Baby Names Beginning with the Letter A

Name Gender What it Means Origin
A’MARIE Female Gracious Under Adversity American
AADI Female Beginning Hindi
AALIYAH Female Ascender Hebrew
AARALYN Female With song American
AARON Male Enlightened; To Sing Hebrew
ABBA Female Born on Thursday African
ABBIE Female Father of Joy Hebrew
ABBOTT Male Father Hebrew
ABBY Female God is Joy Hebrew
ABDUKRAHMAN Male Slave of the merciful God Arabic
ABDULKAREEM Male Slave of the generous God Arabic
ABDULLAH Male Slave of God Arabic
ABDULRAHMAN Male Slave of the merciful God Arabic
ABE Male Father of a Multitude Hebrew
ABEL Male A breath Hebrew
ABENI Female Girl Prayed For African
ABIA Female Great Arabic
ABIBA Female Child Born After Grandmother Died African
ABIE Both God is Joy Hebrew
ABIGAIL Female God is Joy Hebrew
ABNER Male Father of Light Hebrew
ABRA Female Mother of many Hebrew
ABRAHAM Male Father of a Multitude Hebrew
ABRAM Male High Father Hebrew
ABRIANNA Female Mother of Many Nations Hebrew
ABRIENDA Female Opening Spanish
ABRIL Female April Latin
ABSOLOM Male My Father is Peace Hebrew
ABU Male Father African
ACACIA Female Thorny Greek
ACCALIA Female Mythical Greek Name Greek
ACE Male Unity, One Latin
ACTON Male Oak tree settlement English
ADA Female Noble, Kind German
ADAH Female Beautiful Addition Hebrew
ADAIR Both Noble, Exalted English
ADALIA Female God is my Refuge, Noble German
ADAM Male Mankind Hebrew
ADAMINA Female The Earth Hebrew
ADAMMA Female Beautiful Girl African
ADARA Female Chaste One Arabic
ADDISON Both Son of Adam English
ADDO Female King of the Road African
ADE Male Crown, Royal African
ADELA Female Noble and Serene German
ADELAIDE Female Noble, Kind German
ADELE Female Noble, Kind German
ADELIE Female Noble Meadow American
ADELINE Female Noble, Kind French
ADELIO Male Father of the Noble Prince Spanish
ADELLE Female Noble, Kind German
ADEM Male Red Earth African
ADEN Male Handsome, Adorned Hebrew
ADEOLA Female Crown has Honor African
ADERES Female Cape Hebrew
ADERYN Female Bird Welsh
ADIA Female Gift Swahili
ADIE Female Noble, Kind German
ADIEL Male Goat African
ADILA Female Just, Fair African
ADIN Female Beautiful, Adorned Hebrew
ADINA Female Beautiful, Adorned Hebrew
ADISH Male Fire Persian
ADITA Female Basket African
ADLAI Male God is Just Hebrew
ADLI Male Just, Wise Hebrew
ADMON Male Red Peony Flower Hebrew
ADOLFO Male Wolf Italian
ADOLPH Male Wolf German
ADONAI Male My Lord Hebrew
ADONIA Female Greek Goddess Greek
ADONICA Female From Adam and Monica American
ADONIS Male Beautiful Greek
ADORA Female Beloved One Latin
ADRIAN Male Of the Adriatic Latin
ADRIANA Female Dark, Rich Spanish
ADRIANO Male Native of Adria: Greek City Latin
ADRIEL Both Congregation Latin
ADRIENNE Female Dark, Rich French
ADRINA Female Happiness Italian
ADSILA Female Blossom Native American
ADY Female Noble, Kind American
AELAN Female Flower Hawaiian
AELWEN Female Fair Brow Welsh
AERONA Female Berry Welsh
AFFRICA Female From Africa African-American
AFIA Female Born on Friday African
AFRA Female Female Deer English
AFRIC Female Pleasant African-American
AFRICA Both Pleasant African-American
AFTON Both From the Afton River Celtic/Gaelic
AFYA Female Health African
AGALIA Female Bright Joy Greek
AGAMEMNON Male Resolute Greek
AGATHA Female Virtuous, Good Greek
AGGIE Female Lamb Latin
