Baby Names Beginning with the Letter B

Name Gender What it Means Origin
BABA Female Born on Thursday African
BABACK Male Loving father Persian
BABETTE Female From the name ELIZABETH French
BABY Both Baby English
BACH YEN Female White Vietnamese
BADE Male Full moon All Nationalities
BADEN Both Bather German
BADU Female Tenth Born Child African
BAEDDAN Male Boar Welsh
BAHARI Male Sea Man African
BAILEY Both Bailiff, Steward English
BAINA Female Sparkling African
BAIRD Male Minstrel, Poet Celtic/Gaelic
BAIRN Male Child, Born Celtic/Gaelic
BAKA Female Crane Hindi
BALDASARRE Male Brave One Italian
BALIN Male Knights of the Round Table English
BALLARD Male Brave German
BALLARI Female Walking Quietly Hindi
BALTHASAR Male One of the 3 Kings Greek
BAMBI Female Child Italian
BAN Male Not Available Vietnamese
BANAGHER Male Pointed Hill Celtic/Gaelic
BANDELE Female Born Away From Home African
BANJI Both Second Born of Twins African
BANYAN Male The Banyan Tree English
BAO Male To order, to bid Vietnamese
BAQER Male Man of knowledge Arabic
BARAK Male Lightning Hebrew
BARB Female Stranger Latin
BARBARA Female Stranger Latin
BARBIE Female From the name BARBARA American
BARBOD Male Hero Persian
BARBRA Female Stranger Latin
BARCLAY Male Meadow of the Birch Tree English
BARDIA Male The prince Persian
BARID Male Clouid Hindi
BARKE Male Blessings African
BARNABAS Male Son of a Missionary Greek
BARNARD Male From the name BERNARD German
BARNEY Male From the name BERNARD English
BARNY Male From the name BERNARD German
BARON Male Noble Man German
BARR Both Lawyer English
BARRETT Both Strength of a Bear German
BARRINGTON Male Town of Barr English
BARRY Male Marksman Celtic/Gaelic
BART Male Son of Tolmai Hebrew
BARTH Male Son of Tolmai Hebrew
BARTHOLEMEW Male Hill, Furrow Hebrew
BARTHOLOMEW Male Son of Tolmai Hebrew
BARTO Male Hill, Furrow Spanish
BARTON Male Barley Farm English
BARUCH Male Blessed Hebrew
BARY Male Marksman Celtic/Gaelic
BASE Male The Short One English
BASH Male Forerunner African
BASIL Male Like a King Greek
BAST Male Of the City of Bubastis African
BASTIEN Male Venerable, Revered French
BAT Male Short for Bartholomew American
BATHSHEBA Female Seventh Daughter Hebrew
BAXTER Male A Baker English
BAYARD Male With Red-Brown Hair French
BAYLE Both Beautiful American
BAYLEE Both Bailiff English
BAZYLI Male Kingly Polish
BEA Female Blessed American
BEATA Female One Who Brings Joy Latin
BEATE Female One Who Brings Joy Latin
BEATRICE Female Bringer of Joy French
BEATRIX Female Bringer of Joy English
BEATRIZ Female Brings Joy Latin
BEAU Male Beautiful, Handsome French
BEAUREGARD Male Beautiful, Handsome French
BEBE Female Baby French
BECCA Female Bound Hebrew
BECK Male The Brook English
BECKA Female From the name REBECCA Hebrew
BECKY Female Bound Hebrew
BEDROS Male Stone Greek
BEL Both Sacred Wood Hindi
BELA Female She of Fair Skin Slavic
BELAY Male Above, Superior African
BELDEN Male From the Fair Valley French
BELICIA Female Dedicated to God Spanish
BELINDA Female Beautiful Spanish
BELISMA Female River Goddess English
BELITA Female Beautiful Spanish
BELL Both Beautiful French
BELLA Female Beautiful Latin
BELLE Female Beauty French
BELLINI Female From the name BELLE Italian
BELLONA Female Goddess of War Latin
BELVA Female Beautiful View Latin
BEN Male Son of Hebrew
BENA Female Pheasant Native American
BENDEK Male Blessed Polish
BENECIA Female Blessed Latin
BENEDICT Male Blessed Latin
BENICIO Male Benevolent One Spanish
BENITA Female Good Person Latin
BENITO Male Blessed Italian
BENJAMIN Male Son of My Right Hand Hebrew
BENJY Male Son of My Right Hand Hebrew
BENNETT Both Little Blessed One Latin
BENNY Male Son of My Right Hand Hebrew
BENSON Male Son of BENJAMIN Hebrew
BERDINE Female Bright Maiden Greek
BERENICE Female Victorious English
BERG Male Mountain German
BERIT Female Glorious, Intelligent German
BERKE Male Birch Tree English
BERN Both Brave French
BERNADETTE Female Brave as a Bear French
BERNADINE Female From the name BERNARD French
