Baby Names Beginning with the Letter C

Name Gender What it Means Origin
CACHE Both Storage Place American
CADE Both Pure American
CADEE Female Pure American
CADEN Both Fighter American
CADENCE Female Rhythm Latin
CADY Female Simple Happiness American
CAEL Male Victorious People Celtic/Gaelic
CAELAN Female Victorious People Celtic/Gaelic
CAESAR Male Long-Haired Greek
CAGNEY Both Not available Celtic/Gaelic
CAI Female Rejoice Welsh
CAIA Female To rejoice Latin
CAILEAN Female The Child Celtic/Gaelic
CAIN Both Craftsman Hebrew
CAINE Both Spear hunter Hebrew
CAIRBRE Male Strong Man Celtic/Gaelic
CAIRO Both City in Egypt African
CAIS Both Rejoicer Vietnamese
CAITIR Female Pure, Unsullied Celtic/Gaelic
CAITLIN Female Virginal Beauty Celtic/Gaelic
CAITLYN Female Pure Beauty Celtic/Gaelic
CAL Both Short for names beginning with CAL American
CALA Female Castle Arabic
CALAIS Female City in France French
CALANDRA Female Singing Bird Greek
CALANTHA Female Like a Lovely Blossom Greek
CALDER Male Stream Celtic/Gaelic
CALE Male Form of Caleb Hebrew
CALEB Male Faithful, Bold Hebrew
CALEY Both Brave Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
CALHOUN Male Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
CALIDA Female Warm Spanish
CALISTA Female Beautiful Greek
CALIX Male Very Handsome Greek
CALIXTE Female Very Beautiful Greek
CALLA Female Beauty Greek
CALLIA Female Beautiful Greek
CALLIE Female Beautiful Greek
CALLIOPE Female One With Beautiful Voice Greek
CALLISTA Female Most Beautiful Greek
CALLUM Male Dove Celtic/Gaelic
CALUM Male Dove Celtic/Gaelic
CALVIN Male Bald Latin
CALVINE Female Bald Latin
CAM Both From the name CAMERON Celtic/Gaelic
CAMBREE Female From Wales Welsh
CAMBRIA Female From Wales Latin
CAMDEN Male From the valley Celtic/Gaelic
CAMDYN Both Winding Valley English
CAMEO Both Shadow Portrait Latin
CAMERON Both Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
CAMILA Female Attendant Italian
CAMILLA Female Young, Virginal Italian
CAMILLE Female Virginal, Unblemished Character French
CAMRYN Both Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
CANA Female Beloved Turkish
CANDACE Female Fire White, Pure Greek
CANDICE Female Fire White Greek
CANDID Both Hidden American
CANDIDA Female Pure, Bright Latin
CANDIDE Both Pure, Bright Latin
CANDIE Female Bright, Sweet American
CANDRA Female Pure and chaste Greek
CANDY Female Bright, Sweet American
CAOLAN Both Form of Helen Celtic/Gaelic
CAPRICE Female Fanciful French
CAPRICORN Both The Goat Latin
CAPUCINE Female Hood French
CARA Female Dearest Latin
CARADOC Male Beloved Welsh
CARAF Female Love Welsh
CARDEA Female Goddess of Protecting the Home Greek
CARESSA Female Loving touch French
CARESSE Female Beloved French
CAREY Both Pure Celtic/Gaelic
CARGAN Male Little Rock Celtic/Gaelic
CARINA Female Dear One Greek
CARISSA Female Beloved Greek
CARL Male Strong One German
CARLA Female Strong One Latin
CARLEN Both from Carlin-Champion Celtic/Gaelic
CARLIN Both Little champion Celtic/Gaelic
CARLOS Male From the name CARL Spanish
CARLOTA Female From the name CHARLOTTE or CAROLINE Spanish
CARLOTTA Female Strong One Italian
CARLOW Male Quadruple Lake Celtic/Gaelic
CARLTON Male Town of Charles English
CARLY Female Strong One American
CARLYN Female Small and womanly Greek
CARLYNDA Female Strong and beautiful American