AGLAIA Female Brilliance Greek
AGNES Female Lamb Latin
AGOSTINO Male Respectable Italian
AGRATA Female Leader Hindi
AHANU Male He Laughs Native American
AHAVA Female Cherished One Hebrew
AHMAD Male Greatly praised Arabic
AI Male Love Japanese
AIDA Female Helper Latin
AIDAN Both Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
AIDEEN Female Flame Celtic/Gaelic
AIDEN Male Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
AIKEN Both From the Oak Trees English
AIKO Female Little Loved One Japanese
AILANI Female High Chief Hawaiian
AILEEN Female Form of Helen – light Celtic/Gaelic
AILIS Female Noble, Kind Celtic/Gaelic
AILISH Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
AILSA Female Consecrated to God Hebrew
AIMEE Female Beloved Friend French
AIMON Male Homebody Spanish
AINE Female Joy, Ardent Celtic/Gaelic
AINSLEY Female My Own Meadow English
AINSLIE Female My Own Meadow English
AIRA Female Of the Wind American
AIRELL Female Nobelman Celtic/Gaelic
AIRLIA Female Ethereal Greek
AISHA Female Life Arabic
AISLIN Female Dream Celtic/Gaelic
AISLING Female Vision, Dream Celtic/Gaelic
AISLINN Female A Dream Celtic/Gaelic
AITANA Female Glory Portuguese
AIZZA Female Life Hebrew
AJA Both Goat Hindi
AJANI Male He Who Wins the Struggle African
AJAX Male Strong Warrior Greek
AJAY Male Victorious Hindi
AKAMU Male Of the Red Earth Hawaiian
AKANDO Male Ambush Native American
AKIA Both First Born African
AKILI Male Wisdom Arabic
AKIO Male Bright Boy Japanese
AKIVA Both Protected Hebrew
AKUJI Male Dead and Awake African
AL Male From the name ALBERT German
ALAGAN Male Handsome Hindi
ALAIN Male Handsome French
ALAINA Female Fair one French
ALAIR Male Cheerful/Merry English
ALAKE Male One to be Honored African
ALAMEA Female Precious, Whole Hawaiian
ALAMEDA Female Ambitious Latin
ALAN Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
ALANA Female Peaceful, serene Celtic/Gaelic
ALANNA Female Form of ALANA Slavic
ALANNIS Female From Atlanta Greek
ALAQUA Female Sweet Gum Tree Native American
ALARIC Male He who rules German
ALARICE Female All Ruler German
ALASTAIR Male Protector of Mankind English
ALAULA Female Light of Dawn Hawaiian
ALAURA Female From LAURA Latin
ALAWI Male Descendant of Ali Arabic
ALAYNA Female Var. of Alaina – fair one French
ALBA Female White Hill Latin
ALBAN Male White Hill Latin
ALBANY Female White Hill Latin
ALBERT Male Noble, Bright German
ALBERTA Female Noble, bright English
ALBERTO Male Form of ALBERT Spanish
ALBIN Male White Polish
ALBINA Female White-Skinned Italian
ALDA Female Long Lived Italian
ALDAN Male Of Old Age English
ALDEN Male Of Old Age English
ALDIS Both From the Old House English
ALDON Male Of Old Age Polish
ALDONA Female Old Polish
ALEC Male Protector of Men Greek
ALEDA Female Small and Winged Latin
ALEGRIA Female Happiness Spanish
ALEJANDRO Male Protector of Men Spanish
ALEM Male World leader African
ALENA Female Light Slavic
ALERON Both Epaulet worn by a Knight French
ALESHANEE Female She Always Plays Native American
ALESSA Female Noble one Hebrew
ALETA Female Truthful One Greek
ALETHA Female Truthful One Greek
ALETHEA Female Truthful One Greek
ALETTA Female Winged One Spanish
ALEX Both Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXA Female Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXANDER Male Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXANDRA Female Protector of Mankind Greek
