Baby Names Beginning with the Letter E

Name Gender What it Means Origin
EADOIN Male Blessed with Many Friends Celtic/Gaelic
EAMON Male Wealthy Protector Celtic/Gaelic
EARA Female From the East Celtic/Gaelic
EARL Male Pledge, Nobleman Celtic/Gaelic
EARLENE Female Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
EARLY Female Before due time or date. American
EARNEST Male Truth German
EASTER Female From the Holiday American
EAVAN Female Fair One Celtic/Gaelic
EBEN Male Rock Hebrew
EBONY Female Dark Strength American
ECHO Both Sound Returned Greek
ED Male Wealthy Guardian English
EDALENE Female Noble, King Celtic/Gaelic
EDALINE Female Noble, King English
EDAN Male Full of Fire Celtic/Gaelic
EDANA Female Tiny Flame Celtic/Gaelic
EDDA Female With Clear Goals German
EDDIE Male Wealthy Guardian American
EDDY Male Protector English
EDELINE Female Born into Nobility Greek
EDEN Both Paradise Hebrew
EDENA Female Form of EDNA Hawaiian
EDGAR Male Great Spearman English
EDIE Female Treasure English
EDISON Male Son of Edward English
EDITA Female From the name EDITH Spanish
EDITH Female Happy English
EDMUND Male Protector English
EDNA Female Spirit Renewed Hebrew
EDOLIE Female Noble, Good English
EDRIC Male Prosperous Ruler English
EDUARDO Male Form of Edward Spanish
EDWARD Male Wealthy Guardian English
EDWIN Male Prosperous Friend English
EDWINA Female Valuable Friend English
EDYTHE Female Happy English
EFFIE Female Melodious Talk Greek
EFRAT Male Honored, Distinguished Hebrew
EFREM Male From the name EPHRAIM Hebrew
EGAN Male Little Fire Greek
EGIL Male Awe-Inspiring Scandinavian
EHREN Male Honorable German
EILEEN Female Light – from Helen Celtic/Gaelic
EILIS Female Noble, Kind Celtic/Gaelic
EITAN Male Strong and staunch Hebrew
EITHNE Female Little Fire Celtic/Gaelic
EKRAM Male Honor Hindi
ELAINA Female Form of HELEN Greek
ELAINE Female Light French
ELAM Both Highlands Hebrew
ELAN Both Tree Hebrew
ELANA Female Light Latin
ELANI Female Light Greek
ELATA Female Happy Latin
ELDA Female Old Latin
ELDEN Male Protector English
ELDON Male Of Old Age English
ELDORA Female Golden Spanish
ELEANOR Female Light Greek
ELEAZAR Male God has helped Hebrew
ELECTRA Female The Shining One Greek
ELENA Female Light Greek
ELGIN Male Noble English
ELI Male From the name ELIJAH Hebrew
ELIA Female Form of ELIJAH Hebrew
ELIAS Male The Lord is My God Latin
ELIE Female From the name ELEANOR English
ELIJAH Male The Lord is My God Hebrew
ELIN Female Light Scandinavian
ELINOR Female Light English
ELIORA Female God Is My Light Hebrew
ELIOT Male The Lord is My God English
ELISA Female Consecrated to God English
ELISABETH Female Concecrated to God Hebrew
ELISE Female Consecrated to God German
ELISHA Male God is Gracious Hebrew
ELITA Female The Chosen One Latin
ELIZA Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
ELIZABETH Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
ELJAH Male Form of ELIJAH Hebrew
ELKAN Male Belonging to God Hebrew
ELKE Female Noble, Kind German
ELLA Female She Spanish
ELLARD Male Nobly Brave German
ELLE Female Woman, Girl French
ELLEMA Female Milking a Cow African
ELLEN Female Light Greek
ELLERY Both Elder Tree Island English
ELLETTE Female Little Elf English
ELLIE Female Light Greek
ELLIOT Male The Lord is My God English
ELLIOTT Male Close to God Hebrew
ELLIS Both From the name ELIJAH Hebrew
ELLISON Male Son of Elias English
ELMER Male Famous English
ELMO Male Protector English
ELOISE Female From the name LOIS French
ELON Female God Loves Me African
ELPIDA Female Hope Greek
ELROY Male The King French
ELSA Female From the name ELIZABETH Scandinavian
ELSIE Female Consecrated to God German
ELSPETH Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
ELSU Male Flying Falcon Native American
ELTON Male The Old Town English
ELU Both Full of Grace Native American
ELVIN Male Friend of Elves Celtic/Gaelic
ELVINA Female Fem. form of ELVIN English
ELVIRA Female Impartial Judgement Spanish
ELVIS Male Wise, Sage Scandinavian
ELWYN Female Pale brow Welsh
ELY Male Form of ELI Hebrew
ELYSE Female Consecreted to God Hebrew
ELYSIA Female The Blessed Home Latin
EMAN Female Faith Arabic
EMANUEL Male God is With Us Hebrew
EMANUELE Female God in Humankind French
EMBER Both Spark, burning low German
EMBERLYNN Female Precious Pretty Jewel American
EMELDA Female Emerald-Like Latin
EMELE Female Industrious, Admiring French
EMERA Female Industrious Leader German