CARMAN Both Lord of the Castle Celtic/Gaelic
CARMELA Female Garden Hebrew
CARMELITA Female From the name CARMEL Spanish
CARMEN Female Song Latin
CARMINDA Female Beautiful song Spanish
CARMINE Male Song Italian
CARNIG Male Small Lamb Armenian
CAROL Female Melody, Song French
CAROLENA Female Little and Womanly Italian
CAROLINA Female Beautiful Woman Latin
CAROLINE Female Beautiful Woman Latin
CAROLOS Male Strong, Manly Greek
CAROLYN Female From the name CAROL AND LINDA German
CARON Female Loving, Kind Welsh
CAROUN Female Spring Armenian
CARR Male Marshland Celtic/Gaelic
CARRIE Female Melody, song American
CARRIEANN Female Gracious and Womanly American
CARRINGTON Both Town of the Marsh English
CARSON Male Son of Carr English
CARSYN Male Son of Carr American
CARTER Both Driver of a Cart English
CARVER Male Wood Carver English
CARY Both Pure Celtic/Gaelic
CARYS Female To Love Welsh
CASCATA Female Waterfall Italian
CASEY Both Brave Celtic/Gaelic
CASHLIN Female Vain English
CASIMIR Male Peacemaker Slavic
CASPAR Male Royal German
CASPER Male Royal German
CASSANDRA Female Prophet Greek
CASSARA Female Prophet/Princess American
CASSIA Female Cinnamon Greek
CASSIDY Both Clever Celtic/Gaelic
CASSIE Female From Cassandra- Prophetess Greek
CASSIUS Male Vain Latin
CASTA Male Pure Spanish
CASTEL Both To the Castle Spanish
CATALIN Female Pure Spanish
CATALINA Female Pure Spanish
CATE Female Pure Greek
CATHAL Male Mighty battle Celtic/Gaelic
CATHERINE Female Pure, Virginal Greek
CATHY Female Pure Greek
CATO Both Good Judgement Latin
CATORI Female Spriti Native American
CATRIN Female Pure Welsh
CATRIONA Female Pure Celtic/Gaelic
CAVAN Both Hollow Place Celtic/Gaelic
CAYENNE Female Hot Spice French
CAYLA Female Crown of Laurel Hebrew
CEALLACH Male Little Kelly – strife Celtic/Gaelic
CEANA Female God is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
CECE Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
CECELIA Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
CECIL Male Blind English
CECILE Female Blind French
CECILIA Female Blind Latin
CECILY Female Blind Celtic/Gaelic
CEDRIC Male Chief English
CELERINA Female Quick Spanish
CELESTE Female From the Heavens Latin
CELESTINE Female Heavenly Latin
CELESTYN Female Heaven French
CELIA Female Blind Latin
CELINA Female Moon Latin
CELINE Female Moon French
CERELIA Female Goddess of the Harvest Greek
CERES Both Goddess of the Corn Greek
CERI Female Love Welsh
CERISE Female Cherry French
CESAR Male Long Haired Latin
CHAD Male Battle, Warrior English
CHAELA Female Who is Like God? Celtic/Gaelic
CHAELI Female Who is Like God? Celtic/Gaelic
CHAILYN Female Life, Waterfall American
CHAIM Male To Life Hebrew
CHAKA Female Chakra, Energy Center. Arabic
CHAKALUKA Female Brilliant Energy American
CHAKRA Female Energy Center of the Body Arabic
CHALONDRA Female Smart African
CHALSIE Female Seaport American
CHAMAN Male Garden Hindi
CHAMOMILE Female Peace, Spice American
CHANA Female Gracious Hebrew
CHANCE Male Keeper of the Records English
CHANCELLOR Male Keeper of Records, Secretary English
CHANDLER Both Candle Maker English
CHANDRA Female Moon Goddess Hindi
CHANEL Female Channel French
CHANNARY Female Full Moon Cambodian
CHANNER Both Wise English
CHANNERY Female Wise American
CHANNING Both Wise English
CHANNON Both Clergyman – Canon Celtic/Gaelic
CHANTAL Female Rocky Land or Song French