ALEXANDRIA Female Defender of Mankind Greek
ALEXAVIER Male Protector of the New House American
ALEXIA Female Defender of Mankind Greek
ALEXIS Both Protector of Mankind Greek
ALFONSO Male Eager, Noble Italian
ALFRED Male Counselor English
ALGERNON Male Bearded French
ALI Both Noble, Sublime Arabic
ALIA Female Noble, Descender Hebrew
ALICE Female Truth, Noble Greek
ALICIA Female Of Noble Birth English
ALICK Male Protector of mankind All Nationalities
ALIDA Female Small, winged Latin
ALIJAH Male The Lord is My God Hebrew
ALIKA Female Truthful Hawaiian
ALIMA Female Strong Arabic
ALINA Female Noble, Kind Slavic
ALISA Female Rational Greek
ALISHA Female Truth, Noble Greek
ALISON Female Of Noble Birth German
ALISSA Female Truth, Noble Hebrew
ALIYA Female Defender Hebrew
ALIZA Female Joyful Hebrew
ALIZE Female Joyful Hebrew
ALKA Female Young Hindi
ALLAN Male Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
ALLAYNA Female Light American
ALLEGRA Female Joy Spanish
ALLEN Male Fair, handsome Celtic/Gaelic
ALLENE Female Attractive, Peaceful Celtic/Gaelic
ALLIE Female Of Noble Birth German
ALLISON Female Of Noble Birth German
ALLY Female Of Noble Birth American
ALLYSON Female Of Noble Birth German
ALMA Female Soul Latin
ALMIRA Female Of Higher Birth Order Arabic
ALODIE Female Wealthy English
ALOHA Female Loving, Kind-Hearted Hawaiian
ALOHILANI Female Bright sky Hawaiian
ALOYSIUS Male A warrior German
ALPHA Female First Born Greek
ALPHONSE Male Eager, Noble German
ALSATIA Female From Alsace-Loraine area of France French
ALTA Both Tall and lofty Latin
ALTESSA Female Noble Reaper American
ALTHEA Female Healer Greek
ALTON Male Old Town English
ALTSOBA Female All War Native American
ALVA Both Fair Complected Latin
ALVARO Male Extremely Cautious Spanish
ALVIN Male Light Skinned German
ALVIS Female Thor’s Daughter Greek
ALYN Female Pretty American
ALYSON Female Of Noble Birth, Kind German
ALYSSA Female Rational Greek
AMABLE Female Lovable Latin
AMADAHY Female Forest Water Native American
AMADEUS Male Love of God Latin
AMADIS Female Love of God Latin
AMAL Male Pure Hindi
AMALIA Female Hardworking Latin
AMALIE Female Hard Worker Latin
AMAN Female Trustworthy African
AMANDA Female Worthy of Love Latin
AMANDLA Female Power African
AMANI Both Peace African
AMARA Female Eternal Greek
AMARANTA Female Flower that Never Fades Latin
AMARANTE Female Flower that Never Fades Japanese
AMARIS Female Promised by God Hebrew
AMARYLLIS Female Fresh Flower Greek
AMAYA Female Night Rain Japanese
AMAYETA Female Big Berries Native American
AMBER Female Precious jewel American
AMBERLY Female Ruler of the jewels American
AMBROSE Male Immortal Greek
AMELIA Female Industrious, Admiring Latin
AMELIE Female Industrious, Admiring French
AMENA Female Honest Woman Arabic
AMERGIN Male Poet Celtic/Gaelic
AMERICA Both Land of the Prince Latin
AMERICUS Both Royalty Latin
AMEYA Both Boundless Hindi
AMI Female Friend French
AMIEL Both God of my People Hebrew
AMIL Male Worthy Hindi
AMIN Male Trustworthy Persian
AMINA Female Honest Arabic
AMINIA Female Faithful African
AMIR Male Proclaimed, Prince Hebrew
AMIRI Both Prince African
AMISH Male Honest Hindi
AMITY Female Friendship Latin
AMMA Female Godlike Hindi
AMOR Both Love Spanish
AMORA Female Love Spanish
AMORINA Female Love Latin
