEY Male Peace Celtic/Gaelic
GARY Male Spear Carrier German
GASHA Female good Russian
GASTON Male From Gascony, France French
GATES Male Barriers English
GAURA Female Fair Skinned Hindi
GAURAV Male Pride Hindi
GAURI Female Fair, white. Hindi
GAUTAM Male Lord Buddha Hindi
GAUTIER Male Mighty Leader French
GAVAN Male White Hawk Welsh
GAVIN Male Little Hawk Welsh
GAVIVI Female Money is Sweet African
GAVRIL Male Believer in God Slavic
GAVRILA Female God is my Strength Hebrew
GAVRILLA Female Heroine Hebrew
GAY Female Merry, Happy English
GAYE Female Merry, Happy English
GAYLE Female From the name GAIL Hebrew
GAYLORD Male Happy Noble Person French
GAYNELL Female Happy, Shiny African-American
GAYORA Female Valley of sun Hebrew
GAZALI Male Mystic African
GAZELLE Female Graceful, Deer Latin
GAZIT Female Hewn Stone Hebrew
GEFEN Female vine Hebrew
GEFJUN Female One who endows wealth Scandinavian
GELILAH Female rolling hills Hebrew
GELLA Female One with golden hair Hebrew
GELLERT Male Powerful Soldier Hungarian
GELSEY Female Jasmine English
GEMINI Both The Twins Latin
GEMMA Female Precious Stone Italian
GEN Female Spring Japanese
GENE Male Born to Nobility English
GENERA Female Generic, The Same Latin
GENERO Male General, generic Latin
GENESIS Female Beginning Hebrew
GENET Male Eden African
GENEVA Female Juniper Berry French
GENEVIEVE Female White Wave Celtic/Gaelic
GENICA Female Combination of GENEVIEVE and JESSICA American
GENNA Female From the name GENEVA Celtic/Gaelic
GENT Male Gentleman English
GEOFF Male Peace German
GEOFFREY Male Gift of Peace English
GEONA Female Glorify Hebrew
GEORDI Male Hill Near Meadows Greek
GEORGE Male Farmer Greek
GEORGETTE Female Farmer French
GEORGIA Female Farmer Greek
GEORGIANNA Female Gracious Farmer English
GEORGIANNE Female Gracious Farmer English
GEORGINA Female Fem. form of GEORGE Latin
GERALD Male Spear Warrior German
GERALDENE Female One who rules by the spear French
GERALDINE Female One who rules by the spear French
GERALDO Male From the name GERALD Spanish
GERANIUM Female Flower Latin
GERARD Male Brave French
GERD Female To be guarded Scandinavian
GERDA Female Guarded, Protected Scandinavian
GERI Female From the name GERALDINE French
GERIANNE Female Female derivation of GERARD; St. Gerard is the patron saint of mothers All Nationalities
GERIK Male Swords and Riches Polish
GERMAIN Female A German French
GERMAINE Female A Sprout French
GERODI Male Hero or Hill Italian
GERRY Male From the name GERALD German
GERSEMI Female Jewel Scandinavian
GERSHOM Male A Stranger There Hebrew
GERTRUDE Female Adored Warrior German
GEZANA Female Reference to the Incarnation Spanish
GHADA Female Young girl Arabic
GHAZI Male Invader Arabic
GHITA Female Pearl Greek
GIACOMO Male The Supplanter Italian
GIANCARLO Male Gracious and Powerful Italian
GIANNA Female God is Gracious Italian
GIBSON Male Son of Gilbert English
GIDEON Male Great Warrior Hebrew
GIGI Female Brilliant, Trustworthy French
GIL Male Joy Hebrew
GILBERT Male Trusted English
GILDA Female Golden English
GILEAD Male Biblical Place Name Hebrew
GILES Male Baby goat Greek
GILI Female My Joy, Rejoice Hebrew
GILLES Male Young goat French
GILLESPIE Male Servant of the Bishop Celtic/Gaelic
GILLIAN Female Youthful Celtic/Gaelic
GILMORE Male Servant of Mary Celtic/Gaelic
GILON Male Circle Hebrew
GIMBYA Female Princess African
GIN Female Silver Japanese
GINA Female Garden Italian
GINATA Female Flower Italian
GINGER Female The spice English
GINNY Female From the name VIRGINIA English
GINO Male Born Noble Italian
GIOLLA Female Servant Italian
GIONA Both A Dove Italian
GIORGIO Male From the name GEORGE Italian
GIOVANNA Female God is Gracious Italian
GIOVANNI Male God is Gracious Italian
GISELA Female From the name GISELLE French