CHANTEL Female Rocky Land or Singer French
CHANTON Female We sing French
CHANTREA Female Moon Cambodian
CHAO Both Great one Chinese
CHAPA Female Superior Native American
CHARAN Male Feet Hindi
CHARIS Both Grace Greek
CHARISMA Female Personal Power, Attraction Greek
CHARISSE Female Grace, Beauty, Kindness French
CHARITY Female Charity, Kindness English
CHARLA Female From CHARLOTTE American
CHARLEE Female Farmer American
CHARLEEN Female Fem- Charles French
CHARLEIGH Female Manly, Farmer American
CHARLENE Female From the name CHARLES English
CHARLES Male Manly, Farmer German
CHARLIZE Female Womanly French
CHARLOT Female Womanly, feminine French
CHARLOTTE Female Feminine French
CHARLTON Male House where Charles lives. English
CHARMAINE Female Bountiful Orchard French
CHARO Female Farmer Spanish
CHARS Male Manly, Farmer English
CHAS Male Manly, Farmer English
CHASE Male Hunter English
CHASSIDY Female Not available American
CHASTITY Female Purity English
CHAUNCEY Male Chancellor English
CHAVA Female Life Hebrew
CHAVEZ Male Dream maker Spanish
CHAVI Female Female Child Egyptian
CHAVIVA Female Beloved Hebrew
CHAY Both Fairy Dwelling Celtic/Gaelic
CHAYLSE Female Seaport English
CHAYTON Male Falcon Native American
CHAZ Male Manly, farmer English
CHECHE Female Small Thing African
CHELSA Female Harbor English
CHELSEA Female Port of Ships English
CHELSEY Both Port of Ships English
CHELSI Female Seaport American
CHELSIA Female From CHELSEA American
CHEN Both Dawn Chinese
CHENG Male To Become Chinese
CHENOA Female Dove, Bird of Peace Native American
CHER Female Beloved French
CHERI Female From the name CHERYL French
CHERIE Female Beloved French
CHERLIN Female From CHER and LIN American
CHERRY Female Cherry Fruit American
CHERYL Female Beloved French
CHESMU Male Gritty Native American
CHESNA Female Bringing Peace, Calm Slavic
CHESSA Female Peaceful Slavic
CHESTER Male A Fortress, Camp English
CHET Male A Fortress, Camp English
CHEVEYO Male Spirit Warrior Native American
CHEYNE Both God is gracious. Celtic/Gaelic
CHEZARINA Female From the name Cesar Greek
CHI Male Younger Energy Chinese
CHIARA Female Illustrious Latin
CHICK Both From the name CHARLES English
CHICKOA Female Daybreak Native American
CHICO Male From the name FRANCIS Spanish
CHIKA Female Near Japanese
CHILL Male From the name CHILTON English
CHILTON Male A Town By the River English
CHIMELU Male Made of God African
CHINA Female From China English
CHINARA Female May God Receive African
CHINUE Female God’s Own Blessing African
CHIONE Female Daughter of the Nile Egyptian
CHIP Male Chipping Sparrow English
CHIPO Female A Gift African
CHIQUITA Female Little Girl Spanish
CHLOE Female Verdant and blooming Greek
CHLORIS Female Pale Greek
CHOGAN Male Blackbird Native American
CHOLENA Female Bird Native American
CHRISSY Female From the name CHRISTOPHER English
CHRISTA Female Christ Bearer English
CHRISTIAN Both Of the Christian Faith English
CHRISTIANA Female Christian, Christ-bearer English
CHRISTINA Female Christ-bearer Greek
CHRISTINE Female Christ-bearer Greek
CHRISTMAS Both Mass for Christ English
CHRISTOFFER Male Bearer of Christ Scandinavian
CHRISTOPHER Male Christ-bearer Greek
CHRISTY Female Of Christ English
CHUCK Male From the name CHARLES American
CHUMANI Female Dew Drop Native American
CHUNG Male Common Vietnamese
CHUONG Male Chapter Vietnamese