EMERALD Female A Bright Green Gem French
EMERSON Male Son of Emery German
EMERY Male Ruler of Work German
EMIKO Female Blessed, beautiful child Japanese
EMIL Male To Emulate, Copy Latin
EMILIA Female Admiring Latin
EMILIE Female Ambitious, Industrious French
EMILIO Male Form of EMIL Italian
EMILY Female Admiring Latin
EMLYN Both Flatterer Welsh
EMMA Female Universal Latin
EMMANUEL Male From the name EMANUEL Hebrew
EMMET Male Strong Worker German
EMMETT Male Strong Worker German
EMMLY Female Admiring American
EMMY Female Short form of Emily Latin
EMORY Male Leader German
ENA Female Bright and shining Celtic/Gaelic
ENID Female Soul Welsh
ENNIS Both Island Celtic/Gaelic
ENOCH Male Dedicated Hebrew
ENRICO Male Ruler of the household. Italian
ENRIQUE Male Ruler of the Home (var. of Henry) Spanish
ENYA Female Little Fire Celtic/Gaelic
ENYE Female Grace Hebrew
EOLANDE Female Violet Flower Celtic/Gaelic
EPHRAIM Male Very Fruitful Hebrew
EPIFANIO Male One Who Gives Light Greek
ERASMUS Male To Love Greek
ERASTO Female Man of Peace African
ERELAH Female Holy Messenger Hebrew
ERIC Male Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
ERICA Female Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
ERIK Male Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
ERIKA Female From the name ERICA Scandinavian
ERIMENTHA Female Collector of Thoughts, Determined Protector Greek
ERIN Female Ireland Celtic/Gaelic
ERIS Female Goddess of Strife Greek
ERLING Both Descendant Scandinavian
ERMA Female Universal, Whole Greek
ERMIN Male Universal, Whole Greek
ERNA Female Earnest German
ERNEST Male Truth German
ERNIE Male From the name ERNEST German
ERNO Male Form of ERNEST German
ERON Male Peace, Enlightened Hebrew
EROS Male God of Love Greek
ERRIGAL Both Small Church Celtic/Gaelic
ERRIN Female From the name ERIN Celtic/Gaelic
ERROL Male To Wander English
ERV Male From the name IRVING English
ERVIN Male Friend of the Sea Hungarian
ERWIN Male From the name IRVING English
ERYK Male Ever Powerful Polish
ERZSEBET Female Consecrated to God Hungarian
ESBEN Male God Scandinavian
ESHANA Female Searcher Hindi
ESHE Female Life Swahili
ESMA Female Form of ESMERALDA Spanish
ESME Female Emerald Greek
ESMERALDA Female Emerald Greek
ESMERELDA Female Emerald, Jewel Spanish
ESPEN Both God Bear Scandinavian
ESPERANZA Female Hope Spanish
ESSIEN Female A Child Belongs to Everyone African
ESTEBAN Male Crown of Victory Spanish
ESTELLE Female Star Latin
ESTER Female From the name ESTHER Hebrew
ESTHER Female Star Hebrew
ESTRALITA Female Little Star Spanish
ESTRELLA Female Star Spanish
ETAN Male Steady Hebrew
ETANA Female Dedication, Strength Hebrew
ETENIA Female Wealthy Native American
ETERNITY Female Everlasting American
ETHAN Male Firm, Strong Hebrew
ETHANAEL Male God Given Endurance American
ETHEL Female Noble English
ETHELDA Female Noble in Counsel English
ETIENNE Male Crowned One French
ETOILE Female Star French
ETTA Female Ruler of the Home American
EUCLID Male Intelligent Greek
EUDORA Female Honored Gift Greek
EUGENE Male Well born Greek
EUGENIA Female Well born, noble Greek
EULALIA Female Well Spoken Greek
EULALIE Female Sweet Talk Greek
EUNICE Female Happy, Victorious Greek
EUPHEMIA Female Spoken Well Of Greek
EURIDICE Female Justice Greek
EURYDICE Female Greek Mythological Figure Greek
EUSTACIA Female Fruitful Greek
EVA Female Giver of Life Hebrew
EVADNE Female Greek Mythological Figure Greek
EVAN Male God is Good Welsh
EVANGELIA Female Bringer of Good News Greek
EVANGELINE Female Good news Greek
EVANIA Female Tranquil Greek
EVANTHE Female Flower Greek
EVE Female Life Hebrew
EVELIA Female Hazelnut French
EVELIEN Female Life French
EVELINA Female Light Slavic
EVELYN Female Hazelnut English
EVERETT Male Wild Boar, Strong English
EVERLEY Male grazing meadow English
EVERLY Male Grazing meadow English
EVERS Male Wild Boar English
EVETTE Female From the name EVE French
EVIE Female Life Hebrew
EVITA Female From the name EVE Spanish
EVONNE Female From the name EVE AND ANNA French
EWA Female Life Polish
EWAN Male Young Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
EYAD Male Possesses power Arabic
EYAL Male Strength Hebrew
EYDIE Female Rich Gift English
EYTAN Male Firm, Strong Polish
EZEKIEL Male Strength of God Hebrew
EZHNO Male He Walks Alone Native American
EZRA Male Helper Hebrew

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