AMORY Female Loved One American
AMOS Male Troubled Hebrew
AMY Female Beloved Latin
AN Both Peace Chinese
ANA Female Gracious Latin
ANAHID Female Divine Armenian
ANAIS Female Graceful Hebrew
ANAKIN Male Warrior American
ANALU Male Manly Hawaiian
ANANA Female Soft, Gentle African
ANANDA Female Worthy of Love African-American
ANANDO Male Bliss African
ANASTACIA Female variant of Anastasia-reborn Greek
ANASTASIA Female Resurrection Greek
ANATOLA Female From the East Greek
ANATOLE Male From the East French
ANAYA Female Look up to God African
ANCELIN Female Handmaid French
ANCHORET Female Loved Welsh
ANDE Male Pillar African
ANDEANA Female Leaving Spanish
ANDIE Female Courageous French
ANDRA Female Strong & Courageous Greek
ANDRE Male Manly, Courageous French
ANDREA Both Courageous Greek
ANDREAS Male Strong & Manly Greek
ANDREN Both From the town of Ardres, France English
ANDRES Male Manly, Courageous Spanish
ANDREW Male Manly, Courageous Greek
ANDROMEDA Female Rescued Greek
ANDY Male Manly Greek
ANEKO Female Older Sister Japanese
ANEMONE Female Breath Greek
ANEVAY Female Superior Native American
ANGEL Both Angelic Greek
ANGELA Female Angelic Latin
ANGELICA Female Angelic Latin
ANGELINA Female Little ANGEL Italian
ANGELIQUE Female Angelic French
ANGELITO Male Little angel Spanish
ANGELO Male Angel Latin
ANGENI Female Spirit Angel Native American
ANGIE Female Angel Latin
ANGUS Male Unique Strength Celtic/Gaelic
ANI Female Very beautiful Slavic
ANIA Female Graciousness Slavic
ANIKA Female Gracious Scandinavian
ANILA Female Children of the Wind Hindi
ANISA Female Joy, Pleasure African
ANISE Female Spice English
ANITA Female Gracious Latin
ANITRA Female Gracious American
ANJA Female Grace of God Russian
ANJELITA Female Heavenly messenger Spanish
ANKTI Female Repeat the Dance Native American
ANN Female Gracious Hebrew
ANNA Female Gracious Hebrew
ANNABEL Female Grace and Beauty French
ANNABELLA Female Grace and beauty Latin
ANNABELLE Female Grace and beauty French
ANNALISE Female Gracious, Consecreted to God German
ANNE Female Gracious Hebrew
ANNEKE Female Little ANN Scandinavian
ANNELIESE Female consecrated and gracious Greek
ANNELISE Female Gracious, Consecreted to God German
ANNETTE Female Gracious French
ANNICE Female From AGNES English
ANNICK Female Gracious Russian
ANNIE Female Blessed with Grace Hebrew
ANNIS Female From AGNES English
ANNISSA Female Form of ANN English
ANNONA Female Goddess of the Harvest Latin
ANNORA Female With Honor German
ANNOT Female Light Hebrew
ANOKI Male Actor Native American
ANOUSH Female Sweet Disposition Armenian
ANSEL Male Follows Nobility French
ANSON Male Son of Andrew English
ANSTICE Female One Who Will Rise Again Greek
ANTHEA Female Flowerlike Greek
ANTHONY Male Worthy of Praise Greek
ANTOINETTE Female Flourishing, Praiseworthy French
ANTON Male Worthy of Praise Slavic
ANTONIA Female Praiseworthy Greek
ANTONIE Female Fem. form of ANTHONY French
ANTONIO Male Worthy of Praise Spanish
ANTONY Male Praiseworthy, Flourishing Latin
ANTRANIG Male First Son Armenian
ANWAR Male The Brightest African
ANYA Female From the name ANNA Russian
AOIFE Female Life Celtic/Gaelic
AOKO Both Outside African
AOLANI Female Cloud from Heaven Hawaiian
APHRODITE Female Goddess of Love Greek
APIATAN Male Lance Made With Wood Native American
APOLLO Male God of truth and light Greek