CHYNA Female From the name CHINA English
CHYNNA Female From the name CHINA American
CIAN Male Ancient Celtic/Gaelic
CIANNA Female God is Gracious Italian
CIARA Female Black and Mysterious Celtic/Gaelic
CICADA Female Loud Insect of the Night Greek
CICELY Female From the name CECILIA Latin
CICERO Male The Historian Greek
CICILY Female From the name CECILIA Latin
CID Male Lord Spanish
CIEL Female From Heaven, Heavenly Latin
CILI Female Blind Hungarian
CILICIA Female Ancient Province of Asia Latin
CILLIAN Male War Celtic/Gaelic
CINDERELLA Female Girl by the Cinders Latin
CINDY Female From the name CYNTHIA Greek
CINNAMON Female The Spice American
CIQALA Both Little One Native American
CIRA Female Sun Italian
CIRILA Female Lordly Greek
CIRO Male Ancient Egyptian Wind Greek
CIROCCO Male Ancient Egyptian Wind Italian
CISSY Female From the name CECILIA Latin
CLAIRE Female Clear, bright French
CLARA Female Clear, Bright Latin
CLARAL Female Clear, Bright French
CLARE Female Clear English
CLARENCE Male Clear, Luminous Latin
CLARICE Female Clear, Bright French
CLARIMONDE Female Brilliant Protector German
CLARISSA Female Brilliant Latin
CLARK Male Clergyman French
CLARKE Male From the name CLARK French
CLAUDE Male Lame Latin
CLAUDETTE Female Lame French
CLAUDIA Female Lame Latin
CLAUDIO Male Lame Latin
CLAY Male Immortal English
CLAYLAND Male From the name CLAYTON English
CLAYTON Male Town on Clay Land English
CLEA Female From the name CLEO Greek
CLEANTHA Female In Praise of Flowers Greek
CLEATUS Male Illustrious Greek
CLEAVANT Male A Steep Bank English
CLEAVE Male From the name CLEAVON English
CLEAVON Male From the name CLEAVANT English
CLEM Male From the name CLEMENT English
CLEMANCE Female Merciful French
CLEMENS Male From the name CLEMENT English
CLEMENT Male Gentle, Merciful English
CLEMENTINE Female Merciful English
CLEO Female To Praise, Acclaim Greek
CLEOPATRA Female Glory of the Father Greek
CLETA Female Dim. of CLEOPATRA Greek
CLEVELAND Male Land of High Cliffs English
CLIFF Male From the name CLIFFORD English
CLIFFORD Male From a Steep Cliff English
CLIFTON Male From a Town near a Cliff English
CLINT Male From the name CLINTON English
CLINTON Male Town on a Hill English
CLIO Female From the name CLEO Greek
CLIVE Male Cliff Dweller English
CLODIA Female Form of CLAUDIA French
CLORIS Female Flower Goddess Greek
CLOVE Both A Nail, Spice German
CLOVER Female Meadow Flower English
CLOVIS Male Famous soldier (fm. Louis) German
CLYDE Male warm Celtic/Gaelic
COBY Both Supplanter Hebrew
COCHETA Female That You Cannot Imagine Native American
CODY Male A Cushion English
COEN Male Brave, alt. sp. Koen German
COLBY Both Dark Haired English
COLE Male From the name NICHOLAS Celtic/Gaelic
COLETTE Female From the name NICOLE French
COLIGNY Female From COLOGNE French
COLIN Male Child, Also form of NICHOLAS English
COLISTA Female Most Beautiful Greek
COLLEEN Female Irish Girl Celtic/Gaelic
COLLICE Female Form of COLLEEN Celtic/Gaelic
COLLIER Male Miner English
COLLIN Male From the name COLIN English
COLM Male Dove Celtic/Gaelic
COLMAN Male Little Dove English
COLTON Male Coal Town English
COLUM Male Dove Celtic/Gaelic
COLUMBIA Female A Dove Latin
COMFORT Female To Strengthen Greatly English
CONAN Male Wise Celtic/Gaelic
CONARY Both Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