BERNARD Male Bold As A Bear French
BERNE Both Bold as a Bear French
BERNICE Female Brings Victory French
BERNIE Male From the name BERNARD French
BERNY Male From the name BERNARD French
BERT Male Bright German
BERTHA Female Bright German
BERTILLE Female Heroine French
BERYL Female Green Jewel Greek
BESS Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
BESSIE Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
BETH Female From the name ELIZABETH Hebrew
BETHA Female Life Celtic/Gaelic
BETHAN Female Consecrated to God Welsh
BETHANY Female Life-town near Jerusalem Hebrew
BETHESDA Female House of Mercy Hebrew
BETRYS Female From Beatrice Welsh
BETSY Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
BETTE Female Consecrated to God American
BETTINA Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
BETTY Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
BEULAH Female Married Hebrew
BEVAN Male Son of Evan Celtic/Gaelic
BEVERLY Female Near the Meadow of the Beavers English
BEVIS Male Bowman English
BEYLA Female By God! Slavic
BEYONCE Female Beyond Others African-American
BIAN Female Secretive Vietnamese
BIANA Female Fair Skinned American
BIANCA Female White, Fair Skinned Latin
BIBIANA Female Lively Latin
BIBIANE Female Lively French
BIDELIA Female High One Celtic/Gaelic
BIEN Male Ocean, sea Vietnamese
BIJAN Male Hero Persian
BIKITA Female Anteater African
BILL Male From the name WILLIAM English
BILLIE Both Defender of justice German
BILLY Male From the name WILLIAM German
BIN Male From the name BINGHAM English
BINA Female Freshness African
BING Male Pet form of BINGHAM English
BINGHAM Male Town of the Hollow English
BINH Male Vase, jar Vietnamese
BIRCH Male Birch Tree English
BISHOP Male A Bishop English
BITON Male Born after Long Wait African
BJORN Male Bear Scandinavian
BLADE Male Knife, Sword English
BLAINE Both The Source of a River English
BLAIR Both Field or Plain Celtic/Gaelic
BLAISE Both Stammerer French
BLAKE Both Pale English
BLANCA Female White Spanish
BLANCHE Female White French
BLAZE Both A Flame American
BLENDA Female Dazzling Bright Latin
BLISS Female Perfect Joy English
BLITHE Female Happy English
BLODWYN Female Flower Welsh
BLONDELLE Female Blonde French
BLOSSOM Female Flower-like English
BLUE Both The Color American
BLUMA Female A Flower, Bloom Hebrew
BLY Female To Be a Tall Child Native American
BLYTHE Female Happy English
BO Both Strong and Fast Hebrew
BOAZ Male Swift, Strong Hebrew
BOB Male From the name ROBERT English
BOBBY Both Short for ROBERT American
BOHDAN Male Proud ruler Slavic
BONA Female Good Italian
BONAVENTURE Male Good Luck Latin
BOND Male To Bind English
BONIFACY Male Doer of Good Deeds Polish
BONITA Female Pretty, Beautiful Spanish
BONNER Male Good Citizen American
BONNIE Female Pretty girl Celtic/Gaelic
BONO Male All Good American
BOOKER Male Book Maker English
BOONE Male Good French
BOOTH Male Hut English
BORIS Male Warrior Slavic
BORKA Male Fighter Slavic
BORNA Male Youthful Persian
BOWEN Male Archer Celtic/Gaelic
BOWIE Male Yellow Haired Celtic/Gaelic
BOYCE Male From the Woods German
BOYD Male Blonde Celtic/Gaelic
BOZICA Female Born at Christmas Slavic
BRAC Male Free Welsh
BRACHA Female A Blessing Hebrew
BRAD Male Broad Meadow English
BRADEN Male Broad English
BRADFORD Male A Broad Ford English
BRADLEY Male A Broad Lea, Meadow English
BRADY Both Broad shouldered Celtic/Gaelic
BRAEDEN Male From the Dark Valley Celtic/Gaelic
BRAIMA Female Father of Multitudes African
BRAITH Female Freckled Welsh
BRAN Male From the name BRAND English
BRAND Male Marked by fire English
BRANDEE Female Brandy, After Dinner Drink Scandinavian
BRANDEN Male Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRANDI Female Warm and comforting American
BRANDICE Female Combination of BRANDI and CANDICE American
BRANDIE Female Sweet Nectar American
BRANDON Male Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRANDY Female warm and comforting American
BRANT Male From the name BRAND English
BRANXTON Both Unknown English