APPOLLO Male God of the Sun Greek
APRIA Female From the Apricot Latin
APRIL Female Opening, 4th Month Latin
APU Male Unique Hindi
AQUA Female Of the Water Greek
AQUARIUS Both Tthe Water Bearer Latin
AQUENE Female Peace Native American
AQUILA Male Eagle Spanish
ARABELA Female Beautiful Altar Italian
ARABELLA Female Beautiful Altar Italian
ARACELY Female Heavenly Altar Latin
ARADIA Female Goddess of Witches Greek
ARAM Male High, Exalted Armenian
ARAMA Female Of the Virgin Mary Spanish
ARAN Male Forest Thai
ARASH Male Hero Persian
ARAV Male Peaceful Hindi
ARAWN Both King of the Otherworld Welsh
ARCELIA Female Treasure Spanish
ARCH Male Bold, Bowman German
ARCHANA Male Worshiping One Hindi
ARCHER Male Bowman English
ARCHIBALD Male Very Bold German
ARCHIE Male From the name ARCHIBALD German
ARDARA Female Fort on the Hill Celtic/Gaelic
ARDELIS Female Industrious Greek
ARDELLE Female Warm Latin
ARDEN Both Thrilled and excited Latin
ARDICE Female Flowering Field Hebrew
ARDITH Female Flowering Field Hebrew
ARELLA Female Angel Hebrew
AREN Both Eagle, Ruler, Peace Scandinavian
ARETHA Female Virtuous Greek
ARGUS Male Vigilant and Alert Scandinavian
ARGYLE Male Diamond Pattern English
ARI Both Lion Hebrew
ARIA Female Melody Italian
ARIABOD Male Tibe leader Persian
ARIADNE Female Holy Greek
ARIANA Female Holy Greek
ARIANE Female Holy French
ARIANNA Female Holy Greek
ARIC Male Form of Richard or Eric Greek
ARICH Both Unknown Thai
ARICIN Male King’s Son Scandinavian
ARIEL Both Lion of God Hebrew
ARIELLA Female Lion of God Hebrew
ARIELLE Female Lion of God Hebrew
ARIEN Both Enchanted Hebrew
ARIES Both The Ram Latin
ARIF Male Knowledgeable Arabic
ARIN Female Enlightened Hebrew
ARION Both With Melody Hebrew
ARISSA Female Best Greek
ARISTA Female Best Greek
ARKADIY Male Bold Russian
ARLAIS Female From the Temple Welsh
ARLEN Male Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
ARLENE Female Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
ARLO Male Hill German
ARMAND Male Of the Army Latin
ARMANDE Male From the name ARMAND French
ARMANDO Male From the name ARMAND Latin
ARMANI Female Faith African
ARMELLE Female Princess French
ARMEN Male Armenian Armenian
ARMINA Female Noble Latin
ARNALDO Male Strong as an eagle Spanish
ARNAUD Male Ruler of Eagles French
ARNAV Male Ocean Hindi
ARNE Male Eagle German
ARNIE Male From the name ARNE OR ARNOLD American
ARNOLD Male Strong as an Eagle German
ARNOLDO Male Strong as an eagle Spanish
ARNON Both Stream, River Hebrew
ARON Male To Sing Hebrew
ART Male Short form of ARTHUR American
ARTAN Male Little Bear Celtic/Gaelic
ARTAXIAD Male King’s Name Armenian
ARTEMAS Male Safe Greek
ARTEMIS Both Goddess of the Moon and Hunt Greek
ARTEMUS Both Of the moon Greek
ARTHUR Male Noble strength. A bear. Celtic/Gaelic
ARTIE Male From the name ARTHUR American
ARTY Male From the name ARTHUR American
ARVA Female Fertile Latin
ARVID Both Friend English
ARVIN Male Friend to All German
ARWEN Female Muse Welsh
ARYA Both Honored, Noble Hindi
ASA Both Born at Dawn Japanese
ASABI Female One of Select Birth African
ASASIA Female Form of Acacia Greek
ASH Both From the Ash Tree English
ASHA Female Hope or wish Arabic
ASHANTI Both African Tribe Name Swahili
ASHBY Both Ash Tree Farm Hebrew
ASHER Male Blessed, Happy Hebrew
ASHLEIGH Female From the Ash Tree English
