Baby Names Beginning with the Letter F

Name Gender What it Means Origin
FABIAN Male Bean Grower Italian
FABIANA Female Bean Farmer Italian
FABIANO Male Bean Farmer Italian
FABIENNE Female Bean Grower French
FABIO Male Bean Farmer Latin
FABIOLA Female Bean Grower Italian
FABRIZIO Male One with Skillful Hands Latin
FABUNNI Male God has Given Me This African
FADEY Male Courageous Slavic
FAI Male Brilliant Light Chinese
FAIRFAX Male Fair Haired English
FAIRLY Both The Far Meadow English
FAITH Female To Trust Latin
FALA Female A Crow Native American
FALALA Female Born in Abundance African
FALLON Female Of a Ruling Family Celtic/Gaelic
FANCHON Female Free, Whimsical Hebrew
FANCY Female Decorated English
FAOLAN Male Wolf Celtic/Gaelic
FARAH Female Joy Arabic
FAREEDA Female Unique Arabic
FARICA Female Chief of Peace German
FARIS Male Horseman/Knight Arabic
FARLEY Both From the Bull Pasture Celtic/Gaelic
FARRAH Female Delightful English
FARRELL Male Of Proven Courage Celtic/Gaelic
FARREN Both Wanderer English
FARSIRIS Female Princess Persian
FATHI Male Victory Arabic
FATHIA Female Victory Arabic
FATIMA Female Daughter of the Prophet Arabic
FAUNA Female Goddess of Fertility Greek
FAUNIA Female Young Deer Latin
FAUNUS Both God of Forests Latin
FAUSTA Female Fortunate Italian
FAUSTINE Female Lucky Italian
FAUSTO Male Lucky Spanish
FAUSTUS Male Lucky Greek
FAUVE Female Wild and uninhibited French
FAVIAN Male Brave Man Latin
FAWN Female Young Deer French
FAWZI Male Winner Arabic
FAWZIA Female Winner Arabic
FAXON Male Thick-Haired Latin
FAY Female Fairy or Elf French
FAYE Female Fairy or Elf French
FAYLINN Female Fairy Kingdom English
FAYOLA Female Walks With Honor African
FAYRE Female Beautiful English
FEARGHUS Male Strong Man Celtic/Gaelic
FEDELLA Female From Fedelia or Fidel-faithful Latin
FEDERICO Male Peaceful Ruler Spanish
FEDORA Female Divine Gift Greek
FEIVEL Male God Assists Hebrew
FELETI Male Peace Italian
FELICE Female Fortunate, Happy Latin
FELICIA Female Happiness Latin
FELICITY Female Happiness Latin
FELIX Male Happy and Prosperous Latin
FELL Male A Field English
FELTON Male Town in a Field English
FEMI Female Love Egyptian
FENELLA Female Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FENG Female Maple or Phoenix Chinese
FENNELLA Female White Shoulder Celtic/Gaelic
FEO Male Ugly Spanish
FEORAS Male Smooth Rock Celtic/Gaelic
FERDINAND Male To be Courageous German
FERGAL Male Man of Strength Celtic/Gaelic
FERGUS Male Manly Celtic/Gaelic
FERGUSON Male Son of FERGUS Celtic/Gaelic
FERN Female A Fern Plant or See FERDINAND English
FERNANDO Male Daring, Adventurous Spanish
FERRIS Male Iron Worker Celtic/Gaelic
FERROL Male Iron Ring English
FERYAL Female Beauty of light Arabic
FEWS Both Woods Celtic/Gaelic
FIA Female Weaver Portuguese
FIACHRA Female Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
FICO Male A Fig Italian
FIDEL Male Faithful Latin
FIDELIA Female Faithful Spanish
FIDELINA Female Little faithful one Spanish
FIDELIO Male Faithful Italian
FIDELLA Female Faithful Latin
FIELD Male A Field English
FIFI Female He Shall Add French
FILBERT Male Brilliant English
FILIA Female Friendship Greek
FILIPINA Female Lover of Horses Polish
FINDLAY Male Blond-haired soldier Celtic/Gaelic
FINEEN Female Fair Offspring Celtic/Gaelic