GISELLE Female A Promise French
GITA Female Song Hindi
GITANO Male Gypsy Italian
GITEL Female Good Hebrew
GITTEL Female Good Hebrew
GIULIA Female Youthful Italian
GIULIO Male Youthful Italian
GIUSEPPE Male Form of JOSEPH Hebrew
GIVERNY Female Town in France French
GIZA Female Hewn Stone Hebrew
GIZELA Female Pledge Polish
GIZI Female Pledge Hungarian
GLADYS Female Lame Welsh
GLAIN Female Jewel Welsh
GLEN Male A Secluded, Woody Valley Celtic/Gaelic
GLENDA Female Holy and Good Celtic/Gaelic
GLENN Male From the name GLEN Celtic/Gaelic
GLENNA Female Fem. form of GLEN Celtic/Gaelic
GLENNIS Female From the Valley or Glen English
GLENYS Female Beautiful & Holy Celtic/Gaelic
GLORA Female From the name GLORIA Latin
GLORIA Female Glory Latin
GLORIANN Female Give praise with grace American
GLORY Female From the name GLORIA Latin
GLYN Both Valley Welsh
GLYNIS Female A Narrow Valley Celtic/Gaelic
GLYNN Female A Clearing Celtic/Gaelic
GLYNNIS Female From the name GLYNIS Celtic/Gaelic
GODANA Male Male Child African
GODFREY Male God is peace German
GOLDA Female Made of Gold English
GOLDIE Female From the name GOLDA English
GOLDY Female From the name GOLDA English
GOMER Male Good fight English
GORDON Male Round Hill English
GORDY Male From the name GORDON English
GORE Male Triangular-shaped Land English
GORO Male Fifth Japanese
GRACE Female Grace of God Latin
GRACELAND Both Land of Grace American
GRACIE Female From the name GRACE Latin
GRADY Male Of High Rank Celtic/Gaelic
GRAHAM Male Home in gravelled valley English
GRAM Male A Grain English
GRANT Male Great Celtic/Gaelic
GRANVILLE Male Large Village French
GRATIA Female Grace Italian
GRATIANA Female Grace Italian
GRAYSON Male Son of the Grey-Haired One English
GRAZIA Female From the name GRACE Spanish
GREER Both Watchful, Guardian Celtic/Gaelic
GREG Male From the name GREGORY Greek
GREGG Male From the name GREGORY Greek
GREGORY Male Vigilant,, Watchful Greek
GRETA Female From the name MARGARET Greek
GRETCHEN Female From the name MARGARET Greek
GRETEL Female Pearl Scandinavian
GRIETJE Female Little girl Dutch
GRIFFIN Male Mythological Beast Greek
GRIFFITH Male Griffin Welsh
GRISELDA Female Gray German
GRIZELDA Female Endless Patience German
GROVER Male From the Grove English
GRYPHON Both Mythological Beast Greek
GRYTA Female Pearl Greek
GUADALUPE Both River of Black Stones Spanish
GUALTIER Male From the name WALTER Italian
GUANG Male Light Chinese
GUBAN Male Burnt African
GUDRUN Female Battler Scandinavian
GUENEVERE Female Fair One Welsh
GUIDO Male Forest Guide Italian
GUILIAINE Female Pleasant Oath German
GUILLERMINA Female Loving Spanish
GUILLERMO Male Form of WILLIAM Spanish
GUINEVERE Female White wave. Welsh
GUINIVERE Female White Wave Celtic/Gaelic
GUNDA Female Female Warrior Scandinavian
GUNNAR Male Brave Soldier Scandinavian
GUNTHER Male Warrior German
GUR Male Baby Lion Hebrew
GURE Male Left Handed African
GURI Female Hindu Goddess of Plenty Hindi
GURIT Female Innocent Baby Hebrew
GUS Male Revered, Exalted German
GUSTAV Male Staff of God German
GUSTAVE Male Staff of the Goths Scandinavian
GUSTAVO Male Staff of the Gods Italian
GUSTY Both Revered, Windy American
GUTHRIE Male War Serpent Celtic/Gaelic
GUY Male Living spirit Latin
GWEN Female Form of GWENDOLYN Welsh
GWENDOLYN Female Fair haired Welsh
GWENIFER Female White wave Welsh
GWENLLIAN Female White-haired Welsh
GWENNAN Female Blessed Welsh
GWYDION Male God of Magic Welsh
GWYLAN Female Seagull Welsh
GWYN Female White, fair Welsh
GWYNETH Female Fortunate, Blessed Welsh
GYALA Male Youth Hungarian
GYAN Male Knowledge Hindi
GYDA Female Gods Scandinavian
GYPSY Female A Bohemian Traveler English
GYULA Male Youth Hungarian
GZIFA Female Peaceful One African

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