ASHLEY Both From the Ash Tree English
ASHLING Both Dream, Vision English
ASHO Male Pure of heart Persian
ASHTON Both Ash Tree Settlement English
ASHTYN Female From the Ash Tree Town English
ASIA Female Resurrection Greek
ASIS Female Sun African
ASPASIA Female Lily Greek
ASPEN Both The Aspen Tree American
ASTA Female Bright as a Star Latin
ASTER Female Star English
ASTIN Both Starlike French
ASTRA Female From the Stars Greek
ASTRID Female Unusual beauty and strength Scandinavian
ASTRO Male Of the Stars Greek
ATALANTA Female Mighty Huntress Greek
ATALAYA Female Watch Tower Arabic
ATALO Male Youthful Greek
ATARA Female Crown, Blessed Hebrew
ATARET Female Crown, Blessed Hebrew
ATHALIA Female God is Exalted Hebrew
ATHENA Female Goddess of Wisdom & War Greek
ATIRA Female Prayer Hebrew
ATTICUS Male Father-like English
AUBERTA Female Noble, Bright Latin
AUBREY Both Noble, Bright German
AUBRIANNA Female Noble, Strong One English
AUDI Female Last Daughter African
AUDRA Female From AUDREY French
AUDREY Female Noble Strength English
AUGUST Male Revered, Exalted German
AUGUSTA Female Venerable Latin
AUGUSTIN Male Revered, Exalted French
AUGUSTUS Male Revered, Exalted Latin
AULANI Female King’s Messenger Hawaiian
AULII Both Delicious Hawaiian
AURE Both Soft Air, Breeze French
AURELIA Female Golden Greek
AURORA Female Goddess of the Dawn Greek
AURYON Female Hunter American
AUSTIN Male From the name AUGUSTIN English
AUSTINE Female Exalted Latin
AUTUMN Female Fall Season Latin
AVA Female Like a Bird Greek
AVAK Male The First Armenian
AVALBANE Female White Orchard Celtic/Gaelic
AVALON Female Island Latin
AVANI Female Earth Hindi
AVARI Female Of the heavens,from the sky American
AVARIELLA Female Small, strong woman American
AVARIELLE Female Woman of strength American
AVE Female Hail (all bow to) Latin
AVEDIS Male Brings Good News Armenian
AVEL Male Breath Greek
AVELINE Female Hazel French
AVENT Male Born During Advent French
AVERY Both Nobility English
AVI Both Lord of Mine Latin
AVIAN Female Bird-like French
AVIDAN Male God Is Just Hebrew
AVINOAM Both Blessed Father Hebrew
AVIS Both Birds Latin
AVITAL Male Father of Dew Hebrew
AVIV Male Spring, renewal Hebrew
AVIVA Female Joyful Spring Hebrew
AVON Both The River Welsh
AVONACO Female Lean Bear Native American
AVONGARA Female To Tie African
AVRIL Female April French
AWEN Female A muse Welsh
AWENA Female seer Welsh
AWENTIA Female Fawn Native American
AXEL Male Source of all Life German
AXELLE Female Source of all Life French
AXL Both Source of life German
AYA Female Bird Hebrew
AYALA Female A female deer – (doe) Hebrew
AYAME Female Iris Japanese
AYANNA Female Beautiful flower African
AYASHA Female Little One Native American
AYITA Female First to Dance Native American
AYLA Female The Oak Tree Hebrew
AYMAN Male Holy, right-hand worker Arabic
AYOKA Female One who Causes Joy African
AYSEL Female Moonlight Turkish
AYSHA Female Life African
AZ Male Strong Hebrew
AZANA Female Ultimate African
AZHAR Male Famous Hindi
AZIA Both From the East American
AZIZA Female Precious Egyptian
AZIZE Both Highly Valued Swahili
AZIZI Both Precious One African
AZRA Both Pure Hebrew
AZRIEL Both God is My Aid Hebrew
AZUKA Female Past Glory African
AZURA Female Sky Blue Spanish
AZURE Both Bluish Color Latin

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