FINLAY Male Blond-haired soldier Celtic/Gaelic
FINLEY Male Fair Haired One Celtic/Gaelic
FINN Male Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FINNA Female Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FINNEA Female Wood of the Ford Celtic/Gaelic
FINOLA Female White Haired Celtic/Gaelic
FIONA Female White, Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FIONAN Male Fair Celtic/Gaelic
FIONN Female From FIONA Celtic/Gaelic
FIONNUALA Female Fair shoulders Celtic/Gaelic
FIONNULA Female From the name FIONA Celtic/Gaelic
FIORELLA Female Little flower Italian
FIORELLO Male Little floewr Italian
FIORENZA Female Flower Italian
FISK Male A Fish English
FISSEHA Female Happiness, Joy African
FITZWILLIAM Male Son of William Celtic/Gaelic
FLAN Both From Flannery Celtic/Gaelic
FLANN Male Son of the red-haired man Celtic/Gaelic
FLANNERY Both Flat Land Celtic/Gaelic
FLAVIAN Male Yellow, Blonde Greek
FLETA Female Swift English
FLETCHER Male Arrow Maker English
FLEUR Female Flower French
FLINT Male Hard Quartz Rock English
FLO Female From the name FLORENCE Latin
FLORA Female Flowering Latin
FLORAMARIA Female Flower of Mary Spanish
FLORENCE Female Prosperous, Flowering Latin
FLORIA Female Flowering Latin
FLORIANE Female Flowering Latin
FLORIDA Female Flowering Spanish
FLORRIE Female From the name FLORENCE Latin
FLOWER Female From the name FLORENCE Latin
FLOYD Male The Hollow Welsh
FLYNN Male Heir to the Redheaded Celtic/Gaelic
FOLA Female Honor African
FONDA Female The Earth, Grounded Spanish
FORBES Male Prosperous Celtic/Gaelic
FORD Male River crossing English
FORDON Male To Destroy English
FOREST Both From the Woods English
FOREVER Female Never Ending American
FORREST Male Of the Woods, Forest English
FORRESTER Male Of the Forest English
FORSTER Male From the name FORRESTER English
FORTUNE Male Given to Luck French
FOSTER Male From the name FORREST English
FOUNTAIN Both A Spring French
FOX Male A Fox English
FOY Male A Journey Celtic/Gaelic
FRALEY Male Friar English
FRAN Both Free Latin
FRANCES Female Free Latin
FRANCESCA Female Free Latin
FRANCINE Female Form of FRANCES French
FRANCIS Male Free Latin
FRANCISCO Male Free Land Spanish
FRANCOIS Male Free French
FRANK Male Free Latin
FRANKLIN Male Free Man English
FRANZ Male Free German
FRASIER Male Stawberry English
FRAYNE Male Ash Tree English
FRED Male Rich with Peace German
FREDDY Male From the name FREDERICK German
FREDERICA Female From the name FREDRICA German
FREDERICK Male Rich with Peace German
FREDRICA Female Rich with Peace German
FREDRICKA Female Rich with Peace German
FREED Male Form of FREDERICK English
FREEMAN Male Free Man English
FREIDA Female Wise judge German
FREIRA Female Sister Spanish
FREJA Female Norse Goddess of Love Scandinavian
FREMONT Male Freedom Mountain English
FRENCH Both From France American
FREY Male God of Weather Scandinavian
FREYA Female Goddess of Love, Fertility and Beauty Scandinavian
FRIEDA Female Peace, Joy German
FRIEDERIKE Female Rich with Peace German
FRITZ Male Contraction of FREDERICK German
FRITZI Female From the name FREIDA German
FRUMA Female One Who Is Religious Hebrew
FRYE Male Seed, Offspring English
FULBRIGHT Male Very Light English
FULLER Male Occupational Surname English
FYNN Male Form of FINN Celtic/Gaelic

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