CONG Both Intelligent, Clever Chinese
CONLAN Male Hero Celtic/Gaelic
CONLEY Male Hero Celtic/Gaelic
CONNER Male Wise Celtic/Gaelic
CONNIE Both From the name CONSTANCE English
CONNLEY Male Hero Celtic/Gaelic
CONNOR Male Much wanted, strong willed Celtic/Gaelic
CONOR Male Much wanted Celtic/Gaelic
CONRAD Male Bold, Wise Counselor German
CONROY Male Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
CONSTANCE Female Constant English
CONSTANTINE Male Firm, constant Greek
CONSUELA Female Consolation Spanish
CONSUELO Female Consolation Spanish
CONTENT Female Satisfied, happy American
CONWAY Male Hound of the plain Welsh
CONYERS Male City in Georgia American
COOPER Male Barrel Maker English
CORA Female Heart, Maiden Greek
CORAL Female Reef Formation English
CORALIA Female Like Coral Greek
CORALIE Female Little Maiden French
CORAZON Female Heart Spanish
CORBETT Male Black Raven Latin
CORBIN Both A Raven Latin
CORBY Both Dark as a Raven English
CORDELIA Female Daughter of the Sea English
CORDELL Male Rope Maker English
CORENTINE Female Little Cora African-American
COREY Both Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
CORIANDER Both Romance, Spice Greek
CORIN Female A Maiden French
CORINA Female Maiden French
CORINE Female From the name CORINNE French
CORINNA Female Maiden Greek
CORINNE Female Maiden Greek
CORINTHIA Female From Corinth Greek
CORLISS Female From the name CARL or CARLISLE English
CORMAC Male Charioteer Celtic/Gaelic
CORNELIA Female From the name CORNELIUS Latin
CORNELIUS Male Horn-Colored Latin
CORNELL Male From the name CORNELIUS Celtic/Gaelic
CORT Male Bold or Short English
CORY Both Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
CORYDON Male Lark Greek
COSETTE Female Victorious People French
COSIMA Female Universe, Harmony Greek
COSMO Male The Universe Greek
COTY Both Small Slope French
COURTNEY Both From the Court English
COY Both Woods English
COYE Both Woods English
COYNE Male Modest French
CRAIG Male From the Crag Celtic/Gaelic
CREDA Female Faith English
CREE Both Tribe Name Native American
CREIGHTON Male Near the creek English
CREOLA Both Native to the Land, Creole American
CRESCENT Both To Grow English
CRETE Female Dim. of LUCRETIA Latin
CREVAN Male Fox Celtic/Gaelic
CRICKET Both Loud Insect of the Night American
CRISPIN Male Curly Haired Latin
CRISTY Both From the name CHRISTOPHER English
CRUZ Male The Cross Bearer Spanish
CRWYS Female Cross Welsh
CRYSTAL Female A Clear, Brilliant Glass Latin
CSILLA Female Protection Hungarian
CULLEN Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
CURRY Male A Marsh or an herb Celtic/Gaelic
CURT Male From the name CURTIS Latin
CURTIS Male Courteous Latin
CUTHBERT Male Brilliant English
CUTLER Male Knife Maker English
CUTTER Male Gem Cutter English
CUYLER Male Chapel, Shelter Celtic/Gaelic
CWEN Female Queen English
CY Male From the name CYRIL Greek
CYBELE Female Mother Scandinavian
CYBIL Female Soothsayer Greek
CYBILL Female Soothsayer Greek
CYBILLE Female Soothsayer French
CYD Both A Public Hill Greek
CYMA Female Flourish Greek
CYNARA Female From the Island of Zinara Greek
CYNDI Female From the name CYNTHIA Greek
CYNTHIA Female The Moon Personified Greek
CYRAH Female Enthroned African
CYRIL Male Lordly Greek
CYRUS Male Sun Persian
CYTHERIA Female Goddess of Love Greek

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