BRASEN Both God’s gift American
BRAYDEN Both Brave Celtic/Gaelic
BRAYTON Male From Great Bitain English
BRAZIL Both Strife Celtic/Gaelic
BREANNA Female Strong, Virtuous, Honorable Celtic/Gaelic
BRECKIN Both Freckled Celtic/Gaelic
BREDE Both The Glaciar Polish
BREE Female Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BREENA Female Fairy Land Celtic/Gaelic
BREINDEL Both Blessing Hebrew
BRENCIS Both Crowned with Laurel Slavic
BREND Both Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRENDA Female Sword Scandinavian
BRENDAN Male Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRENDON Male Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRENDY Female Sword American
BRENNA Female Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
BRENNAN Male Raven-like Celtic/Gaelic
BRENT Male from high on the hill English
BRETT Both Briton, British Celtic/Gaelic
BREWSTER Male One Who Brews Beer German
BRIALLEN Female Primrose Welsh
BRIAN Male Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRIANA Female Fortitude and strength Celtic/Gaelic
BRIANNA Female Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRIANNE Female Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRIAR Both Shrub or small tree English
BRICE Male Son of a Nobleman English
BRICK Male From the name BRICE English
BRIDGET Female Strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRIDGIT Female From the name BRIDGET Celtic/Gaelic
BRIDIE Female Strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRIE Female from No. region of France French
BRIELLE Female Exalted Goddess French
BRIER Male Heather English
BRIGETTE Female Strong French
BRIGHAM Male Covered Bridge English
BRIGHTON Male From the Bright Town English
BRIGID Female Strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRIGIT Female Strong Scandinavian
BRIGITTE Female From the name BRIDGET French
BRILANE Both From Brigham Lane English
BRILLIANT Both To Sparkle American
BRINA Female Boundry line Latin
BRINDA Female Of the Basil Plant Hindi
BRINLEY Male Burnt Meadow English
BRINLY Both Virtuous, Princess English
BRIT Both From the name BRITANNIA English
BRITA Female From the name BRITTANIA English
BRITAIN Both From Great Britain English
BRITANNIA Female Great Britain English
BRITANY Female From Britain English
BRITNEY Female From Great Britain English
BRITTANIA Female From Brittain, British English
BRITTANY Female From Britain English
BRITTNEE Female From Britain English
BRITTNEY Female From Britain English
BROCK Male A Badger English
BRODERICK Male Brother Celtic/Gaelic
BRODY Male Brother Celtic/Gaelic
BROGAN Both Sturdy and strong Celtic/Gaelic
BRON Both The Source African
BRONE Male Brown English
BRONSON Male Son of Brown English
BRONWEN Female Dark, Pure Welsh
BRONWYN Female Dark, Pure Welsh
BROOK Both Running Stream English
BROOKE Both Brook, Stream English
BROOKLYN Both Brook, Stream English
BROOKS Male Running Water English
BROSH Male Lips Armenian
BRUCE Male Woods French
BRUIS Male Mansion Celtic/Gaelic
BRUNO Male Brown One German
BRYAN Male Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRYANNE Female Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
BRYANT Male Strong, Honorable Celtic/Gaelic
BRYCE Both Son of a Nobleman English
BRYGIDA Female Strength Polish
BRYNN Both Small Hill Celtic/Gaelic
BRYONY Female Vine with Small Blossoms English
BRYSON Male Grandson of a Nobleman American
BUCK Male Deer, Cowboy American
BUD Male Messenger, Friend American
BUDDY Male Friend American
BUFFY Female From the name BUNNY American
BUNNY Female Little Rabbit American
BURGESS Male Town Citizen German
BURIAN Male Near the Woods Slavic
BURKE Male From the fortress French
BURT Male Town of the Fortress English
BURTON Male Town of the Fortress English
BUTCH Both Manly American
BUTHAINAH Female Soft sand Arabic
BUTTERFLY Female A Butterfly American
BUZZ Male Village in the Woods Celtic/Gaelic
BYRD Male Like a Bird English
BYRON Male Barn or Cottage English

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